10 Best Motorcycle Back Protectors

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For a motorcycle rider, safety must have the utmost significance. Most of the jackets for motorcycles are available in the form of stock. They either have no back armor or are padded with filler foam that doesn’t have a major effect. The same goes for the suits that are made for racing tracks.

Hence, the traditional gears include nothing that can give you back protection. To solve this, our team has found the right-back protectors for you after thorough research. Read on to know the Best Motorcycle back protector that can save your spinal cord from injuries.

Here are our top 3 choices if you are in hurry or don’t like reading too much.

Best Choice
Alpinestars Nucleon KR-1 Back Protector (Small) (Black/White)
Premium Choice
Dainese-Manis D1 59, Black, Size L
Best Value For Money
Pro-Armor G2
Alpinestars Nucleon KR-1 Road Back Protector
Dainese Manis D1 Back Protector
Dainese Pro Armor G Back Protector
Best Choice
Alpinestars Nucleon KR-1 Back Protector (Small) (Black/White)
Alpinestars Nucleon KR-1 Road Back Protector
Premium Choice
Dainese-Manis D1 59, Black, Size L
Dainese Manis D1 Back Protector
Best Value For Money
Pro-Armor G2
Dainese Pro Armor G Back Protector

1. Alpinestars Nucleon KR-1i Back Protector Insert


  • Certified to CE Level 2 
  • Available in three different sizes.
  • Tough outer shell with energy-absorbing foam.
  • Offers Flexibility and is anatomically contoured
  • A modern cooling airflow channel system 


  • It may not fit other jackets this smoothly

This back protector is a high-end product that has been made to safeguard your protection at all times. It is constructed with viscoelastic polyurethane foam to provide safety and comfort to the rider. The outer shell is made up of plastic, and you can easily insert it in the armor pocket of your jacket.

Moreover, this is on our list of top motorcycle back protectors, as it is CE certified. The level 2 certification is the latest standard that ensures safety. If you have a jacket by the same brand, it will fit in without a doubt. Basically, this test is for cold conditions. If a product passes this test, it means it can withstand extremely low temperatures.

This back protector offers to contour to your whole back. By using the heat of your body, it shapes itself around the curves of your back. That gives you armored protection for you to the backside of your rib cage.

It comes with numerous perforations for maximum ventilation. The whole frame of the protector is perforated. Yet, it achieves the Level-2 CE certification, a sufficient testament to the excellent manufacturing effort. This perforated structure allows a cooling effect. In this way, you get enough air from the front of the jacket.

2. Dainese Manis D1 G Back Protector Insert


  • This protector is CE- Level 2 approved  
  • Flexible plates for movement.
  • Elasticated tensioners for stretching 
  • Durable plastic shell with foam to absorb pressure 
  • Precise perforated holes to improve ventilation.
  • A lesser area of contact against the back
  • Sufficient padding for comfort 


  • It has a rigid feel
  • Ventilation is average
  • It looks bulky
  • Only two sizes are available for both genders

This back protector is an iconic gear by this company. Look wise, and it resembles a trilobite which is considered an unusual shape by some riders. This is indeed a heavy-duty back protector that perfectly does the job. This product is sustaining its place in the market for several years. And, after so many years, it is still the ultimate choice of many riders.

Without a shred of a doubt, this protector performs the way you want an affordable product to. It is tried-and-tested by hundreds of people. This is why it is one of the best motorcycle back protectors for you. Still, some riders are unaware of the details. To begin with, it has a hard-shell outer chassis to guard your body against abrasion. Most interestingly, it does it better than the viscoelastic-foam back protectors.

The plastic shell slides easily inside your jacket and can sustain a huge frictional pressure that may happen in a slide when you are at high speed. The tensioners are elasticated that increases the efficiency of the back protector. If they are not present in the protector, the shape gets stiff.

Also, there are plates to stabilize the back and prevent the hyper-extending of the spine. This back protector is comfortable for racing experiences, yet you can’t wear it for hours. 

3. Dainese Pro Armor G Back Protector


  • Reliable nitrile rubber construction 
  • Dynamic thickness to provide coverage
  • Functional shape for better fitment
  • Enables stretching and bending
  • Adequately perforated chassis


  • Sizing may be a problem for you 

The construction of this back protector is from carbon elastomer. This material is highly flexible with the capability of distributing the energy of an impact. The protectors have a fractal structure which means the geometric shape is made by taking inspiration from nature. 

These geometric shapes are placed in areas that are more vulnerable to get damaged in a crash. In such a situation, the shape changes the force’s direction from the critical center and saves you from the injury.

The series of materials and engineering can disperse a big fraction of the energy produced by an impact. The Pro-Armor protection has a Level 2 certification. Recently, this is the highest level of standard that ensures that you can use the back protector. Furthermore, the construction provides airflow, so your body doesn’t get excessively hot.

Due to the smart construction, it has a low weight and offers top-class flexibility. All of these features combine to provide us the best motorcycle back protector. 

Usually, back protectors have two types. One comes with a belt, and the other one is the insert type. In this model, you don’t need a belt. That fits swiftly in your jacket and gives excellent back coverage and protection against sudden accidents. It saves your kidney from damage if you fall on the track.

4. Alpinestars Nucleon KR-1 Road Back Protector


  • Ensures optimum ventilation 
  • Available in distinct sizes 
  • Offers customized waist fit
  • Impressive ergonomics for a quality ride
  • Provides a vertebral shielding case


  • It doesn’t last for many years

From the last decade, Alpinestars has launched an all-exclusive line of back protection, which is a part of their Nucleon series. All of the products from this range are produced to cater to the need of the new racer. We know that to increase the riding gusto, you need to have a sense of safety too. No one would like to put their lives in danger deliberately for thrill-seeking. 

If you want something that promises both safety and affordability, this is the best motorcycle back protector. The base construction of this model is done with a flexible and pliable material. This material is coupled with a more rigid piece covered on the back. As this product was planned for the racers to grant the highest level of defense, it has CE Level 2 protection.

Because of the selection of the material, it is comfortable for long-term usage. Those people who are into exploring or adventure riding must give it a try. You can wear this back protector on your body with the help of a waist strap and shoulder straps. Besides that, these straps are independent of snaps or another type of fasteners.

From extra small to extra-large, you will find the size that fits you the best. Apart from that, it comes in two colors, i.e., black and white. 

5. Icon D3O Viper 2 Back Protector


  • Manufactured with robust material
  • Perfect for cold, wet, and ambient temperature 
  • Shows amazing temperature stability
  • Absolutely non-toxic materials are used
  • Comes at a cost-effective price
  • Enhanced airflow by the superb ventilation system


  • The dimensions are small

If you have an old bike jacket that doesn’t have armor, you can conveniently put this protector in it. People who ride just at highspeed upgrade the protective proficiencies of their jackets. Generally, it is not feasible for us to upgrade our bikes. Thus, this is the best motorcycle back protector that sits in your pocket without emptying it.

You will find the size of this insert accurate because the designer made the shape to fit wonderfully in a standard jacket pocket for a back protector. This feature matches the sizes of both males and females. The material is of the insert is semi-rigid. Regardless of that, it is so flexible that it goes into a pocket from the top. The inner surface is ridged to provide ventilation. 

The weight of the insert is negligible. Once you wear the jacket, you will not notice a difference in weight. If a back protector doesn’t have vents, it will get hotter in a short time. Of course, a sweaty back protector is not going to give you an enjoyable experience. So, this back protector has a perforated surface that comes in contact with your back. And, it enables additional airflow because of the unique ventilation technique.

6. Klim D3O Viper T5 Pro Back Protector


  • Comfortable for long rides
  • Efficient Airwave Technology 
  • Offers high flexibility 
  • Reduces the impact of a collision 


  • It is not for extremely warm weather

It is illogical to ride a bike with a risk when you can take a safety precaution at a reasonable price. The concern of every rider must be his safety. No matter what your riding style is, be it adventure riding, off-road, dual-sport, street, etc., you need to buy everything essential to stay safe. 

Hence, after doing a detailed study and interviewing the people who experienced clashes when they had this product on, the company came to a conclusion that this insert is suitable for every rider out there. Because of the durability, this insert must have a place in your safety kit. 

This insert is made with a viscoelastic or polymer material. As the initial raw material is in liquid form, the final solid structure feels squishy and soft. In terms of properties, this material is shock-absorbing and used in a wide variety of fields to prevent people from injuries. 

This bright orange insert has an almost invisible shock absorption system stronger than the stiff and hard-shell protection systems. Aside from that, they are comfy, as they are pliable and can be molded to our body’s shape. With the specified holes, they let the air pass through them. The airflow is improved by the Airwave Technology introduced in this model. This is the best motorcycle back protector that is snug and allows a pleasant ride.

7. Forcefield Pro-Lite K Back Insert


  • Offers top-notch performance 
  • Reinforcement with DuPont Kevlar
  • Ensures Maximum flexibility
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Approved by the highest standards 


  • It may feel a little stiff

This is the best motorcycle back protector that we recommend to every person. As far as comfort and price are concerned, it is a total masterpiece. Nowadays, not every back insert can reach CE level two requirements, but almost every one of the products in this list has this certification. We know that leaving your safety for granted should not be even a thought.

So, we have selected only the brilliant ones in this blog. And, this insert by Forcefield deserves to be mentioned because of the innovative design and usability. The design of this back protector resembles a honeycomb. As a result, these inserts offer high breathability. This structure gives it a very lightweight so that you can use it continually after as many crashes as you prefer. When your body heats up during a ride, it bends to your back muscle like a part of your body.

Above all, it is integrated with a heat-tolerant para-aramid synthetic material. This superior built quality makes it a trusted brand for everyone. Liners made with this thread or fibers do not tear easily by crashes. The part that needs to be noted is that this fiber has a molecular structure of multiple inter-chain bonds that give rise to an unbelievably strong substance known as Kevlar. 

8. Sedici Aria-Pro Back Protector Insert


  • CE certified to ensure security
  • Effectively contoured for ease and fit
  • Specifically Perforated for breathability
  • It is cheaper


  • It is certainly not for tight pockets of your jacket

This is the best motorcycle back protector by Sedici. It is their most recent development. Therefore, they tested this insert through a series of trials on the track and the laboratory. After months of hard work, they came up with this insert to satisfy their loyal customers’ demands.

The top highlight of this product is that it is available at a competitive price. The material used in the making is lightweight and makes sure that the protector is breathable. Breathability has a direct relation with impact, as it helps in lowering the force of a crash. We are aware that our spine is the most sensitive part of our body, and any carelessness can cause lifelong disability.

So, this protector is made flexible with CE Certified Level 2 protection. The shape of the insert is contoured to match the sizing of your apparel. On top of that, it moves with your spine. It is unimaginably easy to slide it into your jacket. It is bent to provide sufficient airflow in high-density, impact absorbent materials.

9. Forcefield Back Protector Pro L2 EVO


  • Made to stand the test of time
  • Robust Kevlar thread for increased strength
  • State-of-the-art NitrexEvo material to absorb shock
  • Multiple layered perforations for ventilation
  • Adjustable straps for waist and shoulders
  • Twenty-hour comfort


  • The heat may take a while to escape

Because of the high-tech characteristics, this back protector truly has the edge over the rivals. The manufacturers used Kevlar fiber in the production of this back protector to set a benchmark for every other brand. The utilization of this thread results in a strong and long-lasting product. In addition to that, this material is more bendable than steel. It gives extraordinary abrasion resistance when you are on a roll.

Another material used in the construction of this product is NitrexEvo. It is a famous cutting-edge triangular material that neutralizes shock. In fact, it is made to be soft, stretchy, and comfortable. Yet, it provides all-out impact protection and obeys the CE (Level 2) standards. This protector has passed all the tests with flying colors.

The NitrexEvo material allows Repeat Performance Technology. That guarantees that after several impacts, the performance of the product will remain the same. It bends quickly to fit the grooves of your back. Consequently, you get a relaxing feel all day.

10. Dainese Manis D1 Back Protector


  • Perforated plates to keep you cool
  • Distinct design for longitudinal and latitudinal stretching and bending
  • Visibly Light in weight
  • Strong quality material


  • Not as affordable as some other models
  • Sizing must be different from what you expect
  • It may feel loose on the pocket of a few jackets

For those who are tall and struggle to find a size suitable, this is the best motorcycle back protector for them. It arrives in 4 sizes to accommodate all the tall heightened bikers. Moreover, it has waist clasps to customize the fit in whatever size you want. That also starts from a small to extra-large size.

The noteworthy feature of this protector insert is the 4-degree back guard that allows horizontal bending. To achieve this operation, special tensioners are designed by the makers with a smart methodology. In simple words, the design ensures the longitudinal stretching along with the longitudinal extending.

It has centralized comfortable padding so that you don’t feel like you are lifting something heavy. The company has made it a solution for everyone. By this, we mean that every individual can find their size in this product. The only drawback, due to which people hesitate to buy this protector is the price tag. Otherwise, it is the product that offers all the great features in one.

Motorcycle Back protector Buying Guide

What are the different materials used in a back protector?

From the pro bikers, you will get to know that the former back protectors were constructed of the same material found in the visors of old helmets. After that, this material used to be gaffer-taped to get a final structure. Lastly, the biker had to slip it down the back of his shirt.

Thankfully, today, technology and ergonomics have evolved tremendously. The back protector you will see in the market will be made up of a handful of materials from the following:

To make the insert softer, foam is used extensively in some back protectors. The foam’s density may vary from slightly soft to the tough material that is usually seen inside a helmet. In general, soft foam is comfy, but the level of protection in a crash. 

The next stuff that works as a great shock absorbent is silicone. The texture of silicone is like a gel, and it is an impact material that absorbs the energy of an impact. As a plus point, it helps in molding the material to a particular dimension.

Typically, hard plastic is perfect for enduring asphalt abrasion or sometimes punctures as well. Oftentimes, it is combined with foam for an exceptional outcome. Most of the armor that is available at a reasonable price uses hard plastic somewhere in the design.

The most advanced substance is viscoelastic that is used in a majority of products on our list. This material is pliable and shapes itself according to your body. When the impact happens, it converts into a firm substance. That allows the sturdiness for minimum bulk. The D-3O armor utilized in the production of many back protectors of different companies has high-level CE-2 protection.


When you purchase a jacket with back protector inserts, you must look for it in the elbows, shoulder joints, and a panel on the rear side. The back protectors that are similar to the style of a harness provide rib protection. They are present in the form of additional panels on the front side of the clothing. 

If you are buying jeans or motorbike trousers, you will find the knees and hips’ insert. Nevertheless, you always buy them separately by measuring the size of the pocket given on your jacket.

Why the correct fit is essential when you buy an insert?

If the insert is big and bulky, you may end up wearing it on special occasions only. For instance, when you are planning a long trip. So, you must not invest a large amount of money in something you wear occasionally.

Instead of that, buy a product that is comfortable to wear at any event. Also, it must not feel like it’s twisting or moving throughout the journey.

Take your jacket into the store from where you are buying the inserts. In this way, you can make sure you are purchasing the correct size. Luckily, inserts are available in various sizes for men and women. Remember, the best motorcycle back protector is the one that matches your body type correctly.


First of all, the best motorcycle back protector that saves you from abrasion damage. That is possible in case your bike slips on the track. Also, some of the models are made to use in regular traffic. Therefore, a back insert is the most useful component that you can add to your motorcycle jacket. So, before coming to a final decision, make a checklist to crosscheck if the back protector is perfect for you.

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