5 Best Motorcycle Overpants for Commuting

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When it comes to athletics the right gear can make a huge difference. In bike riding, your derriere is one of the only three contact points with the bike so it is crucial for it to be in an ideal setting, especially if you are competing in a marathon.

Imagine riding a bicycle in an uncomfortable pair of overpants that are too tight and too loose in all the wrong places, does that sound nice? What is supposed to be a rejuvenating activity becomes a painstaking chore.

But the problem is not in cycling but in how you are dressed! And the right pair of overpants can fix this right up!

5 Best Motorcycle Overpants to Invest in

Dualsport Motocross Overpants

Dualsport Motocross Motorbike Pant Riding Overpants

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When you are buying something it’s best to make the most out of it. A pair of overpants doesn’t have to be for commuting alone but multipurpose for all sorts of adventurous or mechanical activities. Dualsport has taken care to design a pair that is tough and adaptable to all situations you throw at it. Completely waterproof, you can customize by removing the reinforcement pads from wherever you want per your requirement and adjust its size to fit you perfectly. 

The pants are also equipped with 4 pockets which is an upgrade from the average 2 pockets, and the best thing? The use of special white reflective technology for the piping and logos to make sure you are clearly visible as you ride. But one thing it lacks is its ability to adapt to weather; you can’t remove the thermal lining making it really uncomfortable in hotter conditions but it’s definitely a must buy for cold climates!


  • Multipurpose Tough Material
  • Removable Armor
  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Reflective piping and logos
  • Adjustments for waist, ankles and knees. 
  • 4 external Pockets


  • Limited breathability
  • Bit warm for hot weather

Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Motorcycle Pants

Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Men's Mesh Motorcycle Pants

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When it comes to customer care Joe Rocket knows how to protect their users. Take maximum comfort and ideal security and put it together you will get these Phoenix Ion motorcycle pants. Not only does it have the typical knees and seat reinforcements, the lower legs of the pants are reinforced with another layer of tough abrasion-resistant material so there is absolutely no chance of you hurting yourself if you are forced to slide. The knee and seat padding is also different from most due to its high density so even a thinner layer gives more protection, making the pants light and breathable. Of course to emphasize breathability the pants do have mesh panels. Another feature through which Joe Rocket shows off their different approach to security, instead of the typical reflective piping or stripes they have made the knee panels reflective. 

You would expect that such a customer-centric brand would have an inclusive size range but that is not the case. So if you thought these were your dream pants we would warn you that you might not find the right size for yourself. 


  • Mesh Panels 
  • Reflective knee panels
  • High density seat and hip reinforcements
  • Abrasion resistant material armor on calves and thighs


  • Non-inclusive sizing range

Wicked Stock Waterproof Motorcycle Overpants

Wicked Stock Waterproof Motorcycle Overpants

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If you are not one to handle the build of heavy overpants then these will be perfect for you. These are super light and very breathable once you are on the road. Mesh liners and multiple vents are the secret to comfort without compromising on security so it still has strong abrasion-resistant reinforcements. Of course this extra padding can be heavy for some as well so you can opt to remove it for an even lighter riding experience. 

However we don’t like that instead of the industry norm Wicked Stock has used reflective logos which provide very limited visibility on the road. And for overpants that focus so greatly on comfort and breathability, they have installed a thermal liner that you can’t remove, making them useful only during the winter. 


  • Mesh liners and vents on the thighs
  • Abrasion Resistant Armor
  • Removable Hip and Knee armor pads
  • Adjustable Straps for knees and waist
  • Reflective logos


  • Only one pocket
  • Warm for hot weather (liner is not removable)

Wicked Stock Sport Mesh Riding Pants

Wicked Stock Sport Mesh Riding Pants

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Competitive biking here we come! These riding pants are built more for a race than daily use, of course that doesn’t mean you can’t use them for your own adventures. You know a lot of thought went into creating these because the high-tier cloth is strengthened with high quality stitching and the heaviness of the material is countered with mesh panels on all sides for optimum ventilation. To customize, you can remove the padded armor and the thermal lining during hot weather. Our favorite thing however are the zippered pockets, they may seem like a little detail but there is more peace from knowing your valuable won’t just fall out as you ride, no matter how recklessly. 

When it comes to finding a perfect fit, overpants are difficult to size and you need straps and buckles to hold them in place. But with these you can just hope what you buy fits you well because there is no room for such adjustments. Also, because these are made for competitions they don’t have any reflective stripes for visibility on the road. 


  • Abrasion and Tear-Resistant Material
  • Mesh Panels on all sides
  • Zippered pockets
  • Removable knee and hip armor
  • Removable thermal lining
  • High Quality Seam Construction


  • No Reflective Stripes for visibility
  • No adjustable straps

Tourmaster Venture 2.0 Motorcycle Pants

Tourmaster Venture 2.0 Motorcycle Pants

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These overpants have all the basics of what you could want. Breathability, protection, high quality construction and fitting. If you are looking for a pair of pants to do everything at once these may be the right ones for you. While they are not specialized like the rest of our rundown which each had a specific purpose in mind, these are great for beginners or riders who don’t really know their style or requirements yet. 

A very major downside to these overpants is that they are not customizable. You can’t remove any of the armor or even the internal lining. And they don’t have a single pocket which is a problem because you have no room to place your valuables while you bike.  


  • Mesh Panels
  • Reflective Panels and piping
  • High Quality Seam Construction
  • Adjustable waist band
  • Reinforced knee and seat area


  • No Pockets
  • No Removable lining

Buying Guide

We come in all shapes and sizes and similarly and likewise our biking apparel comes in a diverse variety, making it very confusing to find what is ideal for our body. It is a known fact that you may have to kiss a few toads to find your prince charming and the same is true for biking overpants! But no more, because we have reviewed them for you! From reflective stripes, types of material and even the stitching we have broken down all the features and have brought prince charming directly to you! 


Motorcycling is an extreme sport and so of course the gear has to be made of tough material that will be tear and abrasion resistant in case you have to slide or face any kind of impact. The overpants should be weather resistant and be able to hold their own against the wind and the onslaught of rain. High quality leather and nylon can bear the most abrasion before being worn through so buying overpants of these materials will ensure you have something long-lasting, which can withstand all your adventurous antics. 

Something to consider when choosing a material is how much maintenance it requires to keep up to mark. Most textiles like nylon can be washed normally with the rest of your clothes but leather requires special conditioners or it can be worn out more easily.


Tough materials are not very breathable and can result in excessive sweating and clammy feelings which can make your overall riding experience a misery. You can’t compromise on the fabric because that would mean compromising on safety. Instead search for overpants with an ergonomic style of having inbuilt vents or mesh panels. Both of these work great in maintaining wind circulation through the material ensuring an ideal breezy ride. 

Reinforced Knees and Seat Area

When you are riding, your derriere is one of the 3 contact points with the bike so of course it should be comfortable and well-protected. Not to mention if you fall off your bike, you will most probably land on your knees or the seat area, so a good pair of overpants will ensure they are reinforced in these places. Higher density pads and cloth provide more safety to the rider. These reinforcements are better known as armor in the motorcycling community. 

Seam Construction

While the stitching may seem like a very minor part of the overall gear it is the little things that make or break. To hold the tough material together you have to use an equally strong thread and make sure your overpants have double stitching to ensure longevity of the connections. There is no point in buying tough overpants if they can come apart at the joints and in the long term be a waste of money. 


A motorcycle doesn’t have much room to support luggage or has a desk to house necessities like your cellphone, keys or wallet. Overpants should have deep pockets with lots of room so you can equip yourself with essentials without worrying about them falling out as you ride. 

Reflective Piping/Stripes

Often we like to ride in the dark or low lit areas but this can be a breach of safety in itself. Most motorcycling accidents happen when larger vehicles are unable to see a biker and hit them in the dark. However better overpants will be equipped with reflective piping, stripes or even logos which will shine in the darkness and make your presence known to other drivers. Reflective piping and stripes are most efficient because they are long and take up greater surface area unlike logos which are small and will provide minimum visibility. 


Just like all clothing these overpants should fit you like a glove or else they won’t be able to accomplish all they are meant to do. Of course this is a matter of safety so you have to be even more aware of the sizing when you make your final decision. More renowned companies offer a more inclusive range catering to all shapes and sizes. And to ensure a perfect fit, make sure the overpants you end up purchasing are equipped with buckles and straps to tighten as per your requirement. 

Removable Lining

A pair of overpants should be able to facilitate you long term and through all kinds of weather. You may wonder what could I possibly be talking about? The same pair for summers and winters? How is that possible? Most overpants are available with a removable thermal lining that you can install during the winters and take out during the hotter weather so a single investment will last you through the years. 


Each kind of biker has their own needs and what they intend to use these overpants for in the long term. However the Dualsport Motocross Overpants are multi-purpose and can be used for a variety of activities other than biking. They are also equipped with reinforcements and high quality tear resistant fabric which is a requirement for all. However if you want to avoid the hassle of buying a new pair for the summer then the Wicked Stock Sport Mesh Riding Pants shorts are a better option. Or if you haven’t figured out what you want the Tourmaster 2.0 is great for a first experience.

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