Textile Vs Mesh Vs Leather Riding Gear

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While we motorcycle fans enjoy some of the greatest camaraderies that can be found anywhere, it’s no secret that we’re also rather fond of a good discussion every once in a while. At times, it may become a heated debate. Different manufacturers, for example, have their ardent supporters, and many individuals may spend all day debating the relative advantages of a chain drive against a shaft drive.

Although most motorcyclists understand that beauty is in the beholder’s eye when it comes to clothing, few discussions are as passionate as the debate between textile riding gear and leather riding gear when it comes to motorcycle riding gear and accessories.

Of course, at their heart, all motorcyclists seek protective gear that is both affordable and attractive, as well as comfortable and convenient. You might be shocked at how many demands you place on your equipment! While riding, your clothing and equipment must make you comfortable and safe; distractions on a bike are particularly dangerous and are likely to be more dangerous if they come from your jacket.

As a result of this article, we will discuss the similarities and differences between textile and leather riding gear, allowing you to choose the body protection that is most appropriate for your demands, comfort level, and financial budget.

Pricing Factor

However, while it would be ideal to have a separate jacket for every possible riding situation, the fact is that the majority of us cannot afford to have 20 different coats hanging in our closets at any one point in time. Whenever we are looking for the greatest discounts on riding gear, the majority of us are looking for something that we can use for a variety of tasks. In fact, unless they are devoted winter riders, it is uncommon for most motorcyclists to carry more than one or two coats on them at any given time.

When it comes to choosing between leather and textile, the cost meter will always show that textile is the less expensive option. Generally speaking, no real leather motorcycle jacket will be inexpensive, and you should be wary of any leather offers that appear to be “too good to be true” since they almost always are. Despite the fact that a strong leather motorcycle jacket is unlikely to be found for less than $300, there are excellent textile versions available for less than $100. It is why most rookie motorcyclists, who are just getting their feet under them and their gear on their backs, begin with textile rather than leather, even if they love the appearance and feel of leather.

Safety Factor

While most individuals purchase their equipment with an eye toward fashion, an essential thing it accomplishes is to protect you in the case of a fall, according to several experts.

When it comes to safety, leather is unquestionably the best material available, provided that the leather is genuine motorcycle-grade leather. Real motorcycle leather will provide superior protection against abrasion (often referred to as “road rash”) and withstand impact better than cloth. Many boutiques in the mall, on the other hand, sell “fashion” motorcycle jackets that are no more protective than a random coat off the rack. If you’re searching for genuine motorcycle-grade leather, the leather should be at least 1.2 millimeters thick to be considered such. (You should also get your motorcycle clothing from a specialized motorcycle retailer rather than a fashion retailer.)

It does not imply that textile is inherently a less desirable alternative, though. There are many textile jackets available that provide great levels of protection at a reasonable price; however, they are not as durable as leather jackets are.

Factor of Versatility

The adaptability of your motorcycle jacket is, once again, one of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing one. Nobody appears to be able to anticipate the weather correctly, so your lovely clear sky day can rapidly turn into a downpour, and your gear must be able to keep up with whatever the weather decides to do.

In this case, the cloth is almost always the superior option. Fabric jackets are more likely to be equipped with zippers in hot weather to aid air circulation, and mesh jackets are particularly breathable. While perforated leather jackets are available, the air-flow is not as effective as it might be. Leather retains heat better than textiles in cold weather because it traps your body heat, but fabrics provide for a greater variety of layering alternatives. The biggest flaw with leather is that it does not hold up well in the weather. Rain may destroy a leather jacket, causing color leakage and shrinking.

Factor of Durability

When looking for comfortable and safe riding gear, it’s vital to consider the durability of the various textiles being considered. When it comes to cleaning, leather is unquestionably the more difficult of the two materials to deal with. You can usually throw a textile jacket in the washing machine, and it will come out looking just as nice as when You first purchased it. In order to clean your leather jacket, you’ll need to consult with a professional cleaning service.

Leather jackets, on the other hand, are more likely to withstand the test of time than other materials. It is recommended that if you are involved in an accident while wearing your textile jacket, you acquire a new one to guarantee that the armor is in good shape. An accident may leave some marks on a leather jacket, but the garment will most likely be sturdy enough to ride again. Leather may last a lifetime if it is properly cared for and maintained.

Style Factor

Of all, this is a completely subjective matter of personal choice. Many people adore the traditional appearance of the biker in leather and will settle for nothing less. Some individuals want a more modern, streamlined appearance, and textile is frequently the best choice for achieving this because it has a sleeker appearance than other materials. At the same time, protection and worth are indeed more essential than beauty. We would be lying if we stated that appearance was not significant in any way!

The material you pick for your new jacket may have a significant influence on how versatile the jacket is, which is something to keep in mind when making a purchase. In general, we recommend textile jackets for individuals who want to keep expenses down and who expect to use their bikes for informal commuting purposes rather than for racing. Textile motorcycle jackets are a wonderful investment for riders of any skill level because of their adaptability, simplicity of upkeep, and low cost.

Leather is more protective for cyclists that ride at a high level of performance. Furthermore, there is something timeless about the famous leather motorcycle jacket that will ensure that it remains fashionable for decades to come. Leather motorcycle jackets are an excellent purchase for the traditional, self-assured rider; they are also a worthy investment to make now.

Are mesh coats waterproof and windproof in the winter?

Yes, if you want to turn into a rolling ice cube with a persistent common cold, then go ahead and try it. They are fantastic in the summer, but they are a complete no-no when the fall and winter months arrive. When the weather begins to cool down, don’t even consider wearing a mesh jacket while riding your bike.


Leather, on the other hand, is relatively waterproof. It won’t completely prevent water from coming into contact with you, but it will do a pretty excellent job of putting up a fight.

Is it preferable to wear leather motorcycle jackets? Yes, absolutely! When it comes to high-speed sliding, protection, and endurance, leather is unrivaled. However, in the heat, it becomes a friggin oven.

When it comes to leather, it’s all about being windproof. Definitely not wind or air-flow-friendly. It brings up an interesting point of debate: should you dress for the slide or the ride?

In addition, riding in leather jackets will keep you warm and comfortable during the winter months. While sipping a hot cup of tea, you’ll feel as if you’re sitting on a super-comfy sofa right next to a warm fireplace. As a bonus, I’ll share with you my buying strategy for mesh motorcycle jackets when you’re out shopping. Don’t forget to write it down.

Look for mesh jackets that feature high-quality leather components on the sliding portions of the garment. On the back, shoulders, and just below the arms, if possible.


You’ll end up with a motorbike jacket that looks like a unicorn transformed into a motorcycle jacket. It will endure a number of good slides and crashes while still providing the required cooling effect throughout the hot months.


If you are tight on budget, I will suggest you almost certainly go for a textile jacket. It has virtually everything you could want in a motorcycle jacket, and it is reasonably priced.

Do you have a bigger bank account and want to go pro?

Get yourself a jacket made of textile and leather. When it comes to motorcycle jackets, you’ll be set for the rest of your life.

Here is my final purchasing tip for anyone looking to purchase a motorbike jacket:

 You should print off the comparison table at the beginning of this page and carry it about with you like a Bible. The next time you find yourself in the market for a moto jacket, you’ll know precisely which one to choose.

 Ride more intelligently and safely!

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