Firstgear Motorcycle Jacket Review: An Apparel That Serves Your Needs!

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There is so much to experience for expert motorcycle riders, in terms of classic adventure roads and long trails. With all the excitement attached to the journey, paying attention to the accessories that you wear is also mandatory. Apart from taking care of your motorcycle, its oiling needs, etc, you must wear the right apparel too. This is all the more essential on conditions such as-

  • Riding through extremely warm or cold weather.
  • Humidity
  • Avoiding dust particles, or cases of storms.

Therefore, for riders who are concerned about their own safety and security, the firstgear motorcycle jacket review is there to help bikers across all disciplines. This jacket comes with an additional set of extra properties which ensure that you stay fit and cool, whenever you hit the road. Thus, let’s take a careful survey of the attributes that this jacket is vested with.

Firstgear Mesh-Tex Motorcycle Jacket Review:

Firstgear Mesh-Tex Motorcycle Jacket

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Motorcycle jackets are strong and they are a little bit different when compared to regular biker jackets. A lot of factors like comfort, material and overall texture of the fabric need to be analyzed before any rider attempts to buy this jacket. Therefore, some of the most special features that you can take note of this jacket are as follows:

  • This jacket is made of a soft comfortable interior. The exterior is made of poly-mesh, which is not just tough but is super-efficient in terms of longevity and style.
  • There are special armors available near to the shoulders and the elbows. This lends extra support, which is otherwise not available with regular jackets. This also helps you in taking longer adventures as well.
  • The upper mesh can be removed and can be cleaned. You must make sure that the jacket is washed in lukewarm water and not machine-washed.
  • The sleeves of the jacket are resistant to wind and are also water-resistant too. This increases durability and other atmospheric difficulties are kept at bay.
  • There are small pockets attached to the sides of the jacket. These are zip-locked. This ensures extra security to keep your smaller belongings. Also, the pockets keep your hand warm too.

The overall weight of the jacket is light enough, thereby making it easier for riders to stay cool, even when it is too hot!

Get your hands on the jacket today!

Firstgear Mesh-Tex Men's Motorcycle Riding Jacket (DayGlo, X-Large) - 515784
17 Reviews
Firstgear Mesh-Tex Men's Motorcycle Riding Jacket (DayGlo, X-Large) - 515784
  • 250-denier poly-mesh exterior, is tough yet comfortable
  • CE approved armor at shoulders and elbows
  • Removable, full sleeve windproof, water-resistant liner
  • Zipper-secured hand warmer pockets
  • Soft lined minimalist collar

Firstgear Mesh-tex Motorcycle jacket is available on all the leading online stores. Plus, if you are confused about the size, feel free to check the measurements and then buy accordingly. The size starts from small and then extends up to XXL. In addition to that, different exciting colors are present, allowing you to stay stylish and trendy. One of the most essential things that this product comes with is a warranty card. The warranty is available only on the parts and not on the overall jacket. Therefore, feel the comfort today, by wearing this specialized jacket by Firstgear!

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What should i look for in a Motorcycle Jacket?

1. Rugged, High Quality Material
2. Good Ventilation
3. High Quality Fasteners and Closures
4. Pockets
5. Impact Protectors
6. Easily Visible
7. Storm Flaps
8. Comfortable Collar
9. Removable Liner
10. Adjustable Cuff Closures

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