Vance & Hines Fuelpak Fp3 Review

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The Fuelpak FP3 is your cell phone and software for easy performance tuning, engine diagnostic, and fuel management system. It combines the HD-LAN (CAN Bus) 6-pin configuration with Harley-Davidson motors. The computer then uses Bluetooth to sync to your iPhone or Android device wirelessly. 

It is using Flash technology to recalibrate the Fuelpak FP3 motor parameters from Harley-Davidson. It can automatically access a library of calibrations developed by Vance & Hines to map motorcycle exhaust systems. The same schematic catalog contains necessary evidence for other improvements in functionality.

Vance & Hines Fuelpak Fp3

  • Quick, simple to use interface 
  • On the go monitoring gauges
  • Negates the need for a dealer to re-tune
  • Recalibrates the ECM by flash tuning
  • Can display a variety of live sensor data while riding
  • Can be removed from the bike if live data or autotuning is not needed

Things to consider before buying Vance & Hines Fuelpak fp3


You’re taking a gander at around £250-£300. It’s fundamental to redesign portions of your framework, so why go with the hold when you can have the most recent Smartphone tech. The additional cash you spend getting it over others accessible, you’ll save in the capacity to re-tune yourself without going to the seller. 


The framework likewise has an in-assembled Autotune highlight, taking into account accuracy tuning in accordance with any exceptional parts of the bike or potentially various evaluations of fuel. The Fuelpak FP3 module can furnish the rider with Live Sensor data, including show speed, RPMs, chamber head temperature of the motor, voltage information, and current stuff choice. This data’s entirety can be right away showed through the cell phone application, advantageously situated on the bicycle for survey while riding. 

Ease of use 

From a presentation viewpoint, it is difficult to blame the FP3. It has a pretty specific capacity, and it does it very well. With admittance to the online library of alignments, it is not difficult to choose your particular model of bicycle, the arrangement of the fumes and air admission, and afterward let the framework wrap up for you. 

Indeed, the unit’s flexibility, combined with the comprehensive informational collection that Vance and Hines stay up with the latest (whatever framework you’re running, you will want to tune it effectively), makes for a disappointment-free insight. The outcome is exactness, bespoke tuning, and all oversaw from your cell phone without the requirement for an expensive excursion to the nearby auto shop.

Features and Benefits of the Vance & Hines Fuelpak Fp3

Simplicity of Installation 

All you need to do is to plug it into your machine, download the application and associate through Bluetooth, and you’re good to go. The application gives a rundown of the relative multitude of custom parts you could tune to, or you can pick the auto-tuned choice and let the processing plant sensors accomplish the work for you. 

It’s a beautiful new item to advertise, and keeping in mind that Vance and Hines have a specific FAQ segment on their site, there doesn’t appear to be broad client direct yet. Be that as it may, believe it or not, I don’t think you’ll require it. The frameworks are too intuitive, straightforward to use, and eventually, simple to utilize. It will take you a couple of moments to calculate your way around the application, yet that is standard. 


Regardless of whether your apparatus is fitted with only parts or general stock things, the FP3 will want to tune likewise. With the Autotune highlight turned on, you head out for a ride. The framework at that point starts to screen every single accessible sensor and will report once the tuning has wrapped up. In circumstances where tuning hasn’t been finished in the one ride term, the framework will back up all the data and proceed whenever you’re out and about. 

Rider control 

The extraordinary thing with the FP3 is that for every one of the mechanized highlights it has inherent, the unit likewise permits the client to change a progression of factors.  By means of the application, you can modify the accompanying fields effortlessly: 

  • front and rear cylinder VE,
  • front and rear spark advance,
  • ACR (automatic compression release),
  • air-fuel ratios,
  • idle RPMs,
  • rev limits,
  • and Acceleration and Deceleration enrichment/Enleanment levels

So, in addition to the fact that you have the fitting and-play choice of the in-assembled auto-tune highlights, the unit gives you this more noteworthy bespoke control to finetune the presentation of your Harley in accordance with your specific tastes and needs. 

Sensor Data 

One helpful element, albeit hard to utilize while riding the bicycle, except if you have a cell phone holder on the handlebars, is a live yield of sensor information. You can see assorted types from RPM, Temp, Speed, Battery, Torque, Fuel economy, and so forth. The amount of this is genuine, and what amount is approximated dependent on available readings, I don’t know. 

Look and Styling 

As a little module gadget, it will fit inside your battery case and be undetectable. Or then again, you can connect, tune and eliminate it. It is ideal to have it connected as the checking measures are sweet for visuals when you’re riding along.


  • Simple, user-friendly app design
  • Sophisticated styling and build quality
  • Pleasing monitoring gauges 
  • Autotune for a frustration-free tuning process
  • User control on a long list of tuning variables should you need
  • No need to take your motorcycle to the expensive tuning garage


  • Finding a safe spot on some models for the unit can be difficult
  • Limited tech support from the manufacturer

Final Verdict

The Fuelpak FP3 is a stand-by Harley Davidson motorcycles control scheme. Thanks to its outstanding auto-tuning as well as a catalog of 1000s of calibrations (which are continuously updated), there’s almost little else on the market today and general usability. There is also a superior standard of handling and monitoring for seasoned consumers. Connect this to Vance and Hines’ consistency and prestige, and you must have a device for all Harley owners.

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