10 Best Motorcycle Jackets

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There is nothing more iconic, rough, and tough like a motorcycle jacket. Motorcycle jackets used to be for bikers only, and then they became a symbol of punk rock fashion. However, it has always remained a style statement – a solid one.

Motorcycles jackets can never go out of style, no matter what year they are, they are evergreen, and make you look cool every time. Earlier people used to be hesitant in wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket because of the rebellious stigma attached to it.

But times have changed now, and it is not just for the rebels now.

This phenomenal trend from the 70s is coming back in action in the coming year. Designers have already issued press releases about their up and coming clothing lines that will have jackets, and people are eagerly waiting to get their hands on the best motorcycle jacket that can add five stars to their fashion routines.

However, there are just so many brands out there that to make a purchase that is both lavish and practical can seem like an impossible task.

When there are so many choices, the customers doubt if they could make a better choice. If you are also wondering what type of jacket should you invest in, we’ll help you choose one for you in this article.

Here is a little table for a quick insight if you are not much of a reader

Best Choice
Joe Rocket Atomic Men's 5.0 Textile Motorcycle Jacket (Black, XX-Large) - 1651-5006
Premium Choice
Alpinestars Men's T-GP Plus R V2 Air Motorcycle Jacket, Black/White, 2X-Large
Best Value For Money
HWK Motorcycle Jacket Men's Riding Textile Racing Motorbike Hi-Vis Biker CE Armored Water Resistant...
Joe Rocket Atomic Men's 5.0 Textile Motorcycle Jacket
Alpinestars Men's T-GP Plus R V2 Air Motorcycle Jacket
HWK Textile Racing Motorbike Hi-Vis Biker CE Armored Waterproof Jacket
Price not available
Best Choice
Joe Rocket Atomic Men's 5.0 Textile Motorcycle Jacket (Black, XX-Large) - 1651-5006
Joe Rocket Atomic Men's 5.0 Textile Motorcycle Jacket
Premium Choice
Alpinestars Men's T-GP Plus R V2 Air Motorcycle Jacket, Black/White, 2X-Large
Alpinestars Men's T-GP Plus R V2 Air Motorcycle Jacket
Price not available
Best Value For Money
HWK Motorcycle Jacket Men's Riding Textile Racing Motorbike Hi-Vis Biker CE Armored Water Resistant...
HWK Textile Racing Motorbike Hi-Vis Biker CE Armored Waterproof Jacket

If you are looking for something stylish, you can check out our best picked leather motorcycle jackets.

1. Joe Rocket Resistor Men’s Mesh Motorcycle Jacket


  • Flexible fabric for best fitting
  • Breathable mesh lining for ventilation
  • Easy snap tool for belt
  • A certified biker protection system
  • Removable spine armor


  • Not suitable for cold weather

Let us start with a jacket that has many winning qualities to offer. The Joe rocket men’s jacket is most famous for its durability and well-made exterior. One common complaint of the bikers is that they can gain weight or height for a few years, with this jacket, you don’t have to worry. There are size adjustment mechanisms at six points on this jacket. If you start to bulk up or better still lose a few pounds, you won’t have to go through the trouble of finding a new jacket again. Your investment in this one jacket is going to last you for years. 

Another big concern for the bikers is that they want to have ample road safety. This jacket has extra padded shoulders and elbows to save the most important joints in the event of any unforeseen accidents. You can ride your bike with more confidence and without the fear of getting fractures or scarps. When you are riding a bike, you are under a lot of pressure and can become sweaty from these laboring tasks. This jacket has mesh fabric underarms, shoulders, and back support, which will allow your skin to breathe freely and keep you sweat-free and happy at all times. 

2. Joe Rocket Atomic Men’s 5.0 Textile Motorcycle Jacket


  • Snug Fitting 
  • Waterproof Ziplines 
  • Cargo pockets with Velcro strips
  • Strong buttons on the zipper flaps
  • Internal ventilation system for sweat protection


  • Heavy weighted

Now let’s talk about another contender from the Joe rocket series. This jacket is made keeping in mind the comfort level and practicality to provide the best support system on the road. You would want to keep your important documents like I.D., cash, and driver’s license to stay alert and deal with any unexpected emergencies on a road trip. This jacket has two cargo pockets with Velcro seals that would help you stay sharp on the road and give you peace of mind that all your vital information is safe with you.

Other important factors like C.E shoulder and elbow padding are available, and there is also removable spine armor. However, one unique quality of this jacket that all bikers will love is the two-way front zipper. When you are on the road, you don’t want your jacket to come to lose and bother you when both your hands are busy with driving. These jackets have double zippers adjustment, but there is also an added protection of storm buttons in the zipper flaps. Now you can travel full speed ahead, and your jacket wouldn’t move from its place, keeping you secure from all sides.

3. Alpinestars Men’s T-GP Plus R V2 Air Motorcycle Jacket


  • Velcro wrist cuffs
  • Breathable neckline
  • Lumber style waist for a snug fit
  • D-ring adjustment clasps for proper fitting
  • Stretchable shoulder fabric 


  • No rain liner

Here is a jacket that works wonderfully and looks pretty neat too. The Alpinestars Men’s jacket is a class apart in the world of motorcycle jackets. There are bikers out there who are stuck with a jacket that does not allow them to relax because the shoulders’ fit is flawed. With this jacket, you can forget about getting shoulder sours and fabric friction after hours of driving. This jacket has easy and flexible shoulder support that adjusts to your biceps and shoulder joints’ natural shape and size. 

Your neck may get irritation from an enclosed and tight-fitting neck liner between your helmet and your jacket. However, this jacket has an easy, breathable, and narrow neck collar that would not irritate you in the middle of the race when you focus on the winning leap. Another major cause of annoyance for bikers is the wrists that can go up and down without your control. To avoid such a situation, there are wrist strappings to keep this jacket in one place and ensure that your sleeves stay in the right position while you are busy driving. The solution of a lumber style waistline is helpful to keep the jacket in line.

4. Tourmaster Transition Series 4 Men’s Textile Motorcycle Touring Jacket


  • Nylon fabric exterior for extreme durability
  • Elbow pads straps for extra protection
  • Waist belt adjustment
  • Anti-rain hood on the collar
  • Waterproof exterior


  • Tight neck liner

This jacket is a perfect combination of light weighted and strong fabric at the same time. The Tourmaster motorcycle jacket is not only for bikers but also for the racers on the loopy tracks. These jackets have all the features to support the extreme racing riders. The shoulder pads are not just any ordinary material; they are industrial grade. The exterior of the jacket is extremely durable and looks decent enough to be on the runway. Many bikers complain that their jacket’s stitching comes off at the seams when they hit the road. 

However, these jackets’ amazing design has all the stitches inside, giving it more durability under all conditions. There are multiple adjustment clasps on all the vital points where a jacket can go loose. There are not one but two pull-up fitters on each elbow to ensure that the safety pad remains in the right place even if you experience a massive amount of impact. There is an excellent heat ventilation system for the back, shoulders, and also the armpits. So you don’t get drenched and irritated by the heat during the race. This jacket is a great combination of useful features because the exterior is waterproof, and the interior is moisture resistant.  

5. Motorcycle Jacket Men’s Riding HWK Textile


  • Double-safety stitching
  • Air ventilation system
  • Soft collar fabric
  • Arms and waist adjusters for a snug fit
  • Robust zippers


  • No double zippers

Here is a jacket that is just like the bikers, rugged and strong on the outside and soft and comfy on the inside. Every biker wants a motorcycle jacket that is perfect for wearing all year round. This jacket is great for wearing all around the year with a detachable thermal liner that you can put on during the winter. So, this is the type of jacket that will save your pretty pennies on spending different jackets for winters and summers. The problem is not just the money, but you also won’t have to go through the hassle of fitting into another jacket a second time over. 

With this jacket, you can keep mapping the tracks regardless of the weather conditions. One very important factor related to the bikers’ road safety is that their jackets come off on vital impact places, and the armor flies out, which makes room for severe injuries and scrapings. Even if your jacket has high-end padding, it will not help if it slips out during a clash. This jacket has a special type of anti-tear stitch strengthening liner that would not let your jacket your rip easily. This jacket has internal pockets to keep your cellphone protected under the think soft layer of fabric. 

6. ILM Motorcycle Jackets, Carbon Fiber Moto Jacket For Men And Women


  • Warm liner for cold weather
  • Visible shoulder paddings
  • Aerodynamic design
  • White reflective liners
  • Waterproof exterior


  • Not certified spine armor

This is a jacket that is not only highly protective but also looks the part. The designers have strategically placed the shoulder paddings on the outside of the jacket. When you take a hit, the road would only be able to come in contact with the shoulder pads, and your vital joints will stay far away from the dangers of the injuries. More speed poses more dangers, but this jacket has got your back from all sides and covers not only your backside but also provides padding for your vital organs like kidneys and chest area.

The internal armor is not just tough looking strappings but actual industrial-strength slabs that are great for shock absorption and friction protection. On the outside, this jacket is pitch black, which is the most popular color among bikers, but there are white reflective liners on the jacket so that any vehicles coming from the opposite direction can easily spot you from a distance and drive accordingly. Such a small innovation is great for reducing the number of an accident during night time. Most jackets have ventilation pockets on the front side. However, this jacket’s thoughtful design has made room for two moisture wick zippers on the backside of the jacket, so you remain stress and hassle-free at all times. 

7. Alpinestars Men’s T-Faster Air Motorcycle Jacket


  • 3-D collar texture for extra comfort
  • Reflective white linings
  • Curved arms for fatigue reduction
  • Microfiber strength for durability
  • Mesh panels for Air vent


  • No Belt for waist adjustment

Another showstopper from the Alpinestars is the Men’s T-faster air motorcycle jacket. This jacket may have a minimalistic style on the outside, but the interior is packed with useful features for the maximum on-road utility for all the bikers. Many bikers have trouble adjusting their arms into the sleeves of a new jacket. This jacket has already curved arms that are a great way to make it a snug fit and allow the elbow protection pad in one place. All the designs and logos have reflective capabilities that are a crucial factor for road safety protocol.

It is a common problem for the bikers to put up with an uncomfortable jacket for the sake of road safety. However, this jacket has extra soft liners and fabric on the inside to ensure that the rider has maximum comfort at all times. There is an option for removing your shoulder pads if you not in a hurry. However, ignoring your safety is not recommended. When you are riding your bike under the open sky, you can get exposed to direct sunlight and road heat. It would be best if you did not worry about becoming exhausted from high temperatures during your journey because these jackets have cooing fabric layers for a better summertime bike ride.

8. New AXE Men’s Leather Jacket Motorcycle


  • Sturdy leather exterior
  • Reflective stripes on sleeves and back
  • Sleeve pocket for accessibility
  • Durable zippers
  • Vast collar for proper ventilation


  • Uncertified armor 

Finally, a real leather jacket on the list arrives. For all the senior bikers out there who prefer to use animal hide products, this jacket is the ultimate combo of functions and features. The most distinct quality of the leather is that it does not wear or tear easily. Leather is both soft and strong simultaneously. Therefore, these qualities are already added to this jacket by way of having a leather exterior. The first thing you will notice about this jacket is that it is very fashion savvy and well designed. 

However, this great exterior does not translate into poor protection on the road. Inside this jacket, there are five paddings to save your body from heavy impacts on the vital hit points like elbows, shoulders, and backside. You can place important things like coins for the toll booths and registration for the road checks in your wrist pockets. It is an added function that gives you peace of mind because you don’t have to keep worrying if your things have slipped out because they will be in the range of your vision at all times. The back armor does not only work as a protective layer but also adds comfort to the backside.  

9. Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket With Red Accent


  • Red reflective panels
  • Velcro elbow straps for added protection
  • Wrist adjusters
  • V-line front pockets
  • Zipper moisture vents in front and back


  • Heavy weighted

Here is a jacket that is popular for its water protection capabilities. In case it starts to rain unexpectedly during the ride, you can keep going on without the fear of getting soaked. This feature also keeps your documents and mobile phones safe from direct contact with moisture. However, it is best to drive in the rain only when it is necessary. The elbow protectors must remain in place even under high-pressure situations. There are double straps on the elbow to ensure that you don’t have the trouble of loose paddings during biking hours. 

Despite the strong elbow adjusters, there are also Velcro straps on the wrist to ensure that your sleeves remain in a comfortable position. The jacket is filled with reflective fabric patches in the right places. These patches make this jacket better looking and also keep you safe on the road while driving. The entire jacket has additional waterproof and thermal lining as well. Another great thing about this jacket is that it is washable with other clothing items, but you have to be careful and remove the protective padding before putting it in the washer. 

10. Dainese Racing 3 Perforated Leather Men’s Street Motorcycle Jacket


  • Microfiber strength
  • High-grade leather material
  • Air vents for sweat protection
  • Trouser fastening system
  • Soft inserts for added comfort


  • Not Waterproof

Most buyers are unable to believe that this great looking jacket is made from a high-grade leather. Therefore, features like durability, comfort, and soft textures are added to this jacket. Racers can have a hard time keeping their clothes incoordination. A fast route can ruffle up everything. This clothing armor’s micro elastic technology makes sure that your jacket remains in one place and ensures a snug fit to help the armor pads remain in one place. Another racer’s favorite feature is the aluminum shoulder inserts. These lines help the shoulder blades align perfectly with the rib and maintain a healthy posture and reduce fatigue and exhaustion rates. 

The sleeves of this jacket have a suitable curved design to provide ideal arms fitting and flexibility. The protective protocol of this jacket is high grade. There is a suitable combination of hard and soft padding in suitable areas to keep the bikers comfortable and protect them from the dangers of the race track. Another matter of concern for bikers is that the waist may be too tight or too loose for them. This jacket has waist adjustments to ensure that it does not rotate or cause hassle during or after the race.

Motorcycle Jacket Buyer’s Guide

You have got a job, and now you have the money to purchase the bike of your dreams. You quickly find a biker’s club and plan the ultimate road trip of the year. However, you will not fit in the crowd of habitual bikers unless you are donning your perfect motorcycle jacket. A decent motorcycle jacket not only keeps you alert and safe on a road trip, but it is an unspoken armor of the bikers.

You would not want to leave for a biking trip without finding a proper biker’s gear. It is not about the judgment of others; it is about your road safety. There is going to be heat, dirt, rain, and clashes on the road. You have to prepare in advance if you want to enjoy your road trip and not return miserable. Small problems like where are you going to put your money and documents become big problems in the middle of the road. A biker’s jacket is your key to save you from all these hassles.

However, when you want to select a jacket, you will get stuck in the sea of unlimited choices. How do you make the best purchase? To give you an idea about what features you should be looking for in a jacket, take a look at the following factors that can help you select the best from the rest:

Road Protection

Safety comes first! When it comes to motorbike jackets, the same fact applies to it as well. You do not want to choose a jacket that only looks great from the outside and does nothing to protect you from the road or race tracks’ danger. You should try to make your selection by checking for the right and certified road safety quotient of a jacket and the looks later. In reality, all jackets look great but make a jacket truly valuable because it acts as the armor in the event of any unfortunate accidents. You should know that accident statistics for bikers is much higher than the ratio in cars or other vehicles. Since bikes are fast and do not have a stable equilibrium point, they can tip to one side as soon as a bike stops. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your motorbike jackets have safety features for the critical hit points like shoulders, elbow joints, rib cage, and backside.

Comfort Level

It would be better if you weren’t stuck in a stiff jacket for the sake of remaining safe on the road. A good motorbike jacket has proper armor support, but it is not uncomfortable. Soft fabrics are lining on the inside to keep the driver’s comfy on the inside. If you are stuck in a jacket that does not let you move freely, your focus on the road can be affected. When you cannot move your arms freely, you will get tired soon and won’t be able to breathe comfortably. Therefore, make sure that your jacket is not only well-protected but also has a maximum comfort level.

Safety Pockets

In a car, you have dashboards and gloves boxes where you can keep your papers. However, on a bike, there are no sections for documents. While on the road, keeping your valuables in a secure place is a big concern for bikers. A decent motorbike jacket provides the bikers external and internal pockets to safely store their cash, mobile phones, and driving license. These small pockets can save you from big disasters on the road. Therefore, it is highly recommended to choose a jacket with cargo pockets and waterproof internal pockets.


Bikers will come face to face with a big problem on the road when they feel exhausted from the extreme heat. Driving a bike is like doing exercise. On one side, your body is doing a lot of work, and on the other hand, your mind should not get distracted from the road ahead. If you become excessively sweaty, your attention will shift from the road, and you won’t be able to continue. You should know that accidents occur in the milliseconds when your attention diverts from the road. Therefore, it is important to check that your jackets have ample air vents and mesh linings to keep you hassle-free and attentive at all times.


It is important to understand that motorcycle jackets are not just a fashion accessory, but in many cases, they can make the difference between life and death and even save the rider from severe injuries. Biking is such a sport and hobby that is full of risks and thrills. All of the jackets on this list have an aptitude for looking great and providing important innovations for the bikers like shoulder paddings, proper ventilation, reflective exterior, snug fit, and protection during all temperatures. Motorcycle jackets are an essential item for bikers and help you make your journey easier and better for every road trip. Other drivers can easily spot you during night times with reflective exteriors. These features not only make biking more fun but also help save lives.

With a good motorcycle, you are safer on road and have better chances of staying away from accidents or hits due to the jacket’s added facilities. A normal jacket does nothing to protect and prepare your physic to stay in an alert state of mind. A motorcycle jacket supports the spine and shoulders to help the bikers actively control their motor engines. Other features like mobile and document safety provide bikers with the peace of mind. It is important to have proper gear before going on the roads because precaution is always better than cure. 

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