How To Make Motorcycle Exhaust Sound Deeper?

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The sound of the motorcycle exhaust is the personality of the bike. It is believed that the powerful motor vibration from the exhaust makes your engine powerful and helps you to boost your performance also. In this article, we will understand how we can make our motorcycle exhaust sound deeper. So without any further delay, let’s get started!

 Here’s how to make your motorbike exhaust sound more powerful right away:

  1. Eliminate the baffles from the exhaust ducts
  2. Transform the muffler
  3. Fix New stock mufflers
  4. Apply performance mufflers

Methods In Detail:

Eliminate The Baffles From The Exhaust Ducts

First, you need to fix your tools for removing baffles. Screwdrivers and wrenches are included. Find the 10-inch bolt at the exhaust pipe’s end. Connects muffler to exhaust pipe. Wrench it off. To do so, it is required to enter into the tailpipe. Put the bolt on the baffler. 

 Eliminate the baffler from the pipe with a smooth screwdriver. Please store the original in case you need to change it later. Change it with something that produces a much richer exhaust.

Transform The Mufflers

Exhaust mufflers reduce exhaust pipe noise. Removing it makes the sound louder. Transform the muffler for a deeper sound. Use a three-inch blade and a screwdriver.

 Remove the shaker hood by untwisting the bolts and screws on the end. Following, make the changes. Cut the pipe outside the muffler connection. Cut two inches long using a smaller blade. Inside, use tweezers to spin the metal and make a clear cut. The tail should now come off smoothly.

Fix New Stock Mufflers

The simplest and most usual way of making the exhaust duct noise louder. Unless you already have a unique or vintage pipe, this aftermarket product will fit. You can also modify these factory mufflers to make your motorbike sound better.

Apply Performance Mufflers

It is a wonderful alternative if you want deep, high-quality pipes. These mufflers can be pricey, but they’re worth it. Performance mufflers, like factory mufflers, can be tuned to produce that wonderful, deep sound. 

Important Tips To Consider

  • Remove the bafflers and mufflers from the exhaust ducts. Make a note of all of the parts in a clear, well-lit space. To keep the screws and bolts organized, tape them to labeled cardboard. Arrange the nuts and bolts either in a container or use a magnet to keep them from rolling off and being lost.
  • A destructive alteration can backfire. Start revving your tuned exhaust in the garage before taking it out for a turn. Check the quality of the sound the motorbike creates. It improves to ride with a companion so you can maintain a record of any loose pieces.  
  • Check the modifications for free parts. Tighten the mechanics. Check for rattles and weld if required. For more safety, you can polish any additional components to match the exhaust tube. The chrome coating also extends their life.

Final Words

No matter whether you’re shopping for a custom or a regular replacement muffler, it’s always a good idea to know exactly what you’re getting into so you can get the greatest sounding motorcycle exhaust possible.

If you are familiar with your car, you should have no trouble completing this task. For those who are new to owning a machine, this is the most effective method of adding a personalized feel for self-satisfaction! 

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