AGV K3 SV Review

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The AGV K3 SV is the replacement to the mainstream K3, with the SV signifying an essential sun visor. It’s a polycarbonate-shelled accident helmet that takes its plan from the most recent line of AGVs that incorporates the Corsa, GT Veloce, and Pista GP – which means it has a sharp, aerodynamically-formed chin guard and back spoiler intended to slices through the air and diminishes slamming. The K3 SV is valued to be a more mid-range helmet, however, and one that deals with a scope of street bicycles and an assortment of riding styles. 

The K-3 SV has a four-star Sharp evaluating and comes stacked with helpful highlights that make this an incredibly worth protective helmet. Italian protective helmet maker AGV manufactures the K3 SV arrangement with a medium-size weight of 1.43 kg and polycarbonate material. Its Accuracy scales 1.539 kg, normal from 3 L size riding helmets. 

How Our Team Did This Review?

We like to keep it real. Apart from testing the helmet ourself, just to make sure we didn’t miss out on any features, we talked to some people on different motorcycle forums who own this helmet to know about their experiences with the helmet.

Overall feedback was in the favour of the AGV K3 SV. Let’s discuss that below in detail.


  • Excellent ventilation
  • Internal sun visor
  • Great value for money
  • A tad noisy
  • Sun visor mechanism can be stubborn

Things to consider before buying

Interesting points to consider and to be aware of before purchasing the AGV K3 SV helmet are:


The AGV K3 SV is one of the smash hits in the Full Face Helmet classification. It’s, as of now, available to be purchased for around $200. This well-rounded protective gear from AGV provides the rider with all the necessities only for around $200.

Quality and Safety 

The AGV K-3 SV has gotten a four-star rating from Sharp for its safety and security test. The shell is made of a High Resistant Thermoplastic Resin, which numerous cutting edge very good-quality head protectors are made of. There are two shell sizes for ideal estimating, contingent upon the size picked. The K3 SV additionally includes a Dri-Lex and microfibre lining, and they are comfortable and removable, which makes the cleaning so much more simple. 

Size chart 

Regarding measuring, clients are revealing a couple of blended surveys that the AGV either comes out consistent with the size or marginally varies. It is essential to consider that these new helmets frequently have a lot of stiffer interiors and can take two or three months to break in. especially around the cheeks, so it can feel somewhat cozy for some time while the material beds in. We can say that AGV K3 SV is intended for round, oval head construction, and this protective helmet’s wellness is at a medium level. From the outside, the protective helmet will look neither bigger nor more modest than your head. 

Highlights and advantages

This AGV Helmet has everything, the looks, the value, the lightweight, the highlights, and the quality you anticipate from AGV. 


We start by taking a gander at the shell of the K3 SV. This mid-range head protector accompanies a polycarbonate external shell. Not a terrible material in general, but it is rather clear, not the best material out there. We do get 2 shell sizes with the K3. Sharp has gotten an opportunity to test the K3 SV, and they gave it a phenomenal 4/5 stars. You can see that it performed well, generally speaking, in their tests. Regarding the weight, this head protector, which is a size ML, came in at a good 1550. 


When analyzing the ventilation of this headgear, we can see that AGV  has a solid plan. This helmet gives a lot of air access to the rider, perhaps because it was planned in a wind tunnel, and it acquires inspiration from more superior protective helmets like the Corsa R and Pista GP R., There are two jaw vents; however, both are constrained by a switch within. Essentially you need to settle on how you need this to be set before take off. Up top, we have two vents with singular sliders and afterward an enormous trimmed scoop. At last, around the back, we have two consistently open fumes vents to finish this framework. 


Going Onto the visor, we see that it accompanies anti-scratch and anti-fog treatments. All the more significantly, however, it accompanies a pin lock hostile to the mist focal point in the case, implying that you get another $30 of worth included. There is a little slider that pushes the visor open into a cracked city position, and when we open it up, we can see a drop-down sun visor. Indeed, this is the place where that SV in the name comes in. It’s controlled with a switch on the helmet. Changing the visor is simple with this instrument too. 


moving into the protective helmet and looking at its interior, we get to know about the presence of its agreeable and proficient liner. It is a 3D internal liner, and it has been made out of a Dry-Comfort texture. Also, it is removable and launderable. The cheek cushions and neck carry come out as a single piece. The headliner is joined with 2 snaps at the front, which may trouble a few groups also. So on the liner, you can see the liner looks a little modest on the underside, yet to be straightforward, you don’t see this frequently, and it takes care of business with ease, so it is fine. Within, a lot of channels will coordinate air around your head, and you can see exactly how each vent is intended to function. Within is perfect, and we are likewise having speaker patterns so you can, without much of a stretch, join a com framework if you need to. 

Ease and comfort 

No issues were revealed with the comfortability of the K3 SV. Whenever you have the correct size – helped by the transitional MS and ML fitments, proprietors figure it’s an agreeable helmet. The inside is the typical removable/launder-able liner that is hostile to microbial and dampness wicking. There are additionally glasses grooves slice into the liner to help glasses wearers space their glasses into the protective helmet and keep the stems of the glasses from delving in. 

Commotion Isolation 

Regarding commotion disconnection, the K3 is certainly not a peaceful protective helmet. We see a ton of AGV helmets in this boat; however, they have loads of ventilation, which gets air. In our signal test, we had a lovely comparative story; however, it was somewhat more certain. Our K3 here scored 23 against the control of 19 decibels, implying that it figured out how to hinder around 4 decibels of commotion. That was certifiably not an incredible outcome; however, it is not terrible for a mid-range helmet. 

Looks and Graphics 

Since the AGV K3 SV sits towards the foot of the reach at an alluring value point, it’ll most likely be one of AGVs greatest merchants – so there are piles of illustrations accessible. That incorporates the standard plain whites and blacks.

Other features

The K3 SV accompanies a micrometric jawline lash latch which is simple to utilize and is very protective. It has inward cut-away for AGVs own Offer communicator speakers – yet they’re not unreasonably large, so possibly you should watch that yours fit before purchasing – or be set up to do a touch of managing yourself. 

AGV K3 SV has a breath diverter, glasses groove, speaker pockets, jaw wind blind, removable and launder able cheek cushions. Speaker pockets of AGV K3 SV are intended for its radio framework Side Offer Simple Correspondence Framework that is sold independently. 

  • Share Bluetooth prepared 
  • Removable breath redirector 
  • Removable windproof jaw tie assurance 
  • removable and washable covering 
  • Double-D ring jawline lash 
  • 1470g weight 
  • Pin lock prepared visor 
  • Sun visor 
  • 2 years additional guarantee with AGV 

Final Verdict

The AGV is an extraordinary riding helmet – it scores well in SHARP wellbeing tests, is agreeable, and has some incredible highlights, including fabulous ventilation and a drop-down visor. Also, it smoothed out the shape that lessens the impact of an unfortunate accident. It’s a looker as well. The AGV K3 SV is slightly varied from the original K3; however, AGV has figured out how to put in much more specs, making this mid range sports helmet worth much more. 

In case you’re searching for a jazzy, useful, agreeable head protector that will not use up every last cent – the AGV K-3 SV is it. There are a lot of highlights and amenities, along with a variety of styles and fits. However, if you’re searching for tranquil protective headgear regardless of anything else, this will not be the ideal decision for you. If you can tolerate the poor noise cancellation on its part, this helmet is a very solid decision, with extraordinary ventilation.

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