10 Best Motorcycle Tires

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Tires were one of the most important historical finds emerging of the Industrial Revolution. Without tires, as we see today, transport would not have grown much. Almost all the cars we know today use tires, with the exception of ships and maglev trains. And if the tire is one of the car’s key components, it is often complicated and difficult to maintain.

Tires decide a lot about your vehicle, such as the brake distance, high speed, friction, and so on. Therefore, it is important to choose the right tires for motorcycles. The big benefit, as well as the drawback of motorcycle pneumatics, is the variety of choices. Too many related alternatives for this equipment are available. To aid your decision and make it easier, we have curated a list of tires you can look into. 

The tires listed below are suitable for a variety of motorcycles and target different purposes. It is up to you to choose the one most suited to you.

Best Motorcycle Tires For Touring

1. Pirelli Angel GT II Tires


  • Excellent grip in wet and dry conditions
  • Good longevity
  • Suitable for almost all road bikes


  • Wear out eventually

Pirelli has taken with the tires of Angel GT and developed their compound, and produced a new design in order to make the Angel GT II a sports touring tire even better than its precursor. In both dry and wet road environments, Pirelli reports better grip and durability. The firm claims that it focuses on the meaning of Gran Turismo (GT) in changing the tire. The objective was to build a tire that would allow you to travel long stretches at high speed, safety, and convenience while maintaining plenty of grips on the sleight of hand.

With the new Angel GT II tubes, Pirelli aimed to produce pneumatic tires that would provide good grip regardless of road conditions or the magnitude of their angle. The tire was also designed to boost drivers’ performance by driving up the limit and increasing the product’s life. The tires will do wonderful things for tourers, cyclists, and weekend warriors, Pirelli claims. I think that. Any sports tour tire can easily perform the tasks of weekend biking.

2. Michelin Road 5 Tires


  • Good grip on wet or dry terrain, 
  • Reasonably priced 
  • Absorbs undesirable road vibration 
  • Available in 9 different sizes
  • 2CT and 2CT+ technology/design built-in creates a stable tire that performs at any speed


  • Larger tread openings throw small stones frequently.

To impress Michelin on the Pilot Road4 with greater capacities, Road 5 has been entirely rebuilt. Due to the rubber compound improvements and the recently created XST Evo Progressive Sips (X-Sipe Evo Technology) directed specifically on moist riding, Michelin is seemingly on the right path with ATT+ (Adaptive Casting Technology), which is intended to increase carcass stability. Road 5 aims to provide higher efficiency in all conditions, with a particular focus on wet conditions; engineers found it appropriate to take a heavy loan from the Power RS to boost sports touring.

The Michelin Road 5 is a dual-compound tire with some tricks up its sleeve. Going back to the fold is the proprietary 2CT and 2CT+ dual-compound systems. A more difficult rumbled material is enclosed on the shoulders with a softer surface, which gives fantastic milestones and also allows a useful grip on the side of the tire. This makes for longer use until the motorcycle tire profile starts to square off, a problem mostly associated with single compound tires (losing the form and dampening the tire’s cooking capacity). Even on uncompromising sports cars such as the Tuono, MT-10, and Street Triple RS, this combination of compounds still provides an over-adequate feeling and decent handling on the track.

Michelin switched to 3D additive metal production, which enabled engineers to build highly complex and dynamic molds unable to produce conventional manufacturing techniques. With this new process, the XST Evo tread is easier. The sipes have trapezoidal chambers on their basis, thanks to these special molds. This lets them move the same quantity of water as at the moment of buying. The trapezoid sipe chamber will have the same amount of water grip when the tire is worn down. The Micheline Road 5 should be on the radar for riders looking to cope with various weather situations but also experiencing strong results under dry, snowy, or blended conditions.

Best Motorcycle Tires For Sport

3. Pirelli Diablo Rosso III Tires


  • High-End Quality
  • Excellent Dry Grip
  • Great Handling
  • Great Wet Grip
  • Comfortable
  • Low Road Noise
  • Good Traction


  • The tread lifespan could be longer.

Diablo line is a very long Pirelli series, which began in 2002. The iconic Diablo tires were upgraded after years of research and development. Diablo Rosso 3 blends the strength and the latest technologies of Diablo to create an extraordinary pneumatic product with extreme strength and high durability. Everybody went out for Pirelli on Diablo Rosso 3. The Superbike World Championship was built; Rosso 3 has excellent steering feedback and makes it easier to handle anything. One of the great things about this tire is that you will use this tire on race and leisure paths.

The bi-compound is a big side soft stripe in the production of tires. This provides complete grip with a middle lean angle. The pneumatics have a WSBK profile that provides agile answers and turn-in. Because of the tire shape, the change is also very easy. For better adherence, Rosso 3 has a wide footprint area. The pneumatic speeds are W measured at 168 Miles/hour. This tire should be used if the motorcycle rim is 17 inches in diameter.

4. Dunlop Q3 Plus Sportmax Tires


  • Durable 
  • Phenomenal grip


  • Not good in wet conditions

Q3 Dunlop’s Sportmax engine tires come with the Dunlop team’s confidence. By the tires’ lifespan significantly compared to previous ones, Dunlop brought the tires to the next level. The unique construction of this pneumatic tire provides greater control, maneuverability, input, and control. Compared to the old Q3 model, the all-new updated Q3 has some 80 percent updates. The tire tread specification includes these upgraded features. In Q3, the treading time is much longer than in Q3.

The grip is very good. It’s the first hyper sport tire made in the US and is planned at Buffalo’s offices and is produced in a Buffalo factory. The processes used for producing racing tires are also used in the production of Q3 tires. The Dunlop Carbon Fiber Technology is one of the excellent aspects of this tire (CFT). Q3 uses the low weight and high-quality carbon fibers of one of the most modern fabrics to stabilize the tire. This improves feedback and makes the user do exceptionally cornering.

The pattern of the tread has many things to say and is distinctive. The long treads with minimum tread grooves give the wet surfaces an extraordinary grip.  Thanks to this product’s intuitive response profile (IRP) technology, you have a lot of freedom to choose your latitude when cornering. Q3 employs the rear tire’s multi-thread construction. The middle of the tread is a long-wearing compound, which increases tire life by reducing wear. The rear tires of Q3 include Silica. Silica increases grip in damp conditions and also improves tire endurance and endurance.

Best Motorcycle Tires For Harley

5. Michelin Commander III Cruiser Tires


  • Long-lasting performance
  • Increased durability
  • Good grip on a wet surface or rainy day


  • Shipped only within the US

The MICHELIN Command III tire, due to its new compounds, is intended to go the distance with improved humidity and durability. Wet-oriented with 100% rubber silica on both the front and rear tires to improve the moisture grip and protection without compromise. The MICHELIN Commander III tire line enhances the V-Twin motorcycles’ styling with its unique patterns and proprietary premium contact technology sidewall designs. It contrasts with light absorption by micro-geometry on the tire’s surface, enabling the contrast to be modulated and grey tones created.

A new mold profile that improves the touch patch to have a more homogenous ground pressure: normal wear and wet adhesion, even if curved. The MICHELIN Commander III tire offers far more longevity than the MICHELIN Commander II tire. They are designed based on a uniform front and rear fit to achieve the highest performance and protection level. Therefore, different ranges cannot be combined with the same motorcycle. It would be better to fit the MICHELIN Commander III to the front wheel if separate generations are combined.

6. Metzeler Cruisetec Tires


  • Wide treads
  • Durable design
  • Long-lasting quality
  • Reliable


  • Expensive
  • Not suited for high-speed handling around sharp curves.

Metzeler is known for its high-quality sports tires. For the efficient driver, who wants to get the best control under cornering and braking over tire wear, the Metzeler Cruisetec is a brand. The German-owned Pirelli group unveiled in October, deep in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. In the performance cruiser and heavy touring parts, Cruisetec is the top player.

The Cruisetec is Metzeler’s new addition to its cruiser tire collection. The Cruisetec offers supreme handling in dry and damp environments with a new vigorous roll pattern set in dual-compound rubber. The Cruisetec offers outstanding, predictable handling and cooling stability in the corner’s entry and exit with a brand new carcass specification. Not only can this performance pull boost the handling properties of the cruiser of all shapes and pedigrees, but it also helps to take advantage of all the extra strength of performance cruisers.

Best Motorcycle Dual Sport Tires

7. Michelin Anakee Adventure Tires


  • Excellent road manners
  • Feels great at speed
  • Excellent wet grip
  • Feels great when pushed hard in corners


  • Uneasy in mud or sand

The Anakee Adventure tire is the newest in its range, designed mostly for people on the tarmac who are looking for occasional off-road experiences. This tubular tire was designed to please most of the drivers, 80,000 on the road and 20,000 on the way; it’s good to be able to go off the beaten path during a road trip.

Michelin’s tires are loaded with many great features and not only in one region but also an all-rounder. New compounds, modern structures, new inventions, and new tread patterns are all features of this. Michelin’s 2CT and 2CT+ technology is the first Michelin Trail tire, historically a product only of Michelin’s radial road tires. This method makes it possible to make the front pneumatic crown harder to allow for a smoother surface compound. On the rear is the same operation.

The 2CT+ is peculiar for the back since the central compound is “tapped” to the sides through the extrusion and molding procedure. The softer compound is then added to the faces during the same molding process. It ensures superior moisture and dry weather grip, the performance of handling, comfort, and stability, especially at greater speeds. The tapered hard composition strengthens the soft outside such that lean angles inspire trust can be placed under power without the “squirminess” of the soft tire. The tread pattern is often optimized in damp weather from the crown to the tire’s edge to assist with on- and off-road cornering and water drainage.

Best Motorcycle Tires For Dirt Bike

8. Continental TKC 70 Tires


  • Great all-around performance
  • Excellent tread life
  • Easy to mount


  • Not good in deep wet mud
  • Noisy after 5,000 miles

If you spend some time off the street, but not much, you can look at a tire TKC70. These are the tires on ABV bikes and on dual sports that should be anticipated. The TKC 70 bridges the distance between TrailAttack2, which focuses on the highway, and TKC 80. It isn’t easy to find a high-traction tire that lasts a reasonable period of time with off-road rubber specially designed for heavy ADVs. Somewhere between Trail Attack2 and TKC, 80 Continental customers needed a tire.

Due to its zero-degree stainless steel structure, the TKC 70 is exceptional. Continental says that a sturdier center range and softer shoulder sections are produced from a single rubber compound through temperature-controlled curing. The tread pattern is built to make sure the soil and mud are visible easily. The TKC 70 is a great solution for heavy ADV bikes, which spend more time off-road than off-road, for the vast majority of off-road travel. They have much higher dirt than the TrailAttack2 and have extremely comparable traction on the track. Without sand, mud, or rough terrains, the TKC 70 is a wise option because it has been engineered to last much longer than a knobby.

9. Shinko SR 241 Series Tires


  • Flexible performer 
  • Suitable on a variety of terrains 
  • DOT approved


  • Not rated for electric vehicles

The SR241 series from Shinko is a flexible performer that works very well on different terrains and is rugged with nylon carcasses and high dimpled buttons. It has a thin knobby design, meaning that the trail is less environmental. Tough nylon carcass and dimpled buttons fit well in a number of fields. This product-style tube is licensed for 4-ply graded DOT. For the front or rear fitment, all available sizes would work.

10. Michelin StarCross 5 Medium Terrain Tires


  • The top of the soft compounds have ridges on top of the knobby
  • Tons of reductions
  • great performance.
  • Excellent durability to performance ratio


  • Tire performance falls off.

The StarCross 5 is a modern generation of motorcycle pulleys that combines older Michelin technologies that have been used in the past few years in other pulls like the off-road rally and some innovations. The StarCross 5 line is made of materials with its own tread patterns: sand, soft, medium, and hard tire. Michelin engineers and its world-leading riders have placed their experience and tastes in tires to provide a range that has a wide variety of applications even though it also has an environment in which each tire really is supposed to shine. In height, distance, and scale, the offensive tread blocks differ in order to improve grip and power.

Over the third and fourth generations of StarCross, Michelin was able to lighten the StarCross five carcasses by 15 percent without sacrificing the case with Comfort Case technology (CCT). This transition from 3 nylon plies to 2 polyester plies is a variation in content and thickness. The advantage of this tire construction process is the unsprung mass reduction on both rear and front tires. In view of reducing rotational inertia, Michelin states that accelerating, braking, and straight-line stability are improved.

The complete line is designed with an innovative configuration of horizontal ridges. They argue that the tread itself is self-cleaning with its very low surfaces in the canyons between the pins. The only tires in the line-up fitted with the mud-phobic bars and the cranes to assist the cleaning operation are the soft compound rear tire. These are available to ensure the mud chunks only cling to the pneumatic to a certain size before they fly.

Motorcycle Tires Buying Guide

Tires define all of the motorcycle’s specifications. The tire’s dimension and the thread pattern rely on most outputs for the energy transmission.  An amazing range of different tires from multiple famous brands are available in the market. Before you decide on one, you should take into consideration the points given below.

Thread Pattern

The thread on the tires decides the resistance on the path of a motorcycle. The threading pattern defines how much traction the pump and the road have. There is a crazy myth that without so much tension, the tread pattern can be light.

Although it increases the tempo, using a light pattern pneumatic ensures that less grip is possible. In fact, this ensures that the pneumatic tire cannot remain on the road leading to serious skidding or drifting. You should pick a tire with the correct tread pattern, which will provide maximum speed and traction in your motorcycle to prevent these extremities.

Tire Diameter

The diameter of the tire depends on the vehicle itself. Most standard engines have the same diameter as the tire. But the diameter of a tire will increase or decrease as the car is customized or has a longer wheelbase. So, before you buy tires, it’s best to look at the motorcycle manual.

Tire Material

The tire material mostly determines the longevity of a tire. A tire must be very robust. There is a risk that you would lose the tires faster than normal if you ride daily. There is a fair risk that the tires will give up in the middle of a trip if you purchase pipes that are not that big. That is impossible. It is safer to produce tires using advanced polymers to avoid this.

Tires are mostly constructed from blends of rubber. These rubber compounds are well suited to wet and dry roads. The use of Silica as a supplement, however, improves the tire grip on moist surfaces significantly. The tire’s longevity depends on the number of layers. As the number of tire layers is higher, longevity is higher.

Tire Grip

Tire grip defines any of the additional characteristics of a tire. These characteristics may be inherited from the thread designs and fabrics or advanced technologies in tire construction. Tire grips consist primarily of four kinds: low, medium, high, and wet.

The grip dictates the pace, you guessed. Tires wear out easily with a stronger grip. The fact that the tires come in touch during drives is because of the high friction. Unique tires are wet grip tires that have almost the same speed as medium tires. Wet grip tires often offer additional grip on wet or humid highways.


As discussed above, the quality of the tire depends on different variables. Some of them are made for long-distance, while others are not. Nevertheless, you have to use highly durable tires to achieve optimum value for the money.


In the end, tires decide how the vehicle works.  If it’s quick or slow, high or low controllability, and all of those variables. So you just want to pick the right tire for your motorcycles. Tires are not for many of us a daily purchase, but even though they might get a little over the top, it is easier to pick the right one.

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