Arai Corsair X Review

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Whenever we talk about helmets, Arai is always discussed as well-known in the market. This name is due to their brilliant evolution and work in the business for decades. When it comes to track-focused helmets, Arai Corsair X is made to dictate.

Basically, this helmet is an updated version of their old ready-to-race helmet. Hence, this helmet was created with the objective of being the best.

Let’s cut through the fluff by getting straight to the features that compelled us to write the Arai Corsair X review.

How This Review Was Made?

As this Japanese company produces fail-safe safety gear, we decided to test their newest helmet. The manufactures made it clear from the beginning that this model is made to overcome the shortcomings of the previous one. After spending weeks on research, we finally noted down its promising properties. 

For this review, we tested the helmet ourselves to check the quality. Also, we asked several racers about the performance of this helmet in the long run. 

Arai Corsair X Helmet

  • Excellent shape and design
  • The outward view is superb
  • Extraordinary ventilation
  • Shows stability at any speed
  • Declared safe by DOT, ECE, and SNELL
  • Tested by FIM testing and Homologation
  • Easy Double-D ring fastener
  • The wide shield includes Pinlock Max Vision 
  • The Interior liner is adjustable 
  • 5-year exchange warranty
  • Hidden emergency cheek pad pull tabs
  • Firm Interior
  • Expensive

Things To Consider Before Buying

From the first look at it, you will find some similarities between this helmet and the other ones from the same brand. That is because Arai helmets are alike visually. As a matter of fact, the round and smooth outer shape is a signature design of the company. 

Plus, throughout our research for the Arai Corsair X review, we did not hear any complaints about the features of this helmet.


Nothing is more valuable than your well-being. You must save your head while riding on the track. In addition to that, you are getting iconic graphics, great fit, and maximum ventilation. These are the characteristics that are most needed in a helmet. Without them, you can not have a safe and joyful ride. 

On the Arai Corsair-X, you have to spend extra bucks. The price of this helmet starts at $850. For more enticing graphics, to achieve a bad boy look, you have to spend about $200. This helmet offers different sizes to fit a large number of people. So, if you face trouble finding the perfect fit for you, you must give this helmet a chance.


In this review, we will start elaborating on the features by talking about the shell. Arai believes in making smooth, circle shell that is constitutionally strong. The exterior is made in such a way that it disperses the kinetic energy generated in a crash. Apart from that, other objects that strike the helmet bounce off without damaging the surface of the helmet. 

Due to the use of superior quality materials like an incredible combination of net strands, synthetic fibers, and resin, the shell is perhaps the best in the industry. Every shell is handmade cautiously. To make sure that the steps are followed carefully, an inspection team works on the production site. The experts check the quality and the consistency in the thickness of the helmet’s exterior.

The shield technology has the new Variable Axis System. This system uses a pivot point that is movable. This allows you to mount the shield position at a lower angle. A small, shallow thin pivot cover is given on the side. The main advantage of the VAS system is that it makes the shield replacement much simpler. 

Usually, many of us experience fear and hesitation at the subject of replacing the face shield of a helmet. The VAS technology is incorporated to eliminate that feeling. You will find a big latch on this model that is an improvement of Arai’s F1 helmets. With this latch, you are able to open and close the Max-V shield. This shield offers better visibility and includes a Pinlock fog-resistant insert as well.

Secondly, the ventilation on this helmet is top-of-the-line. As compared to the old helmets, it ensures that 11 percent more air flows through the helmet. This is made possible with the advanced IC Duct-5 system. This system involves 12 diffusers on the crown that are long. As a result, 19-percent more air enters from the intake vents on every side directly. These vents consist of three-position openings with switches that are easy to use. 

Due to the large size, you can operate the vents even when you are wearing gloves. A crown vent is present in the middle with a chin bar vent, different brow vents on the shield of the helmet. To send the hot air out, there are a couple of exhaust vents.

The interior of the helmet has a plush, one-piece, multi-density EPS liner. This is amazingly efficient for the absorption of the energy released on an impact. 


Because of the excellent ventilation, you will have additional vents on this helmet. It is somewhat obvious that the extra vents will let noise inside with the air. Even if you close each vent, there is no big difference in the wind noise from both lids.

Because of the customizable interior fit, you can replace the pads on the temple and crown of the helmet. The cheek pads are contoured with peel-away layers attached to them. There is a chin curtain to protect your neck and keep it cool. To take off the helmet in an emergency, there is a strap tab. The pads on the nose and chin provide a good space for the mouth region.

Features and Benefits 


The shape of this helmet is victorious in preventing any kind of impact. The most common injury associated with a motorbike crash is when the head of the biker twists on the pavement. This can cause major injuries or death. To prevent this from happening at all costs, the round shape of the helmet is helpful.

The finish of this helmet is unbeatable. Once you touch it, you will feel that the coat is thick, smooth, and clear. You get to pick between four solid colors and a variety of cool graphics. However, the price may be different for the innovative designs.

Besides that, this intermediate oval shape can fit into different head sizes. The soft interior is snug and doesn’t make you uncomfortable. The compact design cuts through the air cleanly under all circumstances. 

The weight of the medium-sized helmet is slightly less than 4 pounds. Hence, it reduces fatigue and maintains the posture of your body. Although this amount of weight is considered lighter than the other old full-face helmets, it is not that lightweight. The latest models from many brands are offering full-face helmets lighter than this one.


We all know that a full-face helmet gives great protection to your face and chin. The visor of this helmet is strengthened to avoid injuries in any incident.

As it is a Full face helmet, you can go for a ride during rainy seasons. The visor makes sure that the helmet is sealed and does not act as an entrance for water and bugs. The visor of the helmet finishes off the need to wear protective goggles. 

The notable drawback that people mention about a full-face helmet is that it doesn’t always have a speaker pocket. But, after buying this helmet, you can drive with a communication set.


The Eco-Pure EPS liner is removable and washable. It is in a single piece, so you can remove it in one go. The fabric used in the interior is anti-microbial and stunts the growth of microorganisms. The shell of the helmet has a hard coating that can tolerate pressures. Yet, if it is damaged, you can claim the warranty coverage.

Other Features

There is a pull-away zone in the lining to insert Bluetooth devices. Furthermore, they have provided a larger area in the chin to place a microphone. You can place speakers of various sizes in this helmet. The aero-tuned design of the air channels and the rear spoiler increases the chances of buffeting to some extend. 


  • Shell made of long-lasting material
  • Changeable clear visor
  • Easy-to-operate
  • Multiple vents for outstanding ventilation
  • Speaker pockets for communication
  • Comes with a reliable warranty


  • You may experience wind noise and buffeting

Final Verdict

From our review, it is clear that this is an awesome improvement to the previous helmets by the same brand.  The main goal of making this design was to give a better racing experience to the bikers. Everything about this helmet beats the other candidates of the same type. 

The only problem that can make you change your mind is the price tag. Those who have a shoestring budget can look for other full-face helmets. Nonetheless, if you want the perfect helmet, it is the best bang for your buck.

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