10 Best Motorcycle Gloves

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Motorcycles are nothing less than a style statement. Whenever you start the engine, they give you adventurous energy as the adrenaline drives through your bloodstream. Besides that, going on long rides keeps you close to nature. Nevertheless, not taking apt safety measures can make a quick ride your biggest nightmare.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best motorcycle gloves after elaborate research on their features. Without further ado, let us explain their qualities to help you decide your next purchase.

Best Choice
Alpinestars Men's SMX-2 Air Carbon V2 Leather Motorcycle Glove, 2X-Large
Premium Choice
Dainese Mig C2 Motorcycle Gloves Black/Black MD
Best Value For Money
ScorpionEXO Klaw II Gloves (Black - Medium)
Alpinestars SMX-1 Air V2 Gloves
Dainese MIG C2 Gloves
Scorpion EXO Klaw II Gloves
Best Choice
Alpinestars Men's SMX-2 Air Carbon V2 Leather Motorcycle Glove, 2X-Large
Alpinestars SMX-1 Air V2 Gloves
Premium Choice
Dainese Mig C2 Motorcycle Gloves Black/Black MD
Dainese MIG C2 Gloves
Best Value For Money
ScorpionEXO Klaw II Gloves (Black - Medium)
Scorpion EXO Klaw II Gloves

1. Alpinestars SMX-1 Air v2 Gloves


  • Easily use your devices with your fingertips. 
  • Soft padding on the fingers
  • Secure wrist closure with a loop and hook
  • Rigid polymer knuckle system 
  • Innovative poly-blend foam lining on thumb and palm
  • Made of mesh for sufficient airflow


  • Can be tight in thumb area if you choose the wrong size

The SMX-1 Air V2 Gloves are one of the best motorcycle gloves by Alpinestars. Riders who dwell in hot regions of the world need something is that is protective and comfortable at the same time. The company took notice of this demand of the consumers and made this short cuff glove. These gloves are made with superior quality leather and mesh chassis. 

To maximize the level of protection, the part for fingers has just the right amount of padding. The cuff closure is redesigned with a strategy. On the cuff closure, the material is stretchable to provide passage for the airflow. So, during hot weather riding, your sweaty hand will not bother you anymore.

It has a durable mesh and perforated leather to provide breathability and basic defense when riding. On the sides of the gloves, it has synthetic suede. Moreover, the palm of the gloves saves your hand against abrasion. This material protects the SMX-1 Air v2 Gloves from regular wear and tear.

The weight of these gloves is only 3.2 ounces. To fit a majority of people, it is available in four sizes. The look of these gloves is great as they are made up of Goatskin leather with areas that contain extra fabric. The construction is unbeatable. A carbon fiber knuckle gives it a light feel and protects you if you experience a crash. For a strong locking system, it has a velcro fastener that draws the strand on the cuff. 

2. Dainese Blackjack Gloves


  • Superb quality leather for a classic look
  • Palm reinforcement with leather for better protection
  • Smooth Elastic inserts for wrist closure
  • Pre-curved fingers to reduce fatigue
  • Compressible inserts on knuckles and back
  • Extremely stylish look


  • Can leave you with weird tan lines

For every avid motorcycle rider, a piece of stylish gear is necessary. These are undeniably one of the best motorcycle gloves when it comes to style. They are retro, hip, and fashionable because of their detailed styling. These gloves are made specifically for the hot and sunny days that you spend on the road. To fit effortlessly on your hands, they have elastic inserts. Moreover, there is an adjustable wrist to ensure that it doesn’t hurt your hand. 

These motorcycle gloves are crucial for every single ride; they protect your hand from an accident and absorbs the turbulence of your vehicle as well. In this way, you don’t feel tired after a few minutes of your journey.

Because of the turbulence, the bikers often experience a stinging sensation. Whenever you grab the handle of your bike for a long period, you face this problem. Hence, you must buy a good pair of gloves. And, these gloves make sure that your body feels relaxed while you ride your hog.

These gloves have soft padding on the palm with reinforced leather so that your hand doesn’t feel numb. To fit easily on your hand, it has elastic inserts. The knuckles are not harmed with the softs inserts on the back. Thus, if you like long rides, pick these gloves to ride your bike for days without any issue.

3. Scorpion EXO Klaw II Gloves


  • High-quality goatskin leather construction 
  • TPU added for knuckle protection 
  • Pre-curved fingers and palm to ensure a good grip 
  • One year warranty by the manufacturers 
  • Elastic TPR protectors for fingers
  • Supportive wrist relief panel made by Neoprene 


  • They are not suitable for winters.

The Scorpion Klaw Gloves are made with genuine goatskin leather. Apart from that, they have TPU knuckles. That means the back of these gloves has a stretch knit with a thermoplastic polyurethane knuckle guard. That makes it the best motorcycle gloves for those who have complaints about gloves scratching their skin.

The stitching of these gloves is totally aesthetic and not functional, giving them an aggressive look. If you are sick of gloves with mediocre stitching, then this is the one for you. We all know that Scorpion is a trustworthy brand that is going strong in its innovative products. This product by Scorpion is no different. The fine detailing doesn’t affect an ounce of the integrity of these gloves.

It makes it strong and more tolerable towards wear and tear. You can use them day and night for years, and not even a single thread would come off. The loop and hoop make it convenient to wear them in a matter of seconds. The back has TPR molded protectors that provide elasticity that makes them an excellent choice for providing protection. 

Due to the Rib-stretch knuckle expansion panels and TPR molded protectors, you get flexibility and a wide range of motion. Also, there is a neoprene wrist panel to support your wrist against jerks. The fingers and palm area are precisely pre-curved to ensure better grip. 

4. Alpinestars Celer v2 Gloves


  • Highly Durable full-grain goat leather construction
  • Approved finger bridge to finger roll
  • Mesh leather on the back to keep your hand dry
  • Improved Short cuff design 
  • Stretch accordions for comfort


  • The hard plastic knuckles lack appropriate padding.

These gloves from Alpinestars have a number of upmarket features like brilliant protection. These gloves are constructed with full-grain goatskin leather on the exterior and the palm. On the regions that are more prone to an impact, they have EVA foam inserts. In addition to that, they have artificial suede protection on the side, thumb, and palm of the hand.

The second most important area that needs protection is your knuckles. For knuckle protection, this zone is sturdy, and the smallest finger and ring finger are stitched together. Because of this, your pinky finger doesn’t injure in an accident. They are the best motorcycle gloves to protect you from bad injuries. 

These gloves offer a great fit without being bulky or too tight. These gloves are unbelievably comfortable, as they have a proper shape. They keep your hands cool and dry when the temperature is high. The designers claim that they made it with a sealed triple layer to reduce the amount of material. The smart construction method leads to light and flexible pair of gloves. 

These gloves are perfect for off-roading over mountains and cliffs because it is simple to slip the clutch. Another noticeable feature is the fabric used on the index fingers. That enables you to touch the screen of your gadget.

5. BILT Sprint Gloves


  • Made by superior quality leather
  • Perforations on the finger and back for airflow
  • Effective Pre-curved shape for a better fit
  • Molded, vented airflow hard knuckle and finger sliders
  • Artificial leather overlays at index, palm, and middle finger 
  • Highly stretchable external stitching
  • Quick hook and loop wrist closure


  • It may be difficult for you to find the right size.

The Sprint Gloves from BILT are built for aggressive summer rides. During the boiling summer season, these are the best motorcycle gloves capable of moving you from apex to the other. They are unlined, so no unusual layer of fabric will make you feel warm. Into the bargain, you have full leather construction that balances safety with continuous communication between biker and engine. 

Suede leather increases support at the palm and hold at the control interface. The frontward portion of the palm, index, and middle fingers has a pre-curved fit to provide comfort to your hand. There are added perforation along the back of the hand and fingers to increase the flow of air. Knuckles are the joints of your hands that need to be protected. Thus, to enhance airflow, molded TPR knuckles and finger sliders have vents.

6. Dainese MIG C2 Gloves


  • Polymer-made twin knuckles protectors for the passage of air
  • Creative Pre-curved fingers pattern offers great fitment.
  • Silicone bands in the center and fingers provide a better clutch.
  • Snug inner padding


  • They do not last very long.
  • You can’t use your touch devices.

Mainly, the construction of these gloves is done by cowhide. This material is added to the back, palm, and fingers of the gloves. Not only that, leather in combination with mesh fabric is used in some finger’s areas and other zones of the glove. This design maintains a high degree of safety in the whole glove. 

Plus, they have a 3D mesh on the fingers and the back of the wrist. In all of these areas, mesh fabric is combined with leather to uphold the glove’s structural integrity when you experience a fall. For a pleasing journey, the makers have designed textile areas for ideal flexibility. That is why you will find flexible areas in both the thumbs and on the back as well.

Other factors that need to be highlighted are the reinforcements in the smallest finger. With the exterior padding on the middle of the hand, they feel soft on your hands. Needless to say, this ensures extra protection for your hands. The knuckle protection system is made with polyurethane. And, to add a hint of style, it has Dainese logo letters engraved on it. The protector of the gloves has two different divisions. One is for improved freedom of movement. And, the other is to guarantee optimum comfort. For endless comfort and elegance, these are one of the best motorcycle gloves.

7. REV'IT! Cayenne Pro Gloves


  • Velcro fastener for rapid slip on
  • Sturdy construction of leather 
  • Airy and secure knuckle guards 
  • They have a water-resistant finish.
  • EVA foam at the wrist to provide grip


  • These gloves are over-priced 
  • The fitting of the strap can be a bit uneasy.

These gloves are constructed with goat leather. Also, to upgrade the quality, they have a waterproof finish. The cuff of these gloves is perforated leather with the same water-resistant finish. On the back of the gloves, the same goat leather is used to provide resistance towards scratch.

You will notice reflectivity on the external side of the small fingers to offer visibility. Speaking of protection, these are the best motorcycle gloves, as their high level of protection is second to none. They were tested carefully before launching in the market. The knuckle is ventilated with the help of a dual comp protector. 

Beneath the aluminum high-impact shield, there is a pre-shaped TPU honeycomb construction. For the absorption of a high level of pressure and to smoothly resist abrasion, the TPU hard shell thumb and palm protector are provided. Fundamentally, TPU is the abbreviation of thermoplastic urethane. TPU is a tough plastic injected in the knuckle area of the gloves to keep your bone safe. 

Not to leave a single aspect for disappointment, there is an expanded foam rubber to maximize shock absorption. These gloves feel like a part of your skin because they fit nicely, you’re your hand, and have an enjoyable feel. 

A Velcro adjuster strap is integrated to fasten it from the wrist. The knuckle guard has vents in the form of tiny holes to let the breeze brush over your hand.

8. Joe Rocket SuperMoto Gloves


  • Premium Goatskin leather with stretchable span material
  • Artificial leather weaved on the palm for grip.
  • Integrated TPU for brilliant protection
  • Conductive material for easy access to the device screen
  • Pre-curved design for handling
  • Stable Neoprene cuff
  • Secure hook-and-loop wrist closure


  • It has rough stitching.

These new Super Moto gloves are the best motorcycle gloves for riders who prefer minimal gear to use in summer. We call them mechanic-type gloves because they offer maximum functionality. Do not judge them by their minimalistic look, and these gloves are a lot more than you think. They have a satisfactory level of protection.

The knuckles area is enclosed with a hard plastic armor piece that has high strength. The slider on the palm is very strong too. Because the slider is made to encourage sliding rather than grabbing, it causes less damage.  

The leather on the place where it comes in contact with your hand is light and cozy. The back of the hands comprises a stretchable material that permits airflow over your hand. On this note, these gloves can be your go-to gear for mild to hot weather. But, they are absolutely not preferable for cold or wet weather. The leather present at the fingertip and thumb is conductive. In simple words, it lets you touch the screen of your device in any manner.

9. Klim Induction Gloves


  • Aesthetic leather construction 
  • Sturdy knuckle armor to protect the joints
  • Improved Scaphoid protection system on the sliders
  • Sufficient air intakes to prevent overheating


  • You can’t wear them in the rainy and cold season.
  • They are not touchscreen-friendly

If you’re searching for a pair of gloves that needs no assembly and you can wear it right after taking it out from the box. You cannot compare the soft texture of the leather in these gloves with any other brand. At a fair price, they are offering a product that doesn’t feel flimsy at all. They are a classic example of a durable and soft pair of gloves.

Irrespective of the shooting temperatures, the fine perforations in the gloves’ leather keep you dry and comfortable throughout the whole ride. These are the best motorcycle gloves that are CE safety approved.

For us, the airflow the features that make it stand out. Also, it can be its unique selling point, as the designers have left no stone unturned to provide ventilation to these gloves. As a bonus, you will have an accordion hem between all the fingers for further comfort to provide utmost flexibility.

On the back of the wrist, there is a 1000-denier military, lightweight carbon-Fibre knuckle protectors. Lastly, they have impact protection foam padding to relieve strain from your hand. 

10. Icon Anthem 2 CE Gloves


  • Highly-secure D3O knuckle armor insert
  • Neoprene cuff for support
  • Efficient Hook-and-loop closure
  • Touchscreen friendly thumb and index finger


  • The index finger and thumb are too long.

Like all the other products in this list, they are constructed with a mesh material to provide breathability and comfort. The leather of the gloves grants an ergonomic fit whereas still trying to keep the durability maintained. Speaking of the structure, these gloves have an amazing design. Especially if you’re fond of a glossy, black look, this is going to be your new favorite.

What’s more, the Knuckle armor is essential, especially for the racers. It comes in handy for shifting the force of the impact and abrasions to the knuckles. In these gloves, the D3O armor is utilized. To date, this armor has been proven to be the ultimate choice of the riders for protection. Only the leading brands are frequently using this technology in their gloves. 

Due to this, we have mentioned these gloves on the list of our best motorcycle gloves. The length of the cuff is short to an extent it must be. 

They are light, mesh gloves that are made of top-quality goatskin leather to provide a better grip. Overall, protection is the priority of these gloves, and they are optimized to offer these features at a competitive price.

Buying Guide

Buying the best motorcycle gloves is not as easy and simple as buying regular gloves. It’s both a blessing and a curse that there are so many types of motorcycle gloves out there, having different features. Having so many choices can easily overwhelm and confuse you, affecting your final decision. 

Therefore, you must make sure to educate yourself about motorcycle gloves before making your purchase. For the right pair of motorcycle gloves, you need to have enough knowledge of certain factors. 

Type of Weather 

Weather is one of the most crucial aspects to consider when looking for the best motorcycle gloves. Different weathers call for a different type of glove for the best experience. 

For example, if you’re riding in the cold, gloves made of nylon or lycra are the best choices. However, if the weather is hot and dry, you must go with leather as it is safe and comfortable in this case. For those who love to travel, we recommend them to get a pair of all-weather gloves.

Size and Fitting 

Don’t forget to keep size and fitting in your mind while buying the best motorcycle gloves. Ideally, your gloves should neither be too tight or too loose. 

Tight gloves can make your hands numb by slowing down or stopping your blood flow. It may lead to cramps, which is quite alarming. On the other hand, loose gloves affect your grip and control on the bike. 

Motorcycle Type

The best motorcycle gloves depend heavily on the type of bike you ride. And we all know that there are many different types of motorcycles. In this case, there are various factors to consider. For instance, if you like bike-related sports and thrill, you most probably own a sports bike. 

If this is the case, we recommend you go with a pair of gloves that are not just stylish but colorful. When you have a racing motorcycle, it is important that your best motorcycle gloves are durable. Durability is necessary if you need your gloves to withstand wear and tear. We also recommend matching the color of your gloves with that of the bike.


Picking a pair of gloves can be the trickiest decision. That is the gear that may look insignificant but has the most important after helmets. A decent pair of gloves take care of your comfort and give you better control over your motorbike.

Choosing the best motorcycle gloves can be an exceptional addition to the collection of your motorbike accessories. Moreover, when you have something to make you feel at home, it makes the long-distance rides spellbinding.

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