5 Best Motocross Knee Braces

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The knees are one of your body’s most fragile areas. Riding the Motocross can affect your knees seriously.  You are just rocking away from a hyperextended knee when you think about it every bend or turn. And when you slip, you are vulnerable to bruised and damaged knees. Knee security is one of the things to consider after the cask and boots have been checked properly.

There are two distinct kinds of categories for knee defense. Knee pads are the first and by far the cheapest. These are aimed at preventing skinning or tearing on your knees if you fall. They defend oneself primarily from superficial harm.

Knee braces are much more complicated, on the other hand. They are built to avoid severe knee injury, season or career, as well as against minor damages.  Knee braces are designed to prevent hyperextension in case you are facing an unanticipated rock or if you end up in the wrong position after a fall.

Here are our top 3 choices if you are in hurry or don’t like reading too much.

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Best Motocross Knee Braces Reviews

Listed below are five of the best motor-cross knee braces currently in the market, along with their reviews. You can go over each one thoroughly and pick one that suits you best so that you can make a knowledgeable judgment.

1. Leatt X-Frame Knee Braces


  • Very protective
  • Carbon composite material
  • The hinge system ensures mobility
  • Prevents hyperextension with stoppers 
  • Comfort with internal padding
  • Durable and resilient materials around


  • Incredibly expensive
  • It May fit slightly tighter than expected

The X-frame Knee Brace from Leatt is an excellent model for you if you need next-level security. A carbon-fiber structure is pumped. This ensures that you have excellent protection from its construction, shielding your knee from rough impacts, free of any injury. You should use a supportive yet highly secure belt in general alongside the inner foam pad to enjoy an overall protective brace.

Hinges are the most critical aspect of this model. You are equipped with a thin inner hook that guarantees maximum mobility. And you get a metal-mounted outer hinge that adds to the desire for reliability and accuracy. They ensure, together, a remarkable reduction of hyper-extension. You will not have to think about the 5 or 20-degree bending of your knee. At the same time, you can take advantage of a range of hinge and lining sizes to match your harness.

To bring even more security to the entire item, you get a low-profile shin-bone patch. If you make it work with the easy-fitting strap framework, so it becomes ultra-protective for all occasions. Taking into account how protective the carbon frame is, how secure it can be with the internal padding, and how much versatility the hinge mechanism provides, so this knee brace will become a go-to option.

2. POD K4 V2 Knee Braces


  • Sturdy and protective polymer frame
  • Practical hinges for adjustability and movement
  • Exceptional over-extension protection 
  • Decent comfort with premium padding
  • Great protection 


  • Very expensive
  • The strap system may scratch your skin

PodMX sells quite a few knee braces. The K4 Knee braces are probably the most common. This is undoubtedly a model focused on results targeted at racers. The K4 knee braces are made of a glass-reinforced polymer structure, and they are soft and compact enough not to be noticed when you wear them. They weigh just under a pound and a half, which is 620 grams.

One of the best aspects of the PodMX K4 series is that they are interchangeable, so you can swap pieces that wear or don’t work the way you want to. Because you can fully tailor your likeness, they can provide a high degree of support and coverage. One example of how convenient it is if you end up dumping your knee cup, then you can just replace it.

PodMX provides a technology known as Human Motion, which holds down the knee bracelet’s tone, and has a controllable movement range with 25 different knee extender settings. The pads should be modified, but you can only buy a new package to cover them should you end up wearing pads. The knocker appears to have the suit inside where you do not get hot spots. I will argue that much can be mitigated by wearing knee brace sleeves or knee brace socks that get rid of the scratching.The braces are supported by Velcro belts. 

However, once you have them dialed in, they will be fine for you. Make sure you look at the sizing map before you buy to ensure that you have the right braces in the knee. Also, you can either buy such braces from your feet, or you can buy them from your knees (i.e., you can buy a knee brace or a left knee brace).

3. Alpinestars Bionic-10 Knee Braces


  • Secure
  • Very protective
  • Extremely light in weight
  • Manufactured with of top of the line materials
  • Knee cap has amazing impact resistance


  • Extra padding is only availed upon request

The new Bionic-10 Carbon Knee strap is available in four sizes with a lightweight hybrid structure, composite carbon cores, with advanced fiber strengthened polymer injector. The revolutionary architecture and the material use of the exoskeleton frame structures make knee braces much thinner and more structural strength and support than their predecessor. The new proprietary double-wall knee-cup design provides a good dispersion and absorption of impact strength while guaranteeing optimum coverage in any riding position.

Built of an advanced innovative, high-performance carbon polymer compound, the 10 Carbon Knee Brace contributes to reducing injury risk and severity by preventing excessive knee hypertension in an accident. The ergonomically sculpted knee cup consists of a three-segmented rubber, which is supported with light padding for optimum comfort. It is versatile and adaptable. By an advanced integrative mechanical control device allowing multi-directional freedom of travel, the proper location of the knee cup has been precisely secured.

The knee brace of BIONIC-10 CARBON is lighter than in the past iterations of the Fluid Knee Brace and can work at temperatures up to –20°C (-4°F). Thanks to its revolutionary architecture, Fluid Tech is incredibly lightweight and provides a highly customizable and safe fit for greater lateral mobility when riding.

4. Asterisk Ultra Cell Knee Braces 3.0


  • Secure 
  • Comfortable
  • Full of technology 
  • Top quality materials used 


  • It May feel bulky to some 
  • The price tag is high 

The Ultra Cell 3.0 concept is similar to the Ultra Cell 2.0. Asterisk has evaluated the 3.0 variant in the harshest circumstances and finds the convenience and feel of the Ultra Cell 3.0 to be favored even over the Ultra Cell with the BOA device.

Combining the most innovative proprietary design principles, the Ultra Cell 3.0 Knee Brace is, without doubt, the most technologically-advanced Knee Safety Solution available. The UltraCell 3.0 is based on 10+ years of time-tested and validated prototypes of the original Cell Knee Defense System. Those initial designs have been updated, enhanced, and re-engineered to produce the UltraCell 3.0. With Anatomically accurate construction, the ACM frame is Rigid & lightweight and has an impact spreading structure as well as a Carbon fiber epoxy matrix.

The UltraCell remains incredibly stiff but is entirely flexible to avoid accidents. The Asterisk Ultra Cell knee is a decade ahead of the others due to the natural, free movement hinge, tibial board-capture frame style, brace-to-boot tether fitting, and total cup covering. It is also fitted with thermal insulation for correct fitting. This water-resistant accessory, sold as a pair, is easily cleanable.

5. EVS Axis Sport Knee Brace


  • Knee safety with nylon-infused caps
  • Hyperextension Lockout for safe riding
  • Comfy and non-slip interior 
  • High mobility with TruMotion hinge
  • Durable 
  • Manufactured from top materials


  • Straps may scratch the skin
  • Heavy for some people

If you’d like a high-end knee brace, then the Axis Sport from EVS Sports will not let you down. It is one of the most tempting in style, defensive inefficiency, and relaxed in nature – everything you don’t want to miss. At first look, you will find that the exterior material is robust and penetrated. A multiple plastics mix for full strength is Polyfusion polymer, This knee guard, known as the Form Match Frame, is also very durable, comfortable, and incredibly flexible.

On the inside is a Shark Skin Liner. This is necessary to stop some form of wear discomfort. However, it also stops the strap from sliding in its special textured surface, so you can appreciate the piece that is close and never slips. Besides, the Dual-Defense Knee Cups are still available for optimum safety. Made of nylon-infused Polyfusion material, even the most extreme impacts can be quickly absorbed.

This goes along with the Dual Alloy True-Motion 2.0 Hinge, which is connected with carbon fiber and aluminum. They will guarantee full knee mobility per second, but they will also avoid over-extension with the Hyperextension Lockout 30 device. This machine won’t make injuring your leg quick. Finally, you have a stretch fit strap technology that makes the bracelets a piece of cake.

Buying Guide For Motocross Knee Braces

It could be a boring job to choose the right knee brace. This is because there are so many choices that you need to pick from on the market today. In reaction to knee fractures, a few knee braces are worn. What’s better, Treatment or prevention. Below is a list of things to look into when buying a knee brace for the dirt bike. All these tips will benefit you greatly and help you to buy the best brace of your knee worth your money.


It is relevant to take this significant fact into consideration: premium goods often cost you more than those products that are not of standard quality. This rule is unchallenged and must be acknowledged by you. So, of course, if you really want to buy a motor-cross knee brace of the highest standard, you would spend more money than if you buy another knee brace on your knees.

The price, therefore, is based upon other essential factors such as warranty and reliability of the knee brace. The price is most frequently directly proportional to the durability of a good. Essentially, all you have to do is schedule perfectly before you buy a knee brace. The first step is to determine a set of money you are able to issue. Identify then the characteristics of the knee braces available and opt on what works your budget. However, the knee bracelets with a cost of about $ and more are advised to buy.


Events whereby someone purchases a commodity believing it will fulfill an expected purpose, only to find it is faulty afterward, are widespread. What would you do with such a product? It seems illogical for you to waste too much money on items that are worthless. The question, then, is how to get around those issues. It is advisable to ensure that you buy a warranty knee brace.

A warranty will ensure that you really can get a reimbursement of the amount you will pay for the knee brace. Likewise, it would allow you to replace the knee brace with another one in the event that what you buy is not what you really expected. Additionally, a warranty acts as a trust builder to you as a customer, as it demonstrates the gratitude from the seller.


The fit is one of the most significant preconditions before a knee brace is purchased. Many manufacturers worldwide design their products differently and especially for each manufacturer. You must also make sure you have exact measurements which are needed when ordering knee braces.

You should actually measure all the concerned areas again, just to be certain, to eliminate any ambiguity. The fit is important because you can get injured by the knee bracelet if it’s incorrect and unintentionally hinder your riding. Alternatively, a knee bracelet of adjustable width may be used as it becomes lightweight.


Like we have already seen, a motor-cross knee brace is what the knee cap requires when riding. This, therefore, suggests that if the knee brace is too bulky, it will be dangerous and painful for cycling. The substance from which your favorite knee brace is made is also important to be regarded. A knee brace whose structure consisted of stiff carbon fiber epoxy will be a case in point. This is a really lightweight material. Furthermore, you might recommend knee braces with carbon composites frames, which tend to minimize the weight of the knee brace.

Adjustable hyperextension

Hyperextension stops must be included with the knee brace. Adjustable is advisable to ensure that locking points can be configured by themselves. A hyperextension system strengthens the leg tremendously. A strong damping mechanism should be mounted on the brace, which raises the strain if the leg is stretched to slower the stretch. This guarantees a stable extension of the leg and smooth action. Elastic ligaments can strengthen a smooth extension. A brace with this feature essentially acts to expand this normal motion on your behalf.


It is crucial that you buy a knee brace that will allow you to change the position at which the brace locks out. Take as an example, anyone who had suffered a prior knee injury and wouldn’t want something near the hurt part. This includes a knee brace that is adjustable that can be used to support the knee but not to bring pressure to the injury.

The design 

You should try purchasing a knee brace, which would protect the whole knee cap properly. This means that the knee cap is secured optimally. When you slip down or touch your knees head-on, a lot of material is available to withstand this impact, and you are not so wounded. In addition, a low profile style is to be sought.

The hinge system

The hinge mechanism should be anatomically constructed. In other words, search for a knee bracelet with a bio-mechanical ligament structure that is basically an approximation of the human knee. In addition, the consistency of the knee brace can be calculated by the materials used in the hinge system design.

Metal hinge parts have to be a part of a quality knee brace. You shouldn’t even imagine having one made of plastic because it may not be up to the mission it’s supposed to achieve. The hinges will have to be elastic, lightweight, and robust.

The cuff system

At the points where the knee strap enters into contact with your thigh, the knee brace must be incredibly successful. A high quality material handkerchief can improve durability, particularly when you reach it will have a better ability to withstand shock. In comparison, simple, non-standard knee braces have a basic and inferior cuff system as well. Consequently, they are not capable of reducing shock absorption. Rather, they do cause vibrations and impact to be transmitted through your beet at points of touch.


For greater commodity, the knee bracelet should be fitted with braces that can conveniently be fitted and released quickly. If you have released the buckles, the braces after dialing in your system should be reinstated if you did so earlier and have located your setting. This makes your riding comfortable and without stress.


A medically accredited and recognized knee brace can be a plus. This is because the benefits of such knee braces are assured. For example, after you have obtained a report from a healthcare provider showing yourself injured in the leg, you can call the insurance agent to cover your knee brace expenses. The seriousness of the injuries, the procedure you follow, and the contractor depends on this.


If you are a competitor, professional or casual rider, you can never go out riding without your knees covered. Knee braces are a big expenditure, so be sure to make the decision carefully. Though costly, knee surgery is also done, and a likely career loss is suffered. Cover your knees from the first time you don a knee brace will never be the same. You’ll save your leg better than you can find with any other appliances. And on the way, they can even make you more trustworthy.

It can be very overwhelming to settle for one specific brace, particularly when much of it looks identical and has similar features. You may think that the brand with which you go doesn’t really matter, as long as the purpose is fulfilled. Yet you should not be under pressure to opt for a brand that is costlier than you had expected. In making a decision, the aforementioned factors, such as the pre-purchase price, should be taken into consideration.

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