HJC i90 Helmet Review

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Modular helmets are the ultimate choice for bikers who use motorbikes for touring, commute, and regular riding. This is because modular helmets are seen as versatile and practical safety gear. In addition to that, they offer protection and comfort to the riders. You get the option to pop the chin bar, so you can stop by and get a breath of cool air. Also, due to these types of helmets, you can easily communicate with your fellow biker.

How did we come up with this review?

There is a common misconception by the bikers that modular helmets are less safe. But, no matter how they look, they are quite safe. These types of helmets do not decrease the level of protection. Today, the market is flooded with hundreds of brands that make different helmets. So, it is very tough to find the perfect one for you. Hence, we have reviewed this product after doing complete research on all of the features.

After talking to a number of different riders who wear this helmet on track, we have come to the conclusion that the right must meet some specific criteria. Above everything else, it must not compromise on your safety in any way. The experts suggested that this helmet offers a good return for your investment. Finally, the huge number of positive reviews from a broad spectrum of bikers all over the world made us mention it.

HJC i90 Helmet

  • Polycarbonate material construction 
  • Easy Drop-down sun visor
  • Fog-free shield with Pin lock
  • Available in distinct sizes 
  • Certified by DOT and ECE safety regulations
  • Simple Double D ring closure
  • Integrated pockets for various devices
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • It can be a little tight
  • Doesn’t block the noise

Things You Must Consider Before Buying this Helmet

This new modular HJC Helmet is highly durable and comes at a fair price. From the amateur to the experienced bikers, this is the helmet we recommend to everyone. Basically, it is a flip-front lid that offers all the features that are mandatory to keep you safe. This is an extraordinary package if you’re searching for a balanced modular helmet. It works great for general road riding and adventurous touring.

  • Cost

While choosing a helmet, the first thing to consider is the price it offers for the customers. Those who are already a fan of this helmet know that it provides all the features present in expensive helmets. This helmet is ideal for bikers who are searching for an affordable option.

This is a double-homologation helmet that stands the test of time. This modular helmet comes in sub $300 price bracket. More interestingly, in this price range, it offers the features that are present in high-end helmets.

  • Features

From the appearance, it is a white modular helmet with a glossy finish over the shell. Plus, you can raise the chin bar to the highest level. Also, the sun visor goes down completely when you are riding in the daylight. The shell of this helmet is made up of top-class that ensures optimum protection. In short, all the basic features that you expect from a modular are included in the HJC i90 helmet.  

There are large vents in the chin region and at the top of the helmet to let the breeze inside. For the exit of the warm air, you will find two exhausts in the back. If you are planning to go on a trip on a sunny day, the ventilation makes sure that you don’t face any inconvenience. And, these vents have switches for opening and closure. 

It has a quick-release face shield with Pinlock, so the medical personnel can remove it without giving strain to your head. The face shield protects your eyes and face from dust particles and damaging UV rays. The antibacterial liner efficiently wicks the moisture for a comfy feel. With the shield aperture, you get a wide peripheral vision to ride your bike under every weather.

Additionally, it has a pocket for the installation of your Bluetooth devices. As a plus point, you can adjust the position of your speakers whenever you want.

  • Usability

The advanced polycarbonate composite shell makes it light. Therefore, you can wear it for long-distance rides. Usually, because of the complex mechanism, the flip front lids helmets are heavier than other types. However, this helmet maintains structural integrity without adding the burden of extra weight to it. 

The total weight of this helmet is around 1820 grams. You must be thinking that it is not as light as we claim. Nonetheless, the style of this helmet gives a great finish with the option of adding a device for your entertainment. Hence, every ounce of the helmet justifies the investment. 

Features and Benefits 

  • Design

One of the noteworthy part about HJC i90 is the smart design. The helmet contains flow lines over the shell. The purpose of these lines is to control the flow of the wind. The company has named it the wind tunnel design.

Aside from that, you get to choose between many attractive colors. If you are fond of a glossy finish, this helmet comes in white, silver, red, green, and yellow colors. Those who prefer a matte finish can purchase this helmet in blue and black colors as well. 

There is a visor aperture with a breath deflector, so it doesn’t affect the visibility. The biggest advantage is that you can simply shut the visor with a click. This system has a pin-lock to prevent fog accumulation. The chin vent helps in keeping the visor clear during the rides. This mechanism lets the brush your face to keep you sweat-free. 

Unlike some other helmets that direct the air to your face with pressure. By using the sliding crown vent and the rear exhaust vents, it pushes the hot air out of the helmet. It is available in eight sizes to help you find the best fit.

  • Modes

As discussed earlier, it is a modular helmet that is made to add comfort to your riding experience. It has a hinge that opens into an open-faced helmet. This helmet by HJC is a fusion of open-faced and full-face helmets to make it versatile. There are some riders who feel claustrophobic when they wear a full-faced helmet. 

Hence, you can easily flip it up to be open face to keep riding your hog without feeling suffocated. That makes it an excellent choice for people who need some fresh air at a traffic signal or while their bike is parked.

  • Maintenance 

The lining of this i90 helmet is made up of high-quality fiber. The material is supercool moisture-wicking to avoid the build-up of any microorganism. The improved anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking fabric keeps the interior of the helmet in a good state for a long time. Not to outdone, the crown of the helmet along with the cheek pads are detachable. Due to this, you can wash them after removing them whenever you feel the need.

There is a quick-drying feature present in the lining that prevents odors. Other than that, the interior liner system keeps you dry and cool with sufficient airflow. 

When you want to remove the cheek pads, you just have to undo the buttons on the liner. You don’t need a single tool to take the liner out.

  • Other Features

The interior of the helmet is soft. At the bottom of the neck roll, it has a well-designed extra curtain. This aids in keeping decreasing the force of the wind and noise from the bottom. There is also a chin curtain for smoother operation.

Yet, the speaker pockets and the chin bar system give enough area for the noise to echo a bit. If you prefer your helmet to be quiet, this model is certainly not for you. If noise is not a big deal for you, then you can use a good pair of earplugs whenever you go for a ride. There is a groove in the liner to accommodate the bikers who wear googles. 


  • A highly durable material used in the outer shell
  • Available in various colors and sizes
  • Ensures optimum ventilation in hot weather
  • Approved by the strict safety standards
  • Face shield offers a clearer vision 
  • Quickly change the mode of the helmet


  • You may need earplugs to avoid the noise
  • It may be a bit difficult to fit the speakers in the pockets

Final Verdict

Overall, it is an impressive modular helmet and is recommended by many riders. This helmet reduces the energy of the impact and saves your neck and face from injuries. In our review, we tried to cover all the facets of this Helmet. Now, it will be easier for you to distinguish if it is the right choice for you or not. For us, it is a trustworthy companion that will keep you safe at all times.

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