How To Parallel Park?

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Learning how to parallel park a car is fairly easy, we broke it down into easy steps for you.

  1. Find an empty spot between two cars.
  2. Signal.
  3. Position your car parallel to the Car in the Front.
  4. Check Side Mirrors.
  5. Turn your steering wheel to the right.
  6. Start backing up your car.
  7. Align your car’s centre to the front-right corner of the rear car.
  8. When the right-front corner of your car aligns with the left-rear corner of the car in front, Stop.
  9. Turn all the way to left and back up your car.
  10. When the car is aligned to both the cars, make sure you leave enough space for other cars to move.
How To Parallel Park

You have just learned about driving a car.

How exciting it is?

You can commute independently now.
But. the problem is you know how to drive but don’t know how to park your car.

Many people try everything possible to avoid parallel parking. But the fact is, you can’t pass your driving test if you don’t know how to parallel park your car.

It can be a little nerve-wracking for everyone in the beginning but believe me, it is not that complicated.

The parallel parking is a repeatable process, the more and more you do it, the better you get at it.

It becomes like muscle memory, you learn once how to walk and you don’t forget it ever again. It becomes as easy as walking.

How To Parallel Park – Briefly Explained

  1. Find an appropriate space between two cars where your car can fit.
  2. SIgnal and Stop.
  3. Position your car parallel to the car in the front. If the car in the front is not of the same size as yours, try to align the back of your car with the back of the car in the front.
  4. Check your side mirrors.
  5. Turn your steering wheel all the to right side.
  6. Put your car in reverse and start backing up your car while looking at the back. Adjust accordingly.
  7. Stop when the front right corner of the car on the back is aligned to the centre of your cars back.
  8. Now turn your steering to the centre position.
  9. Back up slowly until the front right corner of your car crosses the left rear corner of the car in the front.
  10. Turn your steering wheel all the way to left and start backing up until your car is aligned with the other two cars.
  11. Turn your steering wheel to the centre position.
  12. Make sure you leave enough space for both cars in the front and back so that they can move easily.

Parallel Parking is extremely useful in certain scenarios

Parallel parking is an extremely useful ability but not everyone has been able to master, despite being so easy people get nervous when the only way out is parallel parking.

It can be very useful in scenarios where there is very less parking space, you cant just normally park your car on the side of a narrow lane.

Parallel parking is not a skill, it becomes a binary.

Keep practising and you will make it.

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