10 Best Leather Motorcycle Jackets

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Motorcycle jackets are an important piece of clothing.

They are crucial as they help you while riding a bike by ensuring your safety.

In case of any accident, you can be rest assured that safety is one aspect that will be somewhat covered and lessened by the help of a motorcycle jacket.

These motorcycle jackets come in various materials as well. Below we’ve covered the materials used and the best jacket for you. 

Different Types of Leather Used in Motorcycle Jackets


Also known as k-leather, kangaroo skin is a type of material which is used in the manufacture of leather jackets. Their skin doesn’t have much to remove and doesn’t need to be shaved a lot. Due to this the skin remains hard and clean and makes the leather jacket sturdy and durable


It is the most commonly used leather material. Many items such as boots, gloves etc are made from cowhide as it is easily available and affordable.


Goat skin is another material which is widely used for leather items. Gloves or specifically the palm of gloves are made from this. It is more comfortable and softer than the other leather types since it has lanolin in it which is an oily substance in the glands of a goat.

Synthetic Leather

The last most commonly used type is the synthetic leather. It is not pure leather as the name clearly indicates but it is affordable and provides a great deal of safety and comfort. It is used a lot in the manufacture of gloves, boots and other riding gear, etc. 

We chose some of the best Leather Jackets for you.

Top 10 Leather Jackets

FLAVOR Men Leather Motorcycle Jacket

FLAVOR Men Leather Motorcycle Jacket

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This leather jacket by Flavor is made up of 100% original leather. It has polyester lining in it and the fillings in the jackets are entirely made of cotton. It is a fashionable jacket with a removable hood that you can take off. On the jacket, there are two hand pockets, three chest pockets and two pockets on the inside of the jacket for other important belongings.  

The jacket is as long as hip length and the cuffs are adjustable. This can help you in colder conditions. There is also a zipper which can be wind resistant too. It comes in two colors; brown and black. 

  • It is made up of leather 1005
  • It has a removable hood
  • It is wind resistant
  • Only available in 2 colors

Milwaukee Leather Men’s Classic Leather jacket

Milwaukee Leather Men's Classic Leather Jacket

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Next is this leather jacket by Milwaukee. It is made entirely keeping the comfort of the user in mind. It has thermal lining inside it which makes it easier and comfier to wear. Other than that, the most important and prominent aspect is the detailing. There are zips on the sides so that you can make it to fit your waist perfectly. 

There is also a belt for fitting purposes. It is made from premium milled cowhide material and is one of the top choices in leather jackets. It comes in various sizes and has 2 zippered pockets on the front for your belongings. It comes in length size 42-60 and the material is injury resistant as well.  

  • It has thermal lining
  • Zips on the side for adjustment
  • No cons found

Milwaukee Leather Motorcycle Jacket-Vents

Milwaukee Leather Motorcycle Jacket-Vents

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Another well favored motorcycle jacket made up of leather is this one. Also manufactured by Milwaukee and is very versatile and durable. It has tons of features that can’t be seen but can be felt such as the mesh lining, air vents and zip out liner if you plan to ride a motorcycle in cold weather, etc.  It fits comfortably and it is suggested by the manufacturers to always get one size bigger for extra comfort.

The jacket has a 2 year warranty which is pretty great and can be replaced if there is anything wrong with it. The convenience factor is also kept in mind while its making as it has 4 pockets outside and 2 inside as well. The external pockets have air vents in them as well. 

  • It has air vents
  • This jacket has mesh lining
  • This jacket has zip out liner as well
  • It has a two year warranty
  • Tons of pockets are there too
  • It gives off a rough vintage look

Hot Leathers Men’s Heavyweight Jacket

Hot Leathers Men's Heavyweight Jacket

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This is a very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing jacket. As the name states, it is a heavyweight jacket and comes in a cavernous black color. There is zipped out quilted lining in the jacket. Because of this lining, it is easy to wear it for longer durations of time without any discomfort. The collars are fashionable as well since they stand out a little but not in an annoying manner. 

There are tons of pockets on this jacket. It has 2 side slit pockets and 2 zipper pockets as well, and that’s just on the outside. Inside there are two additional jackets as well. It comes in various sizes and the black color makes it very appealing. 

  • It comes in lots of sizes
  • It has an attractive color
  • There is only one color

Motorcycle Jacket Riding Jacket Windproof Full Body Protective Gear 

Motorcycle Jacket Motorbike Riding Jacket Windproof Motorcycle Full Body Protective Gear Armor Autumn Winter Moto Clothing

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This jacket has a polyester mesh lining and can be worn in all four seasons. The polyester is very wearable and comfortable. This jacket is windproof as well. It is abrasion resistant and is least likely to cause you any permanent damage during injuries. It gives maximum coverage to your shoulder, chest, elbow and back. This jacket has removable cotton lining as well in case you want to take it off. 

There are adjustable cuffs, hem and collar with the help of which you can alter the fitting according to your preference. It has two pockets on the outside. The jacket comes in various sizes and is the right choice if you don’t want to get leather jackets for every season. 

  • The jacket provides maximum coverage
  • It is removable cotton lining
  • It is perfect for all weather seasons
  • Only two pockets

Joe Rocket Classic ’92 Men’s Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Joe Rocket Classic '92 Men's Leather Motorcycle Jacket

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This jacket by Joe Rocket weighs only 4 pounds gives maximum comfort and ease. It is made up of leather and comes in brown and cream color.  It is made from cowhide leather material and is made entirely keeping ease and comfort in mind. There are tons of pockets on this leather jacket. These pockets are situated on the front, two on the top and two down below. There are zippers on the sleeves of the jacket. There are 2 pockets inside as well.

It has a gleaming brown leather color that gives a complete leather effect. It is CAPA Certified for safe riding. 

  • It is soft and comfortable
  • It is certified by CAPA
  • There are no air vents

Event Biker Leather Men’s Basic Motorcycle Jacket

Event Biker Leather Men's Basic Motorcycle Jacket

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Next up in our list is this black leather jacket by Event biker Leather. It is pretty affordable and comes in various sizes. It has a very fashionable look to it while also giving maximum security.  It has polyester lining and there is a half belt on the waist of the jacket for maximum adjustments of sizes. There is also side detailing on the jacket so that you can fit comfortably from the sides as well.

It weighs 5.51 pounds and is a street cruiser motorcycle jacket. The leather is 1.2 to 1.3mm thick and is made up of durable leather. The zipper is heavy duty and has lots of pockets on it for your personal belongings. It might be heavy but it is very comfortable and will keep you warm. 

  • It is cheap
  • There is a half belt on the bottom near the waist
  • It is a bit heavy

Joe Rocket Vintage Rocket Men’s Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Joe Rocket Vintage Rocket Men's Leather Motorcycle Jacket

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Another leather jacket that we liked well enough to include in this list the vintage rocket leather jacket by Joe rocket. It is made from dry drum cowhide leather material and is tailored in such a manner that it gives ultimate comfort and look. There are pockets like zips on the shoulders and sleeves of the jacket so that you can alter it enough to fit however much you like. The sleeves have a full liner which is zipped up quilted. There are two pockets inside, one utility pocket inside and an eyeglass pocket as well. There is a button at the collar to fit it nice and smoothly. 

  • The sleeves are completely lined
  • There are many pockets
  • It has a vintage look to it

Chouyatou Men’s Vintage Stand Collar Pu Leather Jacket

Chouyatou Men's Vintage Stand Collar Pu Leather Jacket

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Second last leather jacket in this list is the Chouyatou Men’s vintage stand collar leather jacket. It is made from high quality faux leather material and has shining leather which seems to stand out and grab lots of attention. It is imported and has zipper closure. There is 100% polyester lining in it. The collar is standing and has a belt on the nape of the neck. 

It is waist length and provides full closure with the full zip up in front. The cuff is zip in as well and there are chest pockets in this jacket too. 

  • It has shining black leather
  • It has 100% polyester lining
  • The collar is pretty fashionable 
  • The color of the jacket can be a little flashy

Landing Leathers Men’s Air Force A-2 Leather Flight Bomber Jacket

Landing Leathers Men's Air Force A-2 Leather Flight Bomber Jacket

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This leather jacket is made up of 100% leather. It has 75% polyester and 25% cotton lining. The lining on the insides of the sleeves are 1005 polyester and the filling inside is 1005 polyester too. This makes it very comfortable to wear and one can wear it for longer periods of time. There are two exterior pockets and one interior pocket. The cuffs and hem are ribbed as well to give maximum amount of warmth during colder weather. 

It has the WWII flag imprinted on the lining on the back. 

  • It has lots of material in it which gives a lot of comfort
  • The cuffs and hem are ribbed.
  • It can be a little expensive for some people

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Motorcycle riders should take all the necessary precautions before they get on their bikes. These precautions include having the best gear for your ride. Leather jackets are perfect for this purpose as they give the ultimate look, safety and comfort. Browse through this list for ideas on the best leather jacket.

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