HJC CL-17 Review

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HJC CL-17 is the newest in the motorcycle helmet series “CL,” one of the market’s best helmets. A new shell and a new ventilating mechanism are used on the CL-17. It fits with “Round” shaped heads and is also Snell M2010 approved for CL-17 for as little as $125.00. Overall, the HJC CL-17 has excellent ventilation and actual commercial quality.

HJC CL-17 Helmet

  • Polycarbonate Composite Shell
  • Excellent Ventilation
  • Affordable
  • PINLOCK sold Separately

Things to consider before buying HJC CL-17


The HJC CL-17 is positively not the most expensive helmet available. Indeed, it comes in at a respectable cost considering the helmet is all-around built and flaunts the very highlights as protective helmets that cost considerably more. It is an excellent decision for any rider, from the individuals who are first-time riders to all-around prepared bikers. The solace and security offered by this protective helmet are well above what you would expect when taking a gander at the sticker price. 


The HJC CL-17 Helmet hits similar wellbeing appraisals as the large young men yet come in at hundreds less. It is a helmet intended to keep you cool. Progressed ventilation channels do most of the work, yet a dampness wicking inside liner is there for reinforcement. Out of the container, this helmet accompanies a Pinlock-prepared face Shield. Adding on a Pinlock focal point gives you the most haze-free braving experience there. Shield changes are a breeze because of the device’s more minor RapidFire Shield Replacement System. Substitution Shields are accessible in each shade of the short or metallic rainbow so you can battle the sun, match your bicycle or match your outlook. 

The CL-17 is DOT ensured, in addition to it’s been tried by Snell and finished their M2015 assessments. You may think it’s somewhat impressive that a lower value head protector can give such incredible security, however as we’ve examined previously, purchasing an expensive helmet doesn’t mean purchasing better insurance. 

The HJC CL-17 has a multi-thickness stun retaining lining, very much like top brands like Arai and Shoei do. Also, polycarbonate may make for modest protective helmets; however, it’s an excellent material for making an intense and somewhat adaptable, otherwise known stun engrossing helmet shell. It additionally accompanies a twofold d ring clasp and a wide visor opening for improved fringe vision – both are extraordinary for security. 

Alright, it’s just made in 2 shell sizes; and in an ideal world, we’d presumably prefer to see EQRS and a Pinlock antifog provided in the container as well. You can still, without a doubt, depend on a CL-17 to save your head in a survivable mishap. 


Like most HJCs, get the correct size of CL-17 for your head, and you should think that it’s the entire day agreeable. That is, insofar as you’re a round-headed kind of individual because the CL-17 is one of those uncommon helmets intended for rounder instead of oval heads. Most Western protective helmets are made for medium oval head shapes since most Westerners have such a head shape. 

Yet, that leaves stores of individuals with rounder heads un-helmeted. So HJC has made the CL-17 work for you all. On the off chance that you are around the head shape, please measure your head (follow our fitting aide). At that point, purchase the correct size helmet since the word is that the CL sizes valid. Furthermore, if you do get one, proprietors say it’s a genuinely agreeable head protector with an extravagant inside coating. 

It’s nothing particularly extravagant. Correct, it’s a removable/launderable coating. That’s right. It utilizes a dampness wicking and antimicrobial texture in the solace liner; however, that is not all bad with most protective helmets nowadays. In any case, HJC does appear to be incredibly talented at joining everything to make a genuinely agreeable head protector at a section-level cost. 

Some more fantastic news, particularly on the off chance if you have a rounder head that is larger than average, is that you can purchase the HJC CL-17 in sizes XS to an incredible XXXXXL. All of this implies the spending CL will be a few people’s go-to protective helmets for quite a long time to come.

Features and Benefits 

Noise isolation

Suppositions differ on Noise isolation of the CL-17 is. We generally suggest you wear a fair pair of headphones if you ride a motorcycle at any rate. Also, that is the ideal approach to ride with a tranquil protective helmet. In any case, it’s consistently excellent to have a head protector that assists you with the trip as well. Notwithstanding HJCs best endeavors (making a helmet with a smooth, round shell and utilizing low profile vent covers, for instance), most proprietors assume the HJC is loud. 

As in every case, how boisterous you see a helmet relies upon the sort of bicycle you ride, just as how loud your past helmets were. In any case, in case you’re after an exceptionally calm head protector, this isn’t it. It’s about good enough contrasted with most protective helmets out there. As we noted, stick in some suitable ear fittings, and you ought to be OK. 


Ventilation is one territory where the HJC CL-17 progresses nicely. That is unexpected because, for a less expensive helmet, HJC has tossed additional vents over the face of Shield to take care of things; there is a vent in the jaw bar, a couple at the temple, and two or three vent openings in the crown of the protective helmet. There are six vents overall. 

They’re mated to four exhaust vents – it’s awful having a massive load of data sources if there’s no place for the air to leave the protective helmet. They’re situated on each side of the head protector, in addition to a couple under the spoiler at the back. 

Proprietors appear to concur the crown vents get a heap of air through the protective helmet and give cooling air a quick, uncontrolled way through the helmet shell and onto your head. Furthermore, they believe it’s superior to most helmets at keeping your head overall quite cool. 

The temple vents over the Shield are somewhat less fruitful; however, you can’t feel them as most proprietors say. The jawline vents are OK; however, not astounding. So if you purchase a CL and battle with Shield demisting, you may be shrewd putting resources into a Pinlock against mist embed because the face shield comes to Pinlock-prepared. All the vent sliders and controls have a good vibe, and everybody’s generally upbeat about how they work. So in case you’re after a good venting protective helmet, the HJC CL-17 should possess all the necessary qualities pleasantly. 


The Shield on the CL is overall quite broad to give extraordinary fringe vision. It deals with a wrench which is acceptable. Furthermore, cheerfully, it has an ‘aired out’ position (here and there called a city riding position) that the vast majority of us riders are searching to give us that piece of additional ventilation when riding gradually yet giving us good eye insurance. 

The CL 17 uses HJC’s Rapidfire Shield speedy delivery framework, which is incredibly simple to utilize; even my mother can oversee it. To eliminate the Shield, open it up, pull the tab and pull it off. To supplant it, you line it up with the openings and click it once again into the right spot. Snappy, viable, and no manuals included. 

What else? Indeed, proprietors say it feels like a strong Shield with decent development, and there’s an initial tab on the left, which is helpful (as opposed to the middle). If you take a gander at the photos, you can likewise see a switch on the left half of the Shield. That is a discretionary Shield lock that functions admirably. 

Finally, the Shield is Pinlock antifog prepared; however, there isn’t a Pinlock included in the crate. That is just going to trouble you if you live someplace stormy/cold or damp. Furthermore, if it does, you can get yourself a Pinlock for about $30 or something like that. 

Looks and Graphics 

It’s a handyman helmet, intended to work for however many riders as would be prudent, so it’s never going to be the most incredible or eye-getting top. However, that is fine since bunches of us don’t need a head protector like that. Yet, on the off chance that you would like to jazz it up a piece, there are some lovely out-there plans around. 

You realize you can generally track down your plain/solid blacks and whites and so on. However, masses of different plans exist out there for the CL17 as well – from unpretentious silly projects to ones with a more significant number of skulls than an Outlaw’s bicep. We’ve generously spread a couple of colorways around these pages, yet they appear to be endless. So if it’s not too much trouble, don’t hesitate to click the connections through to our suggested accomplice stores beneath (all scoring enormously well with independent purchaser surveys) and see the most recent arrangements and plans.

Final Verdict

Positively speaking, CL-17 does not cost much, is comfortable, smoothly ventilated, has excellent build quality, and all Snell’s essential qualifications prove very secure.  Not just that, but this is an easy helmet with which to survive and does most of the things you would like it to do. Overall, it’s a perfect, well-considered helmet with excellent safety and is worth buying.

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