Bell SRT Helmet Review

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The riders who prefer street rides are usually in favor of full-face helmets. Unlike many other types of helmets, the sense of relief these helmets provide is unmatched. People are purchasing these helmets for most of the rides on open roads. 

This is because, now, you get the choice to flip up the chin bar to stop at the stations for fuel. Also, it makes it simpler to communicate with your devices.
In fact, the helmet comes in 2 versions. A full-face helmet and a Modular one.

What Convinced Us to Make this Review?

The reason that compelled our team to make this review was the uniqueness. A majority of helmet manufacturers make full-face helmets. However, Bell helmets started their journey of fame with their exemplary modular helmets. Then, they constructed their flawless full-face helmets.

To come up with this review, we exchanged a conversation with multiple racers and professionals in the field. This modular helmet is comparatively new in the market. Hence, you will not find a lot of people commenting on this helmet. That’s why we will discuss the features of this helmet that were tested by hundreds of bikers. 

All the details we have written below are cross-checked by our team to make sure that you get the authentic information only. 

Bell SRT Helmet

  • Versatile fiberglass shell
  • Secure full-face helmet
  • Easily operatable sun visor
  • Certified ECE and DOT
  • Visor enables good vision
  • Wide integrated speaker pockets
  • Exclusive grooves for eyewear
  • Reliable 5-year warranty
  • Airflow is limited
  • Comes in only three sizes
  • No Pinlock insert and sun visor

Things to Consider Before Buying

This company leaves no room for disappointment with the design. It has prominent lines combined with a full black appearance. This look grants a cool rowdy helmet. The pattern is named Blackout by the makers. To complement this black color, the lid has a dark tint visor that is sold separately. Additionally, this helmet is an all-rounder with properly finished looks and functionality.


Surprisingly, this full-face helmet is inexpensive. But, that doesn’t mean that it lacks from any perspective. This helmet is amazingly comfortable to ensure a pleasant ride to the bikers. Without complaining, you can wear this helmet for hours. If you’re a person who gets sweaty very easily, you must not worry about feeling smelly or sweaty with this helmet. 

Thankfully, you get to buy this for $209.95. There is no doubt that it is a reasonable price for a helmet with a good reputation. Also, they have made many helmets with their laboratory-tested materials and effectively engineered designs. This is one of the few helmets that offer high-class characteristics at a price slightly higher than two hundred dollars.


In this review, we will point out everything you need to know prior to buying this product. 

The main purpose of a helmet is the protection it provides. This full face is certified by the stringent SNELL standards. These standards are ample to give the consumers peace of mind that they have reliable protection. This helmet has a heavy-duty fiberglass construction. Basically, fiberglass is used to make the helmets light and firm. Usually, this material is present in helmets that are pricey. 

Because polycarbonate helmets are not that durable, it is cheap and but less safe. So, it is better to pick the ones with fiberglass construction. It won’t block the rays of the sun from hitting your face, as a drop-down sun visor is not available in this full-face helmet.

In addition to the hard exterior, there is a wide Panovision visor. This visor allows more clear vision in all directions. This is a very protracted manner of discussing that it is fair to expect the shield to provide an above-average grade of protection in a crash. 

To let the air inside the chin region and the rear side of the visor, there are two vents holes in the helmet. One is placed at the chin bar while the other one is at the top.. You will find one vent in the center for better airflow. This vent passes air inside over the crown of the helmet. 

It is kind of irritating when you have to constantly wear something on your head during the hot days. That is the reason why full-face helmets were designed to keep your body cool on warm days.

Even though the ventilation system is sufficient, you will definitely feel the need for an anti-fog shield. There are many bikers who ride in the northern areas where it is mandatory to have an antifog shield. Unfortunately, this helmet will not give you this benefit.


The functions of this helmet are uncomplicated. Furthermore, you don’t need a guide to learn how to use this helmet. Every function is right in front of your eyes. As we said earlier, the Panovision visor on this helmet is what makes it an innovative helmet in this price range. 

With the help of this, you can move the visor with one hand. Sometimes, in an accident, the drop-down visors get stuck in one position. On that note, this helmet will not face such issues.

You will not find any difficulty to see through this visor. In other words, it is optically correct. Of course,  this helmet has a quick-release visor system too. According to the statements from the users, the release system is exceptionally good. And, it comes off in a blink of an eye.

Features and Benefits


The full-face Bell helmet is made in three different sizes. Even though the helmets look large from the inside, when you wear them, they feel cozy and soft. One drawback of their sizing is that it is not made for people with oval-shaped heads. The cheek pads of this helmet are thin, so you don’t feel pressure on your face unnecessarily.

You will find this helmet in three colors. For people who go after a plain color, they can buy it in matte black. Apart from that, they have launched glossy white and glossy black helmets as well. On top of that, this company keeps introducing new graphic options for their models. There is a possibility that you will get to see something unexpected in the future. 

The weight of this helmet is a big heavy than the current versions of a full-face helmet. But, we don’t put it in the class of painfully heavy helmets. You will carry this one reposefully.


The best thing about full-face helmets is that they are ultra-secure. A considerable percentage of people suffer from spinal and neck injuries after motorbike accidents. This may happen when a person lands up on the road after hitting some object. Many such cases occur at the traffic signal where a bike in a stationary position is hit by a car. 

This is where a full-face helmet absorbs the force of the impact on the back of your head. Besides that, it prevents your head from turning.


The fabric that constitutes the padding in this SRT helmet is soft, flat, and snug. So, when it is pressed against your cheeks, neck, and head, you don’t feel suffocation. The makers use only the material that has excellent quality. The interior takes in the sweat and moisture properly. That is why you can ride at 20 Celsius without sweating profusely.

The whole lining is washable. You don’t need any special chemicals to wash it, as it gets cleaned with any regular shampoo or detergent. On this liner, you will never observe the growth of microbial colonies because of the design.

Other Features

The chin curtain of this helmet blows air in to keep it well-ventilated. You must be thinking that the chin curtain will make it loud. But, that is not the scenario. This helmet is quieter than a wide variety of full-face helmets. As a matter of fact, full-face helmets are quieter than modular helmets. 

Due to the recessed EPS, you can insert speakers or any other communication device in the pockets near the visor. There is also plenty of space to wear goggles with the helmet. With the 5-years warranty, you can replace it whenever you want. 


  • Firm Fiberglass composite exterior 
  • Comes at a cheap price tag
  • Consists of a simple design
  • Ensures snug Fitment
  • Added pockets for speakers and goggles 
  • Guarantees safety with Snell rating
  • Panovision visor with easy open/close mechanism


  • Doesn’t have a drop-down visor
  • Pin-Lock is absent

Final Verdict

This is a full-face helmet made by the company that is known for the superb build quality of the products. After going through this review, you will realize that it is worth your attention. Those who have a tight budget must buy this helmet to ensure their safety.

This helmet offers all the useful features with a clear vision for less money. 

If you like the advanced features like a variable visor, multiple vents, and Pinlock system, this helmet is not for you. Yet, in conclusion, we will say that in terms of safety, this helmet is a good investment.

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