Progressive 412 Shocks Review

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Start the personalization gearing process by stripping off that 200 pounds worth of unwanted plastic off your Harley to let it be the banger for each buck you paid. While your pre-existing rear shocks can serve well with no leaks, but it is like walking a suspension bridge that sure isn’t going to hold for long.

This is where the Progressive shocks step in, with their layout based to accommodate a wide range of automobiles, including Harleys, UTVs (utility task vehicles), ATVs (all-terrain vehicles), metrics, off-road bikes, and even the ones that aren’t straight out of the showroom. They replace your stock shocks to ensure a boost up in the performance by a notch, make your ride lighter or improve adjustability. 

There have been instances where our team of experts has tested the Progressive 412 Shocks personally and ones where have been associated with the Progressive Suspension brand itself for years’ worth.

From writing reviews about their products to testing each one out and creating a buying guide, we have been through all. On the receiving as well as the giving end, therefore, we know our way around. Our testing of products is what makes us the most reliable source out there. 

We know what you need what suits you best since we have been in your customer’s shoes. Based on our own experience and knowledge, we assembled a guide and a comprehensive review of the Progressive 412 shock model that we found capable of beating your criteria for the best out of the wide series the Progressive Suspension has set out.

Progressive 412 Shocks

  • Budget-friendly
  • Employs a dual high-density steel construction
  • The package comes with multi-charged velocity-sensitive and nitrogen-charged dampers
  • A five-position cam-style preload adjuster
  • The ease of installation is high
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Not as advanced as the OEM (original manufactured equipment) shocks
  • Spacers are necessary during installation

Things To Consider Before Buying Shocks

Price and Warranty

To make sure that your budget shouldn’t hit the red zone while trying to modify and personalize your bike is a priority. Overly priced gadgets might come with manufacturing faults or fall off after few test rides. However, making a purchase that comes with a warranty would be ideal. 

Read the return and exchange and warranty manual carefully before making the purchase since some might sell you a cheaper experience for wads of your hard-earned cash. 

Type and Size

Based on our riding disciplines, the sizing and type have a noticeable correlation. The lighter full-suspension rides with their design are based on accommodating mountain biking and cross country driving (XC) bikes that usually sport shorter-travel air shocks instead of coil shocks. Whereas the heavy bikes would employ a coil-sprung mechanism using shockers. It is thus, vital to notice your ride type and then make a pick accordingly. 

Damping Range

Every rear shock comes with a spring built-in mechanism that readily compresses under the impact of force. Whereas the other undamped shocks will often manage to shoot through their full length followed by an unpleasant clunk noise, as they fully compress under the force impact and will involuntarily bounce back, giving an experience similar to a hopper or a pogo stick, instead of a road gliding experience you spent a wad of bucks on. 

Lighter is the New Heavy

This mantra holds in bikes and one that you must not overlook while adding modifications to your ride. The lighter they are, the better it is in terms of control, adjustability, and overall performance. With each stop you make, you are not only supporting tons of metal underneath you but your own and your baggage too. A little discomfort of distraction from fatigue can put your safety on the line by causing mishandling of your ride.

Where Progressive 412 Shines


Sure your budget shouldn’t hit the roof while trying to upgrade your bike to rid it of all the factory set limitations. Though the Progressive 412 Shocks might lean slightly on the pricey side for some people, they are a banger for the bucks. Considering the price, Progressive 412 Shocks are cheaper than most and also come with a 1-year warranty, yet don’t cut back on factors like durability and performance.

Light Weight

The Progressive 412 Shocks are not only light and durable but also easy to install. They readily replace your 200-pound worth shocks with just 7 pounds! This ensures to give you a smooth ride even over tough terrains with optimal handling and control without cutting back on grip and traction.

Optimal Damping 

With the most basic and simple layout, the Progressive 412 Shocks shocks readily offer an adequate amount of damping system that regulates the rate at which the spring will compress and rebound as well. This ensures you don’t feel every bump at the rear or the front wheel up your spine. 

Adjustable Sizing

The Progressive 412 Shocks can accommodate both heavy-duty and light ride types with their heavy dampening capabilities and employ long-travel fork springs to avoid a bumpy back aching ride. They don’t add on the weight and instead reduce it and elevate the bike off the street, making them the best fit for all ATVs, off-road bikes, and UTVs. 

The Good

  • The installation ease is high; it does not require a gear geek or mechanic for the installation work.
  • Offers a high and consistent dampening at a bumpy terrain or street
  • Available in chrome or black coating and finish
  • Come with an easy-to-understand manual guide.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty 
  • Employs a dual high-grade density steel construction that is corrosion and abrasion-resistant, thus boosting its lifetime and durability noticeably.
  • Consistent and high-end damping is offered with the nitrogen-charged multi-staged velocity-sensitive valving feature.
  • The package comes in pair.
  • The shocks are equal in size, and2 the length can be picked from the fitment chart accordingly.
  • The simple and durable design will boost the bike’s suspension system to deliver optimal suspension performance.
  • Ensures the ride is fatigue-free, comfortable, and absorbs jolts noticeably when hitting the pitches in the road.
  • Considerably improves the bike responsiveness, thus giving optimal control of the ride.

The Bad

  • While removing the rear wheel can fall apart easily, leaving a mess of suspension oil on the floor.
  • With poor installation or using the 10.5 inches length on the high bumpy terrain, they can wear out as quickly as in 4 rides.
  • It requires a 3/4 inch length wrench for the lower shock bolt beside the bike jack if you are switching lengths.
  • Different spacer requirement is present in the manual guide as per the bike model, making it a hassle to find a pair.
  • The bike is lowered considerably, but the 11 inches make the bike sit back in an awkward position.
  • Are a bit stiffer at the lower preload side 

Final Verdict

The Progressive 412 Shock unit of the Shock Series is recommendable and a must-have pair. To save you from lower back-aches, neck, occasionally hands, and teeth, the Progressive 412 Shocks are well built and durable. 

Compared to your normal suspension systems, the progressive suspension systems are softer for the bumps and avoid bottoming out by becoming a bit firmer as they compress harder and rebound quicker. This ensures that the Progressive 412 Shock stands compatible with any riding style and preferences.

Though the Progressive 412 Shocks might come off as pricey or too good to be true type products, we suggest that you give it a shot instead of sweating and skipping it and take us up on our word. It is a product sure not to disappoint!

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