10 Best Modular Helmets

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For tourers, cyclists, riding trainers, and others who value mobility and convenience with safety and comfort, modular helmets have long been a must-have. When you pause and need to breathe in the air or want a short chat with your fellow road user, it’s nice to move to the chin bar.

Not every helmet is made to match your head, but you don’t have to spend huge dollars for proper safety and exercise. There are various options for any price point, head form, and design on the market. When you pick the next lid, you must pay attention.

And unlike what people claim, their modular design does not limit their capacity to protect. Here is a compilation of the best modular helmets you can find, with several products available in the market. These are the top 10 best modular helmets that you can get yourself.

Here are our top 3 choices if you are in hurry or don’t like reading too much.

Best Choice
Simpson M59M3 Mod Bandit Med M.Blk, Black
Premium Choice
Shoei Neotec II Helmet (X-Large) (Matte Black)
Best Value For Money

Simpson Mod Bandit Helmet
Shoei Neotec 2 Helmet
BILT Techno 2.0
Best Choice
Simpson M59M3 Mod Bandit Med M.Blk, Black
Simpson Mod Bandit Helmet
Premium Choice
Shoei Neotec II Helmet (X-Large) (Matte Black)
Shoei Neotec 2 Helmet
Best Value For Money

BILT Techno 2.0

1. Shoei Neotec 2 Helmet


  • Very quiet
  • Can install low profile Sena SRL communication system 
  • Pinlock anti-fog visor insert
  • Sportier styling


  • Less effective ventilation 
  • Can only use integrated SENA system
  • Not the lightest modular helmet

In its luxury modular tilt section, the Shoei Neotec II is an outstanding competitor. The helmet Shoei Neotec 2 will boost a still excellent modular touring helmet. Ventilation exhaust outlets are complementary with additional air supply to the high air vents. The Neotec 2 aerodynamics is enhanced for wind tunnel testing in a number of riding positions. The built-in shell spoiler is moved to minimize the height and drag at altitude, while the Aero Deflector provides stabilization around the chin bar.

This helmet has a micro-cachet chin strap that makes it fast and simple to attach the helmet and remove it. It has noise insulation cheek pads that strengthen the protection along with the opening of the helmet in order to retain turbulent air. The 360 pivot lock mechanism secures the bar in the locked-down position and integrates impact strength with a multi-piece EPS filler composed of foam’s various densities. For clean, low-profile mounting, the Shoei Neotec 2 is built to fit into the Sena SRL communication system. All these characteristics combine to make one of the best helmets for long-distance touring.

2. Simpson Mod Bandit Helmet


  • Excellent ventilation 
  • Lightweight 
  • The durable finish on the shell 
  • Optically clear, quick release visor 
  • Integrated sun visor 
  • Comfortable fit 
  • Bluetooth systems install easily
  • ECE and DOT certified


  • Noisier in the sport riding position 
  • The visor isn’t infinitely adjustable 

With the Mod Bandit Helmet, Simpson takes its touring Ghost Bandit helmet to a whole new stage. With the same style signs of the original Bandit plus the Ghost Bandit’s touring comforts, the Mod Bandit offers interchangeable helmet carriers that have extra warmth and affection. Aerodynamically tailored for motorcycling, the lightweight shell is fully air-filled for optimal ventilation if you really need it.

The Mod Bandit is appealing because of its convincing shell shape and partly because the external surfaces are superbly fitted and finished. Its corner style is more than just flat but rather aggressive and sleek. It is available in two sizes and is fitted with an integrated speaker and microphone pockets to enable the installation of your preferred communications system. The downward sunscreen makes it just as easy to roll up the switch by changing light conditions.

3. HJC RPHA 90S Helmet


  • Lightweight
  • Quiet and comfortable
  • Integrated sun shield
  • Pinlock anti-fog shield


  • Speaker recess could be deeper for thicker units
  • Faulty Shield release button and Sun shield slider 

With stylish, sleek design and versatility, the RPHA 90S Helmet by HJC makes any travel very friendly. HJC uses the same Innovative P.I.M. shell technology as the RPHA 11 Pro, their top-line racing helmet, to make a modular helmet that is both incredibly heavy and extraordinarily lightweight. It has 3D, MultiCool, and a moisture-wicking device, interior engineered especially to relieve road and wind noise, which leaves you physically and mentally freshened even for days or weeks in the saddle. The bar and face shield is powered by one-touch main controls that are readily accessible from both hands. The RPHA 90S has advanced rollers for smooth connectivity with Bluetooth communicators SMART HJC 10B or 20B. The package is completed with a sun-scratch-proof and anti-fog shield with a D-ring closure made from stainless steel.

4. AGV Sportmodular Helmet


  • 3 shell sizes available 
  • Quiet on the road
  • Comfortable padding
  • Terrific ventilation 
  • Rear spoiler smooths out turbulence
  • Carbon fiber 
  • Easy visor 
  • Pinlock anti-fog lens 
  • Titanium D-rings DOT 


  • Expensive
  • Faulty chin bar and strap
  • Stiff mechanism 

Fully prepared and available to put these miles with you is AGV Sportsmodular Carbon Helmet. Constructed with the same safety and lightweight structure, the Sportmodular comes with the AGV Pista GP R in mind. This helmet is double-sided and adjustable, meaning that you are free to select the right degree of temperature comfort. The facial shield of the GT3 is prepared for the Pinlock 120 ace-level anti-fogging insert prism. The bar is tightly closed with metal hardware in the chin bar. You can swap out the face shield effortlessly without any tool.

The Carbon Helmet AGV Sportmodular blends tightly over the jaw and cheek, not unlike a full-face sports helmet. This helmet was found to function slightly small; if between sizes, please size up. This unique construction is completely constructed of carbon fiber (shell and chin). It achieves an unbelievably lightweight defense efficiency of MotoGP’s Pista GP R, which blends the highest comfort and safety quality. SportModular, designed to provide 190° horizontal viewing of the human eye, is intended for superior silence, aero-stability, and ventilation in the wind tunnel.

5. Bell SRT Modular Helmet


  • Fiberglass composite shell 
  • Uncluttered design 
  • Internal sun visor 
  • Nice variety of graphics 
  • Easy visor removal and installation 


  • Fairly heavy 
  • Limited airflow 
  • Not PinLock ready 

The Bell SRT modular is a very pleasant helmet with a strong structure and sharp graphics in “Predator Gloss- White.” The modular SRT does nothing significantly better than nearly equivalent helmets, but almost all of it does well decently. Built with a composite fiberglass shell, the SRT-Modular is a skull capable of filling a large range of road roles. Bell has chosen to accommodate a full range of head sizes with three EPS liner sizes based on two external shell sizes. It is also certified by both DOT and ECE, covering riders in the US and European markets.

The Bell SRT modular helmet is the output of the creation of a high-performance helmet for people who might never see a road day but still need to wear their helmet. Flip-up chin bar, speakers bags, and eyewear compatibility marry a composite fiberglass shell to shift a modular helmet’s limitations. The Bell SRT modular helmet may not be your way, but the design of Bell’s history, which features world-class athletes, gives you a high-quality, touring helmet.

6. BILT Techno 2.0 Sena Bluetooth Evolution Modular Helmet


  • Good build quality
  • Good ventilation
  • Removable liner
  • Sena integrated Bluetooth system
  • Good overall value


  • Sizing runs small
  • Louder than expected

On about every box on the positive side, the Bilt Techno 2.0 helmet ticks with an optimized Bluetooth intercom design. It can be offered as a complete or flip-up helmet, and both have a relatively clear, clean look and strong feel. Black, matte black, and white are the three colors this product is available in. With that being said, vent and exhaust inserts are extremely good and work well. There is a “heavy” feeling of the face mask, eye harness seal, and shield, with well-formed elements working together beautifully.

Taking the BILT Evolution Helmet and adding the Sena device DWO-5 v3.0, the BILT Techno 2.0 Evolution modular Helmet is designed to build a full touring helmet fitted with all required functions. The Basic Intercom protocol operates through all manufacturers to provide you with hands-free cell phone connectivity. The intercom is an 8-hour chat room, with seven days’ standby time for riders and 400 meters for travelers. This helmet complies with or exceeds DOT requirements and automatically upgrades firmware and computers.

7. Shark EVO One 2 Helmet


  • Durable 
  • Pinlock Max Vision visor shield 
  • Defog capability
  • Chin guard 
  • Integrated sun visor
  • Good ventilation


  • Cheek pads tamper with the overall fit 
  • Bluetooth speaker recesses won’t fit larger speakers

Shark EVO One 2 is able to work with a swift reversal of the chin bar as a full face and face helmet. The other modular helmets have a chin bar, which just flips up to catch the wind and discard the equilibrium. The chin bar EVO One 2 flips from head to side to ensure that the helmet’s weight is low and the chin bar is free of all the wind.

Compared to the previous Shark Evoline 3ST single shell, the shell comes in 2 shell sizes for a better fit. Shark EVO One 2 is a predator of the modular helmet, the top of the food chain. It has an enhanced kinematic, quick release, anti-scratch face shield as well as an internal anti-scratch sun shield, injected with a thermoplastic résin shell. The new kin guard lock/unlocking system features; the auto up/ down system that automatically lifts the face shield when the guard is lifted or lowered.

Shark EVO One 2 has a Chin curtain reinforced magnetic attachment. A new compact, aerodynamic profile side plate design adds to the appearance and helps to lower airborne noise. The ECE and DOT certified helmet is easy to use and contains an insert for Max Vision Pinlock.

8. Scorpion EXO-AT950 Helmet


  • Advanced LG polycarbonate shell
  • Advanced multi-layer EPS
  • Drop-down internal sun-visor


  • Noise issues

Scorpion has revolutionized a segment, mixed with an off-road lid’s flexibility, the best features of a touring helmet. The all-in-one Swiss army knife of the helmet, is a Scorpion EXO-AT950 Helmet. The modular chin bar lightens your claustrophobia or asks you for directions, while the high- and wide-eye port offers a pitch, blocks the sun, and enables you to wear goggles when tearing down the routes.

Further features, such as Everclear fog protection and Speedview’s downloadable internal sunscreen, keep your view clear and ready for anything around the next corner. If you hit the motorway, the highway viewfinder is easily removed so that you can bug out at the speed of an aerodynamic profile. The KwikWick II liner ensures total comfort with eyeglass-compatible cheek pads.

9. Sena Outrush Modular Helmet


  • Clean aerodynamic lines and contouring 
  • Well fitted inserts 
  • Top intake and rear exhaust ports 
  • Smooth functioning chin-guard piece with locking feature 
  • Quick-release face shield 
  • Removable sun visor 
  • Integrated BT 3.0 system with a single Jog Wheel control 
  • BT headset functionality 
  • Sena firmware support 


  • The ineffective front chin vent assembly 
  • Faulty Sun visor 
  • Chin guard inner plate not well fitted 
  • Plastic shell sections and EPS liner squeak

A reasonably priced standard offering appropriate for almost any type of motorcycling business is the Outrush Modular Smart Helmet. The Outrush is not smooth but fitted, has some unique features, good aerodynamics, and good noise control. The chin guard section integrates easily and can be opened or dismantled for low-speed travel. Face shield and replaceable components of sun visors for quick release offer security and reduce eyestrain.

The Sena Outrush Helmet is the ideal helmet for a weekend adventure from 9 to 5 Mondays to Fridays. This Helmet comes with the technology Bluetooth 3.0 packaged into a lightweight polycarbonate shell that eliminates the need to fuse with speaker pads and connectors. The built-in BT 3.0 system is coupled with three other systems and delivers smartphone communication and music streaming. Inappropriate terrain environments, the Intercom ranges up to and above the stated 800m (0.5mi) range.

Advanced sound synthesis from Sena reduces street and wind noise in order to make the conversations shockingly transparent. You can communicate with other drivers from Sena or listen to their favorite songs as you tear up your twisties using the onboard features. By pairing your Bluetooth system with your Sena, you will benefit from the features of your smartphone, such as navigation, music, or free calling by hand.

10. LS2 Valiant II Helmet


  • Light and comfortable 
  • Quick-release system that triggers the cheek pads 
  • Built-in shield 
  • Optically correct 
  • Fog-resistant
  • Good ventilation 
  • Chin straps for a snug fit.


  • Wide eye port doesn’t come with goggles
  • The cheek pads make it more on the tighter side

The 180-degree flip, modular motorcycle helmet LS2 Valiant II, is based on the original Valiant’s achievements. The casks are born elegant and exude warmth and trust. The style and budget are fantastically combined. Unisex helmets are available that can be used in equal comfort by both sexes. The helms of LS2 deliver a wide variety of options for you – their full facial portfolio in 7 creative colors, grey, orange and black, etc. This newly developed chin-bar system, narrower and slimmer than the original, produces an aerodynamic shell that preserves all original Valiant functions but has a different, sleeker appearance.

The shell of Valiant 2 is made of a lightweight, solid composite LS2 Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA) in two shell sizes. The supportive liner uses a high-tech textile, which winds moisture, dries fast, and can be removed and cleaned entirely. The “Thermo-Formed” comfort pads remove the need for a coating of glue between the foam and the liner material and maximize breathability, and are curved for all-day convenience without hot spots with 3D laser technology from LS2.

This helmet has several inlets and exhaust holes for flow ventilation ported by the EPS line. A full metal lock guarantees that the bar is protected while the bar is closed, and an exclusive LS2 feature secures the bar when it is open at the rear of the helmet.

Buying Guide: What To Look For In A Modular Helmet

A successful helmet must fulfill many requirements. It must be safe, most importantly. It must also provide your investment with a reasonable yield. Finally, a decent deal of positive opinions from a diverse variety of riders would have been received.

As with all helmets, the face-open helmets are listed especially on certain aspects and requirements. The distinction between a great and a horrible experience is more nuanced than any other form of a helmet. It is important to look for the aspects, conditions, specifications, and guidelines given below. 

Head shape

People fit into one of 3 heads: long oval, medium oval, and circular oval. Ask your partner or a friend to take a snapshot of your head from above to find out what you have. If soon as possible, flatten your hair as it will obstruct the form of your head. Although most people are medium-sized ovals, not everyone is. Make sure that you have a cask built to shape your head. Before switching to size, review to ensure the shape.

Proper Size 

For most people, helmet size is very unusual because, in daily life, we don’t use head size as normal as waist size, shirt size, or shoe size. It’s not impossible to find it out, thankfully. Ask your buddy for a gentle tape measurement to check your head circumference. The tape can run over, including the widest section, your eyebrows, and the back of your head. A piece of string can also work well for this task. Place it against a ruler to determine the length. You may do it yourself, but we suggest that a friend make the most precise calculation. To establish the amount, you need to compare the results with the producer’s helmet’s size chart.


Modulars appear to be heavier than other helmet varieties. Most of our helmets mentioned on this site use lightweight materials, particularly on long rides, to reduce tension in the necks. Every serious inconvenience would mean that you can try another mask. If you have purchased a helmet that you are unable to wear, try updating your size and form assessments after taking the above measure. If you weighed correctly and checked the scale table, you should not be too far from the target.

DOT/ECE certifications

Most low-cost Amazon and eBay modular helmets are not DOT, or ECE approved. The credential could save your life. You are training for the plunge, not the trip, so remember not to cheap out.

Shell Material 

The shell material is also an important aspect to consider when looking for a quality modular helmet. Polycarbonate is all right, but you’d best be served with carbohydrate that’s more on the pricey hand or even fiberglass.

Interior Liner 

Different helmets provide anti-moisture and anti-bacterial reusable liners. Avoid unmovable liners, commonly found in cheap helmets, and before you know them, they would be a smell trap.


Modular helmets have a lot of advantages. They are outstanding in all divisions, from protection to the presentation. However, you must examine certain prior factors to find the correct modular motorcycle helmet. 

A modular helmet offers about the equal degree of protection as a full-face helmet and has an adjustable bar for half-sided use. So, you can breathe in the fresh air when riding by removing the bar or replacing the bar on rugged tracks for increased safety. It is better for you to have to pick a modular helmet if you are a regular rider.

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