5 Best Motocross Pants

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Motocross riders are part of a special community who pursue the excitement of competing with other riders and reinforcing man’s solely metaphysical war against nature. The motocross racer hardly acknowledges being thrown off the cart, unlike the street driver who fears the opportunity to come down. Instead, the rider stands up, raises the bike, and starts into the mix in just a couple of seconds, recovering precious lost spots.

All about work and fitness, Motocross pants also look awesome, which is a good additional advantage, but motocross pants are mostly meant to provide protection against abrasion and to soften the effect of any significant impact. At the end of the day, the rider needs to get back up and into the race. The demand for motocross equipment is intense. When buying motocross pants, there are many nice choices.

Here are our top 3 choices if you are in hurry or don’t like reading too much.

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Best Motocross Pants Reviews

1. Klim Mojave in the Boot Pants


  • Quality
  • Excellent Reviews
  • Comfort


  • On the expensive side

Klim is a brand with high prices. They produce really good things. These pants are in the middle-upper level of the suit. They are of good quality at an inexpensive price. The pants of Klim Mojave are identical to the pants of the Dakar, but they never have zip springs. You’ve got two zippers, one on each side. Integrated into the chair and legs, Cordura 840 guarantees long service life and support of stretch panels.

The pants are really cozy. They are ventilated enough for warm days, but they are made of far better quality materials than any of the ones we look at, usually thicker and warmer than some other alternatives. People enjoy them just like Dakar pants. It’s just that people like to have pockets to add more lining or protection.

These pants are in the middle-upper price range.  Any consumer would find it difficult to swallow the price. Because of the level at which they are, the price is relatively reasonable. For upper mid-range trousers, it is not too costly.

2. Fly Racing Dirt Patrol Overboot Pants


  • Superior water and abrasion resistance
  • Greater adjustability and breathability
  • Increased visibility


  • No sizing chart provided
  • It may be challenging tucking them inside boots.

With a range of configurations, the fly racing patrol pants can be quickly transformed to provide daily comfort and efficiency. The Overboot Style offers a perfect fit over many boots and fantastic style, and the Zip-off low legs make it possible to turn easily into short without missing any boots. Closing of the VELCRO Adjustable Cuff and Calf can aid in protecting and position the lower leg.

There are massive airflow and refrigeration with six large Zippered Vents on the upper leg’s front and back. For additional airflow, the knee zipper can also be opened. The Fly Closure is the flattest buckle mechanism ever created in an MX pant, providing the adjustment and positive closing for the safe fit; Constructed for protection, force, and full adjustment.

The Two Zippered Pockets are suitable for all additional items and can be accessed easily on a vehicle. The proprietary Zipper Lock System holds your trousers safe and locked. It includes reflective ribbons for better visibility; extendable ribbon panels strategically positioned to provide versatility where it is most desirable.

3. Leatt Moto 5.5 Enduro Pants


  • Quality design and build
  • Multiple features


  • They don’t come with reflective prints.

The off-road variant of the Leatt Motorcycle 5.5 Enduro Pants are 5.5 MX Pants. With Ripstop stretch panels and airflow crease panels, these pants are waterproof and dirt-repellent and guarantee high health and operating under diverse environments; in addition to all other leading knee braces, the internal knee brace system (IKS) that removes knee brace wear and tear compatibility with the Leatt knee brace. With pre-curved thighs, boat construction, and 3D, fully-floating, molded knee cap strengthening, this is a comfortable fit.

Known for its excellent wet and dry grip abilities, the four-layer inner leg is made of high-tech NanoGrip technology, while the seat portion is made of tough 1800D materials. With interchangeable front and side waist braces, multi-row safety stitching, 360 ̊ silicone grip, and YKK premium quality zippers, the Moto 5.5 Enduro pants deliver a secure and comfortable fitting are designed to work with or without knee and hip protection.

4. Klim Dakar in The Boot Pants


  • Feature Rich
  • Design
  • Quality


  • Costly

Klim’s a brand with high prices. They produce really good things. But it comes at a cost that other consumers might not pay. These pants have 2 zip pockets, one on each hook, and air vents on the hook. The material is carefully positioned to ensure optimum comfort and longevity. They are made of 840 Cordura and have heat and abrasion resistance patches on the knees.

The trousers are really cozy. However, they are heavier than most of the suits. It’s made of 840 Cordura, which’s heavier and warmer. The ventilated legs are somewhat offset. People love these pants. You appreciate the consistency and durability of trousers that you can feel. We found it tough to locate anyone with a negative thing about them. These pants have a high price point.  Most people won’t probably spend all that money on this pair. They are comparatively priced for the highest level of pants.

5. Fox Racing 180 FAZR LE Pants


  • Vented Panels 
  • Able to protect you from excess heat


  • Several complaints about durability and quality

In a name-brand pair of motocross pants, the Fox 180 FAZR LE Pants give riders a perfect balance of toughness and affordability. In order to improve efficiency and safety, the pants have been combined with a variety of functions. You can stretch quickly, but you can easily bring them on, and riders of all ages can safely fly along with them. With a 600D polyester frame and extending panels, the rider attacks comfortably without limiting stability or mobility. The leather knee covers, which also offer thermal protection and abrasion, offer extra longevity.

Ventilated panels on the upper thighs and knees support circulation and help minimize abrasion and sweat skin discomfort. The flexible tail permits riders to match and secure a jersey for a lower back shield. The Fox Racing, 180 Motocross pants at just over $100, is a perfect entry-level range, and they are available at a very affordable price.

Motocross Pants Buying Guide

Choosing the Best Motocross pants can often be a challenge, most so if you are a Motorcross racer. In recent times, there has been a major increase in the manufacturing of counterfeit goods. In case you are a novice, you may be faced with a lot of difficulties because you are practically a first-timer. Going to the market would certainly give you a wider view of the products you seek to buy.

Vendors and producers have gained a broader sense of cunning and swindling. Because of the demand and the buyer’s readiness to divide the money for Motocross pants, the quantity of fake Motocross pants had influenced. It will therefore be quite difficult for you to distinguish between counterfeit goods and genuine products. You can easily buy poor-quality pants at a lower price but at your own loss.

Therefore, it is important that the factors influencing your choice of the Best Motocross horses are fully aware. Besides the factors, you should be taking into consideration a number of specifications and features.


In case you work in accordance with fixed budget schemes, you may need to minimize your expenses to support the livelihoods. You can choose Motocross pants with a fixed budget. You should check the price mark, specifications, quality, and durability before selecting the product when purchasing your best motocross pants.

First of all, you may need to weigh your disadvantages and advantages thoroughly. Those whose advantages are greater than those of your final selection should be considered. In this respect, before picking the pants of your choice, you may conduct market research. The process may be long or tedious, but the results are worth waiting for.

You will have to evaluate the consistency and the specs of Motocross trousers, so long as you can work under tightened budgets, to know which ones have the best performance. Thus you avoid preferring costly goods but with less efficiency or less costly but with limited acquisition advantages.

Protection and comfort

Regarding safety and comfort, a variety of features have been built into Motocross trousers’ production, making them excellent for protection and comfort. Some conical legs are the main purpose of which is to have enough coverage for your legs. The wellbeing of your legs is guaranteed in this respect. There are also protective rubber components that keep your leg secure.

During the racing process, the removable EVA inner foam hip protectors will keep your hips secure. Besides being protective, they can provide you with convenience and can be conveniently removed or used anywhere. Also critical is the grip that the pants provide. Leather panels will improve the grip, which ensures that you do not glide or feel unpleasant or restless because of the loose nature of pants.

The weight of the Motocross pants also increases comfort. The lightweight material or the low bulk material used to make Pants will comfort you a lot.


Durability depends essentially on the motocross pants’ ability to withstand all types of impacts while racing. Motocross riders are frequent incidents of crashes and deaths. During a collision or injury, the coniferous legs are able to shield the greater portion of the legs. The reinforcement will be adequate to stand the shock; you will hardly feel the effects.

The resistance of the Motocross pants to wear and tear is also another factor to consider. The leather fabric that has been incorporated into the Pants makes them difficult to rip. This allows them to be robust and durable in nature. In terms of holding and providing optimum security, the silicone band which is connected to the pants is extremely helpful. The Pants’ lightweight adds to their long-term potential as well.


This is essentially the aspect of functionality. It shows clearly how well the Motocross horses can work and how pleasant, unforgettable, and secure your riding experience is. There will be a number of modifications. The best Motocross pants have adjustments, which help you to shift your tailor body grip by changing the tightness of the pants. This means that everyone can put the pants on any size. You will determine your selection of Motocross pants with the type of riding you follow. There are pants that have some ventilation mechanisms, for example, Vented TPU Knees, so airflow is optimal.

Leg cuffs can be conveniently stretched when worn; moreover, special features are available for better Motocross pants, which minimize fatigue. You’re not going to exhaust quickly. A function that improves the fit of the Motocross Hosts is the Ratchet Fly Closure System. It means that the pants suit properly and still improve your versatility. Another feature is the mesh liner which can wrap humidity and sweat. You always keep calm and safe.


One thing you should never ignore is the fitting aspect. The best Motocross pants can fit perfectly or are even provided with added features to improve this. Motocross mobility aspects are also at stake. For the race’s results or riding experience, the ease of moving around or riding the Pants will be very important.


The ventilation structures can maximize the pants’ efficiency and offer you maximum comfort. There are many factors and specifications to be considered in this segment when selecting the best pants.

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