10 Best Bell Helmets

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Bell has been manufacturing helmets for decades, and the company has grown into a giant helmet manufacturer now.

And it was Bell that took this industry of protection to the next level by introducing several designs of models of motorcycle helmets. From open face helmets to modern-day SRTs, Bell knows all of the helmet game.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the 10 best Bell helmets of all time. 

10 Best Bell Helmets Reviews

1. Bell Broozer Helmet


  • Remarkable functionality 
  • Good protection 
  • Snug fit


  • Inadequate noise cancellation 
  • Lacks speaker pockets

The first Bell helmet on our list is the Bell Broozer Cranium. This helmet is manufactured using polycarbonate: which ensures to provide the user with ultimate protection during any crash or accident.

As polycarbonate is one of the most strong materials that can withstand lethal impact.

The design-based to give off an aggressive street racer look with a white graphic outline and a thunderbolt on the right temple. It’s the matte black that gives it a sleek and smooth touch.

The modular approach to the design makes it more comfortable with the ease to communicate while wearing it. Another feature of this helmet is the removable chin bar which comes in handy when you want a full-face look

Bell Broozer Cranium offers complete protection with its dual-density EPS: which limits damage and absorbs maximum energy sustained from a shock. The helmet comes with eyewear compatibility and a lightweight design, and is equipped with a drop-down shield that is anti-scratch, anti-fog and UV protected.

Other features of this helmet include a padded chin strap, adjustable slider vents, and washable liners.

2. Bell SRT Helmet


  • Commendable ventilation system 
  • Good at noise cancellation 
  • Comfortable and removable interior


  • Poorly designed cheek pads.
  • Slightly big

The Bell SRT helmet takes you back to Bell’s racing history with its classic SRT style. The helmet comes with three shell and EPS sizes giving you a whole range to choose from without compromising on safety and protection.

The Bell SRT helmet is designed with three front and two rear vents that ensure ventilation and mist free shields.

The fiberglass feature offers a shiny look along with absolute strength and electrical insulation. The helmet design consists of speaker pockets to pair with any third-party communication kit to makes it easy for you to answer calls and listen to music while riding.

Bell SRT comes with a specialized chin curtain designed to provide comfort and fit. Further equipped with double-D fasteners to keep the helmet intact to the head during speedy rides. 

While the center pano-vision face shield ensures a clear view without distortion. The helmet is approved by DOT and SNELL. 

3. Bell Race Star Flex DLX helmet


  • Stylish look
  • Incredible fit and functionality 
  • Lightweight 


  • Expensive
  • The visor could be designed better

With an emphasis on Race Star Flex’s weight, the helmet is much lighter than its predecessor: the Bell Star Race DLX yet durable.

The helmet’s shell is manufactured with 3K carbon and a tri-layered flex impact liner to absorb any shock.

With a Panovision ProTint Photochromatic shield in its box that is color smart and can change color according to the lighting.

The helmet’s design enables optimized aerodynamics: which cuts back on the air resistance.

Bell fitted a Virus Cool Jade Power Mesh liner feature to make sure the temperature stays low: which consequently keeps your face dry and away from perspiration. The main features of Bell Race Star Flex include Magnefusion triple-density cheek pads, speaker pockets, and a Panovision Raceview viewport.

4. Bell Custom 500 Helmet


  • Good protection
  • Durable
  • Comfortable and stylish 


  • Inadequate ventilation
  • Not recommended to wear with eyewear
  • Noisy 

Being nearly the direct successor of the original open-face bell 500 helmets launched back in 1957. It was the first most innovative open face helmet of that time, hence, Bell 500 is an excellent pick for someone looking for the classic open face helmet: without compromising protection and safety.

The Bell Custom 500’s outer shell’s design gives you a low profile look as it fits low on the head, unlike its predecessor: which feels more like a bobblehead. The helmet comes with five EPS liners and shell sizes so that customers have the flexibility to choose the right size for their heads.

However, unlike the other Bell helmets, the custom 500 doesn’t come with a removable interior. So wash it the 1950s way!

Bell custom 500 is equipped with a signature D-ring pull-tab and closure to fasten the helmet and achieve the desired grip.

Comprising of integrated five snap patterns for aftermarket shield and beak, and a padded chin strap it offers you a comfortable ride.

5. Bell MX-9 MIPS Dirt Helmet


  • Lightweight 
  • Comfortable fit 
  • Decent ventilation


  • Visor’s stop point is too high

If you’re an off-road rider or a dirt bike athlete then, the Bell MX-9 is for you.

Bell MX-9, built with a Velocity-Flow ventilation system, promises proper ventilation by cool air inside and warm air outside the helmet to maintain the temperature. Ultimately, making it comfortable for long-time wear.

Supplied with a quick moisture-absorbing liner that channels air with the ease of being completely removable and washable. Designed with a MIPS system( multi-directional protection system): It provides enhanced protection against rotational impact energy displacement.

The shell design of the MX-9 made from lightweight polycarbonate makes it considerably strong and durable in terms of protection and safety.

Bell MX-9 comes in three shell sizes and a five-year customer warranty. EPS lined chin bar, vented roost guard, and padded chin strap with D ring adds to its premium features.

The helmet is DOT and ECE certified ensuring high manufacturing standards. You can trust Bell over the quality of the product without any hesitation.

6. Bell Qualifier Helmet


  • Good quality at an affordable price
  • Stylish design and stunning finish 
  • Proper ventilation


  • No Bluetooth port available
  • Lacks chin or nose guard

The helmet comes with tonnes of features at a very affordable price.

With an aerodynamic shell and ClickRelease face shield system giving you a fine face shape fit.

Surely a package full of benefits and doing justice with those dollars in your pocket. The helmet’s design is very customer-centered. The aerodynamic shell of the helmet offers ultimate stability and pace. 

The NutraFog II shield is anti-scratch and anti-fog, safeguarding the helmet shield from UV rays. Moreover, the ClickRelease technology makes changing shields convenient.

Featuring two-speaker pockets on each ear side make communication completely hands-free.

Designed with an absolute ventilation system, Bell Qualifier channels the air in and out of the helmet constantly, to ensure comfort when wearing for a long time. Bell Qualifier comes with some signature features of almost all Bell helmets.

The helmet has a padded wind collar to minimize the inflow of wind and noise inside the helmet.

Padded chin strand and nicely curved cheek pads ensure fit and comfort to the buyers. 

Thus Bell Qualifier will give all back of what you’ve spent in terms of its features and design.

7. Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Dash Helmet


  • Lightweight 
  • Comfortable fit 
  • Decent ventilation


  • Visor’s stop point is too high

What sets MX-9 ADV and MX-9 dirt helmet is that this helmet is much stylish as it has a red and white graphic print on it. 

Not just that but his helmet can transition into a more street style helmet by removing its visor. This provides you a sleek and stylish street biker look. Truly a banger! Though it can easily pass as a twin of MX-9 dirt in features, it is still standalone. The Bell SRT modular is best suited for commuting and traveling purposes. I mean, it can’t be considered for the track, but it can certainly give you that vibe.

Moreover, the design of the helmet is eyewear compatible, and two inner speaker pockets are available to pair with a compatible kit so that you have ease of communication and even listening to your favorite music while riding.

8. Bell SRT Modular Helmet


  • Strong fiberglass shell
  • Internal sun shield
  • Excellent value for money


  • Relatively heavy
  • Poor quality air vents

With modular helmets taking over the full-face helmets as they are much cheaper and have better noise cutouts. 

The shell of the helmet is built and designed with lightweight fiberglass material. The graphic print on the helmet gives it an aggressive predator look.

In addition to this, the helmet is designed with a Panovision face shield with class one topics so that your view is clear and free of any distortion and distractions. The helmet’s features are remarkable for daily use, for example, the removable anti-bacterial interior gives you the flexibility to wash it and keep your helmet hygienic.

Furthermore, the drop-down inner sun shield saves your eyes and face from getting damaged by the sun’s harmful UV rays on a sunny day.

Also, the vast range of sizes is truly a feature to cherish because what’s more important than the right fit of your favorite modular helmet?

9. Bell Eliminator Helmet


  • Extremely safe
  • Retro Look
  • Light weight
  • Pro vision visor prevents fog
  • Provides large field of view


  • Upper Vents cannot be closed
  • No Chin Vents

Bell eliminator is the absolute pick for lovers of the old-school auto racing helmets. This helmet is a premium auto racing helmet that gives you all the desired specifications and features. 

However, you may think the helmet is a little expensive, but if you’re getting a premium quality helmet at this price then, why not?

The helmet is strong and extremely lightweight given its weight: which is just two pounds and thirteen ounces.

Talking about the design of the helmet well, the helmet is quite made with a simple and sleek design.

However, the helmet wasn’t designed with many vents, so from the point of ventilation, it may cause some problems as there are only two vents at the bottom and some Garmin vents on the top: which can prove to be problematic during the rain.

But except that, the design is quite appealing with its shiny and simple look. On the other hand, the simple physics applied to dual provision shields rid you of the hassle of insert lenses. Plus, it helps keep the fog away from the shield and gives you a clear view.

This model of the bell helmet also comes with speaker pockets to aid wireless communication. Other features include well-curved cheek pads and anti-bacterial lining.

The Magnefusion strap keeper makes it easy and quick to remove the strap because of magnetic technology. While the eliminator is eyewear compatible to offer you a comfortable ride.

10. Bell Bullitt Helmet


  • Enhanced field of vision and hearing ability
  • Strong build and design
  • Protection against windy and dusty weathers


  • Not recommended for rainy days

Bell Bullitt Bolt helmet points back to the original Bell Star 120. The helmet has the ultimate old-school retro style helmets’ vibes: which is aesthetically pleasing. However, the style and classic look of this helmet doesn’t mean compromised protection and comfort.

Looking behind at the old designs, what we can see are clunky helmets that are problematic in terms of style, comfort, or protection.

Nevertheless, today with helmets like Bell Bullitt Bolt, you can rest assured that neither the style is comprised nor the comfort and protection.

The design of the helmet is simple and matte manufactured with full fiberglass providing you solid protection against crash and impacts.

Furthermore, with a design similar to the modern-day helmets’ fit. Bell has done well, so no more feeling like a bobblehead.

The premium 3D cut microsuede interior feather with leather trim tells that the Bell Bullitt Bolt is a premium retro helmet. 

Other premium amenities include a padded cheek pad with stainless steel D ring closure along with a leather pull tab. 

Proper ventilation is provided through the five metal mesh vents along with one rear vent. The shield is equipped with Magnefusion technology: which makes it easy to remove and attach the shields without any tools.

Helmet Buying Guide

Finding a helmet that doesn’t only offers a good paint job but also good impact resistance can be daunting. Check out the criteria we have concluded for you, to determine what the helmet must meet to offer you unrivaled performance.


There should be little to no room between your head and helmet. Not to suffocate yourself, but the fit should be good to avoid getting smacked by your gear in any situation. With shock-absorbing slip liners installed like Bell’s MIP system, maximum protection is offered from rotational forces. 

If the helmet turns out to be too tight, it won’t perform better than what it is capable of but instead, it would simply be plain uncomfortable and would cause discomfort o distraction during the ride which is non-affordable. 


Open face or half face helmet is the least protective gear out there but is best if you feel claustrophobic in the full face gear, which is suitable for tracks mostly. Modular helmets however are a combination of the two disciplines with optimized levels of noise protection and lightweight.

The Adventure helmets whereas can switch from trail to street in an instant, serving as compatible goggles, good ventilation, face shield, and street safety on both tracks. While there is a dirt helmet exclusively constructed for off-road rides, exceptionally light and ventilated, they however compromise on the face shield.

Head shape and size

Oval, long oval and intermediate oval are the three head shapes found generally. By patting down your hair to the greatest extent you can manage, take a picture from the above to determine the shape without your hair obscuring it.

Next, take the head circumference using a soft tape measure running above the eyebrows and around the back of the head covering the widest parts. This would ensure that the fit is good and not suffocating or lose by any means. 

The fit is perfect if you get the chipmunk cheeks after wearing it, meaning your cheeks will be pushed up a little against the cheek pads. Moving the chin bar should result in your cheeks moving instead of the helmet sliding, which if happens, then order a size down.

Leave the helmet on for an hour

Check out for the pressure points by wearing the helmet off-bike for 30 min or an hour. If it results in you taking it off due to pain, then immediately return it. 

While the tightness and ear folding are acceptable, but if there is an angry red line on the forehead after taking it off then it is not long oval enough. and if the temples are being squeezed hard, then it is not round enough.


In this article, we’ve talked about the ten best Bell motorcycle helmets’ design and features in detail. I’m sure this review would’ve helped you decide the best pick for yourself. From retro style to modern-day SRT’s we’ve discussed everything so that it’ll be easy to shortlist the ones that might be a potential purchase for you while focusing on your budget.

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