5 Best Motorcycle Racing Suits

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A good motorcycle riding suit helps to protect you from impacts, wind, weather, and everything else you’ll encounter on your ride. In this motorcycle riding suit review, we’ll teach you how to pick out the perfect suit, and with the help of our expert research to choose the best products in the category for your specific needs.

Top 5 Motorcycle Racing Suit Reviews

We have gone through many different riding suits and thoroughly researched them. Here are our top five picks to help make your search easy for a suit that will fulfill your requirements.

1. Alpinestars Missile Race Suit

Tech Air Technology burst into the motorbike safety market, and it would have been even more suitable for the Alpinestars Race Suit. The suit itself is built with quality 1.3 mm cow leather paneled with gussets and spreading cloth tablets, which are carefully placed to guarantee optimum movement on a motorcycle. They add to motion and relaxation on a bike and also improve the fitness and the feeling of the stretch panels on sleeves.

GP-R protector for the wrists, elbows, knees, and external slider in the joints is CE approved by Alpinestars, they allow the Projectile fit for a high-speed drop, while the located piercing and an airflow-optimized back jump guarantee you are cool throughout the ride. This missile racing tray has been designed for the purpose of accepting the separate Tech Air Race Airbag System. Within only a few minutes, the vest can easily be mounted and no additional sensors are needed. 

The left panel is fitted with an LED panel which indicates the status of the airbag system. When a collision is detected, the rider’s rear, shoulders, renal area, and chest are secured by an unmatched safety airbag. Accordion elastic inserts on the shoulder and underarm are designed to accommodate inflated airbags.

The textured fabric is made of a 3D comfort collar for the protection of the large leather panels and is used for maximum ventilation. It is equipped with a snap button device that attaches the certified Level 2 CE Alpinestars Nucleon KR-R Race Back Protector which can be purchased separately. 

The Leather Jacket Missile is designed anatomically to maximize efficiency and satisfaction levels. Crafted from luxury leather, the jacket is designed to fit Alpinestars Tech-Air and has class-leading safety elements within it and outside. This CE-certified jacket can be similarly worn on its own due to its customizable functionality, resulting in a highly flexible performance garment; the reason behind its number one placement in our list.

2. Dainese Laguna Seca 4 Perforated Race Suit

Coming in at second place is the Dainese Laguna Seca 4 Perforated suit. A technical enhancement of a racing icon that is equally at home on the road is the Dainese Laguna Seca 4 Perforated Design. It has a rough cock and cooling areas. It uses composite protectors approved according to EN 1621.1 Level 2 requirements for elbows and knees and the hips for the safety of the horse. The plates are smooth on your shoulders and titanium is smooth on your elbows. The EN 1621.1 Generic Level 2 on hips on the shoulders has approved soft protection equipment. The suit is CE – Cat approved. Directive II – 89/686/EEC.

This suit has mesh inserts of 3D-Bubble Liner with dispersed bore and nano feel removable liners. This suit is fitted with a built-in fitting device. An incense pocket is included with this coat. The knee and elbow sliders are both interchangeable and a  safeguard and cleaning kit is available for that kind of suit.

It has an aerodynamic hump with a micro-elastic 2.0 hydro blaster and a triaxial framework for quick reaction stability and convenience. It also provides Level 2 protection, offering the latest generation MotoGP protection with the aid of smooth aluminum shoulders and RSS 2.0 sliders. The equipment of this racing suit is complete with shock absorber plugs, slider guides on elbows, and adjustable knee pads.

3. Icon Hypersport Race Suit

Protective In all the positions., the Icon Hypersport 1-piece Leather Race Suit is made from TrackSpec 1,1 mm-1,3 mm leather with D3O impact safety. Flex areas at the crotch and shoulder blades make a tie and drag a knee deeper. The liner can be removed and washed, so any time you take a lap you remain calm and new as an oak.

This suit by icon is an attack fit suit with a removable D30 shoulder, elbow, back, knee, and hip armor as well as integrated flex zones. It has neoprene wrist and ankle cuffs and replaceable nylon knee sliders. The TPR chest logo, TPU shoulder, elbow and kneecaps, and TPU speed hump all add to its appeal along with the class AAA rating. 

4. REV'IT! Quantum Race Suit

Revit Quantum Race Suit consists of Monaco cowhide which is debossed for a honeycomb print that looks like shimmering snakeskin. You will be delighted by the extraordinary stylistic and practical functionality. Convivence and freedom of movement are provided by the careful positioning of the stretched material.

It has CE-level 1 armor which supports the double composite sliders to spread impact energy and the Dispersed leather support perforations sustain you at the correct temperature. The VCS| speed-humming hydration bladder eliminates the possibility of getting thirsty and maintains the freshness of the suit by washing the removable mesh lining. It is compatible with a separately available and optional divided chest protection as well as a pocket to the separately sold optional Seesoft Back Protector.

The suit is race-fit and tight, with cool 3D fabric, calf zippers, comfort cuffs, adjustable flap, extendable linens, and stretch panels. The interior temperature might seem to surge at 1000 suns, and the extra respiration and ventilation typical of this REV’IT are tempting. The suit is completed with the Betac armor suite.

5. Alpinestars GP Tech v3 Race Suit

For a lightweight and abrasion-resistant external frame, the Alpinestars GP Tech v3 Competition Suit for Tech-Air Race typically uses lightweight kangaroos and luxury bovine leather. Include a compliant Tech Air Race Jacket with the appropriate sensors and circuitry for an airbag system. The incorporated LED sleeve monitor for the suit displays the operating status of the device when you mount the separately selling Tech Air Race Jacket.

No motorcycle is required nearby to customize your suits. Leather accordion extends panels with the frame to support the activity and fitness. They can also extend the suit as the airbag glows. Aramid grid panel-supported leather protects strategic areas with improved friction resistance and friction heat control. Textile stretch panels on the sides, leg back and arms improve your movement and encourage the suit to respire.

CE rated armor is standard for elbows, shoulder, hips, and knees. Some of the tibias are protected by the long knee armor. In the shape and work of GP type sliders on the knees and shoulders. Returnable sliders encourage you to push the boundary. The GP Tech v3 Race Suit has been created to support Tech Air Race Airbag. In just a few minutes the jacket, to be ordered separately, conveniently installs and needs no external sensors.  If it senses a collision, it deploys an airbag shielding the entire back, shoulders, kidney, and chest of the rider unlike any other.

Motorcycle Racing Suit Buying Guide

Choosing a racing suit is a decision laced with a compromise: the style, material, technical features, and level of protection you want from your suit can wildly affect what you end up buying. Some of them look great but aren’t going to help when you’re caught out in a shower or will keep you infinitely warm and dry for miles and miles. Here’s our buying guide that will help you pick a suit that fulfills all your needs and requirements.

Singlet or a Two-piece

Whether you are planning to use your motorcycle suit for racing or fun riding is of significance. it helps to decide what kind of suit is required, the solution is easy: get a single piece if you plan to ride in your fit. You can also have one of the suits with a 360-grade zip connecting your jacket and your trousers, just make sure that the zip does connect around the middle portion if you want a suit with that kind of flexibility. a small zip link is not sufficient to meet the specifications of most of the marshals.


Not every rider aims for full safety from head to foot, but if you are a road rider who often wants to stretch the boundaries and go into a corner or bend a little quicker than ever before, then the leather suit may be one of the best equipment you’ve ever owned. Not only is a leather race suit the best abrasion defense, but it can also have the optimum protection and armor for your effects. The thickness of the leather and the type of leather is also to be checked. A sturdy natural hide is more reliable than man-made or smaller pieces that are jointly pieced together.


Review the armor and see if it is provided with the racing suit and modifications or extra equipment to improve the security standard. Not all manufacturers include the highest standards for their armor only to make the whole outfit more accessible. But you can replace the armor if you have a premium suit.

Fit and Comfort 

Fitness and comfort are not so important for your protection as the physical reliability of the racing suit. You must be relaxed and drive to the fullest of your skills, bikes and to get the most out of a journey. The distraction in the seat region of the tray, which is too small and ties if the upper body is pushed, is not pleasant. 

Either you will attempt to minimize the movement of your upper body, or you will wait until the last second, recognizing that in a fragile area, it will produce “discomfort.” And on the track, or even on the lane, both can be risky. Find a match for the size and type of the body. Expansion insulation and gussets are a significant consideration for relaxation on long journeys. Quality equipment is designed to suit the body and provide great protection.

Temperature Control

When you’re shopping for a motorcycle outfit, you can first think where and for what time you’re going to be riding it. Look for loops to help your suit breathe while you are traveling in hot weather. Find warm layers of insulation while driving in the cold. Many suits are segregated and ventilated for riders who want to counter a wide array of environments on the same day.


Motorcycle jackets are somehow sealed, most often with zippers or velcro. It should be covered by waterproof flaps and wide enough to fit everything you plan to bring which are usually wallets, tablets, headphones, maps, and fundamental objects. The thighs and chest are common areas for pockets.


Each and every suit mentioned above in our list is a little closer-fitting for reduced drag at highway speeds but they have plenty of airflows, not too much that it would be an inconvenience. they are equipped with improved abrasion resistance as well as armor. When you’re stuck out in the rain after dark or have to go on a long scorching journey with the sun right over your head, you’ll be grateful to find yourself inside any one of them.

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