Sena Spider ST1 Bluetooth Headset Review

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Sena being among the major producers of motorcycle helmet communication devices, recently they have released the Sena Spider ST1 series reflects high quality yet very affordable Bluetooth headsets.

In the new sets of Sena Spider ST1 Bluetooth Headset, the traditional Bluetooth-powered radio intercom has been eliminated and replaced with the wireless mesh network technology, which is very reliable and offers great connectivity.

This is a major advancement since the Bluetooth headset establishes stronger connectivity, enhancing voice clarity. Also, the connection can be established in two modes: Group Mesh Intercom and the Multi-Channel Mesh Intercom.

In Group Mesh, users are allowed to create a group of a maximum of 24 participants, and they need to be within the range of 5 miles, and privacy is guaranteed. For the Multi-Channel Mesh Intercom, riders can communicate virtually with any number of participants.

The best thing is that it has been manufactured with the first charging features in that within one and a half hours, the Bluetooth headset is already full. This can last up to 11.5 hours of talk time.  

Before declaring the product as the best Bluetooth headset, one needs to consider several things. Things like do they contain HD speakers? How long does its battery last? Have the products been certified? This is among the questions that one needs to ask themselves before purchasing the products.

With Sena Spider ST1 Bluetooth Headset, they are built with superior audio performance that offers physical comfort and comes in premium HD speakers. This means that they have improved voice clarity features and features to reduce the ear-to-edge noise.

It delivers efficient communication with great sound quality containing bass boost and increased volume. They have the best reachable batteries that take approximately 1.5 hours to charge fully and are expected to last up to 11.5 hours. They are CE, FCC, and IC certified, meaning that they are genuine products since they meet all the road communication media standards.

How much does Sena Spider ST1 Bluetooth Headset Cost?

The new headsets of Sena Spider ST1 Bluetooth Headset are compatible with all the Sena Mesh 2.0 equipped devices.

This Bluetooth headset is categorized as a high-quality one based on the functions that it can achieve. Still, they are very affordable in that any motorcycle rider can purchase them.

They sell at MSRP $199, which is not that expensive considering all the features it supports with its premium HD speakers and bass boost features.

The features of the Sena Spider ST1 Bluetooth Headset

  1. General
  • Mesh Intercom 2.0 Technology
  • Compatible only with other Mesh equipped intercoms
  • Low-profile design
  • Simplified jog dial and two-button layout
  • It has a voice prompt with 11 different languages
  • HD speakers
  • Music sharing
  • Audio Multitasking
  1. Audio
  • They are built with noise cancellation and improved clarity features
  • They have the best-boosted bass
  • They are designed in SBS Codec
  1. Bluetooth
  • It supports Bluetooth 5.1
  • It has an audio distribution profile
  • It has an audio-video control profile
  1. Intercom
  • The mesh intercom can extend up to two kilometers which is equivalent to 1.2 miles in an open terrain
  • This can be extended up to 5 miles between a minimum of six riders
  • It supports up to nine channels
  • Can be connected with a maximum of 24 riders

Usability of the Sena Spider ST1 Bluetooth Headset

The Sena Spider ST1 Bluetooth Headset utility application makes setting up and managing the ST1 Bluetooth headsets a breeze.

There are different things that one can opt for; you can either choose to let the music play while enjoying your adventure or customize the music settings through equalizers.

 Listening to music is ideal, especially if you are riding solo; therefore, these motorcycle headsets have been interpreted with HD speakers, which provides a night and day difference from their standard offerings.

The ST1 Bluetooth headsets also allow users to create private groups or do Mesh intercom pairing like the channel setting.

Features and Benefits of the Sena Spider ST1 Bluetooth Headset

1. Sena Momentum INC Pro Bluetooth & Camera Integrated Helmet


  • It has an excellent battery that lasts longer and supports fast charging
  • It is very simple to clean
  • It provides fast, seamless device pairing
  • It supports Mesh 2.0 performance enhancement
  • It has been designed with HD speakers and equalization features
  • Its motorcycle application supports many automated processes


  • Some of the audio overlay limitations
  • It does not support Sena Remote Control devices
  • It has no FM radio

Right out of the box, you will notice that this pair of Bluetooth headsets has low-profile designs.

They are very slimmer compared to the previous models, and to the people who have had issues with the previous models of Bluetooth headsets, this one is a treat.

It has been designed with many features, and to those who like reading directions and how to use something, the ST1 Bluetooth headset comes with a manual that will help you know everything, how the headset works, and the function of each button.

The benefit of using this motorcycle Bluetooth headset is that with the Mesh connectivity, it supports up to 24 people if they connect once. Through an open Mesh, it supports 25 connections.

It is very easy and convenient to connect, in the essence that you will be instantly be connected with your colleagues even if you are 1.2 miles apart. Good enough, if you are in a group of six riders, it can extend to five miles.

Designs, modes, and maintenance of the Sena Spider ST1 Bluetooth Headset

These Bluetooth headsets are normally recognized for their reduced size, but their functional jog wheel remains intact and provides rotational and center button control. They have been designed to use USB type C, which resides on the lower bottom edge and the interface ports.

It has been incorporated with LED lights placed below the brand’s logo. These ST1 Bluetooth headsets are easy to install and maintain. They have all the desired features that a motorcycle Bluetooth headset should have, and therefore based on its feature, there is no alternative to Bluetooth headsets that can replace them.

Final Words

The Sena Spider ST1 Bluetooth Headset can accommodate riders of all varieties. Also, to those that like riding off-road because it has extremely versatile intercom systems. Never mind if you have never tried Bluetooth headsets before because, with the ST1 headsets, you can’t go wrong; they have all the detailed features that suit everybody’s personalities and demands, and therefore they are worth it.

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