10 Best Motorcycle Exhausts

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We can’t expect every rider to have the same preferences when it comes to motorcycle mods. However, the exhaust is one of the most important performance parts of your motorcycle. 

When choosing an exhaust, you look for sexy looks, increased horsepower, a roaring sound that is music to the ears of every rider.

Not only that, lightweight exhausts can greatly reduce the weight of your motorcycle. This will help your bike handle better.

But, choosing the perfect exhaust for your motorcycle is not an easy job when you have so many options available.

Our team picked a few exhausts for you after doing detailed research. Read on to find the right type of exhaust for your motorcycle.

Here are our top 3 choices if you are in hurry or don’t like reading too much.

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Best Motorcycle Exhaust Reviews

1. Akrapovic Slip-On Exhausts


  • A mixture of a well-designed machine and specialized hand welds
  • Inlet cap with a CNC machined muffler to eliminate noise
  • Able to reach the highest lean angle
  • Perfect Airtight and controlled system
  • Top-class stainless-steel springs 


  • Not a perfect fit for some bike models
  • Installation is not that simple

The Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust has done revolutionary work in this industry. The tuning of your exhaust system is crucial for the overall performance of your bike. This means the goal is to find the right part rather than the most expensive one in the market. This exhaust is perfect for those bikers who want a fair balance between cost and efficiency. With the addition of this exhaust, you will witness extra power to the vehicle.

Akrapovic has gathered a team of professionals to build a design that guarantees uniqueness and durability. Also, you have the option to pick from two materials, i.e., carbon fiber or titanium. The company is responsible for manufacturing carbon fiber parts. The sound is deep and reverberating. And, fuel remapping is not needed. However, for maximum performance, we suggest you have a fuel controller.

The increased performance is not limited to the peak power. The makers made sure that it offers great performance for the duration of the whole RPM range. Basically, it adds power and torque, resulting in excellent power delivery and a smooth ride. Computer-operated flow benches are used for the measurement formulation of the exhaust. 

2. Two Brothers M2 Black Series Slip-On Exhaust


  • Spiral-wound core with perforation for its sound
  • Stunning black hardware accents for a distinct look  
  • Clamp with rubber lining to drop the overall weight


  • The material can’t last for an extensively long period

The M2 slip-on exhaust is the best motorcycle exhaust for bikers who like a sharp look. The Black Series exhaust is built with magnesium end caps that are covered in Teflon coated cast. Additionally, the inlets and outlets consist of billet aluminum that is black in color as well. Likewise, it has canister reinforcement bands. 

The tuning and track testing take place the same as the other exhausts of this brand. In the Black Series, there is a spiral-wound core with holes that gives every exhaust system a different and deep sound. Another noticeable advantage of the Black Series is its ground-breaking V.A.L.E. system. 

Not to be outdone, the manufacturers incorporated 0.035 inches thick 304 stainless steel mid-pipes. The 304 stainless steel is suitable as it has the properties to resist rust on the exhaust system. After completing some of the heat cycles, the color of the steel starts to change into a golden amber color. This is evidence that the quality of your exhaust is up to the mark. 

If you want your bike to run smoothly, the Two Brothers Black Series exhaust is a reliable choice for extra horsepower. On top of that, it will decrease the total weight of the motorcycle.

3. Yoshimura R77 Race Exhaust System


  • Advanced end-cap
  • Innovative technology with modern design
  • A straight baffle is used for sufficient flow
  • Constructed with highly durable material 
  • Trapezoidal-shaped to get maximum outcome


  • Lining up the pipes can be a little tricky

The Yoshimura R-77 Exhaust System is made to go with the physics and design of your motorcycle. The motorcycle exhaust by Yoshimura is built by keeping the requirement of the riders in mind. The developers of this device considered the response of the Road Racing Team that was hired by the company. After that, the inventors created a muffler that is made from materials that are light in weight. 

Furthermore, the trapezoidal shape of the device results in high-flow. Because of this, you can experience a good sound without the fear of your bike being terrifyingly loud. When you install this system, you will see a substantial boost in power. It comes with a big volume of packing material.

The pipes are constructed with stainless steel, so the muffler grants more power to the engine and decreases the weight as well. The company was successful in forming an entire exhaust system that lets your motorbike reach its highest potential. 

4. Akrapovic GP Slip-On Exhaust


  • Boosts the performance of the engine
  • Increases torque for a more comfortable ride
  • Sleek design to enhance the appearance 
  • Installation is quite simple


  • Not as efficient as full system exhausts

This GP-styled Slip-On exhaust works exceptionally well, which is why it’s the best motorcycle exhaust for many people. It is known for its high-performance system that runs well with the engine of your motorbike. The design of this exhaust is somewhat similar to the one found on a motorbike model by Yamaha. Titanium is a material that is used in racing bikes. Thus, this exhaust system is made with titanium for incredible performance and visible reduction in heaviness.

Furthermore, slip-on exhausts are designed for installing them over the system of your motorbike that has been fitted by the company. All you have to do is to change the muffler while leaving the head pipe of the system intact. It is extremely convenient to install, and the cost of modification is cheap. Having said that, this is the initial step in the process of exhaust system tuning.

With this minimal alteration, you can transform the nature of your motorbike. In this way, you can have the power limit, performance, and sound that you always wanted. Every aspect of the device is examined by a computerized system to avoid any kind of unease to the users.

5. LeoVince LV-10 Slip-On Exhaust


  • Top-quality stainless steel
  • TIG welding to prevent contamination
  • End cap with sandblasting to remove rust
  • Superb Matte finish look
  • Precise laser cut brackets
  • Gorgeous laser engraved logo


  • Fewer features than the rivals

The LV-10 Exhaust was released in the market by Leo Vince after gaining multiple decades of knowledge at all the higher stages of racing. This is why they came up with their best motorcycle exhaust device that became immensely popular among the racers. In order to decrease the weight of the system, LV-10 has the most compact dimensions. The best part is that it doesn’t affect the efficiency rate of the device.

The distinctive sound of this system makes it a top choice for many bikers. The novice bikers who have little understanding of these bike parts can trust this one. We know that for bikers, nothing is more significant than their passion. So, we are recommending this muffler as it has a beautiful matte finish alongside an end cap that is sandblasted.  

In addition to the above, it has an AISI 304 stainless steel mesh outlet that covers it. As these materials are put together perfectly by gas tungsten arc welding, the LV-10 slip-on exhaust gets its futuristic look. 

6. Two Brothers S1R Slip-On Exhaust


  • Easy maintenance 
  • Aggressive design for the racers
  • Complete repair is possible in case of a damage
  • Carbon fiber that can tolerate extreme conditions


  • Bolts kits are not included

This S1R Slip-On Exhaust by Two Brothers changed the reputation of the company. With the most modern features, this device proved itself the best motorcycle exhaust in today’s market. It has a carbon fiber sleeve like the other well-known exhaust systems. Yet, it outmatches them with its natural aluminum outlet and the spring-mounted inlet. Speaking of the carbon fiber sleeve, it is built with carbon fiber with a 30 million modulus rating. It has excellent physical properties.

Due to this alignment, you roll for years with this exhaust system. The end cap of this device is similar to the previous one we discussed, which belonged to the same manufacturer. The non-stick Teflon coating is utilized for the end cap. Apart from this, everything else about this exhaust is different.

The bold design of the end cap resembles the recent jet engine. As a result, when the bike is not in a stationary position, it moves at a speed of 1 match. To produce a resonating sound, it has a perforated spiral core. For a drop in the weight, rubber-lined, aluminum muffler clamps with a natural finish are added.

7. Yoshimura Alpha T Works Slip-On Exhaust


  • Attractive tri-oval shape 
  • Unmatched fit and surface finish 
  • Ensures maximum flow for increasing performance
  • Better ride height to prevent damages


  • Can’t fit on to some motorbikes

For all the newbie bikers out there, knowing the advantages of an exhaust system is important. This Alpha T Works Slip-On Exhaust works hard to take care of your bike and avoid any damaging effect of the toxic gases produced throughout combustion. When you buy this particular device, your bike performance and look will upgrade beyond your expectations.

This Slip-On exhaust by Yoshimura has noteworthy improvements to become the best motorcycle exhaust for many. First, the muffler sleeve gives a color after going through a heat cycle. The finish treatment of the exhaust upsurges its fatigue strength, resistance to scratches, and aesthetics.

The style, fittings, and final finish of the Alpha T Works Exhaust are exemplary. The company has investments to make progressive changes in the technology and used its skills to conclude the current digital design of its systems. This is because you’ll know at first glance that it is not ordinary. It features a Tri-Oval shape that looks outstanding from the back. On the rear side, a carbon fiber end cap and an outlet are seen clearly.

8. Arrow GP2 Slip-On Exhaust


  • Higher horsepower and torque
  • Unusual laser imprinted emblem 
  • Obvious reduction in weight
  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Built quality is amazing


  • Doesn’t have a high-temperature tolerance

The Arrow GP2 Exhaust is the best motorcycle exhaust for winners. Racers search for a lightweight system for minimum hindrance when they are moving on the track. Sometimes, a hefty system has low levels of maneuverability. This device is made to feel light while riding the bike. Besides that, the horsepower it grants is ample to win any race.

It allows an adequate way for your bike to flow efficiently. Without the right exhaust, your engine can have adverse impacts. Many bikers use stock mufflers that are heavy in weight. Slip-on exhausts are made for all types of racers with diverse needs. Moreover, you can easily dust the motorcycle pipes by washing, polishing, and buffing them.

Installation of the GP2 Slip-On Exhaust is a matter of minutes. It won’t waste your time and energy on complicated fixations of pipes and bolts. Overall, the benefits you get from this exhaust totally justify its price. Plus, it is made with long-lasting material to free you from the stress of changing it repeatedly.

9. FMF Powercore 4 Slip-On Exhaust


  • Great horsepower and torque
  • Robust stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • The sturdy material is used for maximum endurance


  • You may have to purchase the header separately

Being their best motorcycle exhaust, the PowerCore 4 Exhaust by FMF is their most notable work in this field. In terms of looks and performance, it is designed to be the best on the racing track. In fact, the brand took inspiration from their top products to form this specific design. They chose the best features from their previous line mufflers to generate a race-inspired performance at an affordable cost. 

To achieve this result, they increased the built quality of the muffler to give better torque, amplified horsepower, and improved durability. Surprisingly, you can get all these perks on a single device, and you don’t need to spend all your savings on it. We know that it is a mind-boggling decision for newbies. That’s why we are highlighting the things that are essential for the majority of the people. 

To guarantee longevity, top-notch stuff is used as the internal packing material. Each and every part is manufactured in the USA. The reason for using stainless steel is because of its lightweight and cost-effective value. If you want a nice look, then mostly steel is a better choice.

10. Graves Hexagonal Slip-On Exhaust


  • Cutting-edge superbike technology
  • Installation is straight forward
  • Smart welding technique is used to prevent overheating


  • Bolts and an installation guide are not present

We have included this brand in our list because of one main reason. That is, it has a good diameter. The entire structure of this exhaust is state-of-the-art. Usually, bikers look for a wonderful performance, appropriate fitting, spectacular finish, and budget-friendly value. 

This exhaust doesn’t pose any danger from harmful substances on you and your surroundings. It is made using an advanced welding procedure. The aim of the brand is to lessen the oversized welds. If the system has poor welding processes, it may cause unnecessary heat buildup. As a consequence, you may see a blue color discoloration.

By bearing this in mind, a unique pipe bending method recognized as mandrel bending is adapted for these slip-on exhausts. This is how you can avoid wrinkles and deformation of the exhaust pipes. 

The sound characteristics of this device are second to none. Generally, these models consist of a strapless mounting tab that helps the muffler’s lines to stay undisrupted. The motive of this is to make a design of the exhaust system that reduces noise and weight in comparison to the stock exhaust.


According to your style and needs, you must select the parts you want to add to your motorbikes. After reading this list, you may have gotten a clear picture of the product that you need. Another significant factor is that you need to contemplate is what makes a device perfect for you. The right system can turn out to be the best motorcycle exhaust for you. That means that you don’t have to make a popular choice. Instead, analyze the features when you choose the exhaust.

Don’t expect that the exhaust your friend is using to be the best motorcycle exhaust for you. Make sure to understand the basics of such devices. For instance, before making the final decision, understand the material, style, type, etc.

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