10 Best Motorcycle Jeans

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The rider realm has very systematic and functional offerings to enhance safety and aesthetics, streamlining the ultimate bad and boogie style. Following these trends, there is a specific piece of apparel that is often overlooked and even underestimated- motorcycle jeans.

Perhaps, as a beginner motorcycle enthusiast, you might not consider keeping the motorcycle jeans or pants in your wardrobe of rider essentials. Still, once you get more comfortable with the hobby, you begin to understand that you are missing on something reasonably vital for a rider. As you transition to more rugged adventures and cruiser style riding, the humble but essential motorcycle jeans will be at the center of optimal comfort and safety, especially if things do go south on those road trips. 

But we do understand, pulling off a pair of bulky and old-style jeans is not a universal feat. Fortunately, the motorcycle apparel industry realizes this dilemma, and it comes bearing a peace offering. Motorcycle jeans that follow the current trends stay comfortable, look ultra-stylish, and offer the best safety without comprising any of the factors but encompassing the rider persona in you.

Let’s talk about some of those best motorcycle jeans that will not only enhance your adventure-oriented heritage but is also a piece of clothing that you can depend upon. 

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1. Taukey 2019 Men Motorcycle Riding Jeans Armor Racing Cycling Pants


  • Perfectly styles 
  • Detachable protection armor 
  • Comfortable and Stretchy fabric 
  • Affordable 


  • The fabric is strong but thin, as reported by some existing customers.

The Taukey 2019 Motorcycle riding jeans is an eye-catcher when it comes to the unit’s unique design. An entirely badass apparel for our riders. The product certainly looks cool, but its mechanics are ultra-practical, ensuring the highest level of rider safety. Now, the jeans is bulky, but that is simply a factor of the many features it comes with to ensure undulating protection. 

The motorcycle jeans by Taukey is manufactured using 12oz of premium denim fabric. If you are worried about that bit of extra room, you’ll be delighted because the denim fabric is super stretchy. The 3 percent spandex component adds to the durability of the fabric, makes it windproof, and is super resistant to wear and tear.

The anti-collision pads and the detachable knee armor make this apparel a beast that will keep your scratch-free if things go south. Since the armors and cushions are removable, you can wear the jeans regularly too. Overall, the Taukey 2019 jeans an ergonomic product. There is no compromise on safety or aesthetics. The premium quality and practical approach to rider protection certainly make this product to be on this list of best motorcycle jeans on the market.

2. MAXLER JEAN Biker Jeans For Men – Slim Straight Fit Motorcycle Riding Pants


  • Extra protection with the added layer of DuPont fabric around the knees and hips
  • Adjustable height 
  • Super Flexible allowing for better mobility 
  • High quality and durable 
  • Affordable 


  • The buckle might need some reinforcement.

If you are hoping to purchase a motorcycle jean that doesn’t break your wallet but also offers the same features and protection as the premium models, the MAXLER biker jeans are your best bet. You will be delighted with the number of bells and whistles that this product offers. 

The jeans are manufactured with a 14oz denim material consisting of the infamous DuPont Kevlar lining. The removable knee and hip pad are sturdy. The 14oz rating confirms that the fabric is highly breathable and allows effective heat dissipation, which is an essential factor for a rider who prefers longer rides or higher speeds.

For added protection against your hips, knees, and thighs, there is an extra layer of Kevlar around those regions. The knee zipper pocket makes the jeans super versatile. You can easily adjust the height of the protection pads to suit your body’s dimensions. Overall, the thoughtful design, fantastic aesthetics, and affordability certainly make these jeans worthy of being considered as one of the best motorcycle jeans you can get your hands on. Perhaps, the product has the highest satisfaction rate we have ever seen for any other motorcycle rider gear. 

3. HWK Motorcycle Pants For Men Dualsport Motocross


  • A robust build and comfortable structure 
  • Fits snuggly 
  • The Cordura fabric is resistant to scratches or abrasions 
  • Detachable armors 
  • Reflective strokes for better visibility 


  • Since there are multiple layers of fabric, you might feel a little unformattable during summers

The HWK Dual-sport Motorcycle overpants are made for all occasions. A truly versatile piece of apparel for riders. The jeans are structured using the highest grade of 600D Cordura material, supplemented with a warranty of a lifetime by the brand. And the reviews from existing customers confirm these claims. However, should you find any disparity with the product, the company readily replaces the product. Sounds Promising, Eh!

In terms of usability, the HWK motorcycle jeans is a beast, with all the essential features tucked away in all the right places. The product comes with removable hip and knee armors or pockets for enhanced protection. Both the armors are sturdy. Besides, the Cordura fabric used in these jeans is one of the most rigid clothing materials you will find in the market.  

Yes, the fabric is tough, but that does not overpower the breathability or comfort in any way. The micro meshes and the integrated Reissa skins is the best form of ventilation for hot summer rides. For a premium aesthetic, the HWK motorcycle jeans encompass reflective strokes around the sides. These patterns impart a rather muscular or rugged look to the jeans. That is not, these strokes practically glow in the light, enhancing your visibility when you are riding in the night. 

4. ScorpionExo Covert Jeans Men’s Reinforced Motorcycle Pants


  • Functional approach
  • Extremely Durable 
  • A single layer of blended fabrics for better comfort
  • Unbreakable rider protection 


  • The package does not include knee or hip armors.

Now for the star of the show! The Scorpion Exo Covert Motorcycle jeans is the top of the line apparel for riders. They are made for the premium class needs, with reinforced fabrics perfectly abrasion and scratch-resistant, supplemented with Cordura Kevlar and Covert Ultra fabric. The structure and material enhancement directly translated to flawless jeans devoid of any visible stitch lines, panels, or seams. All zones are secured and abrasion-free.

Since the materials are far from upscaled, their single integration into one single fabric makes wearing the jeans for a long time super comfortable. The brand claims that the Scorpion Exo Covert motorcycle jeans is seven times more durable than all counterparts.

As if that level of premium protection wasn’t enough, because the Scorpion Exo also sports a DWR water-resistant coating. The apparel is pure no-nonsense jeans with the ultimate focus on functionality. Meaning there is no chance you are missing on that bang for the buck feel with these jeans. Hence, we also crown the Scorpion Exo Covert Jeans as one of the best motorcycle jeans on the market! 

5. Alpinestars Copper Denim Men’s Street Motorcycle Pants


  • Highly durable 
  • Extreme rider safety 
  • Classic and premium design 
  • Adjustable pocket for a better fit


  • The fabric can be loose. Hence a careful look at the size chart is mandatory.

The Alpinestars Copper Denim Motorcycle jeans is a classy piece of apparel for our riders. By keeping the conventional design, Alpinestars offer a versatile for several occasions, both adventurous and casual. However, while the typical denim appeal is retained, there is Zero compromise on rider safety. The build is strongly resistant to impact with its 13oz and CE-bio external knee armor. Of course, the protective pads are adjustable to suit your lower body shape and height.  

A Cordura Kevlar reinforcement on the hip and knee area enhances the protection even further. The reinforced fabric is also resistant to abrasions and scratches, perfect for relatively rough rides. If you think that is all, you are in for more surprises. Despite how simple the Alpinestars Copper motorcycle jeans appear, it is supplemented with an Aramid panel on the back and front. These safety units are also detachable and can be reattached using a Velcro mount.  

If you are worried about the fit, the jeans sports adjustable knee compartment for that snug look. Overall, considering the fact that the jeans look so overt simple yet offer one of the best safety rates, it is most certainly a must-have in your rider wardrobe. 

6. Joe Rocket Men’s Accelerator Denim Jean


  • Durable and stylish 
  • Extreme comfort 
  • Enhanced safety with protection pads for the knees and hips 
  • 12+2 pockets


  • The armor is sold separately from the motorcycle jeans
  • Stretch areas are prone to abrasion 
  • Low fitted knee guards

The Joe Rocket Men’s Accelerator motorcycle denim jeans is another Aramid reinforced rider apparel that promises longevity and robust rider safety. The Aramid fibers are known to be heat resistant due to their systematic thread structuring.  The most striking feature of these jeans is that it is ultra-lightweight, weighing at a mere 12oz.  

There is an added layer of fabric for better comfort and fit in the area where the motorcycle gets hot. The jeans come with a whopping array of 12 pockets plus two zipper pockets for adjustments, which is perhaps the highest on this list so far.

The light reflective light on the back and the side of the legs increases your visibility during night right, which supplements the safety factor even further. Despite the generous amount of features, the jeans is kept at a reasonable price point. Considering the excellent safety, durability, and perfect aesthetics, it is easy to say that this apparel is one of the best motorcycle jeans for riders.

7. Milwaukee Performance MDM5000 Men’s Black Armored Denim Jeans


  • Classic design 
  • Durable 
  • Adequate protection with Aramid Fibers and Safety pads
  • Affordable 


  • Since the jeans have a loose fit structure, you might need to pay extra consideration to the size chart as a size more effectively means a very baggy motorcycle pant.

The Milwaukee performance MDM5000 motorcycle jeans sport a classic rugged pant design. A fantastic purchase for our readers looking to grab affordable yet best motorcycle jeans under the umbrella. The fabric is a 12oz denim cotton material.

Both the knees and hip regions are supplemented with the Aramid fibers, which is known to be abrasion and scratch-resistant. For enhanced rider satisfaction, you also receive two CE protection pads for the knees. The interior of the apparel is a soft mesh feel which is comfortable enough to be used as regular wear.

The Milwaukee (ok, we know that name is quite extraordinary) is adorned with a total of 5 pockets, which again is quite a generous feature. Conclusively, if you are not ready to make a hole in your pocket to purchase a high-quality rider jean, this product is your best bet as its stays affordable.

8. VNFOX Motorcycle Jeans Pants, Horseback Riding Wear


  • Perfectly slim fit to accentuate your rider persona 
  • optimal number of pockets
  • Durable and versatile 
  • Rugged look for enhanced aesthetics 
  • Affordable


  • Some of the stitch panels are poorly made.

The VNFOX motorcycle jeans are a consistent bestseller as rider apparel and for a good reason. The jeans sport a 14oz denim fabric with 3 percent spandex composition. Hence, although this is quite a slim fit, the spandex addition makes the fabric extra stretchy and comfortable. The fantastic combination of the different types of materials makes the jeans a superior candidate for everyday use and adventurous rides.

For better safety, the apparel is supplemented with a removable armor and kneecaps. Both the pads and the armor are robustly made for long term use. In case you are in the mood for putting the VNFOX motorcycle jeans for a casual day out, you simply need to remove the rider protection armor from the pockets, and you are good to go. Unlike most of the models on this list with minimum variety to choose from, these jeans come in numerous solid colors giving you plenty of room to experiment.

The fabric is strongly waterproof and relatively resistant to abrasions. Considering the premium quality, versatile use, and optimal safety, the VNFOX motorcycle pants are most certainly one of the best motorcycle jeans in the market.

9. ILM Motorcycle Dirt Bike Motocross Pants


  • Extremely durable 
  • Comfortable 
  • Scratch and abrasion-resistant
  • Perfect style and aesthetics


  • Sizing might run small.

The ILM motorcycle dirt bike motocross pants are made for the avid rider who loves adventure but doesn’t want to overdo on style. The jeans are composed of 98 percent cotton and 2 percent spandex ratio. The components impart the best comfort to the jeans. Moreover, the hint of spandex is just right and does not affect the longevity of the jeans or causes too much stretch with constant use. 

The stretch panels and the knees armors are structured to give the best comfort and movement. All sides are prone to trauma and are meticulously reinforced with durable pads and armor. Within the package, besides the motorcycle jeans, you will find two knee pads and two hip guards guaranteed to be shock absorbent and impact resistant.

With dual plackets and numerous fitting adjustments, the jeans is a breeze on your body. Conclusively with all the extra protection, impressive structure, and attractive design, this product by ILM is a sure candidate for the best motorcycle jeans on the market.  

10. Fly Racing Resistance Heavy Weight Men’s Motorcycle Jeans


  • Robust and removable hip and knee pockets 
  • High breathability 
  • Amazing fit 


  • Size might run small 
  • Absence of stretch panels

If you wish for rider jeans that is extremely versatile but also the best safety apparel for your cruiser adventures. The jeans are structured using a 12oz denim fabric. For added protection, there are reinforcement panels that form a whopping 70 percent of the jeans. 

The fabric is breathable, and the protection pads around the hips and knees are removable via pockets. The fitting is perfect for accentuating your rider boots. The CE level knee armor is impact resistant and built for prolonged usage. The Fly Racing jeans is an absolute customer favorite because of its thoughtful structure yet intricate enough to be worn on both casual days and road trips.

Conclusively, no conjecture disagrees with the fact the Fly machine pants are the best motorcycle jeans currently. Moreover, you get to choose between four solid color variants if you want to experiment with your style.

Motorcycle Jeans Buying Guide

Comfort And Flexibility Cannot Be Forsaken 

Riding a bike needs a lot of movement, and if the jeans facilitate the movement of your legs, it is undoubtedly worthy of being added to your cart. On the other, if the apparel is too loose, it will hinder your performance as well as your bikes. The padding on the hips, knees, and all the areas prone to abrasion should be supplemented accordingly. Stretch panels are a fantastic feature, and if your jeans of choice have these, it is undoubtedly one of the best motorcycle jeans, and you shouldn’t pass on it. 

Protection Is A Must-Have Feature.

Motorcycle jeans are essential because they enhance your safety, coupled with other rider gears. Riding armors and protection pads around the hip and knees are amazing for enhanced safety. When you are making a choice, it is crucial that you don’t skip on the armor or the pads. Most brands offer detachable safety pockets if you want to use the jeans as casual wear, that dear readers is a good pair of motorcycle jeans. 

The Fabric Types Make All The Difference.

Fabrics such as Cordura Kevlar and Aramid fibers are excellent for improving the aesthetics, life span, and protection quotient of your motorcycle jeans. If your jeans of choice have these on a certain percentage of the structure, don’t hesitate. We approve of it as the best motorcycle jeans.  

Cost Is A Perpetual Consideration.

Cost is an ever-present factor for any kind of motorcycle gear, and a pair of rider jeans is no exception. If you have a budget to follow, there are some decent candidates on this list. Although with an extremely low budget, the safety measures might be compromised. It is better to pay a little extra on the fabric and some other critical protective features. If the jeans is slightly expensive but last long, you are indeed getting a high return on your investment. It is better not to splurge on those aspects that aren’t as useful to you. Like we always say, make a checklist of features you want on your rider gears so that you invest only on the essentials.  


A motorcycle jean is a crucial form of apparel that you should have in your wardrobe. Moreover, the best motorcycle jeans have a long-life span giving you enough usage and time to make a return on your investment. It is essential to gear up with units that offer safety and facilitate a better riding experience. All the jeans mentioned on this list are highly usable and cost-efficient. We hope you find your perfect pair!

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