BILT Techno 3.0 Modular Helmet Review

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We all understand the saying that a motorcycle ride involves certain risks. Unprofessional drivers, manholes, sand, and changing weather conditions can lead the safest and most seasoned riders to a serious crash. So, for the best protection against injuries and death, you need a great helmet. 

BILT is a brand that makes economical and comfortable helmet models. Currently, BILT has made their range even better with the launch of their Bluetooth helmets. The best part is that they are compatible with outdated phones. No matter how old your phone is, if it has Bluetooth, this helmet will work for it.

How We Made This Review?

For the BILT techno 3.0 review, we tested the product ourselves for a few days to point out every detail. After that, we compared it to the finest brand in the market to see the aspects where this product lacks.

People like to connect with the world even when they are on their motorcycle. So, we decided to test the third generation of the Techno Bluetooth range produced by this company. Moreover, we compared this to different brands as well. This model is ideal for communication with the Bluetooth intercom made for this brand by Sena. 

Our review will tell you the unbiased details of this product.

BILT Techno 3.0 Helmet

  • Excellent build quality.
  • Superior ventilation. 
  • Liner is Removable 
  • Integrated Bluetooth system
  • Eccentric Pin lock ready face shield 
  • Quick-release chin-bar operation by a push button
  • Size may not be for everyone
  • Noisier than expected

Things You Must Consider Before Buying this Helmet

Before this era, the utilization of Bluetooth communication systems in a helmet was rare. But now, it has become a must-have feature for bikers. Bluetooth intercom systems were first made for motorcycle helmets nearly 13 years back. You can use them for all sorts of entertainment, from playing music, streaming GPS instructions, and phone calls to group calls.

Most of the time, the Bluetooth communications systems are mounted onto a helmet like an accessory. Still, some helmet designs have integrated speaker pockets. Nothing is flawless, so both types have different desirable and undesirable features.


Every component of the helmet that includes the face shield, eye-port seal, and shield mechanism, is made of sturdy material. Due to the amazing quality of these components, it looks heavy-duty whenever you hold it. The well-designed components work with one another perfectly, showcasing the good engineering used in this product. 

In our reviews, the first thing we consider mentioning is the price as price is a major deciding factor for many people. So, this is a $269.99 helmet that includes a Bluetooth communications system. This feature is absent in the helmets that fall in the same price range by many famous brands like Shoei, Arai, HJC, etc.


Let’s begin discussing the features of the exterior of the helmet. If you are not able to try it on, you can take references from their size chart available on the internet. This helmet comes in two shell sizes, and they both have some variations. The change in the interior of the helmet is based on the internal shape and inner padding. 

Rather than guessing the size of your head, take proper measurements before ordering the helmet. After doing research, we found out that the Bilt helmets use one shell size with liners of different sizes. This is how they accommodate the range of head sizes. Again, you can’t expect to have several sizes at a low price point.

Ventilation in this is ensured by a front slot vent, upper slope vents, and two vent holes on the back on each side. The vent to eliminate the hot air is fixed as a metal mesh in the helmet. Usually, this type of ventilation is adequate to keep the inside of the helmet cool, but they produce noise. 

This system for ventilation is better known as the Multi-point surface mounted airflow ventilation system. This is because you get vents on different areas like the chin, forehead, rear side vents.

When you open the top vents, you get a lot of air inside the helmet. However, with the air, you have to tolerate the turbulence as well. So, to keep the space around the head and ears protected from that, use earplugs. Also, many users reported that it is not a nuisance even if you go without earplugs. 

Nonetheless, the turbulence is an indication that the airflow management stream that moves from front to back may be disturbed. You can remove or add the chin curtain and chin guards on the helmet. They have a direct effect on the airflow internally. The shape of the helmet shell helps to decrease the total air intake and buffeting on the helmet.


We advise you to go for one size larger than your actual head size when you buy this helmet. In this way, you will feel a lot more comfortable while wearing this helmet on long rides. The brow area of the helmet is especially snug to avoid putting stress over the head. From the inside, this helmet is narrow.

The weight of the BILT techno 3.0 helmets is more than 3 pounds. This is because it has an intercom system that possesses a significant amount of weight. Thus, you can call it a heavy helmet. The face shield removal mechanism is not difficult, and you can easily do it anywhere. The internal sun visor contributes to the weight of the helmet too. Even though this amount of weight may feel heavy on your head, the helmet distributes it evenly.

Features and Benefits 


This Bluetooth Helmet comes in four distinct colors. But it is a fact that when it comes to an ultimate favorite, we all have our eyes on the black-colored helmets. Because no other color is more versatile than black, it looks on every biker. Their helmet has a chic design and a glossy black color that looks stylish and bold.

The Bilt Techno 3.0 helmet appeals to the audience with clean and simple styling. On top of that, the shell is made of an alloy composite material. Mainly, the four colors are black, matte black, silver, and white. The finish on the white one is smooth, spot-free, and tough.

Even if you bump into something, you will hardly notice a mark on the surface. Overall, the quality is great to serve its purpose. 


This is a modular motorcycle helmet that offers a balance of protection, comfort, and ease. The job of any type of motorcycle helmet is to save you from a crash. It doesn’t only protect your head and brain, but it takes care of the face, neck, and ears.

When you are away from your home, getting something comfortable is not less than a luxury. If your helmet is not comfortable, you won’t be able to focus on the road. And, a minute of distraction can cause an accident. You get to adjust the visor and chin guard of a modular helmet to suit your taste.

In a modular helmet, you get full-face protection with the option to lift the frontal section turning it into an open-face helmet. That’s how it will save your energy and hairstyle.


The maintenance of the helmet is not an issue in this helmet. You just have to be precautious when you remove the liner because you may touch the wiring of the Bluetooth system. Once you remove the liner, you can wash it without a hurdle.

Other Features

The removable inner liner has a small area to accommodate the Sena speakers. Due to this, they don’t push on the ears. Plus, they don’t influence the overall vision. The position of the speaker is well-thought. You will find spacers in the box of the helmet if you need adjustments.

You can remove the chin area of the helmet that is made of foam to see the battery of the system. As this area contains wiring, be careful while removing this foam. Remember, if it is not necessary to use these elements, we advise you not to remove the chin padding.

Three out of five bikers wear eyeglasses. And a majority of us have encountered problems in getting typical eyewear temples to fit in the helmet. The thick side pads are often the reason behind this issue. In this helmet, you will not find a specific cutout or slot for your spectacles.


  • Advanced injection-molded alloy composite exterior
  • Better aerodynamic shape for superior performance
  • Easy pull-up chin bar
  • Drop-down tinted sun visor for protection from UV rays
  • Comfortable moisture-wicking liner


  • Limited sizes
  • Fewer color options

Final Verdict

From our review, it is pretty obvious those who are looking for an affordable helmet with a Bluetooth intercom system helmet must consider it.

This helmet has the features that are most essential for a helmet. Apart from safety, you will get an integrated system with speakers and microphone that is placed by the manufacturers. This system is neatly incorporated into the overall helmet structure to prevent any discomfort on the road.

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