5 Best Honda Grom Exhausts – Enhance Your Bike Style And Melody

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The Honda Grom motorcycle has the most solid cult following in the rider world. The bike is made for day to day, rough use, and there is a reason why you’d see that many riders eventually find themselves looking into the exhaust alley.

The motorcycle is a beast, but it is also quite affordable, meaning if you wish to draw the most out of it, you need to supplement the ride with the best Honda Grom Exhaust systems. No matter the kind of rider you, a sound exhaust system makes the bike-friendly to both terrains and green lands.

The subject at hand is how do you pick the exhaust that gives your bike new wings when there is an array of choices?

This is where we come in! Here are the five best Honda Grom exhausts that will undoubtedly transform your motorcycle and enhance the overall performance.   

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1. RANSOTO Motorcycle Complete Honda Grom Exhaust

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  • Amazing build and quality 
  • Carbon fiber body for better longevity 
  • Dual end cap present 


  • The sound caused by the exhaust is hard on the ears.

This is the most harmonious motorcycle grom exhaust to be ever made. The exhaust is made to enhance your motorcycle’s performance, like nothing you have seen ever and with absolute harmony. You get a completely detachable baffle with the exhaust that is designed to alter the dull and loud noise into a deep melodious sound. Well, the ride is kind of lyrical.

Another striking feature that excites riders is the mounting system that is incredibly simple and quick to install. The mounting does not require any permanent installation, having that no-welding mount is a convenient feature. The yield is robust with a tremendous increase in the performance. 

Conclusively, the Ransoto motorcycle exhaust is the crème de crème of this stream. Its affordable price in the bid to ensure quality at the same time is something we can instantly appreciate. 

2. Kemimoto Compatible With Honda Grom MSX125 Low Mount Exhaust


  • Ultra-stylish design 
  • Durable build 
  • Produces a nice sound
  • Affordable 


  • You might need some tools to work with the springs as they are a little tight.

The Kemimoto exhaust is another lightweight and high functioning model of honda grom exhaust systems. Much like all the other best honda grom exhaust systems on this list, the Kemimoto has a simple and straightforward installation process, which is definite relief for many riders. The baffle on the unit is detachable if you wish to optimize the airflow. 

The exhaust is surprisingly lightweight for a low mount slip-on system. The muffler is quite a rider melody and comes with extra trinkets such as brackets and other types of the necessary hardware. Within the package, you will find a single exhaust, pipes, clamps, Brackets, and springs. The unit is structured from a mix of carbon fiber and stainless steel, which promises satisfying longevity.

Conclusively, all the customer reviews reaffirm that despite its attractive budget price point, the Kemimoto honda grom exhaust sounds ultra- lovely, essentially when the baffle is removed. The easy installation, durability, and classy design make this exhaust an ultimate steal for honda grom riders. 

3. ZoOM 125 MSX 2013-2019 Honda Grom Exhaust

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  • Low maintenance exhaust system 
  • Extremely lightweight 
  • Easy and straightforward mounting system


  • The baffle of the exhaust can hamper the flow.

The ZoOM is a full exhaust system for your Honda Grom consisting of catalytic converters, exhaust pipes, tailpipes, and oxygen sensors. The generous fitment of this motorcycle gear brings a sense of bang for the buck buy, making it one of the best Honda Grom Exhaust in the market. Measuring at 12.4 × 7.2 5.4 inches, the exhaust beats all other products with its feather light weight rounding up to a mere 4.71 pounds. 

All the main outputs of the ZoOM 125 MSX honda grom exhaust are structured from sturdy stainless steel material, making it relatively resistant to corrosion. The piping of the exhaust is designed to reduce the transfer of carbon monoxide to the motorcycle’s engine, thereby enhancing its performance by quite a noticeable degree.  

Remarkably, the ZoOM exhaust packs all the approval and follows closely with the US EPA standards. It comes with a sound muffler that helps in drowning the loud noise that typically all motorcycle exhaust can’t help but produce; however, the ZoOM exhaust’s attempt at reducing noise pollution is something all riders can appreciate well. 

4. Yoshimura Race Rs-2 Works Full System Ss-Cf-Ss Exhaust

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  • Compact system 
  • Simple and straightforward mount for a hassle-free installation 
  • Increases the efficiency of your motorcycle 
  • Enhances movement 
  • Dissipates excessive production of toxic waste 


  • Does produce an uncomfortably loud noise which does not meet the standards dictated by the US EPA noise commission department

The Yoshimura Rs-2 forms the upper echelon of Honda Grom exhaust systems. The mechanics in this motorcycle gear is enhanced to be the most compatible supplement for the Honda Grom MSX-125. It comes as a two-piece unit with a relatively large collection box. The exhaust sports a carbon can and a stainless-steel header, which are mounted using anodized alloy fittings.  

Measuring at 10 × 29 × 29 inches, the exhaust is considerably lightweight compared to other candidates for your motorcycle, weighing at a mere 10 pounds. Another striking feature that brings along convenience for the rider is its spring puller mounting system. In terms of design, the Yoshimura Race Rs-2 is pure elegance and has a general compact structure. 

The exhaust system offers a 7.73 percent of push in terms of power and a 3.17 percent enhancement in the torque capacity of your bike. It is designed to decrease the misspend of toxic water and increase the performance of the Honda Grom engine with a noticeable surge. Overall, if you hope to make the most secure purchase for a motorbike, the Yoshimura Race Rs-2 is your best as the best Honda Grom exhaust in the market. 

5. Aodonly Racing Dual High Mount Exhaust For Honda Grom MSX 2013-2019 All Model


  • Durable and premium build with chrome coatings
  • Produces a great sound 
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable 


  • There are some screws and brackets missing in the packaging.

The aodonly racing dual exhaust is one very attractive looking motorcycle gear. The design, including the branding and coating, is highly satisfactory for the price. The package includes a Y-pipe, seven springs, two different styles of mounting brackets and bolts, header pipes, connecting pipes, and chrome plates straps along with the dual main exhausts. Initially, the exhaust system comes baffled, which is also removable.  

We appreciate how well each item within the package was packed, and the units look ultra-premium considering how affordable the dual exhaust really are. The installation is quite simple, with the help of the attached installation guide. However, it is essential to note that you will have to detach the rear fender to complete the installation process. The muffler does sport a DB killer that makes the growl comfortable for your ears and enhances the exhaust flow.

Conclusively, overlooking a few missing muffler brackets, the Aodonly dual racing exhaust surely one of the best honda grom exhaust you can buy. Moreover, it looks plush, and the enhancements, including the muffler and DB killer, help produce a deep, low, and satisfying growl when your bike is kicked alive. 

Honda Grom Exhaust Buyer’s Guide

Type And Style 

Before you finalize your purchase for a honda grom exhaust system, there are a few facts that you should be aware of, including the type of exhaust system.  

Slip-On Exhaust

The slip-on exhaust system is made for hassle-free installation and use.  With this exhaust, you can keep the original mechanics of your honda grom intact. All you need to do it simply mount the exhaust on the original motorcycle system. By doing this, you simply need to replace your motorcycle’s muffler and head pipes. The slip-on exhaust system is so desirable for riders because it helps cut back on the cost of heavy modification, as seen in the second type of exhaust. 

Full System Exhaust

The full system exhaust demands a complete modification and replacement of your motorcycle’s existing system. the installation process for the full system exhaust can get a bit tricky and time consuming.  


A honda grom motorcycle is a beast for riders who need a day to day performance. A honda grom exhaust system is designed to enhance that performance, which means it should be sturdy enough to go through the daily motions. The material and the integral design of your exhaust system play a crucial role in its durability. Stainless steel build exhaust is corrosion-resistant, while aluminum exhaust fares better in regions with higher humidity.  


As a rider, budget is an essential strategy when your goal is to enjoy your life-long passion without creating a perpetual hole in your wallet. Creating a pre-set limit to your spending on different products can help cut back on unnecessary expenses. You can try prioritizing the features you value and look for a product that suits all the items on the checklist; this way, you are making a fruitful investment without overspending on extra and less useful features.


Installing an exhaust dissipates the toxic waste from your bike while enhances the deep growling sound, thereby taking the performance scale up a notch. If you have been frustrated with the throaty rumbling of your bike, a Honda Grom exhaust will transform your investment. The key is to make an informed decision by reading about a product and assessing how functional its features are for you. 

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