Icon Airflite Review

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The Icon Airflite is an all-rounder polycarbonate helmet that fits for just about any reason (except maybe the track). The Airflite is not only available in such quirky boundary graphics. But they’ve added a little, tiny visor that’s about twice the depth on the bottom of your guard’s typical screen and clips. 

You certainly won’t have to look past an Icon Airflite helmet if you are looking for a Full Face budget Sport Touring Helmet that will give you a lot of flexibility. This helmet is approved for the broader range both by DOT and ECE22-05.

Icon Airflite Helmet

  • Polycarbonate Shell 
  • DOT Certified 
  • Large Fog-Free Main Visor
  • Large Field of Vision 
  • 3 helmet shells to accommodate XS-3X 
  • Insets for comms system 
  • Good ventilation 
  • Integrated fog-free sun visor
  • Slightly heavier than some 
  • Larger chin bar

Things to consider before buying Icon Airflite


The ICON Airflite can be found on the Revzilla website for USD 250. It is the same on the ICON website cost as well. The visors on the AirFlite range from $40 – $50, and the DropShields between $15 and $25.00.


The Airflite has a polycarbonate shell molded by injection and an excellent ancient Double-D ring fastener to lock it on your head. The credential has both been accepted for the ECE and the DOT (for the US market), which means you can depend on it if you ever hit the ground. And Icon produces it in 3 shell dimensions to ensure you have the correct EPS lining per helmet size. There’s a big visor for added peripheral view and sunscreen to help you stay standing so you can stay bright. This tremendous main view is not ready for pin locking, but it comes with Icon’s fog treatment.

Whenever practicable, we still look at SHARP safety test data. The SHARP testing is very recent for icon helmets. In reality, only three helmets had been checked with an average score of 3 stars before the Airflite was tested. It certainly isn’t surprising, however, that the Airflite also earned three stars. Looking at the 8.5 m/s test, although the side and front impact tests were marginally better than the norm, they still dropped a few points. All and all, then, for impact safety, it’s around average.


The airflow icon is produced in 3 sizes and XS-XXXL fitment sizes. Inside, there’s a washable/removable lining that is wicking moisture and breathable using the Symbol standard Hydradry stuff. A few other owners complain about the tight squeeze to get the Airflite on, but once the break-in is over, it is a bang in terms of fitness and convenience – allowing the head a soft grip with no pain points.

It is built to suit medium-oval-shaped individuals, so it should be fine for you if your head is oval instead of a circular shape. Several owners said at first that Airflite was very tight and that if you are in scales, others would recommend that you opt for a larger dimension. If you have it, it should be breaking in pretty fast if you are only a little close. And if you buy one but don’t find the fit or require customization, thicker and thinner cheek-pads from Icon are available for customizing the internal fit. A noteworthy aspect of riding in a helmet with a back protector is that a cut in the back of the ventilation is mounted so that it doesn’t pressure you.

Features and benefits 

Noise Isolation

There’s a good measure of cushioning inside the Airflite, but on the other hand, there are heaps of ventilation channels and some fair estimated vent openings as well, all of which can give clamor access to a cap. It appears to be very useful for commotion concealment. In general, however, there is a broad scope of feelings out there, a few proprietors saying it’s a decent, calm cap while others say it’s loud, particularly at speed. 

So it’s not conceivable to say how loud you’ll discover the Airflite as it’s emotional and relies upon how quick you ride, just like your particular motorbike among different components. By and large, at that point, we’ll score it better than expected for cap commotion. 


There’s a central, fat, focal vent in the jaw watch, which coordinates air around the mouth and up onto the visor’s rear. It’s intended to emulate motocross protective caps with a substantial focal vent with a cleanable channel in there. Yet, on account of the Airflite, the primary visor drops down to cover the jaw monitor vent, with the openings in the visor letting air through in any event when it’s completely shut. 

You can’t see it in the photos. Yet, in reality, you close the vent utilizing a slider within the watchman. Notwithstanding being inside the cap and significance, you have to explore the non-removable jawline blind to get to it. It isn’t too hard to even think about getting to while riding. Surprisingly for a head protector with a sun visor that withdraws right where brow vents go, Icon has figured out how to two or three temple vents into the cap and course the channels past the sun visor. 

Those temple vents are covered by huge sliders that are very glove-accommodating. What’s more, they’re genuinely straightforward to utilize – however, not as simple as single vents until you get the hang of using your finger and thumb to open them both at the same time. These vents direct air through the protective cap shell and into channels the run front-to-back across the crown of the head, coaxing air out of the cap through two, consistently open, back depletes. 

Ventilation is overwhelmingly seen as a solid point. In any event, when it’s mega hot in the US, numerous riders say there’s sufficient wind current to keep your head genuinely cool. Couple phenomenal venting with the (shockingly powerful) plant hostile to haze covering, and it takes a great deal to steam up the visor as well. 


The visor on the Icon Airflite is likely the most dramatic piece of the protective cap. It reaches out truly profound and has a grille set into it that semi-covers the jaw vent when the visor’s shut. The lower part of the visor at that point secures set up on the lower part of the jawline monitor. It’s a strange arrangement that looks cool and functions admirably as well. It’s not difficult to close and secure the visor, and it’s not difficult to push the lower part of the visor with your thumb to open it and open the visor back up. 

It’s likewise an exceptionally speedy delivery visor as well. You prise off the side cases two or three fingers at the top and pull till they sense that they’re going to break. Furthermore, when they pull off, you should open the visor until it springs off its mounts. That is it. An incredible plan makes for a straightforward approach to pull off the visor for clearing or trading out for the substitution smoked visor that comes free in the container. 

The visor likewise has Icon’s enemy of haze treatment on it. We’re not usually an enthusiast of manufacturing plants hostile to mist medicines and consistently laud Pin locks’ ideals. It was terrific how viable the Icon mist-free FliteShield visor was at halting hazing. It appeared to be probably pretty much as successful as a Pinlock on our test ventures; however, it wasn’t especially cold or muggy when we attempted it. Yet, without a Pinlock, Icon’s treatment appears to be remarkable.

The best component of the Airflite as per proprietor input is the decent enormous view it gives of the street. The viewport is quite broad, giving extraordinary permeability for what it’s worth – and that is incredible for wellbeing, just as for getting a charge out of the ride. 

Sun Visor 

The sun visor on the Airflite is worked by a slider directly behind the left-hand visor rotate, and we discovered it drops down relatively low and was simple to utilize. It’s somewhat solid to get the sun visor going from the start – some portion of the component to stop the sun visor from dropping down when you don’t need it to – yet once you get its hang, it works a treat. 

Like most sun visors, it’s not an enemy of mist, so if it’s cold, don’t anticipate that it should remain fog-free when you drop it down. In any case, when we utilized it riding into the sun and things had heated up a bit, it was about ordinary color, meaning it was adequately dim to remove the majority of the sun and let us ride along without interruption. 

Looks and Graphics 

Icon ALWAYS paints its head protectors in beautiful illustrations, and the Icon Airflite is no particular case. There’s additionally the brilliantly insane Chinese Dragon roused Airflite Good Fortune just as a lot of plainer yet similarly tense illustrations like the Rubatone and Quicksilver. Gracious, and there are simple sparkle white and dark forms.

Final Verdict

The Icon Airflite should suit your bill if you want the aggressive motocross-inspired look and want a good all-rounder. It feels well constructed, has a high-quality fast release viewing device with an effective factory anti-fog coating.

It has achieved safety at a score of 3/5 stars by SHARP so that the impact defense is marginally above average. It works for medium oval heads, and the removable/washable covering with spaces for comms is all of high nature. This helmet seems to be a winner with a practical visor and ventilation system.

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