HJC RPHA 11 PRO Review

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Motorcycling is indeed an exhilarating experience. Your soul feels the freedom of the open road when the breeze runs across your body. It is not even possible to describe that moment. However, in addition to that freedom comes responsibility. That means you have to get apt, secure safety gear for yourself. 

A full-face helmet provides the best coverage to the surrounding of your skull and neck. According to a survey, during a crash, the chin suffers from half of the serious impacts. In such cases, a full-face helmet offers appropriate safety to your chin and jaw.

How Our Team Did this Review?

After doing comprehensive research on a wide range of full-face helmets, we have finally found an all-rounder helmet for you. Generally, bikers need more or less the same output from a helmet. To understand your need, we interviewed numerous bikers who had tested this product on the roads. 

Then, our team summed up the qualities of this helmet for our readers. We know that selecting one product in the market can be an overwhelming experience.  In this review, you will get to know if this is a suitable helmet for you.


  • Top-class composite shell construction
  • Approved by SHARP for safety
  • Convenient D-ring fastener
  • Fog-free Max vision visor with Pinlock 
  • Reliable 5-year warranty
  • Available at a competitive price
  • Ventilation is average

Things to Consider Before Buying This Helmet

A full-face helmet must have some essential features like lightness and comfort. The features it offers validate the value of this helmet. Previously, the models of helmets by this company had some issues. So, this helmet was made to resolve those problems. After the launch of this model, it offered the elements lacking in the previous helmets by HJC


This full-face helmet is constructed to rule over the market with its top-class performance. Over the past few years, this helmet is going steady with its reputation as a budget-friendly helmet. Because it offers the factors that are mostly seen in high-priced helmets, RPHA 11 PRO is one of the best sellers in the market. From the outer shell to the lid, every inch of this helmet gives off a premium look. 

You can buy this helmet in a price range of under $400. This is a fair price for a full-face helmet that comes from a well-reputed company. Apart from that, this helmet is made with mesmerizing graphics and four different colors. According to that, the price may fluctuate. 


First thing first, the outer shell of this helmet is a composite. In other words, it is designed with multiple layers that include carbon Fibre, fiberglass, and aramid.  To make this shell even harder, it has HJC’s proprietary premium integrated matrix. The matrix gives it just the right amount of rigidity.

In the SHARP safety test, this helmet scored three stars out of 5. Even though this score is not perfect, it ensures satisfactory protection. This point is a letdown from the company because the older version of their helmet was awarded full marks.

After the shell construction, let’s discuss the visor aperture. It is large in size and provides decent visibility. Basically, this is a track-focused helmet, so the visor lets you see the track from all the angles possible. There is a Pinlock mechanism on the visor to keep it clean.

The makers have added the EQRS system that is also known as the emergency quick release system. With the help of this, you can pull on the tabs given at the bottom of the helmet. That will remove the cheek pads to remove the helmet within seconds. That is why this helmet is beneficial to use on tracks to tackle an emergency.

For excellent ventilation, there are vents on the chin bar and forehead. Moreover, two vents are present on the crown. These vents provide a seven-level adjustable airflow. You can simply control the airflow by dials that are covered with rubber. The intelligent design of the dial makes sure that it is operable when you have gloves on.


One of the main factor we think is worth mentioning is the weight. The construction of this helmet used only the material that reassured of the lightweight and perfect fit. You can slip it on your head, and without any extra effort, it fits well. Yet, there is a neck roll on the helmet that may bother some people. 

We call this helmet a payoff because it takes care of all components. You will find sealing on the ear region to reduce the noise of the wind. The lining and the padding on the inside turn it into one of the most comfortable safety gears.

For improved visibility, it has a wider eye-port to adjust different eyewear. The field of view it offers is amazing. Besides that, near the eye-port, it has a shield sealing that has zero leaks. Replacing the shield is not a difficult thing. As a result of the aerodynamics, you will not notice buffeting or unnecessary noise at any speed

Features and Benefits 


Unlike many full-face helmets, this helmet is lighter. Our team measured the weight of this helmet to ensure that the company is making the right claim. The weight of the helmet is exactly 3.2 pounds. That is what makes it a top contender. Whether you like to race or go on frequent adventurous riders, the lightweight helmet offers good movability.

You can buy this helmet in black, white, and titanium colors. It is manufactured in a matte finish and a regular finish. 

The exterior of the helmet constitutes an aerodynamic shape. Furthermore, to allow stability, it has a rear spoiler. In daily use, this helmet will feel light on the head. As this was made for both streets and tracks, vents are present in the zones where you need air. Inside the EPS liner, channels are distributed efficiently to maintain airflow around the head. 


Usually, the Full-face helmet is known to be the safest gear of all motorcycle head covering items. For the sports bike owners and the regular bike buyer, this helmet is an affordable feature that is packed with a unique feature. 

Being a full-face helmet, it offers full-fledged coverage. This model has sizes for everyone in the family. Men, women, and children, everyone can buy this helmet. So, those who face trouble finding their size can try their luck on this helmet.

The main advantage of a full-face helmet is the added protection it provides your chin and face. Full-face helmets are extraordinary at protecting your ear from the loud noise, scorching sun, wind, cold, insects, and grits. Once you own this helmet, you will get to know the comfortable it is.


Maintenance of this helmet is not a big deal. Almost every part of the helmet is replaceable. To take the shield out without breaking, you have to pull the lever to remove and push the pivot point for installation. The removable and washable MultiCool comfort liner is a common type of material that is integrated into many helmets. Typically, it wicks away moisture and helps the helmet to dry faster.

In the occurrence of an accident, red tabs are present on the helmet to slide out the cheek pads in the helmet. Without wasting a single minute, the life of a person can be saved by removing the helmet.

Other Features

Except for the eye-port, it has a clear Flat-Racing Shield along with a 2D Dark Smoke Shield and obviously an anti-fog insert. To use the helmet in different climates and weather, different visors are incorporated in the helmet. Another beneficial feature is the RapidFire II system. 

This system gives you the liberty to change the shield quickly and without using a tool. With one hand, you can adjust the shield with the locking mechanism in the center. There are pockets in the interior that helps you to put gadgets for entertainment or communication. It lowers the turbulence and the loudness of the wind.

Hence, with this helmet, nothing will distract you on the road.


  • Ensures good visibility on tracks
  • Quick cheek pad removal system for emergency
  • Comfortable and washable liner
  • Clear visor to allow better vision
  • Available in many interesting colors and designs
  • Made with high-quality, low weight substance   


  • At low speed, fogging can be a problem
  • Airflow is not sufficient for hot weather riding

Final Verdict

Before you buy a helmet, you must try it in-person to check the fitting accurately. That is the important step that helps you pick the product that offers maximum comfort and safety. This review was made to help you find the correct helmet for your respective use. 

Therefore, from the price to the features, we have explained everything in great detail. If you are successful in finding the right one, you will not have to worry about a new one for at least five years.

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