Sena 30K Review

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Motorcycle Bluetooth communication devices are getting increasingly popular, and Sena is a name that completes every list of the best brands of motorcycle Bluetooth communication devices. For years, Sena has been consistent in launching motorcycle communication products that help technology advance a little further. With our Sena 30K review, you will see that this pattern has only maintained. 

There is no doubt that each motorcycle product of Sena has been better than the last. Following this trend, this Sena 30K review will assure you that the 30K headset is better than all its predecessors in terms of features, performance, and overall quality. With the arrival of the Sena 30K, we are sure that Sena will remain one of the foremost producers of motorcycle Bluetooth communication devices.

The Sena 30K, also known as the 30K, headset attaches firmly to the side of your helmet and is packed with impressive features. These features include the latest technologies, for example, Bluetooth 4.1 and mesh technology. Not only has that, but the 30K headset used these technologies to the maximum. We will discuss all the important features and specifications in our Sena 30K review. 

In order to allow you to control the model and its technology easily, Sena offers a smartphone application. However, like all great things, the Sena 30K headset is not perfect. So without further ado, let us start this Sena 30K review.

Mesh Technology

Among the most important features of the Sena 30K is its mesh technology. Bike riders love traveling together in groups, but being able to talk to them while still being safe makes everything better.

The mesh technology used in the Sena 30K has two modes: the open mesh intercom and the group mesh intercom. The open mesh intercom enables the user to communicate with an almost unlimited number of users. We tested this public mode and concluded that it is better for routes that are likely to have fewer riders near the user. This is because, with too many riders near you, it can get very noisy and thus confusing.

As for the group mesh intercom, it allows you to communicate privately with a group of 15 other participants. Personally, we think that this feature is great for riding with groups. If one of your riding buddies gets separated and gets disconnected, they will automatically reconnect when they come close to you. No one gets left behind.

Another advantage of the mesh 2.0 intercom is that it can work up to a range of 5 miles or 8 kilometers. The only catch is that there should be a minimum of 6 riders in the connection.

Bluetooth Technology

The Sena 30K headset system uses the 4.1 version of the Bluetooth technology. This technology is also used to establish a robust connection between devices. You can use this connection to communicate with your motorcycle buddies so that you and your companion are always aware of the whereabouts and situations of each other.

Sena claims that the Bluetooth of the 30K headset has a working range of up to 1.2 miles or 2 kilometers. You should note that this maximum range is for open terrain conditions only. We tested the headset multiple times over a number of distances, and the connection was strong each time.  

Due to this feature, you can connect your Sena 30K headset with your smartphone. This connection increases the functionality of the headset by a large margin. It allows you to make or receive phone calls, stream music, and-most importantly-listen to GPS navigation.

Dual Processors

A device stacked with features is only useful when it has a processor that can handle its operations. It looks like Sena knows this well, and it’s not here to fool its customers. The Sena 30K communication device contains a dual processor, which is highly important for a device like the 30K according to us.

The first processor of the Sena 30K motorcycle communication device controls its Bluetooth operation, whereas the second one is a dedicated processor for the mesh-network. It is due to the dual processors that you can multitask on the Sena 30K. Because of the dual processors, you can connect with other riders in a mesh network, while simultaneously streaming music on your smartphone. All these functions are purely handled by the system. For example, if you want to receive a phone call, the system will automatically mute other input sounds.

Advanced Noise Control

Sena has always understood the importance of sound clarity. For this reason, like many devices made by Sena, the Sena 30K headset also has Advanced Noise Control system. This feature, as the name suggests, removes background noise, for example, the sound of winds at high speeds. It works quite efficiently, so much so that with the advanced noise control system of the Sena 30K, you can communicate with your device or you’re riding buddies at any speed with ease.

Smartphone Support

You might have guessed by now that the Sena 30K supports connectivity with smartphones as well. This is important because there are apps on your smartphone that you need to use while riding. 

For example, you might want to use Google Maps to get directions on your headset. Sena has made this very easy for us as well. You only need to pair your headset with your smartphone once. Then, every time the system gets switched on, it reconnects automatically. 

FM Radio Support

In all Sena headsets, you can get access to FM radio in one way or another. Many amateur users don’t understand the importance of an FM radio in a motorcycle headset. However, if you are an experienced rider, you probably know helpful it can be. 

With FM radios, you can get updates about weather, traffic, and other news. This is important when you’re on a long journey. The best thing about the Sena 30K FM radio is that it does not require you to pair your phone and tune through the radio app. You can simply pick up any radio station directly through your headset.

Battery And Talk Time

The Sena 30K headset comes with a robust lithium polymer battery that takes only 1.5 hours to charge if you start with zero. However, sometimes, we can’t even afford to wait 1.5 hours. In that case, you can make use of the 20-minute quick charge feature. With this feature, you can get a massive period of 5 hours of Bluetooth intercom. 

When it comes to talk time, the Sena 30K has a long life. For example, if you start with a fully charged battery and are connected to multiple riders, the headset will give you about 8 hours of talk time. However, if you are only using the Bluetooth intercom, the device will give you a staggering 13 hours of talk time. Of course, like all technological products, the talk time will reduce with heavy use.

Ease Of Use

No matter which motorcycle communication device we are testing, we always pay special attention to its ease of use. These devices need to be extremely simple to use because you can’t fiddle about with an intercom on a highway if you don’t want to die. After testing the Sena 30K, we believe that Sena is on the same page as us. 

Controlling the 30K headset is incredibly simple. The motorcycle communication device works mainly with voice commands, so you don’t have to use your hands on the device while riding your motorcycle. Even if you have to push a button, Sena has made sure that you can do it with ease. Having said that, no matter how easy to use the buttons are on a headset, you should still get some practice before taking the headset out on your ride. The Sena 30K headset has a very detailed user guide that explains each and every control and feature of the headset. You should take help from that.

Sena 30K

The Bottom Line

The Sena 30K is clearly a superior motorcycle communication headset if compared with its Sena predecessors. From its processing speed to fantastic features, everything is top-notch. However, users often complain about their speakers. Some claim them to be too quiet, while others say that they’re too loud. After testing the speakers, we found out that the root cause of the complaints was the helmet. 

Some helmets are designed for speakers and have special cut-outs for speaker placement. In contrast, there are helmets that don’t have all this and thus are cheap. Therefore, we recommend you to check what kind of helmet you have and even test your new Sena 30K headset with it.

Having so many advanced features, the Sena 30K is rightly an expensive headset. This is why we believe that only experienced riders, who travel a lot and/or travel in large groups, should buy this because they can make use of the Sena 30K to the maximum. For newer and amateur riders, we recommend that you should look for a cheaper option. For example, the Sena 10S is a much cheaper motorcycle communication headset with a large number of impressive features and it supports up to 4 riders.

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