How to Maintain a Motorcycle?

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Maintaining a motorcycle is important to keep it in perfect shape. Moreover, if your bike is in a good position, you can enjoy your ride for years and it ensures you are riding in a safer bike. 

Motorcycle maintenance requires you to follow manuals for regular check-up information. Here we are providing you some important and general tips on how to maintain a motorcycle. 

Important Tips To Maintain A Motorcycle 

  1. Change the oil regularly 

Just like any other motor vehicle, it is important to regularly change your motorcycle’s oil regularly. The requirement of change varies from model to model, but on average, it is recommended to change the oil after every 3000 to 5000 miles Usually, a mechanic annual checkup includes an oil change and for many riders, a mechanic check-up will take care of this maintenance tip. Usually, a motorcycle consumes oil much faster in summers than winters. 

Also, along with oil, make sure you change the oil filter also. The frequency of change of oil depends on two factors, they are, is it a new or an old bike, and what kind of oil do you use for your motorcycle? New motorcycles run efficiently, so they tend to consume less oil. Also, there are many synthetic motorcycle oils present in the market, they are usually expensive and last longer. 

  1. Keep the brake pads fresh

As a rider, it is vital to understand how important it is to keep your brake pads effective and fresh. In case, any motorcycle has worn brake pads, it will lead to major accidents. You need to know the thickness of effective brake pads. Whenever your brake pads wear out to 2 millimeters or less, it is the right time to replace your brake pads. Mechanics suggest one should get their brake pads checked after every 6000 to 9000 miles. Brake wear depends on how one rides and the environment. If you ride in areas that have poor roads, frequent speed breakers, or lots of slopes, there are high chances that brake pads wear out faster. If you ignore your worn-out brake pads, then inclined surfaces are not at all meant for you, then you are putting your life at risk. 

  1. Keep your Tires updated 

Tire maintenance is an important part of motorcycle maintenance. If you are heading on any journey, make sure you check your tires before you move. You need to ensure the air pressure is up to the mark as per recommended level, and never miss the signs like holes, cracks, or tears of your tires. Just like brake pads, environmental factors also affect the lifespan of tires. 

Rotten tires are not for you, they can lead to fatal accidents. 

Overinflated tires can reduce the contact between the tires and the road, which affects the grip of the bike over the road. And underinflated tires lead to poor stability of the bike and make the handling of the bike tougher, so it is important to inflate the tires as per appropriate and recommended level. Get a normal pressure gauge to check the air pressure yourself at home before you start your journey. 

  1. Clean the air filter frequently 

To keep your motorcycle updated, same like tires and oil, one should change the air filter every 5000 to 10000 miles. The air filter is responsible for an important job of the bike, it helps in protecting the internal organs of the engine from dirt or dust that could damage the engine. Here also, environmental factors affect a lot. In case you ride in an extremely dirty environment, then it is recommended to replace the air filter every month or clean the air filter every week. Regardless of the environment of the place you ride, you must often update the air filter for keeping your bike in tip-top shape. 

  1. Replace Coolant 

Coolant is important for every bike to maintain a temperature change smoothly and it further prevents damage to the engine. The coolant has to be replaced after every 1 or two years. Bikes use an equal ratio of antifreeze and deionized water coolant. Always get a coolant as recommended on the manual of the bike. 

  1. Take care of your Fork Oil 

Whenever you are riding on a bumpy or rough road, the fork oil of a motorcycle is important to ensure a smooth ride. Sufficient fresh fork oil ensures and makes a huge difference in how smoothly you can ride on such roads. The more you ride, the more you will appreciate your fork oil. It is responsible for lubricating all moving parts outside the engine of the motorcycle. Make sure you check your fork oil regularly. You can yourself change or check a fork oil at home with the right equipment, but in case you don’t know how to do it don’t take a risk and ask a mechanic to handle the task. 

  1. Always keep your chain lubricated and healthy 

A rider needs to ensure the chain is well oiled and sufficiently lubricated that it prevents rough gear shifting. Chains usually last for 30000 miles, so it is not necessary to replace it frequently. Checking the tension of the chain is never a poor idea before you start your bike. So make sure you check the tension of the chain, to ensure smooth shifting of gears and a smooth ride. 

  1. Battery Lifespan 

Usually, motorcycle batteries last for two to three years. You need to consult a mechanic before you replace the batteries. Never forget it is essential to charge the batteries regularly to maximize their lifespan. Also, spark plugs need to be in good shape and require regular check-ups. 

Wrap Up 

By following the above procedures on how to maintain a motorcycle and following the right steps mentioned in the manual of the bike will go a long way to maximize the working of the bike. You need to be vigilant about the above tips and take care of your motorcycle. Never take your motorcycle for granted. 

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