Arai Defiant X Review

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Searching for a company that turns helmet production into an art form is tough. There is a wide variety of brands that make handmade shells with advanced features to give the rider a phenomenal experience. It is obvious that when we purchase a helmet, we want every feature to be top-class.  

On that note, we have picked the leader of all the helmets to make your journey safe and enjoyable. This helmet is especially for the ones who own naked bikes. 

How We Made This Review?

Anyone who is into adventurous riding must take the time to ensure their safety. For this reason, you don’t need to study the process that involves in the making of a helmet. Indeed, it is an overwhelming experience to find the best helmet that goes perfectly with your style. Hence, after interviewing the racers and the seasoned bikers, and comprehensively testing the helmet we have come up with this review.

We all know that Arai is a Japanese brand that is popular for premium build quality. For more than 50 years, it is a trusted brand for bikers all around the world. Arai Defiant-X provides brilliant protection without letting its heritage slip.

Arai Defiant X

  • Heavy-duty fiberglass composite shell
  • Snug oval fitment
  • Approved by Snell
  • 3-star SHARP safety rating
  • Secure Pinlock Max Vision
  • Easy double-D ring strap 
  • Multiple sizes for everyone
  • Rough cheek pad liner 
  • Complicated venting controls

Things You Should Consider Before Buying

In this review, we will talk about the essential features that make it worthy for your next purchase. Arai is one of the oldest helmet manufacturers in the market. This helmet uses tried and tested helmet techniques to offer maximum protection in an impact. And, they are improving with every new model.


As this helmet is among the helmets that are sold at a higher price tag, it is natural to keep your expectations high. To live up to its recognition, the construction is robust, and the moving parts work effortlessly for a long period. The ventilation ports are cut and finished as well. The Arai Defiant X is available from $450 and upwards. The unconventional shield lock mechanism and the individual vent openers may be a letdown for you at this price range.

Even though the price is more than many high-performing helmets, the safety and looks are incomparable. So, it is a good choice for people who go after iconic design and protection. 


This helmet has a fiberglass composite helmet which is similar to the other helmets by the same company. By keeping the high standards of construction, this helmet is made with the latest high-end helmet characteristics.

The interior elements of this helmet are unique and differentiate it from the traditional manufacturers. The neckroll of this model is U-shaped. And, it has a connection with the cheek pads by tiny tabs that are made with plastic. These cheek pads also do not come into place with a click. Instead, they are permanently fixed with the padding on the inside.

Plus, the EPS is added to a part of the cheek pad. There is a fraction in the line that is about two inches in diameter to place the speakers. Moreover, this helmet is certified by the strict European ECE testing authorities. In the lab testing phase, it went through additional safety tests. After successfully passing these examinations, it was declared a safe helmet for the cruisers.

In the chin bar, it has four big intake vents behind the shield. These holes push the air in the chin and backside. From the side of the seven exhaust ports, the hot air goes out. Don’t worry! You can close these vents from inside if you want to. On the top, there are crown vents with sliders beside the vents. 

It has a MaxVision shield with a Pinlock insert. Due to this pin lock, you can rapidly release it. With the help of friction, it stays at one angle. A ratchet is absent on its shield. This system is used in every helmet by Arai, so you can blindly rely on it.

At the base of the shield, there is a locking mechanism to keep it secure at the desired position. In order to keep it tight towards the gasket, this system is ideal. Because of this, your helmet is sealed and doesn’t let water and dust inside. The shape of the aperture of the shield enables peripheral vision. Lastly, changing the shield is a quick operation. 


The approach of the internal structure is a bit different when we talk about the removal of the liner and the cheek pads. Usually, the full-face helmets include cheek pads that are connected to the neck roll. In this helmet, this is not the situation. However, after learning the correct technique, it will be a piece of cake to remove it. The cutout for the communication devices is sufficient for every system.

When you are on the move, opening or closing the vents can get on your nerves. You can operate these vents with gloves on. Unlocking the shield is simple; you can raise it via pushing the tab up on the locking tab.

To get rid of the shield, you have to open the shield up and move the levers close to the shield pivot. In this way, you can remove the shield. You can fix the shield back, and you have to close the shield by pressing the ends into every pivot. To get used to it, you need to practice it several times. Finally, the fastener keeps things stable at all times.

Features and Benefits 


The Arai Defiant X’s appearance is the property that deserves a special mention. The shape of the exterior shell is oval to avoid buffeting. The chin bar is sculpted with precision, as it contains four to control airflow.

Speaking of the design, the graphics are typical yet classy. It gives you the chance to choose among various graphic options to suit your personality. We can say that the look is a little retro. Still, it appears to be very fashionable and stylish. 

As far as the patterns and color combinations are concerned, you will find a Black Frost version, plus some fun designs. That includes a classic white frost and base orange frost color scheme. There are some exclusive versions of this helmet as well. Apart from that, these helmets come with the one-of-a-kind Pro Shade system. It falls in the category of heavier helmets because the weight of this helmet is about 1.7 kg.


Full-faced helmets provide the ultimate protection for the cruisers. Whatever the situation may be, you must use a helmet at the time of riding. To save you from unfortunate accidents, full-face are mandatory. No other type can offer this much security. 

Not to mention, the chin bar allows it to protect your neck and chin in accidents. If you like to roll at high-speed, other than a full-face helmet, no safety gear can claim to rescue you.


The tough shell of this helmet makes it a long-lasting ride companion. The lining comes off easily and is washable. The material used in the liner is anti-microbial, known as Eco-Pure. Most interestingly, at the bottom of the liner, the designer applied the Dri Max applied technology. Basically, it is hydrophobic and resists water efficiently. Thus, it doesn’t get wet during rainy conditions.

Other Features

The number of vents in this helmet is slightly more than other helmets. Die to this, and you will encounter noise as the air enters the shell.

To solve this problem, there is noise-reducing foam in the cheek pads. That prevents it from being loud. A chin curtain is also present at the bottom of the helmet to block the noise from beneath.

Because it doesn’t include a sun visor, the company offers an external pro-shade-tinted shield system to prevent eye strain from sunlight. Nevertheless, this will cost you a few extra dollars.

The fitment of this helmet reassures that it doesn’t feel tight on your head. The soft liner makes sure that you don’t feel the need for extra padding.  


  • State-of-the-art shell construction
  • The quick-change shield system
  • Plenty of vents for airflow
  • Perfectly sealed to keep water away
  • Scratch-proof shield 
  • Contains an eye-port
  • Integrated with two inches speaker pockets


  • It is pricey
  • Operation is not that simple

Final Verdict

It is clear from our review that in terms of protection, this helmet is exemplary. Additionally, the design and durability make it one of the finest motorcycle cruiser helmets you can get from the market. It fits the safety criteria that are significant for all the riders out there. 

This model has a myriad of ergonomic features that makes your ride endlessly comfortable. Besides that, the sleek aesthetics are a cherry on top. Remember, if you like the smooth liner removal system, this may not be the best-suited helmet for you.

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