Best Motorcycle Gear For Beginners

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Generally, every motorcycle gear must be a good combination of features, protection, and engineering. These are the factors that promise great rider experiences. Basically, a gear that provides maximum protection from sun, rain, air, noise, and dust, and of course, a crash on the pavement.

Apart from protecting you from accidents, it must protect your body and protect you from sunburn, a distraction from the loud wind noise, and the insects and debris that travel through the air.

We have done in-depth reviews on the best motorcycle gear for beginners that will help you ride with joy and peace.

How did we select these items?

If you are searching for gear that offers superb protection, this is the place for you. In this article, all the products ensure your safety. These gears are tried and tested, and the test couldn’t damage these products.

Yet, protection is the highlight of these products. If you come in contact with the road or the pavement, these gears will save you from injuries and muscle pain. This is why they are a necessity, and everyone must have them. 

Moreover, our body is not conditioned to react in a certain manner when it faces a stop from speed all of a sudden. You may recall the memory of falling down from running around when you were a child. At that point in time, we used to end up having bloody knees and palms. Now, you can imagine the difference in the speed of a motorbike and the damages it can cause on a sudden stop.

When you are riding your bike at more than average speed, the road surface can become very rough if you fall on it. So, these gears have the property to resist abrasion, and the clothing added in this article is armored against impacts at the delicate parts of your body. It is not always in your hands to avoid an accident. Thus, adequate protection is the correct way to mitigate such dangers.

Best Beginners Helmet: Scorpion EXO-R420

The helmets from Scorpion are popular already for their great build quality. Like the older models of helmets by this company, it has a basic exterior. Still, it delivers good protection at a reasonable value.

Also, this helmet comes in various styles and colors to match the personality of most of the riders. Their final touch comprises a clear coat to add detail and durability to the helmet. Here, style is not a matter of concern; we want you to buy a helmet that keeps you safe in all sorts of circumstances. You get this helmet for under two hundred dollars. At this price, the features it provides are not bad. 

This is a lightweight helmet to keep you comfortable when you are on long-distance rides. This weight is enough to seal the deal for many newbie riders. However, due to the weight, it lifts at highway speeds. That can be a negative point for those who often ride on the highway. Not to outdone, everybody has a different experience as the behavior of this helmet changes depending on the head shape, the bike motorcycle you ride, and the way you ride.

Overall, the EXO-R420 is a well-designed piece, and it is nearly impossible to find another helmet at this price. No other model reaches the level of safety and build quality it has.

When we discuss affordable helmets, Scorpion is no doubt a top candidate on our list of Best Motorcycle Gear For Beginners. From the inside, the padding of this helmet is snug. The internal shape makes sure that you don’t feel the pressure on your face. Apart from that, it has a Snell rating for guaranteed protection.

Best Beginner Jacket: REV'IT! Eclipse

A jacket that you wear while riding is an essential item of a safety kit. Basically, for the summer season, the Revit Eclipse is the best motorcycle jacket for beginners for adventure riding gear fields. It’s a basic jacket for summer that focuses on keeping you cool. It is available in multiple sizes, from small to extra-large.

This jacket is made from 600D abrasion-resistant polyester. And to keep the sweat away on a hot day. You will find mesh panels in abundance to provide sufficient airflow from the front, insides, your arms, and the back. To let people see you when there is no light has a laminated reflector on the back of the jacket.

Inside the jacket, on the shoulder and elbow, there is a Knox one armor with CE-rating. That is because these two areas are the main impact zones. Also, the armor is thick with some holes to provide an entrance area for the air.

The jacket has loops for jeans, so you can attach it to a pair of pants. Speaking of the comfort, the jacket is exceptional. Due to the lightweight, it fits perfectly, making you feel comfy on any long rides. Also, the mesh passes the air that adds to its comfort.

To adjust the jacket, you will have a zipper in the front of the jacket and a rivet in the collar. On the upper arm, there are four rivets in case you want it to be a bit tight on the arm. Velcro straps are present on the wrist to help you open and close the jacket. Plus, there are two velcro belts to help you secure the waist. On either side, you will see mesh pockets.

The same thing goes for the REV’IT! Eclipse Jacket For Women. In the hot weather, it is not possible to do without safety gear that makes you feel cool. This is actually a mesh jacket made for use just during the months of scorching heat. For us, the best part about this product is that it is available at an economical price. Furthermore, it has the features that a biker requires. The quality of this jacket is outstanding as the other items by this brand.

To protect your shoulders and elbows, the jacket has CE armor. Apart from that, there is a pocket to give you the option to add a CE level 2 back protector in this jacket. The structure of the jacket comprises a mesh. However, there is a solid fabric that covers the shoulders and elbows, the area below the torso, and over the kidney belt section. 

On the inside of the length of the jacket, you will find a snap-close loop. This loop is provided for you to attach the jacket around your belt from the back. In this way, the tail remains at the same place even if you are riding at high speed. Similarly, when you fall from your bike, it keeps the jacket from going upwards from the pant waist.

There are three color choices that you get in this jacket. All of the colors are equally unique and attractive. The manufactures have added a pocket to accept a Seesoft CE Level 2 Back Protector easily. 

The Eclipse Ladies is the best motorcycle gear for beginners, as it covers the needs of a regular female rider. When the temperature rises, we need something to beat the heat while protecting ourselves at the same time. Hence, the mesh shell of this jacket ensures that your body remains at a certain temperature.

Best Beginner Gloves: ICON Pursuit Classic

These gloves by icon are thin, elegant, and are equipped with integrated armor for knuckle protection. In the making of these gloves, sheepskin leather is used. Fundamentally, sheepskin leather is known to provide a greater level of comfort. Not only that, it makes the gloves compatible with using your touchscreen devices.

Because they are available at an affordable value, the Icon Pursuit Gloves are not going to break your bank. They are black in color that looks very sleek and simple. So, if you are not a fan of gear that screams for attention, these are the perfect gloves for everyday use.

These gloves offer a whole package that includes protection, convenience, and looks. The knuckle armor is constructed with high-quality plastic to ensure that your fingers are protected. Regardless of that, the specific martial on the palm allows the bikers to use their touch screen gadgets without taking off the gloves. 

Another noticeable thing about the gloves is the aesthetics. They do not look like something heavy. Instead, they are just like the normal leather gloves you see people wearing all the time.

With the easy-to-operate wrist closure, you can wear them underneath the tight sleeves of your jacket. Aside from the tough knuckle plate, they do not let your hands boil at hot temperatures. They keep your hand warm during cold weather as well.

You may get the color of the fabric on your hand, as they are not waterproof. Still, we don’t count it in the list of the cons. 

Over the decades, Icon has been launching better products in the market. A few years back, they introduced this glove in the market. At first glance, it looks like any other glove that you use. But the protection it guarantees is pretty classic.

Since 2006, this is the original style of their gloves that has become a constant for several years. These gloves are made of goatskin leather to provide great fitment and ease. Today, the Pursuit glove is available in two different versions. That is a solid version, and one has perforations on them. The solid version works best for usage in mild or cooler weather. On the other hand, the perforated glove is especially for hotter months. 

In the Pursuit Gloves For Women by Icon, under the wrist, there is a strap to clinch it at the wrist. The material of the gloves gives full coverage to your hands and digits. This is done with the help of a Velcro tab. Luckily, the velcro straps do not attach to the liners of your garment’s pocket when you keep them in the pocket.

The injection-molded protectors on the knuckles of your hand and the backs of the fingers are adequate for avoiding scratches on your skin. The protectors are sturdy and comfortable, so they will never restrict the movement of your hand. Additionally, double leather is incorporated in the wear areas on the hand. 

The smart technique used for the construction of these gloves makes sure that there is no need for you to take off the gloves to even change the songs on your playlist. That is why we call these the best motorcycle gear for beginners because they are manageable.

Best Beginner Jeans: Street & Steel Oakland

Those who want a pant that is made to transform your riding experience and comes at a good value, this is the right place for you. These jeans are the best motorcycle gear for beginners, with a five-pocket design to carry whatever you want. 

Plus, the denim of these pants is stretchable with hips and knees reinforced with aramid. There is a removable CE armor in the knees that is easy to fix into the desired position.

Nowadays, in the market, picking the right type of pants is an overwhelming experience. Obviously, it is not logical to wear your typical jeans on a ride. Bikers need to have something to protect their legs. Because of this, these pants have reinforcements through the seat and joints. 

These jeans are no doubt a budget-friendly option. Nevertheless, if you feel like this one is not for you, it is better to do some research. Inside the jeans, the designers have utilized aramid that is a high-quality material. This material is often used to make body armors for soldiers. 

Not to mention, this is a material that promises heat and tear-resistant characteristics. The bottom line is that your pants are not going to tear because of friction from a fall or when they are exposed to heat.

Commonly, the seat, hips, and knees are the areas that are susceptible to injuries as these parts contain various joints. The CE-rated knee guards of these pants nullify the energy of an impact. On top of that, you can adjust them to a preferred position or remove them if you want to. 

This pair of jeans fits on the body just like any other jeans in your wardrobe. The measurement of the inseam of the jeans is 33.5-inches. If you have a short height, you can cuff the jeans to reduce the length. The lower leg portion of the jeans has enough space for your riding boots

Most of the time, ladies prefer a good fitment. Due to this reason, the Oakland Women’s Jeans by Street & Steel are casual style jeans that stretch to fit every body type. It is available in a Boot cut style. Still, it doesn’t touch the ground. These jeans are reinforced with Aramid material as well.

According to the reviews, these jeans are a bit large if you order them in your size. On that note, we suggest you buy a size smaller than your normal jeans size.

These are extraordinary jeans for a motorcycle. They offer a captivating appearance and ultimate knee protection. They are velcroed in place to provide adjustability. In short, these jeans are very durable, and they are going to be a part of your gear kit for a long period.

Best Beginner Boots: TCX Street 3

The TCX Street 3 boots are available in a completely black version with silver details. They are constructed with top-class grain leather. To add shine to these boots, they gave them a final waxy finish. In simple words, this is the sturdiest form of leather that is used today. You get this material from the layers of the cowhide. 

In this area, the grain fibers are bonded together in a manner that they become dense. This gives them high strength, yet they are soft-looking and trendy. The finish of these boots is indeed incredible, but it doesn’t make them any harder. 

The best thing about these shoes is that even if the dirt gets on them, their looks are still unchanged. As compared to the other models, the finish of these boots is slightly smoother. If you are one of those who want their boots to look shiny and sparkling, this will not disappoint you in any way. 

These boots are easy to clean because of the smooth surface. And, thankfully, it doesn’t take a lot of time to do it. These are on the list of the best motorcycle gear for beginners because they set an example for the other brands that make the same product. These motorcycle boots have the approval of the CE standards.

These standards test the boots by crushing the sole. In this test, these boots passed with flying colors. These boots are brilliant for riding as they protect it from getting some serious injuries. For instance, in many events, the motorcycle drops on the foot of the rider. Thus, your ankles need protection. For this purpose, slim armor is suitable to avoid extra pressure on your foot.

Needless to say, these can’t offer the levels of protection you’d get from a pair of full-height motorcycle boots, but everything is a compromise, and I’m very happy with these.

After using them yourself for a few days, you will observe that the sole has a good grip. Even when it is wet outdoors, the boots are not slippery. But, on slicker areas of your house, you can expect an unusual slide. This factor is seen in many footwear that you own.

These TCX Street 3 Air shoes are available for women too. The sole of these shoes has a balanced weight. For the ladies out there, these shoes are available in an amazing silver color with precise detailing on them. By wearing these shoes, you don’t have to worry about your outfit as these shoes go in distinct colors.

The lining of these shoes leaves no room for complaints. It is well-designed and stops the water from penetrating your boots. These boots are not full-length. Thus you have to be careful during the rainy weather. 

In such circumstances, the water may run down your calf into the boots. If you are precautious with these things, you will never struggle after wearing these boots. The makers designed the lining of these shoes to support your foot while being waterproof.


As mentioned above, when you are out on the road, you are exposed to all sorts of risks. For instance, you have to deal with the changes in weather, etc. For this reason, you need to have full concentration on the road. Also, you must know how to balance your body if any incident happens.

Thus, for a stable ride, motorcycle gears are manufactured to reduce the risks of injuries or anything worse during a crash and making you feel comfortable in any climatic condition. Plus, it aids in reducing fatigue. So, it is not a good option to take these things for granted, especially when you are new to riding a bike. 

In fact, when you buy yourself a hog, add the cost of the best motorcycle gear for beginners to the overall price of buying a motorcycle. We think that one can always afford to pay for good gears. Even if you are running short of cash, try to make reductions from the price of the bike you’re thinking of purchasing. Or, only buy a two-wheeler when you can easily buy the helmet, jacket, gloves, pants, and shoes.

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