5 Best Motorcycle Riding Shirts

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If you are a big bike enthusiast, you would know how important motorcycle riding shirts are. It is a great addition to your motorcycle gear collection. Motorcycle riding shirts are versatile; you can either wear them alone or pair them up with a jacket for a whole look. 

An ideal motorcycle riding shirt includes abrasion resistance, armour pockets, and moisture-wicking fabric. Moisture-wicking fabric pulls all the moisture away from the skin, which keeps you comfortable on your ride. 

Motorcycle riding shirts are great and can be used repeatedly with different jackets and coats. Even though the shirt has many advanced features but just by looking at it, you will see a simple shirt. 

To help you choose the best motorcycle riding shirts, here are the best ones:

1. ScorpionExo Men’s Motorcycle Shirt

This bike riding shirt has polyester-cotton outer material, it’s a flannel shirt. It also has a Kevlar lining, unlike other shirts; this shirt doesn’t only have Kevlar threads. The company that made this shirt is well known for making protective wear. 

From the very beginning, this flannel covert short is made to combat abrasion. ScorpionExo is made up of actual Kevlar, and it doesn’t only have a small patch on its elbow. The Exo-stitch is done on all seams of this shirt to protect against any tearing or damage if you fall. 

There are one internal pocket and two pockets externally present on the upper chest. Mesh pockets on the shoulder, back, and elbows available, optionally. 

2. Milwaukee Performance Men’s Denim Shirt

Milwaukee performance jacket is an amazing jacket to wear while bike riding. This is not just a protective garment, but it also looks cool. The denim jacket gives the jacket a rough and tough look while still staying in style. 

It is made up of cotton, which is durable, and it has an inner lining of Kevlar. Its shoulders and elbows are lines with Aramid Fiber Thread. For your convenience, the jacket has dual closures, which include a zipper and buttons. 

To give you that extra protection armour pads are present on elbows and shoulders, but you can remove them as well. There are two pockets with buttons on them. 

3. Highway 21 Marksman Men’s Riding Shirt

While riding on the roads, you can’t always predict future weather conditions. In that case, you should be well prepared for any sort of difficulty. This grey, the rugged-looking flannel shirt looks classic and gives you a rough and tough look. 

Its tailored and innovative design gives you a fresh and iconic look wherever you go. 

The shirt is flannel made with 8 oz. cotton. It has an elbow and shoulder armour, which you can remove if you don’t want them. Similarly, they have removable back armour as well. 

This flannel shirt is a button-down classic with two pockets on its chest. Lastly, it has Kevlar lined on the elbow and shoulders. 

4. Speed And Strength Men’s Shirt

This beautiful shirt is yet another classic with a checkered print. It is made up of a blend of cotton and polyester, making the shirt long-lasting but lightweight. On its shoulders and elbows, there is Kevlar thread lined. 

To make your shirt tear-proof, it has a gusset on your shoulder for expansion. The shirt also has snap down pockets on its chest and YKK zipper for opening, which is hidden underneath the snaps. 

It’s a versatile shirt to own; it goes well throughout the year. It can be worn either as a single piece, or you can pair it up with a jacket in winters.

5. Viking Motorcycle Flannel Shirt

This shirt is made especially for bikes to fulfill their needs. Viking motorcycle shirt is a classic flannel design that is easy fitting. It has both types of closures, which include buttons and zip. 

It is made up of soft cotton fabric, and for your protection, it is reinforced with armour that’s removable as well. The shirt also has an internal hidden pocket. There are also external pockets on this shirt. All these pockets can be utilized for keeping important documents, wallets, etc. 

It has premium protection with armour on its back, shoulders, and elbows. There is a Kevlar present in these places to keep you safe if you ever fall, protected from abrasion, etc. 

What Makes The Best Motorcycle Shirt?

After looking at the above-mentioned motorcycle shirts, you must be well aware now of the type of shirt that you want. Certain key factors must be present in all good biker shirts. 

 First of all, comfort. A good motorcycle shirt is comfortable to wear. It is crucial because you are already going to a place that you can’t predict. That’s the beauty of the roads. You never know where you end up. So for such instances, prepare and invest in some good biker shirts. 

Second of all, unlike other vehicles with motorcycles, you don’t have spaces to keep your stuff like wallets, etc., in it so, make sure the shirt you’re buying has multi-purpose pockets. 

Third of all, the shirt should be good enough for all seasons and occasions. You can either wear them up or wear them down. Invest in a shirt that will last you longer than just one season. 

Lastly, there are a lot of innovations being made with biker jackets and shirts. Make sure that you buy a jacket that has these advanced features, but at the same time, it also looks good. 


If you are a seasonal biker, a professional, or a novice, you should still invest in a good motorcycle jacket. It will last you longer than many of your other motorcycle gears. 

Before you buy any shirt, make sure that they should at least have some of the features that we discussed before. It is crucial because when you are riding a bike, you are exposed to multiple risks, weather conditions, and much more. So, be as much prepared as you can be. 

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