10 Best Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets

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There is no doubt that racing on remote roads is an enticing experience for motorcyclists. However, moving around the city by hitting the highest speed can be life-threatening. 

So, a biker must reassure that the safety gear he is using is efficient enough to bear severe clashes. Unfortunately, road accidents happen uninformed. Thus, do not overlook the safety precautions when you are going for a ride.

To help you with this, you need a good helmet that guarantees safety and comfort. After comprehensive research, our team has compiled a list of the best carbon fiber helmets.

Best Choice
Bell Race Star Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet (Solid Matte Black, Large)
Premium Choice
AGV Pista GP RR Helmet - Iridium Carbon (Medium-Small)
Best Value For Money
HJC RPHA 90S Carbon Balian Helmet (Medium) (Blue Carbon)
Bell Race Star Flex DLX Helmet
AGV Pista GP RR Carbon Iridium Helmet
HJC RPHA 90S Carbon Balian Helmet
Best Choice
Bell Race Star Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet (Solid Matte Black, Large)
Bell Race Star Flex DLX Helmet
Premium Choice
AGV Pista GP RR Helmet - Iridium Carbon (Medium-Small)
AGV Pista GP RR Carbon Iridium Helmet
Best Value For Money
HJC RPHA 90S Carbon Balian Helmet (Medium) (Blue Carbon)
HJC RPHA 90S Carbon Balian Helmet

1. Bell Race Star Flex DLX Helmet


  • Provides great features at a decent pricing
  • It fits easily on a large group of bikers.
  • Large ear holes for a pleasant ride
  • Well-ventilated system to prevent excessive sweating


  • The magnetic strap is long, so it can become a nuisance.

As soon as this helmet was launched in the market, it drew everybody’s attention. The reason was the fantastic lid of this helmet. If you are a biker who wants to look different on the track, this is surely one of the best carbon fiber helmets for you.

Our team managed to weigh this helmet on a scale, and it weighs approximately 1,600 grams. As compared to the helmets made with other material, this helmet feels a lot lighter.

Now comes the safety of this helmet; changing the face shield changes in this model is pretty straightforward. You don’t have to create a fuss with the tools to change. Similarly, the visor doesn’t include detents. That leaves you with only two options: fully open it or close it.

The cheek pads are easy to remove because of the magnetic force. At the end of the strap on the chin, you will find a magnet. Hence, it becomes comfier than a plastic strap. However, the strap has a long length. Due to this, it may cause the loop to dangle. Whenever you place your helmet on a metal surface, the magnet may stick to it. That can lead to scratches on your fuel tank.

On the inside, it has a lining that is anti-bacterial. Therefore, you have to stress about cleaning it to prevent the build of microorganisms. There are vents on the top from where air moves inside to keep you cool.

2. AGV Sportmodular Carbon Helmet


  • Easy flip-up system
  • Feels as light as a feature
  • Rear spoiler to resist turbulence
  • Flexible dropdown visor with a Pinlock anti-fog lens
  • Reduces the noise of the wind  


  • A bit difficult to operate if you wear thick gloves
  • The chin bar takes a couple of minutes to lock.

Looking for a modular Full-Face helmet? We have found the finest model for you. Using a carbon fiber helmet can extremely addictive. That is because it doesn’t feel heavy on your head. That keeps you focused on the track. The weight of this helmet is only 1.4kg. The visor that protects you from the sun is removable without the need for your toolbox.

As far as full-face helmets are concerned, this helmet is there on the list of best carbon fiber helmets. The interior is made of a blend of different materials. The dropdown sun visor is adjustable. You can flip up the lid to talk or eat without removing the helmet.

The AGV Sport Modular Carbon Helmet has an oval-shaped lid. That is constructed with accuracy to avoid any blunders. The aim of the makers with the helmet was to make a compact structure. So, they used carbon fiber for the construction of this helmet. This AGV helmet includes a chin bar.

The design is futuristic and elegant, including a black and grey checkered pattern. That design beautifies the look of this helmet. This pattern creates an illusion of movement even when you are not moving. These features qualify this helmet for long-distance rides. 

3. HJC RPHA 90S Carbon Balian Helmet


  • Made with superior P.I.M. Plus material 
  • Slick locking system for the chin bar and face shield 
  • Advanced anti-bacteria fabric provides better moisture-wicking and rapid drying properties than the former generation.
  • Secure RapidFire III shield replacement system 
  • Pinlock system for an anti-fogging mechanism
  • Easy Double D-ring chin fastener


  • It may be small for you.

By HJC, this modular helmet is the revolutionary step towards making a compact and lightweight carbon fiber helmet. There is a wide eye-port to allow outstanding peripheral vision. That is a compartment where you can fit your goggles smoothly. These features enable you to look on the road directly and laterally while riding your motorbike. 

The interior of this helmet is made of a SilverCool fabric. This material efficiently wicks moisture from your helmet. That is one of the best carbon fiber helmets with antibacterial characteristics to keep your helmet fresh throughout the riding season. The shield has a Rapidfire replacement system for simply switching out the face shield. The interior is produced with bearing noise reduction in mind.

You can drop the internal sun visor to save you from the UV rays of the sun. And, guess what? You can do this without swapping shields. The visor is smoke-tinted to prevent your eyes from burning. The RPHA 90S Carbon Helmet is a modular touring helmet constructed with premium track helmet materials, i.e., carbon fiber and carbon-glass hybrid fabric. 

4. AGV Pista GP RR Carbon Iridium Helmet


  • Made with top-quality Carbon Fiber Shell
  • Four different Shell Sizes to fit everyone
  • 5 Density EPS structure is incorporated into the helmet
  • Integrated Ventilation System for maximum airflow
  • The integrated hydration system is integrated 
  • Thick visor with Max Vision Pinlock 
  • Breathable fabric is used to form the neck roll 
  • Detachable nose tackle and wind guard
  • High-class Titanium Double D retention system


  • It is a pricey helmet
  • It doesn’t reduce the noise of the wind

This AGV Pista GP RR Helmet was made by taking inspiration from the best carbon fiber helmets worn by professional racers. Most interestingly, it meets the strict FIM Racing Homologation standards. By this, you can take a hint at the level of protection it provides. This helmet can withstand slanting impacts that can give rise to rotational motion causing serious injuries. 

The carbon fiber used in the making is transformed into a unique shape. As a result, it lets you move through the air naturally. Aside from that, it has an Integrated Ventilation System that speaks for itself. It consists of 5 large metal air vents at the front side alongside two rear extractors to push the air out of the helmet spontaneously. 

There are four shell sizes used across seven diverse helmet sizes. Usually, the customers criticize the most common aspect, which is the sizes of the helmets. To solve this problem, this helmet has a closer fitting shell in comparison to the other helmets. The design of this helmet is suitable for a competitive tucked racing position. In such racing conditions, the face shield provides an excellent vertical view and widespread horizontal view. 

The Lock System of the visor is patented to decrease the risk that the face shield may open in a crash. The lining optimizes the fit and placement of the helmet on your head. 

5. HJC RPHA 11 Pro Carbon Helmet


  • Carbon fiber and carbon-glass hybrid fabric for greater shock absorption
  • Ventilation system for optimum airflow 
  • ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System to avoid moisture and heat
  • MultiCool Interior fabric offers faster drying. 
  • Smart EPS structure for eyeglasses and sunglasses
  • Tool-free Shield Replacement System 
  • Dual lock system for the face shield 
  • Emergency release system for cheek pads 


  • Smaller on the head than the regular helmets

As the RPHA 11 Pro uses superb quality carbon fiber, it is amongst the best carbon fiber helmets. This helmet weighs less than 3 pounds, so it is very light. Moreover, if you are going touring, this helmet will accompany you nicely. The airflow is made possible by a top vent that scoops air at high speed and shifts it insides the helmet for sufficient ventilation. Every one of the top vents has a six-level adjustable control dial. In this way, you get to tune the airflow according to your needs. 

There is a MultiCool material that absorbs the moisture and dries out fast. Due to this lining, The internal portion of the helmet always remains comfortable. At the temples of the helmet, channels are present to accommodate spectacles or shades. On the center, a one-touch open and close system is provided for the face shield. 

The RPHA 11 Pro Carbon Helmet is the full monty for the sporty riding fans. In addition to this, the cheek pads and crown are removable and easy to clean.

6. Simpson Ghost Bandit Carbon Helmet


  • Light in weight carbon fiber shell
  • Easy shield removal
  • Removable liner with antibacterial property
  • Internal visor for protection
  • Additional pockets for speakers
  • Variable chin vents
  • Sufficient ventilation with top and rear vents
  • Changeable chin, nose, and air guard


  • It lacks the modern features of a helmet.
  • It is a bit pricey
  • You need ear protectors to reduce the noise.

The manufacturers came up with this helmet by considering the requirements of the racers. The Simpson Ghost Bandit Helmet is one of the best carbon fiber helmets for people who wish to maintain the tough-guy image. It has a styling that goes perfectly to the personality of a seasoned biker.

This helmet is ever ready to handle any type of riding. With the edgy styling, it guarantees endless comfort. The exterior of this model has been aerodynamically tuned. Because of this, when you ride your hog, the helmet is fully ventilated for maximum airflow. On top of that, there are integrated pockets for the speaker and microphone. Therefore, you can install the communication device you prefer. Now, you don’t have to stop anywhere to attend a call. It has a dropdown sun visor to help you ride with the changing conditions of light. Just by flipping a switch, you can change the visor settings.

If you are impressed by looks and looking for a helmet to steal the show with its style, the Ghost Bandit is for you. Butt, as compared to the other models with the same features, it is expensive.

7. Scorpion EXO-ST1400 Carbon Helmet


  • Durable body made with phenomenal materials.
  • Certified by DOT/ECE
  • Cutouts to place speaker and intercom 
  • Anti-fog visor and sunshade


  • You will not find different colors.
  • The quality of the visor is not great.

The EXO ST1400 Carbon helmet is a combination of everything a traditional biker needs in a full-face helmet. The best part is that you get all the amazing features of a carbon-fiber body. In terms of the operations it delivers, it is one of the best carbon fiber helmets at an affordable range.

There are two styles you can pick between. That is a classic matte or a shiny black finish. Both of these designs look exceptionally great on people. There is another graphic variant that is black as well. For the airflow you need while riding, it has two intake vents and a rear vent. One of the intake vents is placed on the chin bar, and the second one is at the top. The flow of air starts from the back and travels across the helmet.

The body of the helmet is solid and light to deliver optimum comfort and safety. The company showed state-of-the-art engineering in the construction of this helmet. Consequently, it has a superlight, sleek lid. Even if you face problems with the size, you will definitely find your size in this model.

The EPS liners have cutouts to place your speaker and microphone for communication. This helmet sits on your head without causing pain in your ears.

8. Sedici Strada II Carbon Helmet


  • Top-notch carbon shell
  • Sliding switch to swap the face shields 
  • Chin curtain to manage the noise
  • Great ventilation system to avoid suffocation  
  • Washable and removable interior lining
  • It has a cost-effective price tag.


  • Wind noise gets unbearable.

The Sedici Strada 2 Carbon Helmet comes with the feature that was absent in the last generation. It offers high performance and extreme protection for every rider. With the ground-breaking blend of 6k carbon fiber, the designers developed its shell. Due to this blend of materials, it is solid. Moreover, you can wear it for hours because of the weight.

It comes in three separate shell sizes. This was not an option in the earlier models. Hence, we call this helmet an upgrade of the old models. The Sedici Strada 2 Carbon Helmet can fit onto any head size without a problem. The aerodynamics of the shell unmistakably reduce lift and turbulence when you are on the road. The EPS liner has channels to direct the airflow through the helmet for outstanding ventilation.

There are small padded channels on the forehead to adjust it to the size that makes you comfortable. An adequate number of vents are present so that you don’t feel asphyxiated.

9. Klim Krios Pro Helmet


  • Carbon shell with weaves for strength
  • Robust shell with resin distribution to reduce the weight
  • Latest Koroyd technology for safety 
  • Pinlock-ready anti-scratch coating on the shield
  • Meets or exceeds ECE and DOT standards


  • There are not enough sizes.

This model enhances the impact distribution and ventilation with the latest technology. The technology used in this helmet makes it a candidate for the best carbon fiber helmets. In the making of this helmet, the Koroyd materials are used. The specialty of this material is the response to compression. When it is compressed, it minimizes and slows down the impact of energy to decrease the chances of head trauma. 

The shell is designed with a precise carbon weave to drop the weight without sacrificing the sturdiness. A changeable photochromic lens with a pin-lock insert system, so no weather condition would stop you from leaving for a trip.

The visor and spoiler allow balance and stability to the helmet at various speeds. You can remove the face shield even if you don’t have a tool. In this case, you can wear goggles to protect your eyes. The vents present on the chin and forehead are flexible for adjustments. Furthermore, there is a Fid-lock strap to tighten the helmet. 

10. Alpinestars Supertech M10 Carbon Helmet


  • Super Light outer shell 
  • Multi-density interior liner
  • Effective E-2 MIPS system 
  • Rapid release peak for emergencies 
  • One regular and a super high peak height 
  • Satisfactory ventilation with five exhaust vents and 19 inlets
  • Soft EPP foam to protect your collarbone 
  • Approved by stringent standards of ECE and DOT


  • The airflow can be enhanced.
  • The ear holes are small that can hurt your earlobes.

The Alpinestars Supertech S-M10 Carbon helmet qualifies for the list of high-end carbon fiber helmets. It has a super lightweight carbon fiber shell. And, it is available everywhere in the market in four sizes. The visor release system secures it at the point you want. Nevertheless, it releases automatically in the occurrence of a powerful impact. 

The makers offer two peaks that can be set over two different angles. The ventilation of this helmet is extraordinary, with many inlets and outlets. All of these ports have a connection with a set of airways that bend through the inner lining. The liner dries out rapidly after the ride.

A multiple density inner liner with a MIPS-E2 liner to protect against pressure and rotational energy. With the exclusive A-Head system, you get an adjustable head frame to adjust it on your head. At the bottom lip, there are EPP foam cushions to save your bones from breakage. With the E-Ject helmet removal system, anyone can take the cheek pads off when needed. 

Carbon Fiber Helmet Buying Guide

Knowing that you want a carbon fiber helmet is not enough. It’s because when you go out looking for the best carbon fiber helmets with only this in mind, their features will overwhelm you. This makes the selection process even tougher. Therefore, we recommend you scroll down and educate yourself about the features of the best carbon fiber motorcycle helmets.


The best carbon fiber helmets tend to be highly expensive due to various reasons. First of all, the production of these helmets is not just a sophisticated procedure but also highly time-consuming. Apart from the process being very time-consuming and labor-intensive, the helmet shape is incredibly complex to manufacture. Therefore, the overall cost of making carbon fiber cloth is quite high. 

Ventilation System

Although it is commonly neglected, ventilation is one of the most crucial aspects of a helmet. It directly affects the comfort and convenience of the user. As far as ventilation is concerned, helmet models vary a lot. Different models have different numbers of ventilation ports in different places.

Naturally, people who don’t sweat a lot often need less ventilation than those who sweat more. Apart from ventilation ports, helmet types (such as half-face and full-face helmets) also affect ventilation. However, many consider half-face helmets to be less safe.


The best carbon fiber helmets are not just protective and durable, but they are also lightweight. You must keep an eye on the weight because both cheap and expensive models can be weighty. It doesn’t matter how often and for how long you’re going to wear your helmet because a heavy helmet doesn’t take long to hurt your neck, back, and head.

Hence, it is best if you opt for a lightweight helmet that is not just comfortable to wear but also convenient to carry around. Helmet weights between 1.4 to 1.8 kilograms are widely preferred by buyers, but you should try it on and see it for yourself before making your purchase.


Certifications are the instant indicators of a helmet’s durability and overall build quality. It’s true that good helmets without any certification can exist, but it’s best if you buy one that has the major certificates at least. Speaking of major certifications, the DOT rating is shared by all the best carbon fiber helmets out there. In fact, in the USA, all helmets in the market must have DOT approval to ensure it offers at least the minimum level of protection.

Imposed by the UN Economic Commission for Europe, the ECE22.05 standard is for products made in Europe. Another popular and hard-to-get certification is the Snell M2015.


With the production of safety gear systems for bikes, the motorcycle has improved to a great extent. Yet, safeguarding you from accidents stands at the forefront of all the features of a helmet. The best carbon fiber helmets concentrate on high-functionality and improved performance. 

For those who want an all-rounder, our list will help you choose a feature-packed helmet without compromising your safety. Before going on a helmet shopping spree, note down the things essential for you.

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