10 Best Dirt Bike Helmets

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There is no adventure better than riding a motorcycle on an airy, open road. It gives you a feeling of freedom that is irreplaceable. But, dirt bike riding is something on another level. You don’t go on smooth twisties when you are riding a dirt bike. When you go off the road, there’s more adrenaline rush, more danger. 

To enjoy this enthralling experience, you need to be extra cautious. Even an ounce of carelessness can lead to serious and life-threatening dangers. We all know the hazards that are involved if you don’t take safety gear seriously.
According to a survey, due to the damage to the head and brain, a huge percentage of deaths occur annually. And, to prevent that from happening, we have made a list of the best dirt bike helmets that will provide maximum protection.

Here are our top 3 choices if you are in hurry or don’t like reading too much.

Best Choice
Premium Choice
FLY Racing Adult Formula Carbon Solid Helmet (White, X-Large) ECE/DOT FMVSS 218 approved
Best Value For Money
509 Altitude 2.0 Snowmobile Helmet (Storm Chaser (2021) - X-Small)
Shoei VFX-EVO Helmet
Fly Racing Dirt Formula Helmet
509 Altitude Helmet
Best Choice
Shoei VFX-EVO Helmet
Premium Choice
FLY Racing Adult Formula Carbon Solid Helmet (White, X-Large) ECE/DOT FMVSS 218 approved
Fly Racing Dirt Formula Helmet
Best Value For Money
509 Altitude 2.0 Snowmobile Helmet (Storm Chaser (2021) - X-Small)
509 Altitude Helmet

1. Fox Racing V3 RS Helmet


  • The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System 
  • Advanced Magnetic Visor Release System 
  • Varizorb EPS liner
  • Screens provide built with mesh 
  • Low weight EPP chin bars 


  • The ventilation inlets and outlets are not enough 

Fox Racing is known to change the game with their improved helmets to enhance the experience of the new age racers. The V3 RS Helmet Series is the improved version that contains MIPS protection for vigorous impacts. Aside from that, with its MVRS system, you get guaranteed performance and safety on the most dangerous tracks.

The feature that makes it on the list of the best dirt bike helmets is that while getting superb protection, it keeps you ventilated. The body of this helmet is constructed with carbon resin and FRP. Both of these materials are known to be extremely light and durable. 

For emergencies, it has quick-release cheek pads coupled with the dual-density Varizorb liner and D-rings made of carbon fiber. Beneath this layer, we can find a Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. This added layer lowers the friction between your head and the helmet. 

The liners of the helmets are easy to wash, thanks to the Eject Helmet Removal System. This prevents the growth of any microorganism. This liner keeps the moisture in the atmosphere away from your face. That is why you can ride without any nuisance on your way. To make the consumer even more satisfied, this helmet meets significant safety standards like DOT and ECE 22.05. You can find it in four sizes to fit your head perfectly.

2. Alpinestars Supertech M10 Carbon Helmet


  • Outer shell made with carbon fiber
  • Four different shell sizes
  • Consist of E-2 MIPS
  • Rapid release peak system
  • A-Head for top head adjustment
  • Superior ventilation with 19 inlets and 5 outlets


  • Large ear holes may cause discomfort
  • It tilts in the forward direction 

Nothing comes to existence in a day. You can’t expect an exceptional thing to appear right in front of you in a matter of days. Correspondingly, Alpinestars’ first product to enhance the off-road motorcycle expedition took a long time before launching in the market. However, the result astonished everyone. Their carbon fiber helmet had new amazing features to catch the eye of every rider. 

The visor stays securely at the position you want it to be. In addition to that, in an alarming situation, it has a release system to save your face from injuries.

This helmet allows 2 peaks with 2 distinct angles. On the basis of your suitability, you can simply adjust it. Its ventilation makes it a candidate on the list of the best dirt bike helmets. It has multiple inlets and exhaust ports. The internal liner is a great combination of protection and comfort. 

The MIPS-E2 liner is installed to protect you from rotational energy. It has an exclusive A-Head system that is adjustable. You can fix the head frame to sit on your head smoothly.

The EPP foam is present on the cushions at the chin. This cushion saves you from a possible collarbone injury in the case of a clash. The cheek pads can be removed whenever you want. 

3. Arai VX Pro 4 Helmet


  • The shell consists of complex laminate construction 
  • Comfortable facial contour system
  • Adequate Ventilation by top and front vents
  • Multiple peak release angles 
  • Dry-Cool internal lining


  • It is not as lightweight as carbon fiber shells

It is a follow-up of the Arai VX Pro-3. This Arai VX Pro4 dirt helmet is for off-road adventure lovers. This helmet allows extreme comfort and a superb shield from its visor. The outer shell has a round shape that is adapted from the other helmet with the same shape idea. As that model was popular for strength and peak, the makers added it in the VX Pro 4 Nicky-7. It has front vents and vents on the head area to avoid any kind of jolt, enabling minimum surface mass damage.

The cheek pads and the liner are designed with a dry, cool concept. This keeps the inside of the helmet cool at all times. This means if you are riding in the presence of scorching heat, this is one of the best dirt bike helmets you can own. 

The eye hole is wide and is big enough to put up with any kind of goggles for a clear view of your environment. The foam that is used in the construction is a triple density foam. So, it doesn’t compromise a bit on your ease. An additional chin vent is provided on the outside of this helmet. As a result, the helmet has more space in the chin area. To allow better airflow, all the other vents are relocated as well.

4. 6D ATR-2 Helmet


  • 9 inlets and 6 exterior ports for ventilation
  • Damper for isolation 
  • Sternum Pad to absorb impacts
  • Nose Guard for maximum protection
  • Replaceable visor with screws


  • It comes in only 3 shell sizes

The 6D ATR-2 Helmet is reconstructable and made by using a futuristic approach. In terms of technology, it has an Omni-Directional System alongside dampers that are elastomeric. This feature is present in a few models, and only the experienced racers acknowledge the advantage of this technology.

Basically, because of this, the inner liner can move freely from the denser. During the Head Health Challenge competition, with the amalgamation of this technology and NFL, this concept was approved. It is packed with features to the brim, and you get everything in a tri-composite shell. 

The foam attached on the outside absorbs force and then recoil after a crash. Interestingly, the structure of this helmet is durable and does not distort like expanded polystyrene. 

If you want to repair the helmet, the company takes full responsibility if the outer shell is not broken or cut. The helmet will be sent to your doorstep after replacing the inner EPS.

Unlike many other helmets, it can last for decades. It has the finest compliant lid out of all the best dirt bike helmets.  

5. Fly Racing Dirt Formula Helmet


  • Advanced energy cell to absorb pressure
  • 6 zone protection for your brain
  • Conehead EPS system
  • It is extremely light 


  • The ventilation system has room for improvement

This helmet has set new standards for all the best dirt bike helmets with its multi-layered and adaptive system to break away from impacts. The makers have developed this helmet with cutting-edge technology. Moreover, the main focus of this dirt bike gear is to protect your skull from the risk of fractures. Hence, by wearing this helmet, you’ll never suffer from a concussion.

The reason for claiming this much security is the RHEON material. It is a type of unique viscoelastic material that can bear any impact easily. Apart from that, it has innovative energy cells to improve energy dispersion on collisions.

In a strategic manner, seven energy cells are added to the inside layer of the helmet. To act as a second line of defense for your skull, there is a patented Conehead EPS in combination with the EPS. The EPS has a large volume that extends in six critical zones. Every one of these zones is built by keeping the low and high-speed impacts in consideration. As a plus point, the Conehead design makes it softer and lighter. Overall, the exterior has a 12K carbon fiber shell with a quick-release mounting system in the nylon peak.

6. Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex Helmet


  • Carbon outer shell to drop the weight
  • Unique Progressive Layering Technology 
  • Segmented Adaptive Fit design
  • Extended Wear interior
  • Combined roost guard
  • Magnefusion strap keeper and emergency removal pads
  • Includes a Five-year warranty


  • Finding the right size is tough
  • You may feel the cold air too much during winter

The Bell Moto-9 Flex Helmet has a one-of-its-kind triple-layer impact liner. These density layers take up the impact through different methods at certain speeds. This technology is referred to as Progressive Layering Technology. 

This system was made to dissipate energy from three possible impact set-ups, such as small, normal, and high. This three-layer system contains EPO that works in conjunction with the already discussed Expanded Polystyrene and (EPP) Expanded Polypropylene. These materials are good for keeping the weight low.

In addition to the above, the structure is an adaptive fit because the segmented construction makes certain that it fits on the head of the racers. The energy management system of this helmet is traditional. For proper cooling, it has a velocity flow system. For further ventilation, there is an air vent on the flexible visor and the chin bar. This helmet mitigates the rotational pressures with the help of the liner. 

7. Shoei VFX-EVO Helmet


  • AIM+ exterior shell 
  • 3D Maximum-Dry detachable liner system
  • Extended neck exit vent


  • Little pricey for the features it is offering

The VFX-EVO is a podium-proof helmet. Due to this, the list of the best dirt bike helmets is incomplete without it. First of all, the liner integrates the inimitable M.E.D.S. or the Motion Energy Distribution System. In this system, a module of EPS liner is specially inserted to withstand sudden shocks. This is made doable by dropping the rotational acceleration to the skull in the time of an accident. Numerous tests were done on this dirt bike helmet to ensure its functionality. 

Speaking of the outer shell, it is designed with highly reliable AIM+ (Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Multi-Fiber). This material is a smart mixture of fiberglass and a few organic fibers. In this way, a firm, ultra-lightweight structure is made. Surprisingly, this material shows flexibility to some extent.

The mudguard does not come in the way of the goggles. Furthermore, to enhance safety, a nose cover is present. The cover is constructed with mesh to keep the dirt and dust particles away from your mouth. A straight line is also added to the top of the visor to allow you to see in the upward direction.

8. Troy Lee SE4 Polyacrylite Mono Helmet


  • MIPS skull damage protection system
  • Visor with plastic screws and brass inserts to manage force
  • Meets significant certifications for DOT FMVSS 218


  • The liner may be a bit scratchy 

The Troy Lee SE4 Poly acrylite Mono Helmet is designed with MIPS technology. The notion behind the formation of this system was to avoid brain damages. Usually, the crashes that the dirt bike racers face are from collisions or disbalance on the sandy surface. In fact, many of the concussions and injuries take place when the racer hits the ground with force.

In such events, the helmet and skull must have low friction to avoid jerks. After that, the second most important thing is the rotational protection of the brain. The makers made sure that it feels light while racing on the bumpy tracks. For optimum airflow, there are 16 ports for the entrance of the air over the head of the rider. 

Additionally, six back exhaust ports push the air with the moisture out of the helmet. If you are looking for an affordable helmet, this is hands down one of the best dirt bike helmets that you will find in the market. Again, it has a carbon fiber shell present in 4 different sizes of the shell. 

The pads of this system can be released anytime, as they have an emergency system for release with responders.

9. Leatt GPX 6.5 Carbon V19.1 Helmet


  • Efficient Quattro Force Control system
  • 3D multi-density V-Foam on the inside layer
  • 360-degree TURBINE to minimize the impact
  • More than 190 honeycomb vent holes 


  • It lacks the latest improved system for better safety

This helmet is a marvelous lightweight gear for all the fast racers that cannot afford to lose. It grants revolutionary protection for the skull and brain. This is particularly made to participate in a race. This is why it is a ventilated helmet incorporated with a 360 Turbine concussion and rotation safety system. This advanced system makes the protection up to the mark. To manage the impact, you will see a Quattro Force Control system also.

It has multiple-density foam to provide softness. The shell of Carbon comes in 3 sizes. Besides that, the shell has two of the main certifications, i.e., ECE and DOT. The cheek pads do not produce friction when you try to remove them. The visor provides optimum safety, and the whole weight of the helmet is lower than you may imagine. 

The ventilation of this helmet is its strong point. It has approximately 200 holes and 11 large vents to keep you going for hours. On the rear side of the helmet, a hyperextension impact platform is constructed. The neck braces on the helmet save your collarbone from fractures. 

10. 509 Altitude Helmet


  • Breath box for the cold season
  • Specialized thermoplastic shell
  • Magnetic strap with Fidlock technology
  • Ensures clear vision at various angles


  • Because of the layers, wearing and taking it off may take a few minutes

Similar to the Altitude Carbon by the same manufacturers, this helmet has the groundbreaking Fidlock open magnetic strap for easy application. With this model, the company has once again proved to be accessible and advanced.

It is built from scratch with 4 standards in concentration. These standards include protection, performance, look, and fit. It comes with a dual-density EPS foam liner that has the ability to interlock. It works to protect you from serious crashes. Plus, the front area of this helmet, where the chin bar is present, has expanded polyurethane. The body is built with specially designed thermo-plastic material for all-out shell strength with negligible weight.

Aerodynamic channels are distributed over the whole contour. These channels are combined into the outer layer of the helmet shell to enable direct airflow into the large vents. The Altitude Helmet has 6 vent scoops to allow air input. So, you can breathe properly no matter what. The total number of the intake or exhaust vent ports is eight. Mostly, people give it a mention wherever we discuss the best dirt bike helmets. The reason is it’s snap on the breath box for freezing weather. The aerodynamic visor contains a locking top center base that grasps the visor at the desired place and stops the unwanted movement of the visor. The eye port allows you to wear goggles of any shape you prefer.

Buying Guide

How to Find the Perfect Size? 

Firstly, check the size of the helmet you prefer to purchase. Usually, the dirt bike helmets are available in 4 typical sizes. These sizes range from extra small or extra-large, small, medium, and large. Therefore, try to wear them to see if it fits perfectly. In case you are ordering online, then read the dimensions and measure the size of your head to figure out the best fit.


Another important factor that you must consider is the weight of the helmet. Furthermore, we suggest you buy a helmet that weighs around 1300-1900 grams. Any individual can bear this limit easily. Also, the weight must be distributed equally around the skull and the shoulders.

Remember, if you buy a heavier helmet, it will not only ruin the whole posture of your body. But, you will sweat more, and it will put stress on your body.

Optimum Ventilation

Since dirt bike helmets are used most of the time for riding in the sun, ventilation is a mandatory element to discuss. Despite that, the interior of the helmets contains many layers that make them even hotter.

For a comfortable long day ride, buy a well-ventilated bike helmet. Even though everyone has different thoughts on the location of the vents, they need them to maintain their body temperature.

Design and Shape

The correct shape of the helmet is different for all racers. Something that turns out to be the perfect size for you may be a little tight on your colleague. That being said, to get the relevant size, read the review on various sites. Some companies give you the option to customize the helmet.


No matter what we purchase from the market, we observe the way it looks. Who would want to invest in something that makes them look unattractive? Thus, buy something that you are proud of. By purchasing a stylish helmet, your wish to ride your bike will increase more.

Maximum Protection

The products that we have mentioned above contain an improved protection system to keep you unharmed during bad incidences. As you can notice, every product in the list of the best dirt bike helmets has different technologies to guarantee it. Make sure to try to pick the ones that are certified and consider the nature of utilization as well.


All motocross enthusiasts must realize that two-wheelers do not give structural protection of any sort. And, you may have heard people saying that a car is a safer option. However, the experience can never be the same. To ensure your safety, these dirt bike helmets are a total life savior.

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