How To Start A Motorcycle Club – Choosing The Right Strategy

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Are you sick of all the outdated clubs in your community?

Are you searching for details about how to establish a motorcycle club?

Then you have reached the right place.

You’ll find everything you need to learn about motorcycle clubs in this article, what they stand for as well as how and where to begin one.

Beginning a motorcycle club may be a great idea to share your driving enthusiasm with many other like-minded people and bring a perception of adventure to your daily lives.

You hold all the power as the leader and key member when it applies to decision making that influences the leadership of the club, from developing your identity and hiring the first participants to organize group runs and appointing representatives.

Once you’ve been recognized and taken your club off the ground, you can also use your power to organize fundraising events and other activities that support the local people.

Types Of Motorcycle Clubs – Are You Prepared?

To start your club, you need to know the types of motorcycle clubs. Primarily, there are two types. Continue reading to find out!

Riding Club

Riding Club

A riding club is a community of friends and colleagues, who enjoy motorcycling. From time to time, these individuals meet up, interact socially, and drive their motorbikes. Such clubs may comprise of holders of a specific motorcycle company. With that being said, most riding clubs are normally open to patrons as well as other club members.

It is extremely simple to learn how to operate such a motorcycle club. All you should do is begin communicating and riding with others who possess identical tendencies and love for motorcycles. You may also set group bylaws and appoint officers-but this is optional.

Motorcycle Club

Motorcycle Club

This is the authorized Motorcycle Club type. Members typically wear club vests for their recognition. The vests have 3-piece blotches on the back. The top part has the motorcycle club title sewn in it. The center includes the symbol of the club whereas the part at the lower edge represents the name of the location, country, or territory where the section is located. 

Learning how to launch this sort of motorcycle club is quite distinct from launching a regular riding club. The motorcycle club is commonly location-protective. Further, a powerful club will rule supreme over other motorcycle clubs. 

Also, there will be a professional association to offer connections between the various Motorcycle clubs in terms of interaction and coordination.  This association is related to the Confederation of Clubs (COC). So you need to contact the most influential community club or the Confederation of Clubs to create an official motorcycle club.

What Will You Need: Here’s What We Learned

Learning how to establish a motorcycle club, as described above, will rely on if you’re seeking to build a riding club or a motorcycle club. Inside this section, you will find guidelines for the establishment of riding clubs.

Make sure a club should be giving its participants something special. Members will be invited to participate in the riding club that you are creating, ride along, and have great times.

 Here is what you will require to begin a riding club:

  • Members 
  • Motorbikes
  • Statements on project 
  • Riders
  • Cause / institution to aid
  • Insurance risk        
  • Draft proposal 
  • Abolition of income tax
  • License to apply 
  • Registration forms   

The Most Important Elements of How To Start A Motorcycle Club

To learn about the important elements of launching a motorcycle club, you’ll have to read the next points very carefully.

Don’t Just Sit There! Start RESEARCH

The initial step is to study the local group of motorcyclists. Many clubs will be in the city with some of them having good credibility. Others have been way longer into the corporation than you thought. 

You must create a mission and vision statement which distinguishes your riding club from the others. When you do so, assume about the ideas and principles that you want to embody in your motorcycle club, the kinds of members that you plan to attract, and the groups that will help your new club and encourage them.

You will also discover the following in your research:

  • The club location 
  • The main club in the area 
  • If the region has a Confederation of Clubs
  • If there are other clubs in the neighborhood other than the main one 
  • The sort of motorcycle club that you wish to establish
  • How to bring in new participants 
  • Criteria for Clubs membership
  • Recognize all companies or particular bikes only
  • The number of Representatives you choose to have
  • How well do you know the powerful members of the club


You must create the specific symbol that will reflect your stated mission and create the logo for your club once your study has provided the responses you were searching for.

Let’s just say, studying how to form a club of motorcycles ensures you should choose a symbol that is quite different from every other motorcycle club.  You would not like to be challenged for copying.

Make Good Relations With Other Clubs

Make sure you don’t get into a clash with any other bike club in town, whenever practicable. Rather, you should contact the influential clubs and tell them your own club’s proposals. Be open and polite as you address your project.

The Time You Were Waiting For: FORM YOUR CLUB!

Start establishing the club by inscribing people you meet. Preferably, representatives should be riders who share the motorcycling enthusiasm. Through hosting community meetings, you can also recruit newcomers where you can inform the local riding society about the newest club, its goal, and what it strives for.

Appoint Officials

Then, you should be holding committee chairs to assign officials to the established motorcycle club. These officers must include: 

  • A President
  • A vice-chairman
  • A secretary 
  • A road captain
  • A treasurer

The officials will maintain the structure of your club.   You can schedule meetings at the residence of one of the committee members or at a certain place that is convenient for all to attend.


The next move will be to register the new agency in your nation as a not-for-profit. To register, a complete draft of the club’s documents is required. The draft must include the clubs:

  • Goal
  • Mission statement
  • Names of committee officials 
  • Titles of all committee officials

Give the registration application to the respective government department. Then apply for insurance, exemption from sales tax, and an application license.

Organize Fundraisers

Once you have effectively learned how to launch a motorcycle club, it has been enrolled and is constantly active; you must utilize it to accomplish good.  Organize fundraisers that might accumulate some financial support for the club. After this, invest this money in advertising the club or any other important task that you decided in your statement about the project.

What Everyone Ought To Know About: The Pros And Cons Of Launching A Motorcycle Club!

You have learned how to start your motorcycle club. Now let’s take a look at the pros and the cons of creating one!


  • The greatest advantage of opening a motorcycle club is the brotherhood it provides. You make friends who stay with you no matter what. 
  • Concerning the motorcycle’s maintenance and repair, fascinating roads to ride, sites to see/stay at, and by pretty much everything else, you can get both: wisdom and experience!
  • One obvious advantage of launching a motorcycle club is having the opportunity to experience riding with others. Although riding by itself is enjoyable, nothing else is finer than riding with a team of many other riders. 
  • Ultimately, it can be very beneficial as you can learn new riding techniques from different participants.


  • To some degree, you’ve got to compromise your rights and security.
  • Competitions and politics is an obvious con. 
  • Mutual decision-making (this can be pretty much a pro, sometimes).
  • Once you launch your motorcycle club, your daily life will become extremely busy which means that you cannot give time to your family.
  • Once you launch your club, anyone on the other side of the fence will be challenging you at one moment or another, and you cannot say no to them.

Final Question: Should You Start One?

Starting A Motorcycle Club

It completely depends on your decision. If you’re interested in the idea, then GO FOR IT! 

You’ve got it right there-a comprehensive guide on how to launch a motorcycle club. Follow the given steps to develop your own, particularly if there is hardly any local club in your community or if the current riding and motorcycle clubs do not represent who you are, what you strive for, and how you plan to utilize your riding passion.

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