5 Best Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

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If you own a motorcycle, you must monitor the tire pressure more than the car.

Not only does it change too often, but it is extremely dangerous when the margins hit the lowest numbers. But routine checks can get quite daunting.

In order to avoid the hassle every time while checking the tire pressure, a Motorcycle TPMS can make your wheeler life easier. They are cost-effective, meaning you do not need to break your wallet to achieve convenience and safety at the same time.

However, with so many products in the market, it can be confusing to decide which the best is for you. To save you from that dilemma, we have picked the best motorcycle TPMS that you can buy in 2020. Follow along for a more comprehensive insight into each pick to find the most suitable TPMS for your motorcycle. 

Best Choice
Wireless Digital Motorcycle Tire Pressure Gauge Monitoring System,Waterproof TPMS Digital LCD...
Premium Choice
FOBO Bike 2 tire pressure monitoring system (Black) – external monitor, bike tire, temperature...
Best Value For Money
Sykik Rider SRTP300 Wireless tire Pressure Monitoring System for Motorcycles with 1.5” Monitor....
Mercu Wireless Digital Motorcycle Tire Pressure Gauge Monitoring System
FOBO Bike 2 Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems
SYKIK Rider SRTP300 Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System for Motorcycles
Price not available
Best Choice
Wireless Digital Motorcycle Tire Pressure Gauge Monitoring System,Waterproof TPMS Digital LCD...
Mercu Wireless Digital Motorcycle Tire Pressure Gauge Monitoring System
Price not available
Premium Choice
FOBO Bike 2 tire pressure monitoring system (Black) – external monitor, bike tire, temperature...
FOBO Bike 2 Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems
Best Value For Money
Sykik Rider SRTP300 Wireless tire Pressure Monitoring System for Motorcycles with 1.5” Monitor....
SYKIK Rider SRTP300 Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System for Motorcycles

Below is the list of best Motorcycle TPMS’ available in the market.

1. Mercu Wireless Digital Motorcycle Tire Pressure Gauge Monitoring System

Key Features

  • A precise wireless sensor with an Ip67 waterproof display
  • Monitor accuracy for the pressure monitor goes up to ± 1.5PSI
  • An 850mAh battery which is rechargeable
  • Real-time pressure, temperature, and voltage monitoring
  • Auto alarm for abnormal temperature and pressure readings from the motorcycle tires.
  • Equipped with the RENATA anti-explosion battery.

The Mercu Wireless TPMS features a waterproof digital display. The wireless integration rids of the trouble of detangling power cords. The gauge connects wirelessly to a high accuracy monitoring system. The waterproof digital LCD screen relays units of tire pressure as well as temperature and the battery voltage. After mounting the Mercu Wireless Digital TPMS on your motorcycle, you do not have to worry about theft ever again. The anti-theft feature will ensure that your vehicle is being monitored continuously.

The overall waterproof design leaves no inhibitions behind, even on the rainiest of the days. But that is not all; with the TPMS mounted on your vehicle, you are saving fuel, predicting tire air leaks, and reducing quick wear and tears of your tires. When the Meruc’s monitoring system senses any disparity with the tire pressure or temperature, you will hear it loud and clear due to the robust auto-alarm integration. 

The entire Mercu Wireless digital TPMS package is wholesome, including the External sensors, display, handlebar holder, nuts, USB Cable, sensor cover tool, wrench, and a user manual. You can choose between many mounting options, such as the 3M double-sided sticker or bar mounts. The digital display offers a crisp and clear visualization even on those days, with the sun shining at its peak. The batteries can be replaced, and for emergency situations, there is an added USB cord. The Mercu Wireless Digital TPMS is a steal when it comes to the robust and functional features within a cost-effective price margin. 


  • Multiple mounting options, including the 3M double-sided sticker and bar mounts.
  • Offers exceptional value for money
  • Anti-theft feature for better motorcycle monitoring and safety


  • No premise for connecting the device to your phone
  • Bulky mounting clamps.

2. FOBO Bike 2 Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Key Features

  • FOBO app supports both android and iOS devices. 
  • You can connect the device not only to your phone but also to your smartwatch. 
  • The app sends you instant notifications and alerts on the tire’s condition.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for better transmission

The FOBO Bike 2 TPMS comes in refined packaging. We mention this because the way a product is designed speaks volumes about the contents within. On that aspect, the FOBO Bike 2 Tire Pressure is purely satisfying. The FOBO Bike 2 Tire Pressure Monitoring System is an upgrade to its predecessor, the FOBO Bike TPMS, the advanced in the latest version is quite apparent. 

After you open the packaging, you will find two TPMS units attached in a matte black card. There are two short metal valve stems for replacement purposes with the lock-unlock mechanism. When you mount the device on your bike, this mechanism provides resistance should someone try to pick it off the vehicle. The company reduced the weight from 10gms (previous TPMS model) to 7.6gms. This upgrade enables the device to balance better on the motorcycle’s tire. 

Another feature that received an upgrade from the previous model is the transition between Bluetooth 4.0 to Bluetooth 5.0. The Bluetooth 5.0 integration allows better transmission, less battery consumption. Overall, FOBO Bike 2 has a better communication standard. There is a one-year battery life, which is quite a generosity. Replacing the battery is hassle-free and cost-effective. 

The device sports the Ip57 inclusion making it waterproof and dustproof. The FOBO app is flawless and refined. You can enable push notifications that allow the app to notify you every time it detects an abnormality in the tire condition. Conventional TPMS users might notice the lack of an LCD screen on the device. If you have been using a different TPMS and transitioned to the FOBO Bike 2, the lack of an LCD screen might seem odd. But you will soon realize that the versatile FOBO app covers up for the disparity and does better than just an LCD screen. 


  • Lightweight and compact design 
  • Less battery usage


  • Lack of LCD screen 
  • Slightly overpriced

3. SYKIK Rider SRTP300 Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Key Features

  • Multi-coloured display
  • One-year warranty
  • Multiple mounts for curved and flat surfaces

The first thing that you will notice about the SYKIK Rider SRTP300 Wireless TPMS is the easy installation. The instruction manual is readable and straightforward. The LCD display is multi-coloured and waterproof. The device is enclosed within a nice-looking packaging. Upon unboxing, you will find the SYKIK Rider SRTP300 TPMS along with tire sensors, handlebar mount, lock-nut tool, a USB charging cable, and an instruction manual. 

The device monitors both the pressure and the temperature of the tires. The lock-nut tool makes sure the devices remains intact on the bike with an added anti-theft security. Besides the handlebar mounts, there are flat mounts if you want to install it on a flat surface. 

When the SYKIK Rider SRTP300 Wireless TPMS detects an abnormality in the tire’s condition, it will alert you with vibrant red and a blue display. Due to the comprehensive and robust design, it might take you some time to set up the device. Once you get the hang of it, installation is only a matter of seconds. The dust caps have built-in transmitters for both the front and the rear tires. 


  • The devices come with tools for each installation step
  • Anti-theft feature 
  • High pressure and low-pressure alarms
  • Auto-sleep system when not in use


  • Lengthy instruction manual
  • Mount not suitable for all motorcycles

4. 3T6B Motorcycle Bluetooth Tire Pressure Monitoring System

No products found.

Key Features

  • Robust app with alert modes and alarm system 
  • The dual external sensors ensure that the tire pressure is accurate at all times. 

The 3T6B motorcycle Bluetooth TPMS comes with a Bluetooth tire pressure gauges. These gauges effectively replace your valve caps. The unit displays both tire pressure and temperature. On the 3T6B app, you can enable push notifications to get an alert if the pressure drops below a specified range of PSI. The two external sensors ensure that the accuracy is always maintained. 

The unit is sturdy and can handle the heaviest of downpours accounting for its water-resistant properties. We found the slightest of discrepancies in the instruction manual, which is not as comprehensive. However, once you get the hang of the entire process, installation becomes a matter of minutes. The device is compatible with most motorcycles including Harley Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, BMW, Yamaha, KTM, Indian, victory and many more. 


  • Suitable with most motorcycles
  • Ease of use due to the functional app
  • Easy maintenance and installation
  • Cost-effective


  • The instructional manual is hard to follow
  • No option for setting two separate alarms for the front and back 
  • No anti-theft features 

5. Tymate TPMS Tire Pressure Wireless System For Motorcycle

No products found.

Key Features

  • Highly accurate temperature and pressure monitoring. 
  • Waterproof, dustproof Digital LCD screen
  • Robust anti-theft feature 
  • 100% refund guarantee

The Tymate TPMS is swift with its real-time updates about your motorcycle’s tire condition. There are haptic, visual, and sound signals as a warning when the device detects an abnormality with the tires. Tymate TPMS monitors not only the temperature and pressure but also the battery voltage. All these readings are displayed on a waterproof LCD display. The pressure reading is as accurate as it can get with only a ±1 PSI factor. 

Tymate TPMS comes with an anti-lock mechanism. If you are unsatisfied with the product, the company promises a full refund within 60 days of the purchase. The device is robust to endure thunderstorms, heavy rain. It works under the temperature range between -4 degrees to 176 degrees Fahrenheit. The green glow makes it easier to see the readings even during the night-time. 

You can easily unmount the device for charging. The product offers value for money. Tymate does not seem to be lacking in any aspect and makes for a fulfilling purchase as a rider’s safety net. If you find it hard to use the handlebars for mounting the device on your motorcycle, you can also you an adhesive. 


  • Green backlight for reading in the dark 
  • Solid built that can withstand extremes of temperature 
  • Easy installation 


  • The design feels a bit outdated 
  • Non-rechargeable battery and valve systems

Motorcycle TPMS FAQs

What Is A Tire Pressure Monitoring System?

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System or the TPMS is an electronic kit, including sensors and a display. The entire together will give you reading of your motorcycle’s tire conditions such as pressure, temperature, and battery voltage. When the pressure drops below the optimal range, the tire pressure monitoring system will alert you. For accessibility, some systems also have an application. This phone app makes it easier to regulate the temperature. 

How Does A Tire Pressure Monitoring System Work?

A Tire Pressure Monitoring System comes as two different variants. A direct TPMS is based on a sensor that is then mounted on to the wheel of your motorcycle. In cases when the pressure drops below 25 percent the recommended level, the sensor will give you alerts on the same.

How Do I Install A TPMS Sensor On My Motorcycle? 

Installing a TPMS device on your motorcycle is straightforward. You have to attach the two sensors on the front and rear tires. Make sure you attached the one designated for the specific tire. You can use a wrench and jamming nuts to prevent the theft. Most systems come with an anti-theft feature for better security. You can use different mounting devices such as handlebars or flat mounts depending on the type of surface you are attaching.

What Are The Common Types Of Motorcycle TPMS Sensors?

There are two types of Motorcycle TPMS sensors- external and internal sensors:

External sensors
External sensors fit into the valve system of the motorcycle. They ensure easy installation, and there is no need to detach the wheels. Maintaining external sensors is relatively easy, and they are cost-effective. Changing batteries is a hassle-free task. External sensors are typically more prone to theft and need an anti-theft mechanism for security. As the name suggests, they are located externally on the motorcycle, meaning the protrusion can become a problem when inflating the tire. Since they are exposed to weather conditions, the accuracy might often not be as accurate. 

Internal sensors
Internal sensors are fitted into your motorcycle tire’s rim. This fitting style makes them unnoticeable and prevents them from theft naturally. Internal sensors have LCD displays for the pressure and temperature readings. The only disparity with internal sensors is there cost. They are more expensive and require high maintenance comparing to external sensors.

Which Is A Better Display Or App TPMS?

Both display and apps are perfectly functional integrations for your motorcycle TPMS. It is up to you to decide if you want to have a digital display on your bike’s handlebars or a Bluetooth app supported TPMS somewhere more convenient. If you choose an integrated app system, it should be high graded and does not have any glitches. 


Motorcycle TPMS is an important piece of accessory for your motorcycle if you like going on long rides, It will help you keep monitoring tire pressure monitor while riding and help you make sure that you always have the right pressure in your tires. 

Correct tire pressure will not only ensure your safety but also helps you get the best performance out of your motorcycle while riding.

Our best pick is Mercu Wireless Digital Motorcycle Tire Pressure Gauge Monitoring System, It has all the important features that you need and is one of the most accurate TPMS.

FOBO Bike 2 Tire Pressure Monitoring System is one of the top-rated TPMSs, it also offers mobile app compatibility and is a great choice if you are looking for something premium that will last for years.

If you are on a budget, the best bet would be SYKIK Rider SRTP300 Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

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