9 Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands For A Safe And Sound Journey

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Riding a motorbike has become a lifestyle these days. Many individuals see it as a hobby to pass their free time while others take it as their passion. No matter what the situation and time it is, riding a motorbike gives a feeling of liberty. With such wonderful rides, you can make everlasting memories with your loved ones or even if you choose to travel alone.

Experience the beauty of nature that lies outdoors on long road drives. Bring a change in the monotonous life where you are always surrounded by deadlines and competition. Now is the time to take a day off to go on a blissful adventure that will have a lasting effect on you.

However, before you start organizing a trip, the most crucial thing is to ensure your safety. Even if you are an experienced biker, safety gear is a must. Therefore, to suit your preferences, six different types of best helmet brands are available on the market.

For those who are confused between these types, we have come up with a solution. In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about the leading motorbike helmet brands. Read further to find out the best helmet brand for your upcoming riding adventure.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands Review

1. Shoei Helmets

1 Shoei GT-Air II Shoei GT-Air II No ratings yet $699.99 $499.99
2 Shoei RF-SR Shoei RF-SR No ratings yet $399.99
3 Shoei Neotec II Shoei Neotec II No ratings yet $799.99 $599.99
4 Shoei RF-1400 Shoei RF-1400 No ratings yet $619.99
5 Shoei Neotec 3 Shoei Neotec 3 No ratings yet $899.99

For many years, the popularity of safety gear that is manufactured by Shoei is increasing globally. The secret behind this fame is the trustworthy quality of their products. For those who are unfamiliar with this company, it is a Japanese company that produces a huge line of motorcycle helmets. 

Their helmets have reached up to the highest standards of extraordinary performance. With an experience of 50 years in this industry, Shoei has evolved greatly with respect to the requirements of the consumers. It is a brand that has proven to be loyal to its customers. This is what makes it a leading brand for motorcyclists all around the world.

Their helmets are suitable for all head sizes. Usually, to provide support, they have a breath guard and chin curtain. A 3D Custom Interior System is included in most of their helmets, which means that the whole interior lining of the helmet (such as the cheek pads, upper liner, and chin strap covers) can be easily removed for cleaning. Additionally, the chin and cheek pads can be replaced with thicker pads to make them more comfortable.

Shoei uses a locking mechanism to fully close the shield of the product. In the fast-changing of the shield, spring-loaded base plates are given. Also, in their latest models, there is a dial with a five-stage rotating option to allow fine-tuning of the plates for simple shield adjustments. In addition to that, for a peaceful noise-free journey, an airtight seal is provided to minimize the noise of wind and traffic. To make them waterproof after closure, an advanced window beading that offers double-layered dual lip construction is designed.


  • An efficient ventilation system to expel hot air outside, keeping the interior cool
  • The shield is made up of a lens which prevents fogging 
  • The structure is built from high quality organic elastic fiber to deliver rigidity
  • They are very light in weight


To fasten the chin strap a D-ring is present in some helmets. If someone is wearing gloves, the adjustment may become a tough job.

2. Arai Helmets

Helmets that are manufactured by Arai are well known for their improved technology. Like the previous brand, it is a Japanese name as well. It is a fact that this Japanese company incorporates creativity and innovation in their products. This is exactly what makes its helmets advanced and better from their old models.

The best part about this brand is that they have an undivided focus on how they can make their products safer for the buyers. This Arai Corsair helmet will give you a sense of protection because the shell of this helmet is sturdy. If we compare it to the other racer helmets, it is easy to remove it within seconds. It has an oval shape to fit nicely on your head. The weight of their helmets is so light that carrying it can’t be a problem for anyone.

The pin lock insert is intended to make them fog-resistant at all times. In case of emergencies, you can release the cheek pads quickly. Furthermore, space is given near ears for speakers in a few models. The big adjustable air intake vents promote adequate ventilation. To avoid the intrusion of fluids, noises from outside sealing is present on the helmet. Their Eco-Pure liner is antimicrobial for cleanness and hygiene.

Recently, they have added a Variable Axis System (VAS) in their helmets. Due to this, the face shield mechanism enables the rider to raise or lower the shield at a lower mounting point. This contributes to the smooth shape of this helmet. Their products are an excellent option to end the exhaustive research on helmets.


  • They have a unique design which is available in various sizes
  • The vision of the visor is brilliantly clear
  • They ensure sufficient ventilation


  • They are a bit pricier than the other helmets of the same kind.

3. AGV Helmets

AGV is an Italian brand that provides some of the finest helmets ever made. AGV helmets give perfect structural integrity. The K-1 is a brand-new model from the AGV sport helmet. This helmet is made to face the challenges that a biker faces on a daily basis. This is precisely why it is designed with a technology that is favorable for all sorts of roads. 

The enchanting experience that open-air riding gives is unmatched. To enjoy such enthralling bike rides, AGV helmets are perfect to guarantee your safety. Moreover, their helmets have an aerodynamic design, front air vents, especially for racing. To give stability at high speeds, they have a wind-tunnel spoiler to deliver maximum functioning.

Generally, the visor of their helmets is scratch-free with the additional pin lock system for the clarity of vision. Besides that, the display of the visor has a broad field of view, offering a wider vertical and sideways vision to ride at full speed without any hindrance. The outer shell is made of high-resistance thermoplastic resin manufactured in two different sizes with a four-density EPS structure. 

You can clean their helmets in a couple of minutes. They have a washable comfort liner. There is a button as well on the new series, so you can remove the liner in just a few snaps on the button.

Carbon fiber materials are used for the construction of their helmets to make them extremely lightweight. For long-distance rides, such helmets will give a soothing experience. With these helmets, feel a little less tired on your road trips. After safety, comfort is the second priority of the bikers, and AGV leaves no room for complaint in this department.


  • Their design allows bikers to wear glasses
  • Their famous helmets have a micro-opening system to enhance airflow
  • The visor mechanism is hassle-free


  • One counterpart of their helmets is that they do not block the noise completely

4. HJC Motorcycle Helmet

HJC is a Korean company that focuses on producing affordable helmets. This firm was established in 1971. Since then, due to its creative ideas, it has been going pretty stable in the industry.

Nothing can stop you from crushing down the roads while absorbing the positive energy kept in the scenic views. Full face helmets are the most durable helmets as they provide ultimate head protection. Also, their helmets are DOT and Snell certified. In simple words, they have passed the tests which declare it as impact resistant. Moreover, they are engineered to save your skull in terrible crashes.

Snell is a superior standard certification for helmets. Because this standard has been set for racers, the helmets with this certification are considered ultra-safe. These helmets protect the head from serious accidents, and so they help in preventing brain damages. HJC helmets have both the certifications for your safety.

Apart from that, you are getting them at a very low price. The interior of their helmet is formed by high-grade material. The chinstrap is so soft that you won’t feel any burden on your face. Having said that, they are all-terrain safety gears. Because of the finish, their products look like expensive helmets. 

In Asian countries, HJC helmets are highly in demand. On this account, the makers are manufacturing them in Korea, Vietnam, China, etc. Plus, the buyers of this helmet are found in 50 countries. The ventilation channeling system reduces the humidity inside the helmet to keep the inside temperature cool. Today, HJC is undoubtedly one of the best motorcycle helmets in the market. 


  • They provide a great comfort level
  • From the top to the base, they offer full coverage for the head
  • They have a fantastic airflow
  • They are a budget-friendly option


  • Some helmets do not have a chin curtain, so the dirt particles and bugs can enter through the chin area.

5. Bell Helmets

Bell has maintained its reputation for more than five decades. Generally, they produce top quality helmets for bicycle, motorbike, and auto racing. In case you are participating in any similar activity, you may require wearing a helmet. We recommend Bell helmets because they have advanced features.

One of the main advantages of buying their helmets is that they come with a warranty. Their recent series have soft padding to provide ease while riding. In the long run, their items will give you high performance. Their helmets have received positive feedback from the customers as they are tough, sleek, and stylish. In addition to the above, their famous models have DOT approval. Similarly, they match the FMVSS 218 safety Standard and meet the requirements set by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Those who are hard-pressed on a budget can consider these helmets as these helmets deliver almost all the necessary features that a high-priced helmet would offer. Without worrying about the cash, bring one of these helmets on your trips. 

The shield of these helmets give you protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays. In the hot summer days, you can take your bike anywhere with you. Even if you sweat excessively, your helmet will never smell bad as the pads can be removed for washing. Another great benefit of purchasing their helmets is that they have a photochromatic visor. Depending on the amount of light that falls on the visor, it changes color. This all-in-one approach makes it one of the top contenders. 


  • They have a NutraFog II face shield 
  • Speaker pockets are included 
  • They have a padded wind collar
  • A port is there for wireless communications


  • They are available in limited colors and sizes.

6. Icon Helmets

In the world of motorbike helmets, Icon has introduced some groundbreaking designs. The helmets that are manufactured by Icon have the ability to stand out in the crowd. Icon is a firm that is dedicated to designing a helmet for non-racers. With an Icon helmet, chase away the traffic during rush hours. Now, you can reach everywhere on time—even on weekends.

The Icon have a polycarbonate shell, which is injection molded. Usually, the weight of the helmet depends totally on the size you are selecting. To make it stand the impact of a collision, a dual-density EPS is added. Mostly, there are 3 shell sizes of their helmets, to make it a better fit for the majority. Their helmets have a proportionate cheek padding. This feature helps in making it light.

For brilliant ventilation, their helmets are a great choice. They have a large vent in the chin area from where the visor can come down to the chin. However, the holes in the visor bring air to the vent. In the brow, two vents are given in connection to the EPS channels. Under the spoiler of the helmet, the exhaust vent is incorporated to eliminate the hot air.

An integrated high visibility visor is seen in the Icon Airlifte helmet. Interestingly, the visor is in this yellow tint. This is the reason why the vision of this helmet is great. On gray, rainy days, you can ride freely on the road. Usually, in European weather, this kind of visor is suggested. On the side, a small slider is provided to operate the visor. By following 3 steps, you can remove the visor. These are the factors that make it a convenient helmet.


  • The liner is moisture absorbing
  • They offer a tool-free breath deflector removability
  • They have an anti-fog drop shield
  • The newest models come with a twin channel cooling system


  • When we talk about the vents, there is not much adjustability as you can open or close them only.

7. Scorpion Helmets

From the price point of view, they are made to live up to the customer’s expectations. Basically, for the fastening of the chin strap, you will find a Double D-Ring closure. Venting is managed by two intake vents placed at the back of the helmet. Since their visor latch is located above the chin, it decreases the probability of flex as you open and close it. 

The shape of the shell ensures that no noise reaches your ears. With their helmets, you have less chance of fatigue as they are ultra-light in weight. The padding on the interior absorbs moisture to up the comfort level of the helmet. Likewise, the Ellip-Tec II Ratchet System is introduced for an easy and protected face shield change.

Their new products have a single 3 ways chin vent. One vent is on the mouth, and an exhaust vent is given on the helmet. On the chin vent, there is a slider for movement. Its polycarbonate structure is certified by Snell. For removing the pads in a hurry, an emergency release system exists in their helmet. Regardless of the weather, the KwikWick II anti-microbial fabric is used on their helmets to keep you cool and dry. The coat of the field is hard and prevents the surface from damage. 


  • They have pockets for wireless speakers
  • The ventilation is aero tuned
  • They offer a lock system for the face shield


  • They have a small range of sizes. Hence, it is not for many head sizes

8. Shark Helmets

Shark gives decent protection in a bad crash. Thus, it is approved by proclaiming standards like the DOT. Importantly, if someone experiences an accident, the chin bar stays locked. This technology was tested accurately. After going through many tests, it gained a good result. Subsequently, their helmet was launched in the market for further usage. 

Although flip-up helmets do not have a good reputation when we discuss noise suppression, the performance of their helmets is surprisingly better. The chin curtains of the helmet help in lowering the noise. But we advise you to wear earplugs with it so that the wind doesn’t harm your eardrums. 

They have basic vents that can be observed in many other helmets, but still their ventilation earns them a bonus point.

Both of the vents in their helmet, i.e. the chin vent and the forehead vent, are operated by a toggle switch. This switch is small in size and fairly simple to use. Even if you are wearing gloves, you can operate it with a little practice.

The chin vent sends air through to the area of the chin and also to the rear side of the visor. Channels that are fitted inside the polystyrene lining gets air from the forehead vent. The shock-absorbing lining on the top of the helmet pulls the air through to the exhaust vent.


  • They have an automatic up and down system for the visor
  • The chin guard is integrated to provide flexibility
  • The chin locking system is exclusive
  • They come with a lustrous finish


  • Their flip-up helmets have a universal size. Due to this, it is not an ideal choice for all of you.

9. Nolan Helmets

The outer shell of the helmet is constructed by a Lexan polycarbonate shell. And, you can remove its shield whenever you want because it doesn’t need anything to disassemble. To enhance the appearance and the aerodynamics, a chin bar is added.

The inner liner has a new double density micro-perforated fabric that evenly distributes the air throughout the helmet. The negative pressure built behind the helmet pushes the air to the vents in the back spoiler.

In order to raise the metal retention, you need to pull the dual tabs on the anterior of the chin bar, which unlocks the pins. In this way, the chin bar remains close to the helmet. Also, a latch aids in keeping it open.

The face shield is scratch-resistant face with pin locking system, anti-fog mechanism, and UV400-protective sun shield. These days, the channels have Clima liner that accommodates eyewear. For changing the tightness, they offer a neck roll.


  • They offer a wide face shield 
  • The cheekbone pads are single and contoured
  • They have an air booster technology for ventilation


  • Their advanced helmets are costly

Things To Consider When Buying A Motorcycle Helmet


Mainly, there are 5 types of helmets available for purchase. For full coverage, we have full-face helmets. Then, there is a modular helmet which is just like the full-face helmet. The difference is that it opens at the chin bar. For those who like to ride off-road, a dual-sport helmet is ideal. Many of us like to feel the wind while traveling. To make it happen, we have the half face helmet. The last one is the open face helmet. It is perfect for you if you prefer style over anything.


The material of the shell must be hard and sturdy. You can find Kevlar, carbon fiber, polycarbonate, molded plastics, and a combination of these materials when you look for a helmet.

Liner For Comfort

Nowadays, the liner is made of a different material. Every fabric of the liner has a specific quality. Make sure that the liner absorbs great impacts. You can also look if the helmet meets the certifications that are explained above.


The price of each product varies from another. The more expensive the helmet, the fancier features you will get. Still, you must select the type you actually need.


If you are planning a bike trip, a helmet is a significant thing that you need. An accident can occur anytime. That’s why, to enjoy the ravishing journey, take a helmet with you. All of the helmet brands that we have reviewed for you promise high-performance and are worth every penny.

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