10 Best Motorcycle Boots

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With biking being as dangerous as walking a tightrope in a circus, heading into it without factoring protective gear in the equation would be a wacky move. The casual sneaker or sandal wear will cut out nothing but sneaky results for you, so picking out bike boots that covers your full ankle, feet, and partly your lower leg would dish out a comfortable yet euphoric and protected ride.

Trying to support your weight, along with the bike, each time you make a stop. Further still having to balance both through the ride and keeping a firm grip on the pegs. This would result in a crash if you are distracted by the discomfort and fatigue. The bike boots not only offer a fatigue-free ride but also ensure that you are protected from the bike’s exhaust pipes, road debris, and mordant weather conditions.

Moreover, bike boots with a flattened sole hold firm against frequent road impacts while being resistant to oil and various chemicals, all the while maintaining suitable traction with the gear shifter, bike pegs, and the road itself.

So from here forth let us help you make an informed decision. For we have brought out a guide that suits you best in all aspects out there, to meet you halfway through the decision making along with reviews to help you navigate through the endless options.

Here are our top 3 choices if you are in hurry or don’t like reading too much.

Best Choice
Alpinestars Faster 3 Shoes (12) (BLACK/WHITE)
Premium Choice
Forma Adventure Low Boots (Brown, 10 US/44 EU)
Best Value For Money
Alpinestars Sektor Vented Shoes - Black - 12
Alpinestars Faster 3 Rideknit Shoes
Forma Adventure Low Boots
Alpinestars Sektor Vented Shoes
Best Choice
Alpinestars Faster 3 Shoes (12) (BLACK/WHITE)
Alpinestars Faster 3 Rideknit Shoes
Premium Choice
Forma Adventure Low Boots (Brown, 10 US/44 EU)
Forma Adventure Low Boots
Best Value For Money
Alpinestars Sektor Vented Shoes - Black - 12
Alpinestars Sektor Vented Shoes

10 Best Motorcycle Boots Reviews

1. Alpinestars Faster 3 Rideknit Shoes


  • Uncomplicated lacing system
  • Anti-slip micro-suede in the heel ensures durability.
  • CE-certified to EN 13634:2017
  • Ventilation is on par with the fully perforated, full-height leather boots but offers more comfort
  • Sustainable in all types of terrain


  • Lacks a heel strap so they’re a little challenging to pull on
  • Gets filled with pebbles in the lower backspace.

With an impressive combination of breathable knit meshwork and seamless thermo-welded microfiber, located right along the medial side of the shoe. The Alpinestars Faster 3 Rideknit Shoes stand unrivaled in providing a perfect ride in hot weather by keeping the wick sweats at bay with the internal mash padding. Offering dual-density impact material that keeps the ankle bones covered and protected so that you stay tuned in into the ride with streetwear that provides an innovative and technical touch to your appearance. 

The internal toe box offers room for wiggling comfort and heel counter reinforcement that is layered right under the upper region, accounting for a more ergonomic biking design. to enhance the sole rigidity, it features an integrated support shank along with a rubber sole for a perfect textured grip and traction. 

On the lateral toe box, there exist TPR slider details besides an adjustable hook and loop closure system with a TPR strap that offers a remarkable level of security and flex. 

With an enhanced and new asymmetric toe design, the Rideknit offers security in the shift area with strategically located air vent regions for improved airflow and ventilation from the toe and lateral areas. Along with replaceable anatomical EVA footbeds having a Lycra lining on top and collar padding guarantees high levels of comfort around the ankle and instep.

2. Alpinestars Sektor Vented Shoes


  • Integrated support shank enhances sole rigidity
  • extraordinarily lightweight
  • Durable in hot weather conditions
  • Fulfills CE Level 2 89/686/ECC EU stated safety certifications


  • This boot usually runs smaller than most, so we recommend that you size up by one to two sizes.
  • Lacks a zipper system and instead has traditional lacing causing a little discomfort. 
  • Narrow spaced for comprehensive foot people.

The upper region constructed from a microfiber makes Alpinestar Sektor Vented Shoe lightweight, durable, and abrasion-resistant. With strategically placed perforations around the toe and heel regions, the product features a suitable airflow that keeps the feet from sweating and heating up in humid conditions. 

Alpinestars offers a speedy lacing system design that stems from auto racing shoes to give off a personalized fit and feel. Along with ankle straps that allow slipping on the Sektor boots in record time without putting security on the line, the TPR material located externally at the toe region further reinforces against abrasion.

The upper ankle polymer armor panel guarantees a flush fit and ensures a streamlined finish. Comfort walk is promised by the flex areas around heel and ankle regions besides enough space to accommodate comprehensive feet. 

3. Alpinestars SMX-1 R Vented Boots


  • Flex zones offer optimized maneuverability level
  • Offers a comprehensive-ranging foot profile with an ergonomic forefoot streamlined design
  • Lightweight
  • Comes in a comprehensive color range
  • CE certified to Cat 2 CE Certified to 89/686/ECC EU safety guidelines


  • Choose one size down from what the size chart suggests
  • Takes a bit longer to dry out

With a design based on the idea to bridge the gap between the comfort of wearing tennis shoes and the protection that bike boot offers, the Alpinestars SMX-1 R Vented Boots successfully blend the two with a low top design that serves as comfortable, secure, and easy streetwear. 

Built from abrasion-resistant and lightweight microfiber material along with thoughtfully positioned TPU protectors, the SMX-1 R Vented boots feature an innovative heel counter support system that cordially works with an anatomically angled strap closure that ensures a flush fit and improved structural integrity by following the natural shape of the rider’s instep.

4. BILT Dexter Shoes


  • Extraordinarily Lightweight
  • 100% synthetic materials employed
  • Effective draining


  • Comes in only one color i.e.: black 
  • Flimsy sole like a tennis shoe, easy puncturable during accidents
  • Poor ankle protection

Looking for a 100% synthetic shoe design? This is the one for you. These motorcycle riding shoes feature a design based on a casual sneaker’s match with the ever-trendy streetwear. It further bypasses the traditional lacing system by employing a medial side zipper that makes slipping in and out of the throttle a task made sweat-free.

With molded rubber ankle trim besides sole, the gear offers optimized levels of comfort and is suitable for hike trips. The light padding at the top line and ankle make the Dexter shoes extraordinarily lightweight and durable.

5. Stylmartin Rocket Boots


  • Crowd-pleasing design
  • Outstanding durability and grip due to anti-slip and oil-resistant rubber in the outsole


  • The leather on the shifter patch can get very distressed at an alarming rate
  • Zipper stitcher falls out after a year of moderate to heavy use
  • Amateur leather tanning and discoloration

Equipped with waterproof and breathable lining, they are a style-conscious, cafe racer creation developed yesteryear. With internally installed PU malleus protection guards around the ankle and heel region, this wear serves as a barrier against impact.

Further featuring a full-grain stitched leather gear shift pad, the Stylmartin ensures durability and comfort to its classic product. Falling in step with WWII military vintage style, the boots sport a doubled buckled lace keeper; with gusseted side, entry zips, stemming from paratrooper jump boots designs of the 1950s and ‘60s, raise the bar high enough to be every vintage riding enthusiast’s dream product.

Offering an anatomical, antibacterial, adjustable footbed with anti-slip, anti-static, and oil-resistant rubber sole, the Stylmartin Rocket Boots promise durability, comfort, and style at their absolute best.

6. Icon Tarmac Waterproof Boots


  • Suitable for both humid and dry conditions
  • Quite a lightweight


  • Tighter on the sides and archtop
  • Not for comprehensive and high arch foot
  • Not an iconic fashion design

The TECTUFF leather uppers cordially with an axial metric shank and athletic footbed make the Icon Tarmac WP Boots durable and offer optimized levels of ease for walks, hikes, and various terrain rides alike.

Featuring D30 ankle inserts for additional coverage and a robust exterior, the Icon Tarmac WP boots have a footpeg interface arch that allows suitable ankle protection and comfort. Owing to Icon 3 level waterproofing using event waterproof membrane, the Tarmac Boots offer a highly ventilated and breathable walking experience, making sure that you don’t break out sweat irrespective of the morbid conditions. 

7. Forma Terra EVO Low Boots


  • High ventilation with APS system installed
  • Injection-molded ankles offer a secure footwear
  • Can be resoled
  • Durable even during 8 hour worth of long trips and small hikes
  • CE Approved and Certified


  • Order one size up than what is suggested in the footwear chart
  • Leather isn’t treated and ends up absorbing moisture causing it to wear out sooner.
  • Available in only one color i.e.: brown

It is the little younger cousin of the popular Terra EVO boots; with design stemming from the idea to bridge the gap between the reckless comfort of dirt boots and the walkability ease of the touring boot for sporadic on and off-road rides. 

Employing oiled full-grain leather for the upper and welt sole stitched for the lower end, the Forma Terra EVO Low Boots fit the plethora of requirements when you find yourself in fire tracks than the average roads. With injection-molded ankle and heel protections along with plastic gear protection, the Forma Terra EVO low boots ensure enhanced levels of security, grip, and traction featuring enduro compound rubber soles and adjustable aluminum buckles. 

Further offering Dyrtex lining along with TPU molded shin and ankle plastic protections, the EVO Low Boots raise the bar high in offering unrivaled breathable, waterproof, and secure boots. besides CE level protection and anti-bacterial replaceable footbeds. Further employing APS (Air Pump System) to avoid stinky sweat-free feet when on long travel trips.

8. Forma Adventure Low Boots


    • Flush-fit like a glove provides better grip
    • Durable even on gravel roads
    • Great water resistance
    • Don’t have the traditional lacing system
    • CE Approved and Certified


  • Mis-Shifts are caused due to extra space provided at the top of the boot
  • Rubber sole often ends up separating after few months.
  • Poor ankle fit and thickness cause challenges in shifting.

Featuring a midsole steel nylon shank with unbreakable GH plastic buckles, Forma Adventure Low boots offer reinforced protection against being sidelined even if you have a tip-over. 

Furthermore, having integrated TPU inserts and reinforcements installed strategically, offer protection from impact injuries in any unforeseen accidents and situations. By doubling the sole density, the Low boots offer high levels of grip and traction on the bike gear to ensure a smooth ride.

Equipped with Dyrtex lining that makes the Forma Low Boots breathable and waterproof; with a vintage full grain leather finishing that offers optimized levels of walkability ease without limiting any motion range. 

9. TCX Street Ace WP Shoes


  • Great fit that loosens correctly overtime to accommodate better
  • Fashion iconic streetwear
  • Long-lasting and durable


  • Lack of gear shifter protection on the left boot relegates the product down to working boots instead
  • Takes longer to dry out

Equipped with the heel and malleus area discs reinforcements installations along with the Comfort Fit System (CFS), the TCX Street Ace WP shoes indeed ace the game by ensuring protected, and comfortable shoe wear. Styled handsomely the Street Ace offers a soft eye look that serves as the perfect cover-up over the heavy ammunition of features inside.

Topping the whole style off with a waterproof Dyrtex lining, replaceable and anatomically positioned insole, and high wear-resistant rubber sole, the TCX Street Ace waterproof shoes suffice for trips as short as around the block and as long as around the country border.

10. TCX Hero WP Boots


  • Retro cool design with optimized comfort levels
  • waterproof even against 6 inches of snow and intense storms
  • Exceptional protection in accidents to avoid lower body areas, ankle, and feet to be obliterated
  • CE Approved and Certified


  • The non-durable internal lining wears out in a matter of months
  • The non-breathable due to subpar lining causes stinking up of the storage places

Malleus reinforcement discs with toe and heel counters account for a protected ergonomic streetwear design. Featuring TCX’s Comfort Fit System (CFS) with accordion stitching at the achilles, the TCX Hero WP Boots account for flexibility and anatomical friendly construction. 

Offering a blend of the traditional lacing system, an innovative laterally placed leather zipper stay, and VELCRO brand band fastener, the TCX Hero shoes remain unswayed in the face of morbid weather conditions, thus ensuring a perfect glove-like fit and waterproof ride. 

With a superior grip on various terrains from the ideal stitched welt sole construction, a full-grain leather upper region, and leather shift pads besides replaceable insoles, the TCX Hero WP Boots indeed lives up to its hero title.

Motorcycle Boots Buying Guide

With a plethora of specific requirements for every individual with a knack for bike riding, for example, are you a cautious cruiser or more of an aggressive racer type? What sort of terrain will you be driving across on? Is it countryside, dirt roads, all city streets, or well-sounded tracks? Is it an everyday thing or once a week’s thrill? What level of protection does your riding demand of you? What style is the best fit for your vibe and bike? This is where our guide steps in.

Comfort Level

Preferring comfort without looking out of place, means the boots should employ a casual wear style as well, along with keeping your footing steady and protected for long after the ride walks. 

High-quality shoes with malleus reinforcements and heel/toe padding are a priority as they would offer secure motion and a robust painless grip on any terrain by reducing friction between your shoes and feet. Such could offer on and off-bike rides without limiting either motion range, for long timeclocks sometimes even up to 8 hours.

The highlight should be breathability, which is ensured by a suitable ventilation system and softness of the boot to have fatigue-free rides and walks. Boots that also feature APS (Air Pump System) must be a sure go since they won’t only offer stink-free and sweat-free feet, but also won’t stink up your storage places.

Boot Height 

With stable construction at the top region of the boot and height reaching to or a little above the ankle would suffice for secure bike wear. Though the comfort level might be low since the high-top ankle boots lean towards a bit stiffer side, they do make a world of difference in ensuring protection during any sort of accident. 

With the ankle jutting out a little, it has high chances of getting scraped over the gravel even during a low-side crash. Furthermore, the significant injuries result from the leg being trapped during the fall in a crash, causing sprains or fractures or breaking and bending of the leg in unbearable angles. This is where full-height boots come in handy as they support the ankle and offer robust traction and protection.


The boots sporting the CE Logo make the fact clear that they have passed all the tests and have met all EU safety guidelines as well. The CE is an independent research and testing organization that ensures that the motorcycle footwear meets the following criteria :

  • Type of seam constructions and general design
  • Testing sole strength to ensure the integrity of the boot
  • Tests on the upper, lining, and insole regions to check tear strength, water desorption, and abrasion resistance 
  • Impact cut resistance test to check out the protection level
  • Outsole components to be thick and  designed with cleats to offer robust grip and traction

Replaceable Parts 

Once the boots have started becoming subjected to long term use, to ensure that their performance doesn’t become relegated, their maintenance becomes a priority. Were the maintenance not a sweat breaking work, it would surely be nice. 

The top priority should be bike boots that come with easily available, replaceable, and removable parts like toe sliders, outsoles, foot straps, and footbeds. This allows you to modify them quickly to suit your needs without going hard on your budget and going on a hunt to buy new ones instead.


Stay on the watch out for boots that come with double or triple stitching, it ensures that they stay put even during accidents and so does your lower body parts. 

How the sole has been installed in the bike boots also play a huge role, was it simply glued then it won’t make the cut. A glued sole is not long-lasting or as strong during a low-side crash let alone an accident. Sewn soles, on the other hand, offer maximum traction and protection besides they stay put together even during accidents of any scale range.


The above-mentioned boots are the most robust and unrivaled candidates out there; with the knee-deep digging, we did for you, all that is now required of you is to create a criterion that suits you best and start shuffling through these top 10 bike boots and gear yourself up for your steel giant in all its glory. While you are busy creating the outline and terms you want to be met in your boots, your budget would be your top priority. 

Though these are a little easy on the wallet, it might not be the case if you are buying presents for many or any reason unbeknownst to us. So we suggest that you wait, save, and then buy, instead of going for cheaper options that offer an even cheaper non-durable, and insecure experience.

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