10 Essential Things You Need On A Motorcycle Tour

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When it’s about a motorcycle tour, we all want to pack everything that we use in our everyday lives. As a consequence, we appear with a big mess of stuff that is difficult to find. 

It complicates things when you take all the belongings on your backpack for a biking tour. You can’t ride with overload, so you require some preparation and planning before the tour. 

Make sure to only pack the essentials, no matter if you are traveling short distances or over long distances. Waterproof clothes, a map, torch, toolkit, water, everything is essential for a tour.

10 Essential Things You Need On A Motorcycle Tour

Here are the most valuable things we’ve covered to make your bike tour memorable. Check what you’ll need to pack on your motorbike tour-

1. Phone Mounts With Wireless Charger

While riding sometimes, you’ll get into the situation where you also require your phone. Whatever the reason you deal with your phone while riding, you require a phone mount badly. 

Motorcycle phone mounts with wireless chargers can hold your phone and charge it up. This device will charge your mobile smoothly, and you can easily mount it with your bike. Some of the mounts will come with a USB charging option as well as a wireless charger while providing more flexibility.

2. GPS Navigation Unit

To get an enjoyable and safe bike trip, a trusted GPS can help you out. With this, the risk of being lost will reduce, and you’ll get more time to discover new places. You can attach this to your motorcycle and easily navigate while driving. 

This device is glove-friendly as well as easy to read in full sunshine. Having GPS navigation devices is one of the most versatile motorcycles traveling requirements. 

For hands-free calling, you can easily pair this with your bike. This device will also inform you when there are any upcoming curvy or hilly roads, which will help you to avoid major incidents.

3. LED Head Torch

An LED torch can be an essential thing that can be a life-saver while traveling on a bike. This is why you should make it a priority while you are traveling. 

A good head torch is so bright that it can give you sunlight. Its batteries will last for ages on the basis of which brand you pick. Holding a torch in your mouth and fixing something on your motorbike is a tricky thing. 

Your teeth and jawline will start to hurt after a few minutes. Put up your head torch without making your jaw ache. 

4. Bluetooth Helmet Communicator

A helmet speaker is an essential tool while you’re on a long trip. You can listen to your desirable songs or chat with your passenger or even fellow riders through this kit. 

You can also hear GPS navigation commands and ride carefully. Your Bluetooth helmet communicator can be paired up with multiple devices together with transition smoothly. 

We’d recommend you not to take any phone calls while commuting. If you want a feeling of peace and quiet time, then you can hit the off button anytime.

5. Waterproof Gloves

While packing your waterproof clothes and rain suit, pack an extra pair of gloves. You never know when the one pair lost in your journey in the windy days, or you forget those on the gas station. 

In the hot weather condition, you’ll need a thinner and perforated pair of gloves to save you from warmth. When the weather turns worse, you can use insulated and waterproof gloves. 

Some gloves are a two-gloves-in-one design. In fact, they have a lower compact which is similar to the summer glove, as well as an upper compartment that is insulated.

6. Toolkit with Face Shield Cleaner

If your bike breaks down when on the road, your tool pack will come in helpful. Adjustable wrenches, allen wrenches, screwdrivers, as well as other motorcycle equipment are available. All of them could be specialized to your bike to replace specific covers are some of the necessary items you’ll need.

While you stop for a break on the trip, a face shield cleaner can be a reliable thing. On a long journey, there will be chances that you’re going to hit a few bugs. So, making sure that your face shield is clean is essential. This shield cleaner will help you to have good visibility. 

7. Portable Air Compressor

After airing down for off-road commuting, you have to pump your tires on your trip. There are a few CO2 cartridges available with the repair kits. But check before you put these kits on your backpack as they are the same size as your tires. 

So the best thing will be to have an air compressor which you can attach to your bike’s battery. Choose the one that is compact to store in your backpack as well as ruggedly built.

8. Waterproof Clothes and Luggage Net

While packing your regular clothes like trousers or poncho, t-shirts, shorts, pack some waterproof clothes too. They will save you from heavy rain. Though these will keep your body from heavy rain to cover up your face, you need a helmet with a face shield.

If you require it, you can carry a luggage net that weighs nothing. With this, you can store water, food, and even rain gear while touring on a motorcycle. As it has an easy-to-wrap compartment, it can wrap and roll everything you have.

9. Dry Bags

Small dry bags can be used for a multitude of purposes. You can use them as a regular bag or keep wet clothes to avoid getting your dry items wet. You can use them in the opposite direction. 

As a result, you can use them to carry extra dry clothes so that you can change them if you get wet. Passports, cash, and other important documents can be stored in them to prevent them from getting wet. 

In addition to keeping wet or dry garments. We’d suggest going with those waterproof bags that fold down from the top and are completely waterproof.

10. Tank Bags

To put your important things together, you can use this tank bang to fit in the upper portion of the tank. Using straps, you can fit this bag with your motorcycle

This type of compact bag can give you enough room to put things all together. If you have a map or set of pace notes, you can put them on the transparent panel with this tank bag.

Other Motorcycle Trip Packing List Items: Not to Forget

  • First aid kit
  • Camera
  • Earplugs
  • Trash bags
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Mini Toiletries Kit
  • Led Flashlight
  • Sleeping Pad
  • Portable Pillow

Wrapping Up

If you plan on taking your bike on a trip, make sure it is in good shape before you head out. Recheck the brakes and the tires for any visible mark of damage. Check the level of fluids together with the other things. If you want to get the best results, consult your local mechanic or visit them with your bike. 

Hope you get the write-up theme clearly, which is trying to make your trip easier. Don’t over-pack then this will turn your trip into a burden. Pack the essential things you need on a motorcycle tour according to this advisable article.

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