8 Best Kids Motorcycle Helmets

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A child who falls off a motorbike and injures his head is just the ultimate fear among parents. Your child will need a nice, durable children’s helmet that will allow you to comfortably pass point A to point B regardless of whether your child is traveling as a passenger or riding.

This is why it’s important to pick a helmet that’s suitable for your child, and that’s sturdy and comfortable. You ought to get them a proper headcover and a specially made motorcycle helmet for children is a good option. Children’s helmets are made in the same manner as adults’ ones. The style and color seem a little different, but they are as stable and protected as they are.

Best Choice
Motocross Youth Kids Helmet DOT Approved - YEMA Helmet YM-211 Motorbike Moped Motorcycle Off Road...
Premium Choice
HJC Helmets CL-Y Youth Helmet (White, Medium)
Best Value For Money
TCMT Dot Youth & Kids Motocross Offroad Street Helmet Blue Skull Motorcycle Youth Helmet Dirt Bike...
YEMA YM-211 Motocross Youth Kids Helmet
HJC Helmets CL-Y Youth Helmet
TCMT Dot Youth & Kids Motocross Offroad Street Helmet
Best Choice
Motocross Youth Kids Helmet DOT Approved - YEMA Helmet YM-211 Motorbike Moped Motorcycle Off Road...
YEMA YM-211 Motocross Youth Kids Helmet
More Information
Premium Choice
HJC Helmets CL-Y Youth Helmet (White, Medium)
HJC Helmets CL-Y Youth Helmet
More Information
Best Value For Money
TCMT Dot Youth & Kids Motocross Offroad Street Helmet Blue Skull Motorcycle Youth Helmet Dirt Bike...
TCMT Dot Youth & Kids Motocross Offroad Street Helmet
More Information

Best Kids Motorcycle Helmets

1. WOW Youth Kids Motocross Moutain Helmet

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  • Durable shell
  • Lightweight design
  • Great return policy
  • Removable and washable padding


  • Higher in the back than other helmets

A DOT-approved helmet, the WOW Motorcycle Full Face has a lightweight but resistant and shielding frame, as well as an air-covered internal coil. The helmet shell has a stunning, bright UV protective ending and is made of an aerodynamic thermal alloy. It is also available in mini, medium, and large sizes, so you can find one that would almost certainly suit your girl. If it doesn’t fit, though, this helmet has a nice refund policy so that your child can wear it physically and know if it doesn’t fit. It can be shipped back.

2. AHR H-VEN20 Full Face MX Helmet


  • Adequate protection and impact absorption
  • Decent durability
  • Good chin protection
  • Visor included
  • Washable liner
  • Well ventilated
  • Adjustable and reinforced chin strap


  • The visor is not adjustable.
  • No small size

For outdoor motorsports, such as ATV riding, the DOT-approved AHR H-Ven20 DOT Full Face MX Helmet is perfect.  The standard and security offered are very impressive, given that they are comparatively inexpensive. The AHR H-VEN20 DOT Full Face MX Helmet made from an ABS case offers protection effectively.   It is very long-lasting and prevents the brain from serious effects. It is difficult enough to keep it from breaking up and yet resilient enough to withstand the effect. In addition, a high-density lining and interior insulation are used in the AHR H‐VEN20 DOT Full Face MX Helmet. This allows the helmet to withstand a large amount of force in case of a crash or fall.

The AHR H-VEN20 DOT Full Face MX helmet comes with cheek patches without noting the liners’ decent airflow. To keep you relaxed. This helps prevent the head from being overheated inside the helmet, which makes for a cooler and more relaxed experience. The liners and cheek pads should be stripped and cleaned away, or you can use warm water and gentle soap to bring them back to their prime state when they become too shiny and smelly. These liners are constructed from antimicrobial materials to prevent the development of microbes and smells. With a fast-release interchangeable buckle, the AHR H-VEN20 MX Helmet can be secured. This helmet is available in three sizes. To make it more stable, the chin strap is strengthened.

3. YEMA YM-211 Motocross Youth Kids Helmet


  • Exceptional design
  • The interior lining makes the rider comfortable.
  • Inexpensive


  • Some customers complained that the rear vents got broken.

YEMA has more than 500 workers and 16 hectares of area with 25 years of experience in motorcycle helmets’ growth and manufacture. Their goods have been marketed in more than 40 countries with 7 licensed safety standards and 8 advanced automated manufacturing lines. Their YM- 211 Motocross Youth Kids Helmet is an EPS EPS Electronically Absorbed Advanced Lightweight Robust ABS Case. It has been equipped with several air fans to keep the riders cool and relaxed, heavily coated and comfortable, reusable, and easy to clean. This helmet follows the mandatory FMVSS 218 for both girls and boys, certified by DOT. This product makes an absolutely great birthday / Christmas present for kids, great for kids, offroad, street riding, etc.

4. TCMT Dot Youth & Kids Motocross Offroad Street Helmet


  • Sleek, modular design
  • Lightweight and durable
  • UV protection
  • Includes helmet bag, goggles, and gloves


  • Some users claim the gloves and goggles run a little small.

As the name suggested, it’s a DOT-approved helmet that is a perfect novice. The TCMT Dot Youth & Kids Motocross off-road street helmet is available in a number of sizes to suit your child properly and also has glasses and gloves so that your little rider is fully fitted and ready to use.

This child’s helmet model is vivid and appealing so that your child is visible to all passengers, vehicles, and pedestrians. It also has a UV cover, which makes it easier for your child to see them even on the brightest days. Its weight is 3.64 pounds and 12.99 x 10.63 x 9.45 pounds and is available from small to extra-large in several sizes.

5. HJC Helmets CL-Y Youth Helmet


  • Large eye port
  • Plush interior
  • Many colors to choose from


  • Too heavy for younger children

The CL-Y is a DOT-certified children’s helmet and is available in a few sizes as well as black, matte black, and white colors. Its polycarbonate shell is fitted with an advanced airflow air ventilation system. This holds the fresh air in, so there is no tiredness or fog throughout the drive. It looks like any model for adults but is a real dimension that is only ideal for children. Its plaster interior is Nylex and can be discarded entirely. You can  Clean and put it in quickly, and It is simple.

The wide port architecture has the highest illumination with almost no fog. Furthermore, the CL-Y Youth has a flush-mounted rattle/shield device for children to use. This model weighs 4 pounds, which is too heavy for children under five years of age, just as all heavy-duty modules.

6. ILM Youth Kids Downhill Off-Road MTB Mountain Bike Helmet


  • Streamline design to reduce noise and wind
  • Durable outer shell
  • Seven colors are available.
  • Provides clear and tinted visor


  • Lack of ventilation

For children’s full-face motorcycle helmets, ILM has taken the helmet brand to second place. With transparent smoked visors, this full-face headwear is available for the rider on the basis of eye safety. In winter, the helmet has a scarf around his neck to wear. The headwear is aerodynamically designed to minimize noise and wind in the exterior. The skull is lightweight, made of ABS shell, which makes the outer long-lasting.

An easy release harness is provided for the headwear to protect and remove the helmet easily. The helmet is designed to minimize wind and noise as regards breathing. So that the helmet is well ventilated. The product features a scratch-resistant viewer, which is useful for foggy conditions.

This helmet is suitable for children who wish to go on the road without fear of the rough weather. The headwear has reusable with washable padding and liners. Certified by DOT,  The cheek lining and pads help to protect from mud, bacteria.

7. Typhoon Youth Kids Off-road Helmet


  • Removable and washable interior padding 
  • Wide field of vision
  • Lightweight 
  • Intake and exhaust vents allow air to flow.


  • Face shield fogs up in cold weather
  • Getting the right size can be a bit tricky

For motorcycle helmets for kids, Typhoon is an incredibly popular brand. Since most of the children who ride a motorcycle start with little off-road motorcycles, they know and enjoy this brand. It is one of the most reliable and beautiful helmets on the market and is ideal for young road riders. This package is a brilliant startup for children riding and motocross off-road. What is it for? Not only can you get a high-quality helmet, but there are also a pair of outstanding gloves and fantastic goggles, to begin with apart from a bike, of course. The kit has been certified by DOT.

The inside lining is very secure on this helmet and can be removed. This helps you to pull it and wash it so that your boy can have a helmet that is still new and able to go again. If your child is off-road – believe us when we say that the filth it will gather on one trip is astronomical. This is significant. Its lightweight is the greatest asset of the kit. It is quickly removed and put on, and it doesn’t make your kids travel for long stretches of time, needless stress. The kit is also very cheap and ideal for beginners.

8. SLMOTO Dot Youth & Kids Motocross Offroad Street Helmet


  • Extremely durable shell
  • good ventilation system 
  • Removable and washable padding
  • Glossy finish for UV protection


  • Gloves and goggles might be too tight

SLMOTO grabbed the helmet for the best motorcycle for children in the transportation industry. It comes in pink butterfly, blue flame, green flame, blue sclerotic, black sclerotic, and Red spider colors. The helmet looks amazing, with a gloss finish to protect against UV light. The headwear has a rather durable composite coating to improve protection from injury and injuries. The lightweight feature of the helmet gives the head a very convenient interior with deeply cushioned foam.

SLMOTO Youth helmet has an inside lining that can be stripped and cleaned away to ensure that the helmet is transparent and odor-free. The helmet has a completely functioning ventilation system for ventilation to allow cool airflow throughout summer and winter. The device is DOT certified and fans for off-road riding. The youth motorcycle helmet includes a couple of socks, a couple of goggles, and a helmet case. This helmet offers cheap motorcycle helmets for children at a really affordable rate.

Buying Guide Fir Kids Helmets

The function and purpose of each small detail on a helmet are equally critical for protection, reliability, resistance, comfort, and many other requirements. However, depending on the form and style, they come in varying configurations and variants. You must know about them so that you make the right decision for your child’s welfare.

Safety Considerations

Make sure you have the proper size for your child for protection. Look for the padding helmet, which helps to hold it close to the skull. Don’t wear it if the helmet is loose and the inner shell is spaced out between your child’s head. Chin belts are critical protection measures as well. This helps secure the kid and retain the shield securely. You want to remember the mask style, as full-face versions cover both the face and the head as effectively as possible.


Look for a motorcycle helmet for children that are certified by DOT, at least. Security scores are recognized in all the US Department of Transportation. The ECE considers the European DOT version. Nevertheless, some of the finest are those scored by the non-profit SNELL, which tests the helmets rigorously. But it may be a little difficult to find. Every version must have a safety sticker from the company. You will want to find another label if it doesn’t have a label. Parents also make a recurrent error of buying their children a bigger helmet. Young people grow really soon, so sometimes you could buy a new one. However, the procurement of a bigger than required is rather dangerous since it does not protect the brain. It must suit closely whatever model you pick.

The choice of a helmet with additional pads is good. You should change your size a bit so that you don’t get too close or too loose. Be mindful, however, that no one-size-fits-all. And if the packaging says it’s designed for the age group, you ought to evaluate the child’s head to ensure it suits properly.

It’s not that difficult to buy at a supermarket, so your child will wear the model, in reality, to see if it suits there. Online shopping has its benefits and advantages, but sizing surely is the tricky aspect. Take just the size that suits and not the size near it. All is just as risky because it may be very awkward or very tight.

Choose a string long enough to cross your child’s head. Pass the field over the eyebrows. Take a pen and a paper and enter the number later on to consult the size maps. Measure and enter the details on your child’s front and head crown. This will help you equate the scale with the manufacturer’s map along with other figures.

The majority of models typically have customizable cheek pads. You don’t have to fear if it first feels close because it’s made of smooth foam and adapts to the skin. After a bit, the pads get smoother. You should also bear in mind that the helmet would not click the head’s crown, neither should it be too loose. All of these little considerations will help you find your child’s right size. Look for a variant with additional pads if you are unsure about what size to use. This allows you to transition to a suitable stage.

Helmet type

Children’s helmets are identical to adult helmets. However, at least when it comes to motorcycle helmets, it is oblivious to find the model open face for children as you would for adults. Most models created for children are final, semi-finished or modular.

The most tight-fitting are full-face ones. They leave no exposed region of the face, and they are very protected and protective. Half-face gives goggles some space around the eyes. However, the area is revealed if the child doesn’t carry weapons. The other two’s hybrids are modular. They may also act as full-face or half-face helmets.

Material type

We noted that for the protection of a helmet, overall fitness is critical. However, the protection factor and the materials it is produced from is also another aspect. Children’s styles are somewhat similar in materials to adults. Molded plastics are also a common option, offering ample comfort and durability.

A fiberglass is a common option since it is very durable and resistant to scratches. This can survive serious consequences in the event of an accident shielding your infant. A few more common alternatives are composite, fiber and Kevlar. Polycarbonate and poly alloy are almost as lightweight but with huge tolerance to impact. Many producers use soft foam for padding fabrics. Seek the antibacterial one that is easy to wash. While it does not seem to be a major consideration to strip the foam padding. Now and then, for grooming, you must take the pads off.

Air Vents

It is important to avoid fog and exhaustion caused by inadequate airflow. New air circulates into the helmet through high-quality air vents. You should block the brisk and maintain the inner part of the helmet with a certain amount of comfort.

Removable Lining

The fit is there to protect the head tightly. It is, however, vital that the padding should be removed for cleaning and grooming. It is important. Your child can sweat inside your helmet, and you would like to be able to wash your furniture from time to time because it’s easy to wear for a while.

Additional Considerations

We should both accept that protection is the most significant factor for the procurement of a helmet. But other items like the quality, brand and, of course, color are still very important. The best style of motorbike helmet for children is the one that incorporates the entire kit.

Brands with confidence

Look for a name on the shelf that has been there for at least a couple of years. Be sure you review the accuracy of the products, operation and help customers have to say.


Children’s helmets are less expensive than adults’ ones, but also give prices based on material, style, design, and other factors. Note that whilst the price is relevant, protection should not be affected.


Some kids prefer bright and attractive patterns, while others like their cascades to look a little more like a solid color and plain adult style.

Goggle use

There’s no need for Goggles, but some kids do like them. If you want a half-face helmet, it’s certainly advisable to keep your child’s face covered with your eyes and tops.

When to Replace

If the helmet breaks or shows serious damage and wear symptoms, you must quickly repair it. It is definitely the time to replace it when it is too little and compact.


Children’s motorcycle helmets are easy to find nowadays. This is because cycling is now more fashionable than previously, but also due to the recent legislation which demands that both adults and children be wearing protective gear. You should not overlook your kids’ interest in motorcycles because of the risk. Although the possibility is present, if the child just wears a helmet, it is diminished to a minimum.

Children’s helmets are made the same as adults’, and some components will snap though they are longer lasting than others. Nevertheless, high-end versions made of very tough materials like Kevlar are of enormous resistance to shocks. Some reputable brands are producing versions for kids. This normally fits children with an approx. 46cm to 52cm head circumference. These are subject to the same protection and size considerations.

You may use 2nd hand helmets. They’re not risky just because somebody used to wear them. It’s only okay if there is no harm and it’s good for your kids. And if it displays the smallest wear or scratches, it is best to pick a new one. Consider your children’s choices, but still, make sure that the material and size you chose are given special consideration. These eight children’s motorcycle helmets and buyer guides have hopefully supported you in selecting the right model for your children.

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