10 Best Women’s Motorcycle Helmet

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We are sure that, like us, you don’t want to lose your head. Right? As per the statistics put out, the helmets reduce 70% of injury risks and any that one might encounter. 

Returning to the problems besides the injuries, you could count vision obstruction to be amongst them as most common. The unpredictable weather inclement doesn’t hold back like raining carelessly. Then why must you compromise when it comes to your safety?

Having faith in your two-wheeler sure is a good thing. But the manufacturers never promise your warranty, insurance, or safety but that of the wheeler. Therefore face the facts to keep your head safe. You need a helmet, and a good one at that too.

Cutting the chase for you, we are actively taking a nose dive into coming up with the best 10 motorcycle helmets for you. Not only are they reliable, but they also have our faith in keeping your head safe from both external and internal injuries to the best of their capabilities.

Don’t want to read through? Well, here we save you from the hassle of reading as well. While keeping every nick and bit of the product in view, we bring forth this assembled chart of our best 3 out of the 10 motorcycle helmets for women. 

Best Choice

Premium Choice
Shoei RF-1400 Scanner Men's Street Motorcycle Helmet - TC-5 Matte / Medium
Best Value For Money
Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet (Stealth Camo Matte Black / Pink - Medium)
Icon Airflite Pleasuredome Redux Helmet
Shoei RF-1400
Bell Qualifier Stealth Camo Helmet
Best Choice

Icon Airflite Pleasuredome Redux Helmet
Premium Choice
Shoei RF-1400 Scanner Men's Street Motorcycle Helmet - TC-5 Matte / Medium
Shoei RF-1400
Best Value For Money
Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet (Stealth Camo Matte Black / Pink - Medium)
Bell Qualifier Stealth Camo Helmet

Just so you won’t be intimidated by the price tags or face doubts in any manner. Our experts took up all the facts and figures besides their experiences and reviews to come up with the following 10 best motorcycle helmets for women.

Start rummaging through our list of motorcycle helmets, each backed up with a detailed breakdown of features, pros, cons, and why it is worth the buck.

1. Icon Airflite Pleasuredome Redux Helmet


  • Removable hydradry liner wicks away sweat
  • Chin curtain vent feature 
  • The recessed twin channel super vent serves optimal cooling
  • Fast swap and change fog-resistant face shields


  • Feels constricted on the cheekbones
  • Doesn’t cuts back on the noise

The Icon Airflite takes on the helmet industry with its no model-restricted design as it rids you of worrying about if this unit is compatible with ape hangers or gripping clip-on. 

The design is not just innovative but also boasts a strong injection molded polycarbonate built. Ensuring your safety, the Icon takes a step ahead to place the intake and exhaust ports at the best prime locations. 

The intake ports take in enormous gulps of air to give you a sweat-free ride. The exhaust ports act as an end game with their oversized built to not make you feel claustrophobic in any manner.

The Hydradry Liner works to keep the interior dry and comfortable. While the removable side plates promise a flush fit according to your comfort. It is the molded breath deflector we are counting on for ensuring a fog, moisture-free ride.

2. Shoei RF-1400 Nocturne Helmet


  • Comes with custom size fits
  • Adjustable Max-Dry interior absorbs sweat two times faster than traditional nylon.
  • Highly advanced noise reduction 
  • Comes with lens inserts and Pinlock EVO pins
  • Is Snell M2020 and DOT certified


  • The field of vision is a bit narrower than other models
  • The visor switching is a tedious task

The sleeker design allows Shoei to sleek through its competitors with flying colors. Before it can hit you, the RF-1400 built interior takes it on for you. 

The Shoei is replacing the RF-1200 base plates with the CWR-F2 base plate system. Not is it more responsive but also smoother in terms of shield switching with a simple click.

The shield adjuster mechanism is upgraded to be more precise. The interior 3D molded CWR-F2 shield is highly capable of ensuring a distorted free vision by blocking 99% of the UV rays. Along with the 2D external shield to work cordially and ensure the vision is not compromised by any means. 

The air manipulating ventilation system is a unique take on the Shoei’s part. This uses 3 channels to manage the 6 air inlets. A pair of each is easy to find on the center, chin bin, and one on each temple side. 

What makes it more impressive is the redesigned enlarged exhaust feature of the RF-1400. It makes up to 4 large vents to kick out the hot air effectively while welcoming cold busts of air inside. The soft cheek pads offer a flush fit while being soft on the cheekbones and durable in performance. 

3. Scorpion EXO-R420 Sugar Skull Helmet


  • Anti-scratch, hardened, optically clear, and 100% UV protected face shield 
  • Kwikfit cheek pads offer room for eye-glasses
  • Comes in two shell sizes and is economically priced
  • Tool-less face shield switch system 
  • SNELL M2015 (XS-2XL only) and DOT approved


  • The latch is a bit tricky to navigate through 
  • The noise levels are not cut back much, even with the visor down.

Snugging in some sugar skull designs, this Scorpion helmet is a perfect exclamation of a feminine mercenary. This full-face helmet is revolutionary; we suppose right with its Ellip-Tec 2 face shields and other features

Serving as a flush fit for the intermediate oval-headed riders. The Scorpion boasts an emergency release cheek pad system and speaker pockets. We find the interior is built from highly reliable Kwik Wick II anti-microbial fabric that is readily washable, adjustable, removable, and replaceable.

Moreover, what impressed us the most is the Aero tuned ventilation system. It operates by using a large top vent and mouth vents, with all being engineered to ensure optimal airflow levels. The face shield securely locks the face in place and guards well.

There are tabs found on the neck roll which allow trained emergency personnel to remove the cheek pads in a matter of seconds and attend to the person in case of any mishaps. Before one gets caught in the middle of a life-threatening situation, 

4. AGV K3 SV Tartaruga Helmet


  • Speaker cut-out pockets for BlueTooth speakers
  • Removable breath deflector and windproof chin strap
  • Double-D ring chin strap protection 
  • Integrated Sun Visor is actively replaceable without using any equipment
  • The Perimetrical Visor Seal offers maximum protection against drafts and wind noises


  • The dark smoke visor has to be bought separately.

The AGV K3 has thrown a curveball at its opponents with its innovative ventilation liner system. The 4 Finite Element Analysis system utilized EPS sizes of this shell, which come with 6 ventilation ports. The removable breath deflector, 4 front, and 2 rear extractor vents are strategically placed to allow AGC K3 to live up to its high ventilation promise

The high resistance thermoplastic resin construction allows AGV K3 to absorb maximum impact and offer optimal safety. The aerodynamic built improves stability, while the aggressive aesthetics of AGV K3 make it appear sleeker. 

The GT 2 anti-scratch and anti-fog sun visor is a drop-down visor and features an Extra Quick Release System (XQRS). This makes the removal and replacement of the face shields a tool-less matter. 

What can not be rushed is the breakdown of its brand new shell shape design. Not only it has cut-ways for collar bones, but the narrow chin bar cuts through the wind sharply and promotes stability. The helmet profile contouring extensively reduces collar bone injury risks besides the head alone.

Furthermore, the AGV K3 is communication-friendly. The speaker cut-out pockets offer room for Bluetooth speakers readily. This rids you of the trouble of having Bluetooth speakers pressing painfully into your eardrums.

5. Bell Qualifier Stealth Camo Helmet


  • It offers an industry-leading five-year warranty
  • Features a D-ring closure padded chin strap
  • The ventilation system is actively adjustable 
  • Comes in 3 shell sizes ranging from XS to 3XL 
  • UV protected shield is anti-fog, anti-scratch, and employs Nutra Fog II superior built.


  • It is only DOT approved and not SNELL
  • The wind noise is intolerable when going above 40 mph.

The Bell Qualifier helmet is a no-frills helmet and brand new sport-oriented model in the Bell family. A perfect fit for intermediate oval-shaped riders, the fit is consistent with contoured cheek pads.

The aerodynamic profile involves polycarbonate material and is very lightweight, i.e., 3.28 Lbs. The low-profile vents are built-in to all free flow of air and offer a dry and comfortable ride.

An optically correct UV-protected visor shield is capable of going to photochromic transition. Meaning it readily goes to medium-dark smoke tint as soon as the UV light hits it, ridding you of the necessity to swap the shields. 

The shield change mechanism is the simplest, with a pull of the side lever. Thus promising that one doesn’t need to buy a secondary smoke shield. The quick Click Release mechanism allows a tool-free and easy shield swap.

Bell offers a full-size range up to a staggering 64 cm without caring about cutting back on costs, unlike others in the business. It further features speaker pockets and cut-outs for the Bluetooth speakers to easily fit in, which makes it communication-friendly.

6. AGV K1 Warmup Helmet


  • A micro-opening visor
  • Dry-Lex built removable and washable 3D inner liner and cheek pads
  • 4 EPS sizes and 2 Shell sizes
  • D-ring closure padded chin strap
  • 5 front and 2 rear extractor vents built into the spoiler


  • The chin is highly angular and requires one to buy a helmet-specific chin mount.

The profile layout is designed to meet every rider’s need. The base is contoured around the base to reduce collar bone injury risks. 

The aerodynamic shape, Integrated Ventilation System, and spoiler built make AGV K1 a perfect match for wind-tunnel tested Corsa R and Pista GP R. While the durability is present with the HIR-TH (High Resistance Thermoplastic Resin) shell construction. 

It employs XQRS to make removal and replacement of the face shields a tool-less matter. The face shield is offered in 2 sizes dependent on helmet size. It is fog and scratch-resistant.

7. HJC i90 Davan Helmet


  • Uses enlarged eye port for greater visibility
  • Readily accepts SMART HJC 10B or 20B Bluetooth communicators with its Bluetooth-friendly layout.
  • ECE and DOT approved
  • Speaker pockets are adjustable to 3 positions
  • Comes with a Pinlock ready face shield and room for a chin curtain


  • The internal visor mechanism causes one to fumble around to find the slide. That is highly dangerous during a ride.

It is a plain touring helmet built from a lightweight polycarbonate composite shell. It readily fits intermediate-oval riders and weighs only 3.79 Lbs. A special innovative groove is present around temples to accommodate eyeglasses.

The interior employs an advanced anti-bacterial and quick-drying fabric. It employs an innovative one-touch locking system and an ACS (Advanced Channeling Ventilation System) with seven intakes and two exhaust vents at the rear spoiler. 

To avoid shield-fogging, it features a chin bar vent flow across the face shield. Moreover, the rapid-fire shield change system increases its ease of use. 

8. Biltwell Gringo S ECE Helmet


  • The inner shell is built from expanded polystyrene
  • VELCRO brand closures in the ear recesses with speaker pockets
  • Snap and Tab configuration for quick opening and closure
  • High ventilation even with the visor shield closed
  • DOT and ECE approved


  • Unsuitable for winters as face shield bubbles up and doesn’t block airflow
  • The visor raddles a lot

Add modern protection and features in the retro helmet equation, and you get the Biltwell helmets. 

The ABS outer shell is injection molded with a hand paint finish. It is the shock absorbers EPS liners with hand-stitched cheek pads and BioFoam chin bar that offer optimal comfort.

The eye port shield is a laser CNC polycarbonate cut with rugged aluminum hinge covers and mounting gear. What makes it more interesting is the plated steel D-ring neck strap with an adjustment end retainer, besides the diamond-stitched quilted open-cell foam padding.

9. HJC i10 Taze Helmet


  • Removable and washable crown and cheek pads
  • Moisture-wicking super cool interior liners
  • Full front-to-back wind channels for high ventilation
  • DOT and SNELL M2020 approved
  • Rapid-fire shield replacement allows tool-less shield removal


  • The replacement masks are not easily obtainable 
  • No fighter pilot drop-down sun shields

A full-face helmet built of advanced polycarbonate composite shell? It is none other than HJC i10 Taze. This light, aerodynamic, intermediate oval-shaped helmet comes with a light price tag as well.

Featuring the ACS ventilation, it readily prevents fogging, moisture build-up, and warm air from causing discomfort. The interior is removable and built from a high-impact absorbing, multi-density EPS, which makes this piece one in all.

It is capable of accepting i10 cheek pads that are interchangeable. While it is a Bluetooth-ready design, it also accommodates grooves for eyeglasses to fit in.

10. LS2 Stream Wind Helmet


  • Removable chin curtain 
  • Installed breath deflector 
  • Laser-cut foam cheek pads
  • Fac shield with Fog Fighter and Quick Release System
  • DOT/ECE 22.05 certified


  • The drop-down shield doesn’t drop all the way down

Featuring a long-oval fit aerodynamic shape, the LS2 Stream is a perfect fit with no hot spots to bug you. Add the optically accurate fog fighter face shield to the equation along with a tool-less quick-release system, and there you get a helmet that makes everything breezy to pass through.

It is built from an aerodynamic Kinetic Polymer Alloy shell which makes it highly safe and lightweight at the same time. There is further a twin shield system built-in for the sun visor that makes LS2 an even better choice.

The Ultimate Female Motorcycle Helmet Buyer’s Manual

Surely a motorcycle helmet cannot prevent mishaps from occurring and threatening you. But if not for the motorcycle helmets, you are left with no choice but to have a split skull if caught up in a mishap. 

Not only it reduces injury risks, but it also solves problems like wind pricking your eyes. It actively offers protection against dust, UV rays, rain, and bugs. Thus, a motorcycle helmet is the most vital gear of your kit. 

Read through the must-have features we have assembled; a motorcycle helmet must contain to help you keep your head intact.

Wind Noise Reduction

No one wants wind roaring in their ears as they speed down the highway. It surely hurts the eardrums and becomes intolerable during long drives. The motorcycle helmet must be able to keep this noisy evil out. 

It can seriously damage your hearing, and so there must be cut-out pockets for earplugs to fit in. For it can get extremely loud depending on the weather, your residing area, and the motorcycle you ride. 


Surely the first and foremost purpose of a motorcycle helmet is to protect your brain from popping out. At a minimum, the helmet must pass the local standards and regulations, i.e., DOT (Department of Transportation) in America, ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) in the European Union. 

DOT or ECE-approved helmets are safe, reliable, and legal. However, if you like us prefer being extra cautious and have maximum protection, then please go ahead with SNELL Certificated helmets. 

The SNELL is an independent and non-profit organization that has its own set of criteria. Not only is the criteria more rigorous and thorough, but it also tests the reliability of the motorcycle helmets in all sorts of possible mishaps.

Helmet Size 

What sets male and female motorcycle helmets apart is mainly the fit and size. Surely women have smaller head circumference measurements compared to males. But even if the two genders have the same head circumference, they don’t need to fit in identical helmets.

Thus women often have to customize their helmets for them to be a flush fit. One can readily do so by replacing comfort liners and the cheek pads with thicker ones to make the room smaller accordingly. 

Helmet Shell Construction

The motorcycle helmets are actively categorized as per the material used in their construction. A helmet should be abrasion-resistant and capable of absorbing maximum shock to cushion your skull. 

Therefore, it is the material that guarantees the performance of the helmet in the long run and what we pay for. 

If not all, but most motorcycle helmets use 

  1. Polycarbonate i.e., cheap but absorbs impact energy by flexing 
  2. Carbon Fiber, i.e., nightly expensive yet the most lightweight material. It readily distributes the impact energy all over to reduce injury level instead of concentrating it at one point 
  3. Fiberglass Composite i.e., expensive material that flexes splits and crushes as it absorbs energy from impact 
  4. EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) i.e., a lightweight cellular plastic foam material that is densely compressed in the interior. It serves as an inner shock-absorbing shell.


As we began listing down the products with their pros and cons, we stood in your shoes. So you can count on us to help you make an informed decision as we are well versed and aware of the satisfaction criteria that you have set. 

We hope that to save few bucks; you would not be thick-headed enough to want to wake up in a hospital someday soon. Therefore, trust our word, save up, and take your pick right away!

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