5 Best Snowmobile Helmets

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For a peaceful chilly weather ride, you need to have gear that fulfills some stringent standards. One of the main things is that it must keep you warm. And, for this, it has to be warm itself. Other than that, it must ensure your safety.

A majority of people ride in zones where the temperature is extremely low. That doesn’t mean you have to quit riding. So, we have come up with these best snowmobile helmets for a joyful ride.

1. 509 Delta R4 Ignite Helmet


  • Ignite dual-pane shield to avoid fog
  • Certified by DOT/ECE 
  • Fidlock magnetic strap buckle for easy closure
  • Extremely comfortable liner and cheek pads
  • Has a breath box for cold temperature riding
  • Tough Poly Alloy Shell 
  • Come in two shell sizes
  • Adjustable ventilation system
  • Tinted drop-down sun visor


  • There is an uncomfortable pressure point on the top

509 is a company that produces top-class gear for snowmobiles. With decades of work, they try to figure out the problem of their customers. For this, they go through the feedback of their customers. They make advancements to the gears with respect to the cultural and fashion changes. That’s why they are able to make the best snowmobile helmet for cold weather riding.

This helmet has a design that is an amalgamation of smooth and steadfast aerodynamics. To keep the ventilation stable, it has a good ventilation design and a smart liner on the interior. To guarantee the comfort of the biker, this helmet has adequate vents.

This helmet has a modular design, so you can stop by at any point of your ride to fill up your fuel tank or talk with a fellow rider. With this helmet, you will never have an issue with fogging on the visor, even if you are riding on cold days. However, the flip-down sunglasses may fog up if they are not down for a long time. But, you can solve this issue by keeping them down for almost 30 seconds. This time is enough to clear the fog.

At the upper side of the helmet, there is a vent for cooling, and you have the option to close it whenever you want. Apart from that, there are vents on 3 positions, i.e., one open vent that can be fully opened, a half-open vent, and a closed vent. These vents make sure that you don’t feel suffocated. 

This superior ventilation system is perfect for trail riders. And, if you are an off-trail rider, there is an easy turn of the plug system that helps you get rid of the cord to remove the wiring. Needless to say, the wiring connection is pretty sturdy, so it won’t bother you while riding your hog.

Also, a blue LED indicator light is turned on when you plug the helmet. In this way, you will know that there is a supply of power to the helmet. It is available in two distinct skirts to match your riding style. Despite that, it makes it adjustable to accommodate the warmer or colder seasons. So, you don’t have to keep different helmets for both the weather.

The modular flip-up face shield of this helmet gives better results when it is combined with the proprietary dual-pane heating technology by the company. This enables a clear, fog-free sight in all conditions. For maximum vision, it has a wide face shield that flips up in seconds. By pushing the button with your gloves, it goes up. To secure the helmet, it has a Fidlock magnetic strap clasp.

2. Klim F3 Helmet


  • Offers sufficient impact protection
  • Composite shell material to decrease the weight 
  • Available in three distinct shell sizes
  • Efficient ventilation system with thirteen intake and six exhaust vents
  • Guarantees wide and clear vision
  • EPS liner to cover your head
  • Approved by the ECE and DOT standards
  • Moisture absorbing Klimatek Fabric liner


  • Noisy operation

When you take this helmet out of the box, you will see a nice storage bag. This helmet contains everything you need to know about the helmet. It has a chin strap, peak screws, and a manual that contains all the information about the Fidlock chin strap closure for newbies.

Most of the helmets do not have good-sized eye ports to fit your eyewear. We call this the best snowmobile helmet because of the unobstructed vision it provides. With the big size of the eye-port, you can have your eyes on every small thing on the road. A Breath Box is given in the liner of the helmet for undistracted rides in low temperatures. 

Moreover, this mechanism inside the helmet blocks the incoming pressure built by the air from the front vents. There is a variable peak with channels that pushes the air through the intake vents directly. Some of the intake vents are open, while others are mesh-covered to control the airflow. In total, there are thirteen intake vents in this helmet. The intake ports are given on the front side of the helmet.

Coming to the rear exhaust vents, one port is at the crown, two of them are given at the back of your head on a higher angle, and three of them are present at a low position. That means you will find six ports to eliminate the air out of the helmet. 

This efficient design of the ventilation system keeps the heat off away from your head even when you are not riding. The structure of the helmet makes it compatible with various neck braces so that you don’t have to buy a new one from the same manufacturers. This is done by adding a large, expanded polystyrene part to the bottom of the helmet.

To flip the lid over when you are not on track, you can use your hand without taking off the gloves. The Fidlock chin strap is basic, innovative, and reliable. Previously,  in all of their models, Klim had the old double D ring chin strap with a Fidlock. However, with this chin strap, they have made the locking mechanism better than ever.

The is a red tab from which the strap comes apart. All you have to do is to hold the red tab and pull it. After the tab goes back to its original position, it snaps itself back with the help of the magnetic force. This is a high point of this helmet, as you need only one hand to lock or unlock the chin strap. 

Furthermore, this helmet has two of the most strict certifications by American and European standards. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the impact protection it offers.

3. HJC i90 Davan Snow Helmet


  • Compact polycarbonate shell with an electric lens
  • Convenient dropdown sun visor
  • Includes a fog-free Pinlock 
  • Size ranges from XS to 5XL
  • Passed safety tests by DOT and ECE 
  • Simple Double D ring clasp
  • Integrated space for Bluetooth devices
  • Specials cuts for glasses


  • A bit pricey

This model i90 helmet by HJC has all the features that a rider would expect from a helmet by HJC. In other words, with this helmet, they have turned the expectation of the riders into reality. This helmet was made specifically to ride freely on open roads. Thus, the design of the helmet is low-profile and compact. 

This design of the shell reduces fatigue on your head and shoulders. That makes it a go-to lightweight helmet for any voyage you’re on. The view of the shield is also broad, and it opens instantly on a single move. The interior of the helmet is seamless and stylish. In addition to that, it doesn’t get hot even on the longest journey.

You can keep your eyes on the adventure coming your way with the internal dropdown sun shield. You can manage this shield with a simple wire lever that bends to the bottom of the helmet. This helmet allows you to connect your  Bluetooth devices. As you already know that many people encounter an issue related to the sizes of a helmet. To make sure it fits many people, you will find it in sizes from 3XL to 5XL. 

Being a modular helmet, it offers sufficient safety for the bikers. The outer shell is made with polycarbonate material. The range of elements this helmet provides makes it a considerable option for many people. No doubt, for folks who are searching for a modular helmet that has a sun visor, rapid release face shield with a Pinlock system, antibacterial interior, a large shield, this is the best snowmobile helmet.

Two things that are necessary for a carefree ride are a great peripheral vision and the freedom to integrate a Bluetooth kit for entertainment. The dual homologation on this helmet is for smooth open face riding.

Due to this, the owners of this helmet are content with their purchase. Once you wear this helmet, you will notice that it is comfy and feels very tough when you hold it. The quality of this helmet is firm too. 

This helmet is truly an all-rounder modular helmet that is worth each and every penny. It has all the packed features that are needed by people.  The sun visor of this helmet keeps you protected from the heat and UV rays of the sun. So, you don’t get sunburned when you ride during the day.

In slightly more than three hundred dollars, you get a Pinlock antifog insert. The Bluetooth headset integration is a feature that comes in handy when you are all by yourself. With this helmet, even in remote areas, you will have a connection with your loved ones. Because it ticks all the boxes for a rider, it is bought by thousands of bikers. However, if you have a tight budget, you have to wait for a while. 

4. Scorpion EXO-AT950 Outrigger Helmet


  • Advanced LG Polycarbonate body
  • Dual-density EPS 
  • Sufficient intake and exhaust ports 
  • Ellip-Tec ratchet system for a tight seal
  • Amber-tint Sun-Visor for great peripheral vision 
  • KwikWick II removable and washable liner 
  • Special block off plates for the visor
  • Has DOT certification 
  • Reliable 5-year warranty
  • Has a defrost function


  • Expensive 
  • Moving the visor with thick gloves may be difficult

This helmet has the look of a street helmet and is brilliant for your two-wheeler. The interior of the helmet has a port for goggles beneath the face shield. You can change the shield effortlessly. With a single tool, you can remove the peak in no time. When the peak is off, it turns it into an appealing street helmet.

When we talk about the inside of the helmet, there is a plush interior antimicrobial Kwik-Wick liner. When you want to clean it, it pops off. In this helmet, you will observe that the cheek pads of the helmet are not that thick as compared to the last models. The cheek pads of this helmet are thin. Due to this, it offers a snug headspace to put less pressure on your head.

When the interior gets warm, it doesn’t let you feel exhausted with the large vent. Plus, you can adjust this vent by finding it with your gloved hand. When you open it, air moves in through multiple channels. Basically, the dual-density EPS liner contains vents for cooling and twin exhaust vents to mitigate the air from the back. After you install the peak, the flow-through peak won’t block the flow of air. On the front, the chin vent filters the air to keep the insects, dust, etc., outside.

At a glance, you will see a polycarbonate shell with a beautiful matte finish. The whole design was planned to minimize the weight of the shell.  The total weight of this helmet is approximately 3.7 pounds. Besides that, it disperses the heat and impacts effectively. Another factor that makes it the best snowmobile helmet is the advanced shape to decrease the noise of the wind. 

The chin bar is not going to give you a hard time while opening. To open the chin strap, a central button is there, so you can use the metal latches to lock the chin strap. Yet, EPS foam is absent in this area. The makers have built three shell sizes for this helmet. 

The eye port of this helmet is huge and contains a fog-free face shield. Additionally, the shield has an anti-scratch hardening coating that keeps it sealed. The sun visor has a dual-sided coating. 

The company offers a five-year warranty for this helmet. So, whenever you feel like replacing or swapping the helmet, you can contact the company for a replacement. Aside from that, it is a versatile helmet as you can use it as a full-face in freezing cold temperatures. The external peak of the helmet makes it aerodynamic. 

5. Fly Racing HMK F2 Carbon Pro Helmet


  • Sturdy construction using carbon fiber and Kevlar materials
  • Optimum airflow with the Dual-layered EPS
  • Numerous ports for maximum ventilation
  • Intelligently designed nose guard
  • Washable and Quick Release liner fabric
  • Meets multiple safety standards


  • Heavier than many helmets of the same class

For this helmet, HMK has made a partnership with Fly Racing. So, this is a helmet that was launched in the market for a limited period of time. This helmet is made for racers. Thus the makers focused on keeping it as light as a feather. Even though you may confuse it with existing formula one helmets, it has its own innovative features and aspects.

As it is for a cold atmosphere, there is a plug kit that covers the vent holes present inside the helmet. By doing this, you can block the entrance area for the cold air.  The EPS lining serves two purposes here: it keeps a balanced flow of air and ensures the comfort of the rider. For a superior ventilation system, the designers have provided eleven intake vents and four exhaust vents. Moreover, three air intake vents are located near the eye-port. The function of these vents is to imbibe air from the goggle area to make the shield fog-free.

These vents produce a significant flow of air that keeps the interior of the helmet cool and dry. This helmet is added to our list as it has all the recognized certifications like SNELL, DOT, ECE, and AS. in simple words, four countries have tested this helmet many times to see if it is safe for the consumers.

To keep your nose protected, there is a nose guard with fine lines on it. These lines do not let the rocks touch your nose. To create the shell of the helmet, the makers used a top-notch technique and high-class material. As a result, you get carbon fiber and Kevlar composite shell.

The main benefit of these two components is that it gives excellent strength to the helmet without drastically increasing the weight of it. You will also witness a breath box flawlessly molded inside the helmets. With the help of this, you will never experience a flying object or any other substance in your helmet.

To grant the softness, it has two layers of EPS. The inner layer is a bit hard, while the outer layer is plush. This mixture provides improved impact absorption on different events. Plus, there is a quick release liner that can be removed by a snap system. Because of this, you can wash the liner to keep it free from any kind of odor. 

Nobody has ever complained about the fitment of this helmet. From the plugs to the vents, nothing is bothersome inside the helmet. You can customize the breath box according to the shape of your nose with the metal insert provided with the helmet. Lastly, in terms of affordability and sturdiness, this is the best snowmobile helmet for everyone. 

Buying Guide

What are the Common Types of Helmets?

Although there are many types of helmets, we will discuss the two helmets that are preferred the most by bikers.

Full-Face Helmets

To protect you from the cold and, of course, from an accident, a full-face helmet is a smart option. This is because this type of helmet covers your whole face. As this helmet doesn’t have much movement, there are fewer chances of wind noise and buffeting. That is what makes a full-face helmet suitable for countless situations of different nature. Note that they are best suited for trail riders.

Modular Helmet 

On the other hand, modular helmets for snowmobiles give you the liberty to lift the chin bar when you are standing. Apart from that, it has many characteristics of full-face helmets. Most interestingly, the reason why it attracts casual bikers is that it is more convenient to use. For instance, riders can stop their bike at various points in their journey and get access to their faces. Subsequently, the moving parts added in such helmets decrease the level of protection.

Importance of a Shield  

One aspect that helps us differentiate between a snowmobile helmet and a typical motorcycle helmet is the kind of shield used in the helmet. In general, in a motorcycle helmet, you will find a single pane shield. This type of shield is tough to tolerate impacts, but it is not effective for cold temperatures. On the contrary, a snowmobile shield must have a dual-pane shield. A dual-pane shield works for cold temperature riding. 

Dual-pane Shield 

A dual-pane shield is an essential part of a snowmobile helmet. If we dissect it, we will notice two different panes. The aim of this shield is to prevent fogging on the shield of your helmet when the temperature drops. To put it simply, you can think of the working principle of the dual-pane window as it works similarly. 

In order to separate the two shields from one another, there is a thin layer of gas between them. This thin layer of gas serves the role of an insulator and ceases the transfer of heat through it. In low temperatures, this results in condensation on the shield.

What is a Heated Electric Shield?

A heated shield contains certain material to keep the shield warm to provide a defrosting effect. There is an electrical system that provides energy for heating through a cord. Currently, a number of full-face and modular snowmobile helmets come with this system.


Every one of the helmets on our list is the best snowmobile helmet on the market. Nevertheless, the helmet you pick must depend on your personal requirements, liking, and riding style. So, you must make the final choice after re-checking all the factors. Moreover, if you are concerned about the quality of the helmet, none of these helmets will disappoint you.

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