10 Best Motorcycle Racing Boots

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Is there a necessity to purchase specialized motorcycle boots? 

On the other hand, would there be a problem with wearing sports shoes while biking? 

The answer to both questions is a big ‘ Yes.’ 

The injury one may sustain in a bike accident cannot be taken lightly, especially the feet. 

These are fragile parts and would hit the ground if the vehicle was to meet with an accident. 

The feet, toes, and ankles have to be protected with boots specially made for this purpose. 

The tread of the boots alone would help you at that moment of disaster. 

The boots play an integral part in a rider’s journey as traveling long distances is quite hectic, and you have to be sure that your boots provide you the ultimate comfort level so that you can enjoy the ride at its fullest.

Since we have now concluded the importance of wearing the boot, the question is, ‘ which is the best one, and how do I know that would be the best’? 

Best For Track Racing
Alpinestars Men's NC Motorcycle Boots, Black, Youth Large / 11-13
Best For Motocross Racing
Alpinestars 2010020-10-7 Tech 10 Boots Black Size 07
Best Value For Money
Joe Rocket 1377-0012 Ballistic Touring Men's Boots (Black, Size 12)
Alpinestars Men's NC Motorcycle Boots, Black, Youth Large / 11-13
Alpinestars 2010020-10-7 Tech 10 Boots Black Size 07
Joe Rocket 1377-0012 Ballistic Touring Men's Boots (Black, Size 12)
Best For Track Racing
Alpinestars Men's NC Motorcycle Boots, Black, Youth Large / 11-13
Alpinestars Men's NC Motorcycle Boots, Black, Youth Large / 11-13
More Information
Best For Motocross Racing
Alpinestars 2010020-10-7 Tech 10 Boots Black Size 07
Alpinestars 2010020-10-7 Tech 10 Boots Black Size 07
More Information
Best Value For Money
Joe Rocket 1377-0012 Ballistic Touring Men's Boots (Black, Size 12)
Joe Rocket 1377-0012 Ballistic Touring Men's Boots (Black, Size 12)
More Information

In the passage found below, we have exhaustively discussed various top products along with their salient features. The features are explained accurately with every minute detail that a rider needs to know before buying one. The pros and cons are also detailed for you to conclude. Ultimately, in the end, the choice is yours.

1. Alpinestars Men’s Tech 10 Boots


  • Ultimate comfortable with the padded soles
  • Excellent padding on the sole and the ankle area 
  • Extremely durable
  • Ultimate Protection


  • Almost negligible.

The upset Tech 10 boots join original materials and innovation in a new plan for a lighter, all the more anatomically profiled entertainer. This CE guaranteed boot advances center dependability and flex by means of a biomechanical rotate while offering incredible lower leg assurance. The boot undercarriage has been intended to give the total feel and improved association with motorcycle controls, while the imaginative clasp framework permits simple, exact conclusion. The boot undercarriage structured with an ergonomically profiled forefoot and lower toe-box to give a more straightforward moving and improved back brake feel and control.

Fusing an innovative one-piece, infused double compound foot shell with co-infused hard toe defender and coordinated steel shank. The upper built from an original microfiber material that is adaptable and scraped spot safe Upper material is strengthened with PU for elevated levels of water-obstruction and toughness.

The Tech 10 boot is CE ensured and includes an exceptional, high-quality sole development offering solidness and defensive execution 

Alpinestars created a TPU shin plate, and average assurance is developed from one single part for more noteworthy essential trustworthiness and soundness. The item weighs 8.8 pounds.

2. Cortech Men’s Impulse Air Road Race Boots


  • It is convenient to zip in and zip out the feet.
  •  Multiple vents cool the feet.
  •  Attractive appearance.
  •  The souls are durable and long-lasting.
  •  Found to be convenient on long rides.


  • Stiffness around the ankle area is a common complaint.

Cortech Men’s Impulse comes in two colors. Black accompanied by red and white with red. Many pores that are equidistant from each other run from the toe ends, right to the top of the shoe, which prevents sweat accumulation. On the sides, you would find the Toe sliders, which prevent the shoe from getting damaged.

 The carbon fibers pair with the latex foam and act as efficient ankle protector.

 There are vented shin guards that are molded, and the Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) serves as a bridge between the plastic and rubbers and is flexible.

 The product weighs just 5.2 pounds with the weight spread evenly, and the product dimensions are 17×5×13 Inches. The shin sliders made of aluminum are available to protect the shin region, and the shoe comes with zippers that can be slid up to let the feet inconveniently.

3. Fly Racing Maverik Boots


  • It’s an excellent product for beginners.
  • Value for money.
  • The protection offered is state of the art. 


  • A few complaints that the sole wears off faster.

Ever since they established their business in 1998, Fly Racing has been trendsetters, as is the case with the Fly Racing 2020 Maverick Boots.

With a sole that looks durable, there are plenty of innovations infused into these biker’s shoes.

The outsole is a molded one and lends a stylish look, but the real idea is to keep the weight under control at just 2.7 pounds. 

The outsole grips the ground well enough along with the rubber heat shield, and it resists heat. 

Innovation at its best with the fishtail midsole, and it is one piece of plastic.

The Elastic gaiters serve their purpose well by binding themselves across the shoe’s length and dealing off any debris that might enter.

The 3D shin guard is molded plastic and strong enough to withstand any impact in that area, providing a sense of security.

To save the boots from premature deterioration, a 3D plastic shift with added on grooves and texture is molded in.

4. Alpinestars Men’s Tech 7 Enduro Boots


  • Metal buckles are replaceable anywhere anytime.
  • Perfect boots to wear and go Enduro riding.


  • A few complaints on free air glow through the pores.
  • Pricing is a bit high.

The top layer is constructed of microfiber material. It enhances flexibility and does not damage easily. The polyurethane safeguards the product from hazards created by water and makes it more durable

Small opening for comfort and allows for full range modification, and the help of calf fit and the internal 3D padding uses microfiber suede anti-slide on the heel to help hold the foot in place. 

Bright silicone padding for long term relaxation and shock absorption on ankles and neck. Specially crafted compound sole guarantees superior endurance for ATV and Enduro riders.

Medial side panel TPU integrates an innovative insert of honeycomb rubber and is designed for excellent grip against the bike while defending against impact 

Redesigned construction of instep and Achilles accordion flex zones for superior comfort, control, and support. Clear silicone padding for long term support and shock resistance on ankles and neck.

The boot frame has been developed to offer the bike control full feel and streamlined contact, while the revolutionary clasp mechanism enables simple, precise closing.

5. Joe Rocket Ballistic Touring Men’s Boots


  • The product is well insulated.
  • There are no pressure points when you walk in these boots. 
  • Value for money.
  • Highly water-resistant and remains so even under heavy rain.


  • Water does seep in at times.
  • The will crew and zipper combination makes it look very odd.

Joe Missile Traveling Ballistic Boots are likely to match beautifully! 

These have heavy-duty lightweight leather designs that are both sturdy and water-resistant and provide armor in the feet in shin, knee, foot, heel, and gear shift areas with adequate strengthening.

Joe Rocket Ballistic traveling footwear is convenient, durable, and function-built to perform, with such a low-profile toe box and the no-slip bonded heel.

With panels that are reflective at the back and sides, the gear shift is reinforced.

The zipper provides adequate space to slip the feet in with a few sections bearing a double stitch as the strain is more there.

The product weighs only two kg’s and is designed for street sportbikes

6. O’Neal Element Men’s Boots BLACK 7


  • The Velcro at the top seals the opening perfectly.
  • Absolute value for money.


  • The ankle portion is not flexible to the extent required.
  • The height of the toe box is too high.
  • Plastic buckles do look cheap compared to Aluminum.

Designed to the quality of a class racing shoe but priced at an entry-level size, O’Neal’s Element Boot literally cannot be beaten for total performance and elegance. 

Their attachable buckle fastening system, coupled with the high-grade injection molding protective panels, and legitimate and artificial leather support make the Element Boots a deserving entry-level motorcyclist high-end partner.

O’Neal manufactures bicycle and bike equipment, components, clothing, and accessories that give utter full convenience, price, and safety while you travel. After 40 plus years of driving, you can trust consistency and security.

Aluminum shank insert strengthens boot structure and provides protection, Simple to work, Snap Lock flexible four buckle closing mechanism, Durable Goodyear world sole is perfectly positioned with no shaky rocking, Aluminum toe guard to prevent the sole from delaminating, Medium grip sole is perfect for mountain, trail and ATV users, Air meshes inside, generous space for heal support.

Synthetic heat protection for the cloth to prevent heat exposure and the Rear pull tab for additional power. Substitute belts and clasps are given.

7. Fox Racing Comp R Boots


  • Well designed and reportedly feels comfortable.


  • Waterproof resistance is low.
  • The middle strap falls short of going the full length.
  • Ankle support mechanism is not up to the mark.
  • Highly-priced and less quality for money.
  • Does not allow the gear to change quickly as the bottom is more significant, and gears have to be adjusted from the boot’s side.

Over 40 years, Fox Head, Inc. has become a leading global manufacturer of innovative concepts in the action sports sector. 

The Fox Head emblem, though staying faithful to MX, is remembered as a brand associated with consistency and creativity.

Modified floating cuff device offers lateral assistance and improved vertical mobility when being locked out until ankle hyperextension. 

TPU shin board, calf pad, the cap for the heel, and mask for the entire foot. Patent-pending Active Lock closure device helps shin to flex fast, stable and straightforward closure with the boot’s movement.

Sturdy medial rubber and burn guard gives the wheel an outstanding look and sound. Sturdy outsole constructed of rubber with internal steel shank. 

Lower two buckles in Instinct form for a comfortable fit with zero heel lift and enhanced liner material to provide immediate support step-in.

The product weighs 6.6 pounds and has dimensions of 19.69X 11.81X 11.81 inches.

8. Alpinestars Men’s Motorcycle Boots


  • Constructed from high-quality fabric.
  • It bears a stylish look.
  • The protection provided is excellent.


  • Durability is a significant concern.
  • It is not waterproof but can resist water.

The Alpinestars men’s bike boots are waterproof and constructed from Microfiber. 

The zipper opens up the passageway to insert your feet in, and it is secured tight by both velcro and zip.

The item is lightweight at 4.4 pounds, and the dimensions are 23.62X15.75X5.91 inches. 

It is reflective, and ankle protection is available. 

The perforation is good enough, and the feet do not get warm.

There is all-round protection as the shift guard protects the shoes from ruination and has grips that ensure your feet do not slide out while shifting. The toe guards are there to prevent any injury in case you bend your knees on a turn.

9. Alpinestars Men’s Tech 3 Motocross Boots


  • The boots are waterproof.
  • They are very sturdy.
  • Value for money.
  • Provides excellent support when one stands upon the pegs and rides.


  • Great for riding, but one can’t walk above a few steps.
  • The rubber and other material are not very flexible as projected.

The upper structure is made from lightweight and abrasion prone, advanced and compact microfiber material. Light microfibers on the front and rear bellow give the lightweight region more support. Toe package is constructed of strongly abrasive, plastic content. 

Extended plastic PU gaiter allows lock excess water and soil inletImposed on top of the TPU calf cover, and the rear TPR gaiter patch provides back flex support and security. 

Infused TPU shin plate attached to the TPU Medial Protector Panel; Velcro product covers, plus TPR flap for modification and protection for a wide range of calf suit. 

The Higher Medial Protector TPU is designed for improved grip with technical texture.

TPU three buckle belts cover the front flex harmoniously from the medial shield to the lateral aspect without damaging the stretch. The latest closure plan comprises three polymer buckles, a memory ratchet, and a quick release/locking system with the self-aligned layout for secure, precise closure; all buckles can be replaced.

EVA footboard is replaceable with silk padding on hand. Unique outsole material produced from good strength rubber.

10. Alpinestars Tech 5 Boots


  • An incredible feeling that you are not even wearing them. Such is the fit.
  • Durability is a huge plus point.
  • Protection is available everywhere.


  • It tightens around the calves.
  • Does get hot inside the boot in summer.

Arriving in the aftermath of a highly famous and legendary Tech 10 and Tech 7, the latest Tech 5 is an innovative multi-material and panel design boot that greatly enhances Alpinestars’ range of class-leading motocross and off-road boots. It integrates an advanced, highly robust, and compact microfibre frame and a pivoting mechanism for superior durability.

The Alpinestars Tech 5 is Ergonomic in design and has TPU buckle straps with a Biomechanical pivot. 

The ankles and collars are surrounded by soft poly-foam, and the lining is textile.

It comes with a replaceable sole and a CE certification.

The product is more substantial at 10 pounds.

The uppercase is made of microfiber, which is abrasion-resistant and synthetic polymer is on the toe box. 

Motorcycle Boots Buying Guide

There is no limit to the job a pair of motorcycle boots have to do. It starts by making you look stylish and ends with protecting your feet and probably your life sometimes, and hence it plays a pivotal role by taking care of your needs throughout the journey. 

Here are some features you need to consider before such a purchase.

1. Soles: 

Make sure the soles are both hard and soft. Most important is that they should be oil resistant as there might be times when engine oil leaks from your motorcycle and starts dripping on your shoes while you are riding.

2. Stitching: 

Check for stitches. If there are two or three, the shoe becomes more durable.

The rest of the features you have to check are as below: 

• Check for closures. Velcro and Zips are the best.

• Check which material is the shoe made out of. Thick leather is best.

• Check for extra padding and armor, which are generally made out of Kevlar or carbon.

• Any shoe has a lifespan, but there would be repairs in-between. The manufacturer must provide replacement parts.

These are the essential features you might have to scrutinize before buying s pair of motorbike boots.


After reading the passage above, one must have realized the importance of wearing motorbike pair of boots.

One should understand the hard work and effort the manufacturers put in to develop such footwear. It could make a significant difference between having a broken leg or sometimes even between life and death. 

Price should be the least important feature you should be looking at, for your life is priceless.

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