Bell Race Star Flex DLX Review

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Helmets from the Bell Star Series include a comfortable new internal structure for the dissipation of impact forces and feature a unique Bell ‘Flex’ impact safety system. The Bell Race Star Flex DLX Helmet is just at the top of the Bell sports range.

The Bell Race Helmet is equipped with Bell’s unique flex system, has enhanced aerodynamics, and even uses tear-off posts to achieve the Flex system’s total race orientation; this helmet is entirely focused on protection than one aspect as it is intended to handle rotational impacts.

Bell Race Star Flex DLX

  • Panovision Raceview Viewport
  • Flex Impact Liner
  • 3K Carbon Shell
  • Triple-density Magnefusion cheek pads
  • Virus Cool Jade Mesh Liner
  • No visor detent
  • Difficult to fit intercom

Things to consider before buying this helme


The Bell can compete with famous helmets at a proposed retail price of around USD 735. The Race Star Flex is assessed critically and has many intelligent highlights, particularly the Flex system, to the extent that the top helmets go with carbon-fiber. It gets down to fitting by the end of the day. Should you have a “Bell Head,” the Race Star Flex is a helmet worth a stop. Most of us will do much to make it a castle for more all-inclusive fit and larger ear openings.


The Race Star Flex’s carbon shell and moderate paintwork consistently gather a massive load of praises. It’s a great-looking top. On looks alone, it’s up there as well as anyone. The Race Star weighs around 1,606 grams. Wearing light-weight carbon-fiber helmets is addictive. Face safeguard changes are genuinely direct: not as straightforward as on an AGV, but somewhat less selective than Shoei or Arai. The visor has no detents, so it’s either completely open or shut. 

Cheek cushions are attractive for simple change-outs. The chinstrap likewise has a magnet toward the end rather than the more normal plastic snap, yet the lash is excessively long, so the circle hangs gracelessly. Also, on the off chance you put your helmet on your tank, the magnet may stick, a tank scratch in the works. A straightforward plastic snap may not be as smooth; however, it’s a more rich arrangement. 

The covering is hostile to bacterial, yet I haven’t invested sufficient energy in the helmet to perceive how well it functions. However, moving, the temple vent moves a vast load of air, so that ought to drag out the time it takes to start possessing an aroma like within a Siberian catcher’s bearskin cap. Likewise, the helmet incorporates a genuine helmet sack rather than the average residue pack, all the more significant value-your-money esteem. 


Not at all like the model that sits underneath it in the reach, the Star Flex doesn’t utilize a MIPS liner, instead of picking Bell’s exclusive “Flex” liner. The Flex system oversees rotational powers comparably to the MIPS system yet separates itself by utilizing three polymers of shifting densities (EPO, EPP, and EPS) to oversee low-, mid-, and high-velocity impacts more readily.

Features and advantages


The Bell Race Star Flex Deluxe is wholly developed out of Bell’s 3K carbon fiber shell development with a pre-impregnated development to ensure the perfect measure of tar is utilized and to eliminate weight however much as could be expected. However, the standard Race Star is made of Bell’s Tri-Matrix, which is Aramid, carbon, and fiberglass composite, while the Pro Star FIM is built from TeXtreme carbon fiber for much lighter weight and strength. 

The Race Star is coming in 5 external shell sizes, with each size getting its own EPS liner.  Bell’s Profit system improves well-being with an ideal fit by furnishing an appropriately estimated helmet with the right measure of EPS. Ultimately, the helmet is ECE 22.05 ensured, an FIM rendition is accessible, and the standard Bell Race Star procured 5/5 stars from SHARP. For weight, the Bell helmet is coming at a fantastic aftereffect of around 1425 grams in a size M, or 3 lbs and 2 oz. 


For wind current, the Bell Racestar Flex Full-Face Helmet accompanies an enormous vent in the jawline worked by a switch, and there is even a secret inside jaw vent cover that you pull out to carry air into the helmet. There is another sliding vent to open four air channels with a third gather up top in the forehead, which is likewise movable. In conclusion, the hot air will escape out one more customizable outlet at the highest point. The helmet’s ventilation system, the Flex energy the executive’s system in the helmet considers improved wind stream to additional assistance. Yet, we’ll go into that more in a second. 


The visor of the Bell Race Star Flex DLX Racing Helmet is an optical class 1 provision visor; you get a staggering field of view with exceptional patterns along the jaw, and that the visor is sans contortion. Since this is a race helmet, the visor also incorporates many removed posts and is likewise Pinlock arranged with the Max Vision against haze embed gave in the case. 

As another decent element, you do get an additional dull smoke visor gave in the crate. You get a pleasant opening handle along these lines, and you can have the visor completely open, broken, or shut, which holds for all the Star helmets. In any case, Bell has made eliminating the visor exceptionally simple, with an intelligent speedy delivery component where everything you do is press in on the catch as an afterthought and slide forward to deliver the catch. You do this on the two sides, and to return it, you slide it back until it fits properly. 


There are five shell sizes and six EPS liners accessible, so you may pick the one that suits you better. Every one of those sizes will accompany an alternate shell, aside from the. That implies five individual shell sizes DOT/ECE and Snell appraised. 

This helmet has a halfway oval head shape. They have amended the inside state of the Bell Race Star Flex DLX, which furnishes you with some additional room forthright. Thus, the helmet fits 100 % better than its past adaptation. You are getting a plan that is somewhat more from front to back. It also limits the head’s side, bringing about a helmet that will fit most riders. 

We haven’t utilized all that many Bell helmets previously, as the fitment angle was somewhat risky. They were adamant, excessively close, or overly weighty. Nonetheless, this one is a distinct advantage for the brand. Light-weight fits consummately; they’ve done numerous minor changes that truly grandstand a readiness to improve and perform out and about. 


Similarly, as we’re getting a thoroughly examined outside development, we’re getting a similar excellent inside implies that the helmet’s Virus image CoolJade inside is removable, launderable, fit glasses, and is hostile to bacterial. Furthermore, the material has additionally been intertwined with Jade to give you that relaxed feel inside consistently. One stage down with the standard Bell Star; however, you are getting an alternate XStatic XT2 silver treated enemy of the microbial liner. 

To eliminate the liner, you are getting crisis speedy delivery magnesian attractive cheek cushions, which means they’re held in by magnets and can rapidly be taken out by crisis administrations. Notwithstanding these cushions, you are additionally getting a twofold D-ring jawline lash with a stunning conclusion and a similar CoolJade material for the covers. 

For the solace liner, the last piece is held in with two catches at the back and two at the front to make it simple to pull out, which likewise shows the wind stream’s well-disposed development. Taking a gander at the inside of the helmet now, you can see that you’re getting speaker pockets and a lot of room for wind stream. While inside, we get one more glance at what makes this helmet remarkable from a security stance: the Flex energy Management system. 

The triple thickness Flex sway liner utilizes three unique materials to oversee distinctive effect speeds: extended red polyolefin to manage low velocities, extended polypropylene (that inward, dark layer) and EPO for medium paces, and a mix of EPP, EPO, and Expanded polystyrene or EPS (which is the peripheral layer) for high-velocity impacts with the Flex system likewise taking into account sidelong development on the understanding of slanted effects. It is explicitly intended to oversee rotational effects and various paces, which is another significant security factor to consider for helmets. The utilization of multiple materials rather than different EPS densities is novel. 

Although we are likewise getting the Flex system in the Race Star, the customary Star helmet accompanies the multi-directional effect insurance system (MIPS), which will be a stage lower while as yet permitting assurance from rotational effects.

Final Verdict

All that we want in a helmet is present in the Bell Race Star Flex DLX. It comes with lots of features and an excellent security-centric design, with a Flex liner of three pieces and a large number of shell sizes. The Bell Star includes a wide variety of choices, including sport-based road racing, full-sport riding coverage of Race Star Flex, and safety of competitive standards at the highest level with the Pro Star FIM.

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