Short Cuff Vs Gauntlet Gloves

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If you are a new rider, you may get confused about what types of gloves you should buy. Should you go for a gauntlet or short cuff gloves? 

The question that comes to mind is which is the better one- Gauntlet or short cuff? 

Before we go further with the discussion of Short cuff Vs gauntlet motorcycle gloves, the first thing I would like to tell you is that Gauntlet gloves are much better in terms of protection as compared to short cuff motorcycle gloves. 

Here in this write-up, let us get into the detailed difference between these two types of motorcycle gloves. 

Gauntlet Glove Vs Short Cuff Motorcycle Gloves 

The major difference between both types of gloves is their length, gauntlet gloves are longer gloves that cover the entire wrist area whereas short cuffs are shorter and do not cover the wrist area. 

What are Short Cuff Gloves and Gauntlet Gloves? 

Short gloves are usually for summers, and they are easy to put on and take off. Such gloves feature a shorter cuff than gauntlet gloves. If you want something that is low profile and easy to maintain, then short cuff gloves are an ideal choice. They are among the comfortable gloves that cost lower than other types of gloves. When we talk about the material and protection offered by Short cuff gloves, they are usually made up of the same material as gauntlet gloves and provide great protection except for the added coverage around the wrist. 

Gauntlet gloves offer greater seasonality and they are best for winters. Gauntlet gloves are waterproof and offer thermal properties to a wearer. Further for additional weather protection, gauntlet gloves offer full coverage and crash protection. 

But the question comes, which one is better? There is no exact answer to this, as no type of gloves is ever limited to one kind of ride. With that said, gauntlet gloves are much better than short cuffs sometimes and vice versa. 

As per my experience, I would say short cuff gloves are better for regular commuting and touring, at the same time if we say Gauntlet gloves are perfect for commuting, there is no doubt. It all depends on the features you are looking for and what is best for your riding needs. 

Another difference between Short cuff and gauntlet gloves is, short cuff gloves are worn under jacket sleeves whereas gauntlet gloves are worn above the sleeves. Typically, short cuff gloves are for summers as they allow proper airflow running up above the sleeves. In winters, you would want cold air and rain out of your sleeves, so in that case gauntlet gloves work best. Gauntlet gloves provide more weather protection. 

So we would clearly say, that there is no major difference between Short cuff and gauntlet gloves, your selection depends on your needs and the type of ride you want. 

When it is about Short cuff Vs gauntlet motorcycle gloves, I would suggest short cuff gloves are typically best for commuting.

Types of Motorcycle Gloves 

As we have seen above, with the two main categories of motorcycle gloves, Short cuff, and gauntlet gloves, there are many other types of motorcycle gloves available in the market that cover all kinds of preferences, comfort, protection needs and performance. With so manyu brands and options available, choices are overwhelming. So here we have broken down the two main categories into some general categories. 

1. Summer Gloves 

We start with the material of summer gloves, they are usually made up of mesh and leather. Leather gloves are excellent abrasion-resistant gloves and offer a tactile feel, and mesh construction offers plenty of airflow along with maximum protection. Most summer gloves are short cuff gloves because they are not designed to block rain or chilly air. Summer gloves are only best for daily commuting or touring in the summer season. 

2. Winter Gloves 

Winter gloves are typically made up of textile construction along with a waterproof membrane and a thermal lining. While you may come across winter gloves that are made up of leather, but in reality, leather is not meant for winters. Textile offers great versatility in terms of weather protection and is often made with Gore-Tex membrane. Goretex is an extreme weatherproof membrane and offers a great amount of breathability. Winter gloves are full gauntlet gloves designed for providing maximum weather protection. 

3. Race Gloves 

Race gloves are also gauntlet gloves that have leather chassis, but the focus of race gloves are protecting hands from crashing instead of rain or wind. They offer hard knuckle protection, kangaroo leather inside the gloves, palm sliders and covered outer seams. For maximum impact protection, race gloves are preferred, and they are abrasion resistant and also provide an extreme tactile feel to riders. 

4. Dirt Gloves 

Dirt gloves are specially designed for offering maximum air flow and minimal impact protection. Most riders prefer great tactile feel and a bit of impact or roost protection. These gloves are mainly made up of textile and mesh to offer great airflow to the rider. Short cuff gloves are well known as dirt gloves that are constructed for off riders. 

5. Dual Sport Gloves 

They are the best option for riders who love riding on the dirt as they do out on the streets. Dual sports gloves are designed keeping in mind all features of the street and off-road riders and they are constructed with a combination of leather and textile. They provide maximum comfort and good amount of air flow. Dual sports gloves come under the category of both, short cuff and gauntlet gloves. 

6. Touring Gloves 

Touring gloves are comfortable gauntlet gloves, they are either made up of leather, textile or mesh, or a combination of two materials. They usually offer less protection as compared to race gloves and are more comfortable for long rides. All touring gloves are waterproof and weather protected. 

With the advancement of technology, many of the above gloves come with fingertip panels that allow you to use your phone or GPS device, without removing your gloves. 

So when it is about Short cuff vs gauntlet motorcycle gloves, all you need to be sure is they fit your palms properly and you choose the right type of gloves for the type of task you need.

Wrap Up 

Although, to conclude, I would say short cuff gloves are best if you want maximum air flow and gauntlet gloves protects your hands from rain and wind. And the main factor that you must keep in mind while you buy motorcycle gloves is your type of ride and there you go, with your right choice of gloves. 

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