10 Best Motorcycle Boots For Walking

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Boots are meant to be tough and long-lasting. In the same way, boots for bikes are made to keep your foot and ankle away from any kind of harm. Hence, when you are looking for boots, they must be comfortable and sturdy at the same time. 

Thus, in this article, we will tell you about Best Motorcycle Boots For Walking that provides protection and comfort. 

Top 10 Motorcycle Boots For Walking [Reviews]

1. TCX X-Blend WP Boots


  • Full-grain leather exterior 
  • Waterproof lining 
  • Added counter for toes and heels
  • Removable footbed
  • long-lasting rubber sole 
  • Vintage Looks


  • Not suitable for summers

You must expect the boots that you are buying to work perfectly when you are on and off your motorbike. These boots can cater to you during the worst weather. No matter at what speed you ride or how many miles you travel, they will keep your feet dry.

The material used in these boots is waterproof. That is why it covers your foot and ankle effortlessly, even when you go for a ride on a rainy day. For the winters, the manufacturers have put a lining that makes sure that your feet don’t get cold.

You can wear these shoes with some thermal socks to avoid your toes from getting numb. At the ankle, there is a firm armor to protect them from getting smashed from the sideways of the road. The soles of the best motorcycle boots for walking must be thick. Consequently, in these boots, you will find this addition as well.

Moreover, they are available in different colors and sizes to suit your taste. Not only that, you can find them easily in a number of sizes. These boots look vintage and match with anything you wear. But, these boots lack shin armor. They do not have a high length to tuck your pants into them. For the hot climate, the membrane in these boots may get a little hot. 

2. Forma Adventure Low Boots


  • High-quality leather
  • Comfortable double density rubber sole
  • Plastic gear pad ensures safety 
  • The velcro closure for smooth operation
  • Easily adjustable plastic buckles
  • Padding made of memory foam


  • They can feel tough on the feet

The Adventure Low boots by Forma are a show-stealer. You can buy them in black or brown colors. The leather of these boots is oil-treated. Because of that, they are sturdy, and dirt doesn’t get on them easily. 

To secure these boots, two adjustable quick-release buckles are present with velcro closure. On opening the flap of the boot, you will see a gusset inside. This gives them waterproof ability. So, even in extreme rain, you will walk with ease in these boots. For walking on the rough ground, the sole has sufficient grip. Additionally, these can be your trekking shoes, too, because they can provide balance on the roughest terrain.

They are the best motorcycle boots for walking, as they do not settle in the mud. Furthermore, the padding inside the boots is very soft and comfy. On the center of the sole, there is a PP Mid Dual Flex that is shockproof. You can expect these boots to be very strong from the outside. Also, you will face absolutely no hurdles in changing the gear of your motorbike. 

As they are robust, they give more protection on extreme off-road riding adventures. The sole of the boots has an ATV-quad double density compound for a better experience. For slightly above two hundred dollars, you get a Drytex tubular lining. The good thing about this liner is that it is waterproof and breathable. 

3. Alpinestars SMX-1 R Vented Boots


  • Ensures structural integrity
  • Ergonomic shape for fit and comfort
  • Improved TPR protection
  • Offer great durability
  • Light to carry
  • The removable foot-bed 
  • Moisture-absorbing inner liner


  • Fewer sizes available

These boots are light in weight and have multiple perforations. These motorcycle boots are made from a material that is known for being abrasion-resistant. The entire exterior of the boots has a microfiber with TPU protectors incorporated in a well-planned manner. The bottom of the boots has a special rubber compound sole. The purpose of this sole is to provide comfort and brilliant grip. This goes for both on and off use.

In these boots, there are some accordion flex areas that allow support and control in any kind of riding style. As the name refers, they are made to offer great ventilation to your feet. For that, they have toe panels with holes on the lateral, middle, and upper sides. Apart from the front velcro strap across the instep portion, it has a TPR puller too.

To provide balance to your feet, there is a counter support system on the heels. This works with the strap closure mechanism. Together, they offer an excellent fit and support. At the back of the heel counter, there is a plush TPR insert. 

On the flex zone, it ensures that you get the liberty to move your ankle in any direction. The medial sides have a zip for simple operation, and there is a flap to protect it from scratches. With all these features, they deserve to be one of the Best Motorcycle Boots For Walking.

4. Icon Super Duty 5 Boots


  • Tested and certified by the EN standards
  • Maximum ankle protection
  • Rubber shift pads provide better grip
  • Guarantees a better fit


  • Some customers experienced squeaking

This Superduty 5 motorcycle boots by icon have the newest design in the market. They are the fifth generation boots. They feature an athletic style in their boots. These are motorcycle boots that have been extensively popular among people for years. Let’s talk about the exterior of the boots first; from the upper side, the leather is coated in TECTUFF.

This material provides excellent protection against friction and grime. To avoid unnecessary complications, the boots have a large pull strap at the back. Due to this, it becomes hassle-free to put them on. The bottom of these boots contains a grid of rubber shifter pads. Besides that, their innovative design has a midfoot support strap for a steady and reliable fit.

As compared to the previous models from this company, you will observe many improvements inside of these boots. For instance, in the last few designs, there was a steel shank that is useful for providing comfort throughout the time you wear it. That shank has nothing to do with the safety of these boots. 

These boots utilize a unique engineered board that protects the entire sole of the foot. The ankle protection is a lightweight D30 ankle plate. This type of ankle protection guarantees superb comfort and safety. Honestly speaking, you don’t have to believe us though, the boots are approved by the EN safety standards. 

5. TCX Rush 2 WP Boots


  • Made by firm leather 
  • User-friendly design
  • Ortholite footbed for comfort
  • Look Aesthetic
  • Leak-free liner inside
  • Comes at an economical price


  • May chafe a little above your ankles

These are the Best Motorcycle Boots For Walking because they are low profile and easy to use. The manufacturers made it for a rider who needs such kind of gear most of the time. It doesn’t matter if you use them for a tour or a commute; this low-cut boot is going to be your all-time favorite. 

These boots are flexible, and the design is truly appealing. For those who are not afraid to ride in cloudy weather, TCX has made their Rush 2 boots waterproof. This is achieved with the help of a T-Dry liner that is made to be leak-free. Comfort is the best part about these boots. They have ample padding inside and an Ortholite footbed as well.

Protection-wise, you cannot expect them to perform as well as a full-sized boot. However, the makers of the motorcycle boots made sure that it fulfills the specific demands of the riders. On one side of the ankle, they protect the protrusions. Plus, they have integrated toe and heel counters. The job of these counters is to deflect the impacts of a force on your feet.

There are two kinds of footpegs on these boots, i.e., both standard aluminum and rubber-mounted. The sole allows amazing grip on both footpegs. Most interestingly, the sole is robust and stiff for adventure riding.

These boots are available at one hundred and fifty dollars only. At this price range, getting a sleek and sturdy pair of shoes is not a bad deal. 

6. Stylmartin Rocket Boots


  • They are water-resistant
  • Thick insole to fit swiftly
  • Easier to find sizes
  • Pliable leather used for construction


  • Zippers do not last long 

These Boots are made from full-grain leather. Sometimes, motorcycle boots feel hard on your foot because of the hard armor used to ensure protection. These boots are comfortable to wear whenever and wherever you want. The leather is supple and pliable right after you take it out of the box. That means you don’t have to wear it for a certain period to make it feel soft.

From the first ride to the last, you will love the comfort provided by these boots. To tweak the fitment, you have the laces and an upper strap. Also, you will notice a side zipper to quickly take them on and off.

The PU protection on both sides of the ankle saves your ankle from any kind of harm. These are the best motorcycle boots for walking with high build quality. They are resistant to abrasion and contain a breathable liner for a proper flow of air. Additionally, the toe protection and a shift area reinforcement avoid the occurrence of premature wear on your toe. 

Even though you get many features in these boots, they weigh less than a majority of the daily wear shoes for hikers. These pair of boots are not entirely perfect and contain one flaw. On the interior portion of the boots, there is a zipper that may look tacky and bulky. The zipper on the inside of your leg is bulky and looks a little funky. Yet, by wearing long pants, you can prevent this factor. 

7. REV'IT! Marshall Boots


  • WP full-grain cowhide shell
  • Water repellent material is added
  • Thermoformed heel cup and toe cap for protection
  • Reflection at heel area for visibility
  • High-class finish


  • A bit pricey

If you are familiar with motorbike accessories, then you may have an idea of the popularity of the products by Rev’it. Mostly, riders have at least one item from this company in their motorcycle kit. This is because they have never compromised on the quality of their products.

In this review, we will tell you why the Rev’it Marshall Leather Boots worth the price they are demanding. These boots are perfect for waxing, as they have a waxed leather finish on them. As a result, these boots by REVIT look cool and repel water. To increase their ability to repel water, the finish makes it weatherproof as well.

In addition to that, internal tongue gussets are present to avoid water from entering inside the boots through closure on the front. The toe and heel part is capped with leather to perform double functions. Despite that, it gives it the signature designer touch.

Moreover, there are symmetrical leather shifter panels on both boots. They have injected discs on each ankle. Regardless of the riding style, this provides further riding practicality and safety to the bikers. The high level of ergonomic and elegant attention to the details. These boots will upgrade your experience and the look of your outfit once you wear them.

8. Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 Boots


  • Heavy-duty full-grain leather exterior 
  • Comes at a budget-friendly price
  • Incredibly good finish
  • Offers versatility by tolerating different weathers 
  • Soft padding on the interior


  • They need to add better laces

These are on our list of best motorcycle boots for walking, as you can ride while wearing them drastically, unlike weather conditions. So, it is not wrong to call these boots versatile. The style of these boots is pretty basic. That is the reason why,  from cruising to sport, you can wear them for a variety of riding styles.

These boots are a little above your ankle and are built with full-grain leather. They are made in classic colors: gray and black. The premium matte finish of these boots makes them look classy on all occasions. The sole of these shoes is claimed to be are oil-resistant, non-slip lugged. These types of materials are usually used for hunting and logging boots. That is why you will notice an outstanding grip of the sole even on surfaces like snow, sand, tarmac, etc.

They have Molded polymeric ankle protectors on the top, and the area around it is padded. There is a convenient leather pull strap at the back of these boots. Other than that, the shank and welt construction gives it flexibility and support. In these boots, here are non-leather shift lever pads added in the upper part of the toe. The triple-stitching makes sure that the construction of different areas is wear-resistant.

9. Alpinestars Ridge WP Boots


  • Flexible vulcanized sole
  • Ensure an excellent grip
  • Makes you ride with ease
  • Completely waterproof
  • Available at a competitive price


  • The size chart is somewhat confusing

Alpinestars is the oldest company that has gained the trust of its audience for more than two decades. Similarly, in these boots, the company has made several notable amendments to make them the Best Motorcycle Boots For Walking. On the interior of the boots, there is a removable footbed and multi-density EVA padding. For those who don’t know, EVA absorbs the shock in sport’s shoes.

These boots keep your feet cozy during the hot summers, and they prevent them from overheating as well. By adding the injection-molded polyurethane, the boots were made to give supports to the heel. It is a fact that ankles are most likely to get injured. So, there are plastic disks to protect the ankle.

These are CE-certified to offer the kind of protection an adventure biking enthusiast needs. The internal toe counter has several layers beneath the leather. It is a praiseworthy thing, as it fully protects your toes on each foot.

At the front, the shape of the boot is narrow. That is because, when they work together, it is easy to operate the shift lever and a brake pedal. The upper side of the leather is top-quality and has a coating on it. There is a wide outer flap and straps on the boots too. That works as a hook-and-loop to enable you to secure the boots. The sole is made up of a vulcanized compound. This compound makes the grip better and increases the texture of the sole. 

10. SIDI Arcadia Boots


  • Durable construction
  • Double stitching to stand the test of time
  • Reflective arch on the back
  • Non-slippery rubber sole


  • They are not water-resistant

This company makes footwear by using leather and textile in combination. They offer countless motorcycle boot styles for their customers. Yet, this is the most urban pair of boots you will ever see. The combination of leather, suede, and fabric makes the boots interestingly light and elegant. 

These are the best motorcycle boots for walking with zippers on the side. Not to outdone, the laces of these boots are great as they allow you to tune the fit of the boot. For us, the side is a cherry on top. They provide peace of mind, especially when you are in a rush.

There are some stiffeners in these boots that are quite essential. On the toe and the heel areas, you will find a large shifter pad on the area over the toe. This leather is advantageous in protecting the boot against wear and tear. 

The sole is stiff and allows you to stand on your pegs. Furthermore, the boots contain a rear pull tab that has a reflective arch. The neck of the boot is well padded, so break-in should be easy.

Buying Guide

Buying a pair of boots might not be a large investment, but it sure is an important one. The wrong pair of boots can have many adverse effects on your body. To make sure that you get the best motorcycle boots for walking, here’s a comprehensive buying guide that covers all the important factors of motorcycle boots. 


You can find motorcycle boots in a variety of materials. While buying, you must make sure that the material suits you and your feet. Also, it should be of the highest quality. Good quality material wouldn’t fade and worn down easily and will last a long time. It would also protect your feet really well from all outside elements, such as dirt, water, etc. 


The best motorcycle boots for walking must be comfortable even after you have worn them for a few hours. Therefore, before buying your boots, make sure they are comfortable enough. You can do so by checking if the boots have sufficient insole padding and lining. Even if they’re slightly uncomfortable, don’t buy them because they’d likely cause you pain very quickly. 


If you’re going to spend your money, make sure that it’s a worthwhile investment. The best shoes, no matter what their purpose is, are made to last a few years. No matter how comfortable and high-end your new motorcycle boots are, they’re not worth buying if they have a short life.  


If you’ve found the perfect pair of boots, we recommend you not to let the price tag stop you from buying them. That being said, the best motorcycle boots for walking aren’t the best for you if you can’t afford them. Best buy should not break your bank. 

If you believe that the high price is justified and the boots will stay with you for many years, then you should buy them if you can. 


When it comes to motorcycle boots, you can find a large number of brands offering various types of boots. If you want nothing but the best motorcycle boots for walking, we recommend you to purchase your boots from a respectable brand that has years of experience in this field. You can’t expect excellent craftsmanship and quality from a brand that you have never heard of before.


The best motorcycle boots for walking are not just affordable, comfortable, and long-lasting. On top of all these characteristics, they need to be stylish as well. Needless to say, if you are spending your hard-earned money on an expensive pair of boots, you want it to put a great impression on people. It is true that a person’s shoes represent their personality and character. Therefore, it is important that your new shoes are highly attractive, just like you.


Whether we talk about hiking boots or motorcycle boots, the intend of use is different marginally. Due to this, they are made with different materials and designs. That is why it won’t be logical to think that motorcycle boots can replace hiking boots. 

As the purpose for both is not alike, you must not expect a pair of motorcycle boots to serve as efficient dual-purpose boots. Nevertheless, the best motorcycle boots for walking give you the option to wear them all day long. 

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