About Us

Who We Are?

Motorcycles are our passion. We are an authentic motorcycle accessories and parts reviewer on the web.

Our team is composed of riders, motorcycle enthusiasts, gearheads, mechanics, as well as safety instructors who have been riding everything from touring motorcycles, crotch rockets, mopeds, and everything else in between.

We’ve been at it for more than a couple of decades now and we’re not going to stop. You’re not going to find a more passionate and knowledgeable bunch of giddy bikers who love the sound of a good roar from a steel horse on two wheels.

How We Base Our Reviews

The reviews that you will read from other sources may have hints of bias for or in behalf of a certain type of bike. Some even lean towards certain brands or where the bike is manufactured.

We do have our own favorites and we must admit that they may sway our choices a little bit. Nevertheless, despite our favorite brands and make, we try to make our reviews as objective as they come.

Here at Throttle Buff, we use several important parameters to judge each bike, accessory, helmet, glove, or part that we feature here on our site. They include the following:

  • Product quality
  • Accessibility/availability
  • Price
  • And fun (especially fun!)

Our Mission

The Throttle Buff team’s mission is absolutely crystal clear. We want everyone to know just how fun riding a motorcycle can be. We understand newbies since we’ve been there before. So we take them by the hand and convert them into the next generation bikers.

We want experienced bikers and power sports enthusiasts to know everything from that hard to find bolt to the latest alien looking helmet.

It’s Hands On or Nothing

Unlike affiliate sites, we base our reviews on actual real world experience. That’s just a fancy way of saying we do things hands on. You want to know the tools and materials you need to repair your fairings? We grab them for you, test them, and see which ones are best suited for your type of bike.

You may have heard of this new intercom system and you think that it might be cool to have it for your next weekend ride. Chances are, we may already have tried that unit for ourselves – if it is more than just a snazzy thing, we’ll give you a thumbs-up since we’ve field tested it and it works.

If it’s all just good looks and doesn’t really work while you ride, then we will frankly call it what it is. We do that for every piece of helmet, nut, screw, jacket, boots, headlights, accessory, drive, exhaust, brakes, tires, suspensions, gauge, and even motorcycle covers.

If you find a part or accessory or even an entire motorcycle that we haven’t reviewed, then you can go to the Contact Us section and tell us what is it you want us to test and review, and we’ll get to it.

Honest Reviews

We believe that each accessory, part, or whole motorcycle must be reviewed according to its own merit. Again, we have our favorites, but if a product doesn’t meet our expectations (even if it is from a beloved and trusted brand) then we tell you its downsides.

Expect 100% transparent reviews that offer expert guidance and critique every single time from the Throttle Buff team.