5 Best Polisher for Motorcycles

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Nothing delivers the same experience as riding your bike through the city at night. The feeling of gliding through the streets on those alloy wheels is unparalleled. Yet owning a bike in itself is an adventure that all of us pride over.

Talking about the flawless design and that sparkling “brand-new” look can take hours.

However, you can’t keep your bike new forever, but retaining your bike’s “new-look” should not concern you after reading this. We bring to you five of the best motorcycle polishers in the market that are guaranteed to deliver a spick and span look for your ride.

Top 5 Motorcycle Polishers on the Market

Griot’s 10739STDCRD Garage Polisher

Griot’s 10739STDCRD Garage Polisher

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Griot’s Garage 10739STDCRD 3” Polisher operates in a random orbital manner. This means that instead of simply rotating, it revolves in an undulating manner. If maneuverability is your demand, then this is the product for you. It is smaller in size, allowing it to reach even the tightest spots with ease. It polishes and waxes the bike’s surface with flawless perfection and all of this at an affordable price!

This polisher comes equipped with a powerful 240-watt motor and can achieve top speeds up to 3,500-10,000 opm. However, 4,000-6,000 range is sufficient to get anything from waxing to deep polishing done. Its pad continues to spin irrespective of pressure applied but does not damage the paint or surface. Safety has been the manufacturer’s top priority, the product is guaranteed not to burn through your bike’s paint.


  • The handle is adjustable or removable
  • The grip is rubberized to ensure that it does not slip
  • Backing plate and pads are replaceable with smaller sizes
  • Powerful motor
  • Low vibration


  • Creates a little noise
  • Heavier/bulkier in comparison

Avid AEP127 Power Polisher

Avid AEP127 Power Polisher

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Avid has created a product that, in their words, is “easy enough for beginners and powerful enough for professionals.” This polisher not only provides ease of use but a thorough cleaning job as well. With a six-level speed control dial, you can wax, polish, remove scratches and swirls, or eliminate oxidation damage.

The central idea behind this product is getting the job done quickly, saving time and effort on your part. The body is designed to provide perfect grip; with an adjustable handle and rubber grip, you never have to worry about the machine slipping off from your hands while operating.


  • Adjustable speed
  • The handle can be adjusted
  • Prevents burning of paint
  • Excellent rubber grip


  • A bit noisy

RUPES LHR12E Polisher

RUPES LHR12E Polisher

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When a centuries-old center of European commerce manufactures something, you take it, no questions asked. The Italian made RUPES LHR12E, colloquially known as the “Duetto,” has been built to deliver a two-in-one experience. It works both as a sander and a polisher. Although it is on the far right end of the price range, it is worth every dime.

Flawless Italian craftsmanship assures that the design is unparalleled. It can be set on its back on a built-in rubber pedestal to keep the pad from touching the floor. With a 400-watt motor powering it and a simple speed controller, this machine is capable of doing almost anything. It boasts a superior throw, meaning that it covers more area and is professional-oriented. Not only does it excel rival dual action polishers, but it does so with minimal vibrations!


  • A powerful 400-watt motor
  • Does not tip over when placed on its back because of a rubber pedestal
  • Outperforms other dual action polishers
  • Less vibration
  • Reaches tricky spots with ease


  • A bit expensive
  • Professional-oriented

Adam’s Swirl Killer

Adam’s Swirl Killer

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The product is just as strong as the name suggests, it “kills” swirls. Easily maneuverable and versatile in action, this mini polisher can follow curves and access hard-to-reach points to do a thorough job. This dual-action machine is designed to deliver a one-step clean experience when used with “Adam’s One Step system.”

It can correct scratches and marks in spaces where a full-sized polisher would not fit. With a 25-feet long rubber coated cable, maneuverability is not a problem. Other than acting as a motorcycle polisher, it can scrub carpets, apply glazes, sealants, waxes and give a simmering look to your aluminum window panes as well. The manufacturers give their clients a whopping 110% quality assurance. They go as far as to claim that their product is the best in the market, we would’ve been skeptical normally, but the machine does deliver as promised. 


  • A multifunctional tool
  • 25 feet long rubber coated cable
  • Reaches hard-to-access spots
  • Compact design
  • Low vibration


  • Lags a bit behind other competitors like the Duetto
  • Requires complete kit for optimal performance

Ginour Polisher

Ginour Polisher

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This is one of the cheaper alternatives, but don’t let the low price deceive you. It takes a lot to be on Amazon’s Choice list, and Ginour polisher has all of it. Powered with a stout 900-watt motor capable of cleaning even the trickiest marks, Ginour polisher has a gentle touch at the same time. A lightweight design accentuates not only the performance but maneuverability as well.

It is engineered to reduce track damage and burn marks. Its switch lock design allows you to maintain speed and reduces fatigue while polishing your bike. With such a generous price tag, Ginour polisher offers a great deal. Although it can’t compete with the high-end products, it excels in its competitors in other ways. 


  • Inexpensive and effective
  • 900-watt motor
  • Lightweight; only 5.7 pounds
  • 6 level speed adjustment
  • Switch-lock handle


  • Falls short against the high-end products

Buyer’s Guide

One must consider a heap of factors when choosing an automobile polisher. Not all devices are created equal. While some boast attractive features, others offer affordable price tags. Some excel in a single area, while others tend to deliver an all-in-one experience. The overall potential of the machine also varies. Higher power does not always mean higher performance. A certain threshold separates DIY polishers from commercial ones. Here are some factors worth considering when choosing your motorcycle polisher:

Essential features

The following features are a must-have for an ideal motorcycle polisher:

  • It must have a soft-start capability making it safe to operate.
  • It should be able to automatically shut down to save power and prevent overheating.
  • A counterweight mechanism must be present to prevent the model from burning through the motorcycle’s paint.
  • An adjustable handle is a must-have to ensure comfort and ease of operation.
  • Maneuverability is one of the most salient features of an effective model.
  • A variable-speed control must be present to allow the unit to be used for multiple tasks.

Low vs. High Power Polishers

The more amps a motor draws, the more power it will exude. Generally, a motor capable of giving a speed of 2,500 opm/rpm (oscillations/revolutions per minute) or more is considered a commercial level machine. While the ones that lag behind this threshold can only serve DIY purposes. More power means detailed finishing and better results. However, only a skilled operator can use the machine to such perfection.

DIY or Professional?

One of the main separators of DIY and commercial level polishers is power. As noted earlier, low power machines serve DIY functions while professionals employ high power machines. Which one should you pick? The question you ought to ask is, what do you intend to accomplish? Do you wish to thoroughly polish every inch of your bike with a craftsman’s precision? Or do you seek the comfort of use? If the latter is your answer, then a DIY model would do fine, and they are cheaper too, otherwise go for a commercial machine.

Motor Amperage

Modern polishers tend to have 4.0+ AMP motors, making them power machines. However, amperage alone should not be the determining factor. A machine that reduces vibrations and creates less noise is better than one that does not even if it has higher power.

Corded or Cordless?

Many polishers come in a cordless variety, yet we have only mentioned the corded ones. This is because of one advantage they have over their competitors, that is strength. Although they require a little care while handling and can limit maneuvering (not a problem with bikes), they deliver better results. Moreover, many models come with an extension cord, the Adam’s Swirl Killer, as noted, comes with a 25 feet long cord, making it easily maneuverable. 

Fixed Action vs. Dual Action

All products in the above list boast a “dual action” feature, that’s where we elaborate that. Plain or simple action polishers are commonly referred to as “wax spreaders.” Although they can add or remove wax with ease, they fail to deliver extraordinary results, especially with polish. The dual action machines are safer to use in comparison and serve both novices and pros in ease of use and perfection, respectively.

In dual action polishers, the pad spins on a different axis as that of the spindle. When the user applies excessive pressure against the surface, the pad will stop to prevent the paint from being scraped off. The polishing action of a dual-action machine mimics the effect of hand polishing, only faster. If you are a beginner, then we recommend dual-action products, like Griot’s Garage polisher.

Ergonomic Handles

Having an ergonomic handle, which almost all modern brands do, is a great advantage. This allows the user to hold the machine firmly and prevents slipping by accident. Avoid models without this feature.

Long Throw vs. Short Throw

Throw refers to the area covered by the pad. The longer the throw, the bigger the area covered by the polisher. There is one edge that short-throw products have in that they apply more pressure per unit area and can deliver a better result. However, long-throw machines reduce work effort and conserve time. If you want a “one-step cleaning machine,” a model with a larger throw such as the Duetto would be more effective.

Size and Weight

With motorcycles, your choice should be a lightweight and small-sized product. This would allow ease of application, and the machine would be able to access all parts effectively. Moreover, motorcycles are smaller than cars and don’t require the same sized polishers as them.


A product’s durability and reliability are reflected in the warranty period offered. If a company is confident enough in its product to offer a longer warranty period, then it is worth buying. However, when comparing warranties, brand reputation must also be considered. Even newer brands, with a repute for delivering their promise, can excel older competitors in line.


The most stinging part about shopping is money. We can never have enough, and it is not wise to fret over such things. Instead, one must work with what one has. Spend according to your budget and make it a general rule to spend less than what you have. 

Most people give in to the temptation of emptying their wallets immediately. But in the current socio-economic environment, it behooves one to save up on money. Select the best that money offers within your budget. That being said, the price can be an illusion, many companies avoid displaying discounted prices while others do. Do a thorough research first; you won’t regret it. 


Product selection is based on personal preference, above all. Some may simply pick one up if they like its look, but the more prudent course would be to assess the features and your needs.

Do you need a simple wax job or a deep clean, and do you like spending time polishing your bike, or do you want to do it once every week?

Lifestyle, budget, and personal preference outweigh the merits of products, yet it is important to keep them in mind. All the products above are excellent in their own right but deliver slightly different experiences. It is up to you to opt for the experience you’re comfortable with.

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